A sketch & Short Story on Event of Ansha Didi's Birthday!!(Pg:105) (Page 98)

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Originally posted by ANGELICEYES

Yaar Padmpriya I'm really so sorry to visit the thread late.. The story is really sweet and nice..
Dailymotion is showing error to says 'we can't find the page'. Can you please update the link or upload the VM in YT dear?

Thank you so much dear..Big smile
Youtube isnt taking the video dear due to copyright issue of sony.
see this is the link:

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Originally posted by Padmpriya

Congrats on Completing 3 years in CID as Inspector Purvi..
Now In CID , You'll Have new bridges to cross, New roads to travel...
New Milestones to reach..
Wishing You a very happy 3rd anniversary in CID..
Love You Ansha Didi, Want to see you in CID forever.

Link to Video Mix:

PADMA Baccha... I watched Ur VM today...Big smileBig smile
U really put a Lovely Effort by Adding the INCREDIBLE ANSHA SYED...EmbarrassedClapClap
its really Zabardast Effort...ClapClap
Thank you for making such Lovely VM...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Sorry for Late FB due to busying in RAMZAN and EID...SmileSmile

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Thank you so much Dada..Hug
And hope you had a great Eid.. Smile

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well done next time add dareya tooo 
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Thank you for your review gulnehaar.Smile
so sorry I am not interested in dareya. 

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@Gulnehaar - kindly mind your language. Members here have the right to write whatever they are comfortable with, and accept requests if they are. Aapko Shreya pe story chahiye toh there are plenty of other writers and sites to check.

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This is a small token of love & respect, a birthday gift for Ansha Didi(Inspector Purvi) Big smile

Ansha Sayed (Inspector Purvi)  

Now, Here's a short story!!

TITLE: "Dil Hai Chota Sa, Choti Si Asha"

             "Kabhi pyaar ka sagar hai,Toh kabhi Laxami ka roop..
              shakti ka tu roop hai,Tujh mein bhi bhagwan hai..
              Kayi Anokhe roop liye ye, naari ka itihas hai..."

" Meine khud se ek vada kiya tha; mein apne jaan se khelke bhi apne desh aur deshvasiyo ki suraksha karungi. Apne CID pariwar ke suraksha ke liye jaan bhi dein dungi. Mein humesha sach ka saath dungi aur jurm ke khilaf ladungi. Ab 4 saal ho gaye iss vaade ko, jo meine apne aap se kiya tha. Meine aaj tak apne seniors se bohot kuch sikha hai. Kitni bhi mushkil chunauti kyu naa aaye, par uss chunauti ka samna bina dare karne mujhe CID ne sikhaya hai. Mein iss vaade ko humesha yaad rakhungi."

Purvi finished her reverie with a big smile on her face, looking at her CID badge.

"Apni duty, apni team aur desh se badkar mere liye kuch bhi nahi hai", she murmured to herself while getting into her vehicle to go to the bureau. On the way to bureau, her car was struck in the traffic jam of Mumbai city. She could see the horrendous sight of little girls begging for food and money by going near every shop and vehicle. This kind of sight always made Purvi sad and thinking of those little hearts in our country who don't get proper food, shelter and clothing and have to spend lives in extreme poverty and starvation.

She opened the window of her car to observe the surrounding area and thought of calling the kids near her window and offering them some biscuits or money for having food, but before she could say that her eyes saw that at a distance in the traffic jam there was a van which was filled with lots many little kids who were the same kids who were begging on the street. At the same moment she could see a girl crying for food at the nearest shop. She parked her car, got down and walked near the shop.

Purvi (To the shopkeeper): Ye choti si bacchi hai..isse kuch khaane ya pine de dete..

Shopkeeper: Mam sahab, aise bacche roz aate hai..inko aise food dete rahunga toh business kaise karunga.

Purvi (sitting near the kid): Beta, apka naam kya hai?

Girl (crying and showing blue marks on her hands): Didi, Mujhe bacha lo..wo log mujhe maar denge...

Purvi (in tension) beta, aap daro mat..Aapka naam kya hai? Kaun wo log? Boliye beta..

Girl: Mein Ashi ..wo log (pointing towards the car)


 The girl fell unconscious in Purvi's arms. Purvi got up, picked the girl up in her arms and got her into her car, tried to get the girl to her senses after offering some water and biscuits. She tried to look for the number of the van but to her surprise the van had no number and it was hard to follow the van due to traffic, and soon the van disappeared. Purvi called ACP sir to inform about the matter but his phone was out of range as the ACP along with Daya and Abhijeet had gone for an important meeting.

The rest of the team was out of town as sent by ACP sir. Purvi was left back in bureau as ACP sir had given her computer work, as she is very fast in filling data on computer. She had already filled up every detail sent by her teammates.

Purvi decided keep the girl with her and to try to look into this matter. Taking her to her house, Purvi applied bandages to the wounds of the little girl and began feeding soup to the little girl and even playing with her in toys. As the girl got a little bit mixed with her, she tried to make her sit on sofa and started combing her messed up hairs.

Purvi: Meri gudiya, Chalo mujhe ek baat batao.. bataogi na?

Girl (looks into eyes of Purvi): Haan bataungi didi.

Purvi: Tumhe uss road pe kisne choda tha? aur tumhe kis se khatra hai beta?

Girl (panics): Wo bure uncle se.. (starts crying)

Purvi (Patting on her back): Dekho beta, aise rote nahi..aap toh bahadur bacchi ho, hain na?

Girl (again looks upto her face): Aap kaun ho di? aap mujhe yaha kyu lekhar aaye ho?

Purvi: Mein(pauses), Mein tumhe un bure uncle se bachaungi...Tumhe koi kuch nahi karega beta..mein hu na.. The little girl hugs Purvi as she feels secure to be with her.

Girl: Didi, Mujhe meri mamma se milna hai..Aap mila doge mujhe meri maa se?

Purvi (gets sad looking at her condition): Ghabrao mat beta, haan jarur mila dungi.Tum inn toys se khelo..mein abhi aati hu.

Purvi called up the police station and enquired about any missing reports of little girl named Ashi of about 9-10 years age group and again to her surprise there are no missing reports to all the nearest police stations. Purvi came back to the girl and took her again in her arms.

Purvi: Ashi, beta aapko padhna accha lagta hai?

 Ashi: haan didi..Par mein kabhi school mein gayi nahi..mujhe padhna hai..

Purvi(with Sigh): Beta, apko apke ghar ka address pata hai? ya phir unn bure uncle ka ghar ka address?

Girl: Woh na bada sa room hai..

Purvi: Aur beta, aur kuch yaad hai?

Girl: Didi, aap unn logo ko marogi na?

Purvi (assuring her): Beta, unko bohot kadi se kadi saza dungi, aap batao waha apke jaise aur bhi nanhe se pyaare bacche hai kya?

Girl: haan..hum bohot saare bacche hai.. wo log humhe bohot marte hai..kaam karwate hai..khaane bhi nahi dete..

Purvi: Ab aapse koi kaam nahi karwayega..beta, dekho apke jaise aise waha bohot baache hai na..unki jaan bhi bachana hai.. toh apko kuch yaad hai toh bolo..waha kaise jate hai?

Girl: Humare ankhon pe patti lagate the didi..

Purvi: beta, wo log har din tum logo ko kaha lekhe jate the?

Girl: wahi streets pe ...

Purvi tried contacting Daya sir and Abhijeet sir but they didn't pick up the call. Asking her father's nurse to take care of the girl at home, Purvi went back to the same street where she found her. She went to the shop to enquire about details.

Purvi: Dekho, theek se batao kya tumhe pata hai aise kisi bhi racket ke baare mein jo yaha pe roz baccho ko beg karne bhejta ho.?

Shopkeeper: Arrey kya mam sahab, aap toh phir se aa gayi..mujhe bohot kaam hai...

Purvi (taking out her CID badge): Mein CID se hu. Bolte ho ki..

Shopkeeper: C..I..DD..Sorry...Bolta hu..wo mam sahab, apke jaane ke baad yaha kuch log aaye the iss bacchi ke baare mein puchne.. Purvi: Apne kya bola unse?

Shopkeeper: Mujhe laga ki wo bacchi ke jaan pechan wale hai..Meine bol diya ki bacchi phir se yaha aayegi hi.. toh tab mein yahi rakh dunga aur unhe inform kar dunga.

Purvi: Theek hai, toh unhone koi contact information diya hai?

Shopkeeper: Haan aur mujhe paise bhi diye hai mam ki police walo ko kuch na batau.. mam iss bacchi ki jaan ko khatra ho sakhta hai ...

Purvi: Iski chinta mat karo. unko inform kar do.

She explained the plan. Shopkeeper dialed the number of the gang and informed them about the girl. The van came and the person in van got down and comes near shop looking for the girl..As soon as the guy came, Purvi held her gun onto his back.

Guy: Aap kaun hain? Aap mujh se panga mat lo..bhalayi issi mein hai ki bacchi ko mujhe de do..

Purvi: Accha? Agar pange ki baat aa hi gayi hai..toh chalo..

She gave him one tight slap. The guy started fighting furiously and Purvi gave him good punches and turned his face blue.

Purvi: Tumhare liye accha yahi hai ki tum jald se jald mujhe tumhare boss ka address bata do..warna (points gun over his head)

Guy: Mujhe chod dijiye..

He explained the details to Purvi. She handed him over to the nearest police station and texted the latest details of the case to her seniors. Disguising herself as a child dealer in formal blazer, she headed her car towards the place of beggars racket through different lanes and villages and finally reached the spot. She parked her car at a distance where her informer is already waiting for her and observed the movements inside the building. The informer had told Purvi that this was the biggest racket which had escaped the eyes of police so far and the racket uses girls and boys for begging and manual work. Purvi's informer offered to join her in fighting the gang but she ordered him to find out details of parents of these kids and to get them to bureau first.

As they moved inside the building, one gunda guy enquired about her.

Purvi: Oh Yo!! See this is my card, don't you recognise me?

Guy: Madam, Aap toh wohi hai, I am sorry madam..Chaliye andhar..

Guy asked Purvi to wait outside and he moved inside to inform boss about arrival of a popular child dealer.


 Eventually, he returned and took her up to meet the boss. When she reached to the last floor, she could see from a little hole that the room was filled up with 10-12 small innocent dull faces who have marks of injuries and pain in eyes. Little girls/boys are handing over their begged money and food to the boss whose face is covered.

She finally entered the room where kids were kept.

Boss: Boliye, Boliye..

Purvi:Mein bolne nahi..apka muh kholne aayi hu..Mera Matlab hai..apka muh se deal pakka sunne aayi hu..

Boss: Apke baare mein kabhi suna nahi iss area mein..

Purvi (Making suprised faces): Accha? Kaise sunoge aap..I had been to abroad..abhi wapas aayi hu..

Boss: I see..Aap kya deal karne aayi hai? Macchliya toh dikh nahi rahi..

Purvi: Deal pakka hone se pehle mein macchi lekhe thodi ghumungi..Mumbai CID ka naam bohot hai..

Boss: Haan wo toh naak mein dum kar dete hai..

Purvi (gets furious but controls her anger): Ye Sab chodo..Aapko Kitna daam denge..

Boss: Aapke saath deal karne mein maza aayega.. Aap bohot tez lagti hai..awaz bhi damdar hai...military mein hona chahiye tha apko toh..

Purvi: thank you tareef ke liye..Par hume apni tarif acchi nahi lagti (angrily).

Boss: Arrey theek hai, theek hai madam..toh deal pakki samjhu?

Purvi: thoda sabar kijiye..Kyunki sabar ka phal bohot hi meetha hota hai... Pehle meri baat sunoge?

Boss:Theek hai..bolo.

Purvi (softly): Ye jo bacche hai, unhe yaha se bahar bhejo.. Inke hote hue mein deal nahi karungi..

Boss: Ajeeb maange hai apki..theek hai..(orders his one gunda to take the kids out of room).

Purvi went near the table of gunda and slowly picked out the gun and revealed her identity to be "CID Inspector Purvi ". The boss ran back in piles of boxes. Purvi gave a good kung fu fight with the remaining gundas and on other side her informer took all the kids out of the building. The boss tries to skip away as Purvi is busy fighting the rest gundas and on that exact time Ashi entered the room from backyard and hits the guys leg with a wooden rod which was lying on floor.

Purvi was shocked and came running and kept the girl behind her.

Purvi: Ashi, beta aap yahan kaise aayi? Aapko ghar pe rukne ko bola tha na!

Ashi: Aapki car mein chhup kar aayi, Didi. Aapko akeli kaise jaane deti?

Before Purvi could answer, she saw the boss hit on a strong surface and struggling to get up. Purvi removed the veil from boss face and ACP Pradyuman along with Daya and Abhijeet reached the spot and kept the boss on gun point.

Daya(angrily): Ye toh  Mr Ambhar.

ACP : haan Daya..!! Purvi, tum theek toh ho? (He glanced at the little girl with smile.)

Purvi: Haan sir. (holds the girl in her arms) Ye log inn masoom baccho pe bohot jurm karte hai..Ye logo mein insaniyat naam ki cheez nahi hai sir. Ye log baccho ko kaam pe lagate hai..

ACP: Sharam aani chahiye tumhe Ambhar(boss of racket)..

Daya and Abhijeet looked angrily at the boss and held his collar. Purvi's informer tells her that he has tried to contact almost every kids parents from the missing reports but could not find any details of Ashi.


 All the parents happily reunited with their kid's by thanking team CID and Purvi. After all the parents had taken away their children, Purvi looks sadly at little Ashi who is sadly seating with toys.

Purvi: Sir, Ye Bechari choti si bacchi ke parents ka koi info nahi mila hai..

ACP : Purvi, philal tum iss bacchi ko apne saath rakh sakhti ho(looking at Purvi's lit up face) tab tak hum Sab iss bacchi ke parents ko dhund nikalenge..

Daya and Abhijeet came out from interrogation room and informed ACP.

Daya: Sir, Ye Ambhar(boss of racket) keh raha hai ki iss Ashi ko unhone kidnap nahi kiya tha balki iske maa Baap ne isse khud iske gang ke pass choda tha...badle mein paise bhi liye the sir.

Abhijeet: Aur iske parents ne apna address ya kuch bhi information nahi diya tha.

ACP: My god..(sadly), koi apni pyaar si bacchi ko aise gang ke pass kyu chodega... Kuch toh baat jarur thi...koi majburi hogi..

Purvi: Sir, Mein ek baat bolu..

ACP: Haan Purvi, bolo..

Purvi: Sir, Mujhe ye baat kuch samaj nahi aa rahi..Ye bacchi kabhi school nahi gayi..Aur iske maa Baap ne iss bacchi ko khud inn gang ke pass choda aur badle mein paise bhi liye..

ACP: haan Purvi wahi toh..bohot bura kiya unhone...Maan bhi lu ki unhe paiso ka problem tha par apni beti ko aise gang ke paas chodna bhi koi baat nahi hui..

Daya: haan sir bilkul..Aur ye Ambhar keh raha hai ki wo log phir uss bacchi ko dekhne bhi nahi aaye..

Abhijeet: Sir, isko jo details yaad hai iss de Ashi ke maa Baap ka sketch banwane bola hai..dekhte hai uss se kuch milta hai toh..

Freddy came in beauru along with sketch artist and went in interrogation room with him.

ACP, Daya and Abhijeet, Purvi talked with the little girl and played with her to make her feel good.

Freddy came in with the sketch paper and showed it to ACP sir. ACP asked Purvi to talk to the little girl about the sketch and if she identifies it. Purvi sat near the little girl Ashi and patted her lovingly.

Purvi: beta, apko humari choti si help karni hogi..

Ashi: ok didi.. Didi, mere parents ne mujhe inn bure uncle ke pass kyu choda?

Purvi (looking upto ACP sir) : Ashi, aap acche bacche ho na..ho na?

Ashi: haan Didi ..

Purvi: Toh mujhe ek baat batao, Ye jo sketch hai...aap inko pehchante ho?

Ashi: Ye uncle aunty toh mere mamma papa ke tarah dikhte hai,didi. Ye photo apko kaha se mili?

Freddy (happily): Dekha, ab apki mamma papa apko jald mil tak apki didi aur hum Sab hai na..

Ashi (happily): Sacchi?

ACP : Ashi, tum bohot bahadur bacchi ho..tumhne bohot bahaduri dikhayi hai.. Humesha khush raho beta..

Purvi hugged her..

ACP : Daya, Abhijeet tum dono pata lagao iss bacchi ke maa Baap ke baare mein...Purvi tum iss pyaari gudiya ke saath rukho.. Aur freddy, tum iss Ambhar ki acchi khabar lo..

Freddy took away Ambhar. Daya and Abhijeet moved out to find out details of Ashi's parents whereas Purvi went and sat near Ashi who was drawing a sketch.

ACP concluded that Ashi's parents disowned her by taking money in return from Ambhar so certainly they must be having some monetary issues.

Here Daya and Abhijeet tried to look for criminal record of Ashi's parents if any and they found that Ashi's dad Ishan Mehta was involved in a small robbery and was once caught while attempting for robbing in a bank. 
Daya and Abhijeet informed about this to ACP who further ordered them to find out his contact and address details.

Ashi drew a sketch of a little girl with her parents and brother and showed to Purvi and ACP sir who were in bureau.

ACP: Arey wah Ashi, Ye drawing apne banayi hai..bohot pyaari hai.

Ashi: Thank you uncle.

Purvi: Ye drawing mein ye apke parents hai na Ashi? Aur ye kaun hai? Apka bhai?

Ashi: haan Didi..Mera bada bhai bhi toh hai.

ACP: Apke bhai kya karta hai? School jata hai?

Ashi: Haan uncle. Mujhe school Jane nahi dete. Mera bhai bhi mere saath nahi khelta.

Purvi (Patting the girls shoulders): Sir, kahi ye ladki hai isliye...

ACP (with Sigh): haan Purvi, lagta kuch aise hi hai.

Purvi (engaging the girl in toys): Sir,Ye bacchi Kitni masoom si hai..Aur Aaj ke zamane mein aise bhi soch log rakhte hai ye soch ke hi bura lagta hai.

ACP : Purvi, kabhi kabhi log samaj ke anjaan bante hai.. Iske maa Baap mil jaye bas..acchi khabar lenge..

At the same point, Daya, Abhijeet and Freddy entered the bureau and handed over the address of Ashi's parents.

ACP : Good job Daya, Abhijeet aur freddy. Tum teeno aur Purvi iss Ashi ko lekhar uske ghar jakhe dekho. Magar savdhani se bacchi ko koi chot nahi pohochni chahiye.

Team moved out in search of Ashi's parents on the address they have got.

As the team reached near the house as per the address that they got from records, Ashi got excited.

Ashi: Uncle, yahi Mera ghar hai.

Purvi: Dekho beta, apko humare saath chalna hoga. Humare saath hi rehna hoga..ok?

Ashi: ok didi.

Freddy held the girls hand and they got down.

They rang the bell. A lady opened the door.

Ashi: Mamma...!!! (tries to run and hug her but team stops her.)

Lady(in tears, without moving her eyes from Ashi): Aap log kaun hai? Meri beti..gudiya..!!
Daya:kya aap Ishan ki patni hai? 

Lady: Haan Mera naam Seema hai. Unse koi galti ho gayi kya? Koi aur gunah kar diya kya unhone?

Abhijeet: Apni khud ki beti ko paiso ke liye kisi beggar racket ko bejne se badi galti kya ho sakhti hai.

Seema: Mein majbur thi sahab.

Purvi: Aisi kya majburi thi apki? Ashi apki beti hai..Wo bohot bahadur bacchi hai aur apko apne bacchi ke saath aisa bilkul nahi karna chahiye tha.

The lady started crying and ran inside the house.

Purvi (consoling her): Dekhiye, aap Ghabrao mat..hum CID se hai. Apki kya majburi thi. Kya apke pati Ashi se nafrat karte hai? Koi paiso ka problem hai?

Seema: Mam sahab, wo Ashi ladki hai toh Ishan ka soch tha ki wo pariwar pe bhoj banegi.. Aur upar se humare pass uthe paise bhi nahi ki uski shaadi kare.

Freddy: Aur Iski padhai ka kya?

Seema: padhai kaise karegi...Ye iske papa toh Sab paise gambling mein hi kharcha kar dete hai.

Purvi: Ye soch hi toh badalni hai..Ab kaha gaye hai wo? 

Seema (with Sigh): wahi jaha humesha hote pe jaha wo paise lagate hai.
Seema tried to hug Ashi.

Purvi (holding Seema): pehle aap ye batayiye, ashi ka bhai kaha hai?

Seema: wo bhi Ashi ke papa ke saath gaya hua hai.

Abhijeet: Ishan gambling ke liye apne ladkhe ko lekhe jata hai?

Daya: Sharam naam ki cheez hai nahi na usmein. Khud toh aise kaam karta hai aur apne bccho ko bhi issi raah pe lekhe jaa raha hai.

ACP : Aapko pata hai ye shop kaha hai? 

Seema instructed the team about the details of shop. ACP, Daya, Abhijeet and Freddy went to search for him whereas Purvi took Seema and Ashi to the bureau. 

ACP, Daya, Abhijeet and Freddy went to the particular shop and suspended the licence of the shopkeeper and as they went inside the gamblers den, suddenly there was a shootout and the team gave a good fight and caught Ashi's father and brother.

In bureau, Purvi lectured the lady to understand her worth and to be self sufficient. 
Seema even put forward the plea for offering her some job for which Purvi assured her saying "ACP sir aapko jarur ismein help karenge, hum Sab bhi apko humesha help karenge aur Ashi ko padhana bhi toh hai."

ACP, Abhijeet and Daya entered at exact moment along with Ashi's father and brother. Ashi held Purvi tightly, looking at the anger in her father's eyes.

ACP: Ye dekho, Ye Mr Ishan hai jo apne pet ke liye kuch bhi karne ke liye tayaar hai yaha tak ki apni beti ko beggars racket mein chod aaye.

Daya: Sharam aani chahiye tumhe aisi ghatiya soch rakhte ho. Yaha maa Baap apne khoye hue baccho ko pakhar khush ho rahe honge aur tum ho.

Abhijeet (with Sigh): Beta aur beti mein koi farq nahi hota Ishan ji...soch badlo, betiya bhi wo Sab kar sakhti hai jo ek beta kar sakhta hai.

ACP : yaha tak ki betiyo ka dil bohot komal hota hai...wo bohot kuch kar sakhti hai jo kabhi kabhi bete bhi nahi kar sakhte.

Freddy: Aur Rishi (Ashi's brother), Aapko apni behen..

Rishi (bursting out): Mujhe bhai chahiye behen nahi...Mujhe bhai chahiye jo mere saath khele, padhai mein help kare.. Aur behen ko kya aata hai.

Purvi: Rishi beta, aap kabhi khele bhi ho apne behen ke saath? Isse bhi apki tarah padhai karna hai..Ye apki behen hai aur aap iske bhai ho na toh apni hi behen se itni nafrat?

Abhijeet: Humare desh mein naari shakti ka bohot adhar kiya jata hai..Aurtho ko devi samaj ke unki puja ki jati hai.

Freddy: Business, Music, sports, art Sabmein ladkiyo ne apna naam banaya hai..

ACP : Aur humare beech Purvi..!! Ye toh humari bahadur CID Inspector hai. Ye bhi toh ek example hai. 

Daya: Bilkul sir. Purvi ne apni jaan pe khel ke apni team ke liye bohot pyaar dikhaya hai..desh ke liye pyaar dikhaya hai..
Ishan, tumhare iss ghatiya soch ke wajah se, Tum ek bohot bade crime ko hi badhawa dein rahe ho.

Ishan: Par Magar sir, ismein meri galti kya hai ye ladki ko padhake kya fayda wo toh kisi dusre ghar jayegi.

ACP : Par apko yakin kya hai ki apka beta apke saath rahega. Bhudhape ka sahara banega.. Haan?

Seema: Sir, Meine inko bohot samjhane ki koshish ki par ye samajh hi nahi rahe..

Purvi: Apki beti bohot hi hoshiyar hai. Drawing bhi accha bana leti hai aur isne humein help bhi kiya...

ACP handed a medal to Ashi for her courage.

Rishi: Papa, Ashi ke jaisa medal mujhe bhi chahiye. 

Abhijeet (sitting near Rishi): Jarur Milega. Par iske liye apko accha insan ban ke dikhana hoga. Apni behen ko apnana hoga. Apni maa se bhi pyaar se pesh aana hoga.. Aurato ka samhan karna hoga..Sab se insaniyat se pesh aana hoga aur acche bacche ban ke rehna hoga..

Daya: beta, Kabhi burai ka saath nahi dena chahiye. Burai ka saath doge toh tum bhi bura ban jaoge.

Purvi : Ashi se kheloge na? Acche bacche ban ke dikhaoge na? 

Rishi (crying): Haan uncle, haan didi.

Seema hugged Rishi and looked at Ashi who was constantly playing with officers.

Seema: humein maaf kar do Ashi..beta, apki maa apse bohot pyaar karti hai..Mein majbur thi beta.

Ashi: Mamma..mein apke liye apka beta banke rahungi par mujhe un bure uncle ke pass mat chodna.

ACP Sir: Ashi beta, aisa kabhi mat sochna. Garv karo ki tum ek ladki ho.

Rishi: Ashi, Meri taraf se bhi sorry.. Mein humesha tumhara khayal rakhunga. Humesha tumhare saath khelunga. Hum dono saath mein padhenge. Tumhare school ke liye paise mein kaam kar ke launga.

Ishan: Meri hi galti hai Sab.. Mein hi paiso ke peeche andha ho gaya tha jo soch baitha ki beta hi Sab kuch hai. Mujh se bohot paap hue hai..Mein khud ko kabhi maaf nahi kar paunga..

ACP: Ishan,Tumhara faisla toh abhi adalat hi karegi. Par Yaad rakhna, kabhi bhi beta-beti mein farq mat karna. Beti paraayi nahi hoti par wo bhi maa baap ka sahar ban sakhti hai aur ladko se kando se kanda milakar chal sakhti hai.

Ashi hugged her mother and her father hugged her with tears. Rishi held ashi's hand and picked her up in his arms.


Next Day in the bureau:

As Purvi was busy in checking files, ACP Pradyuman, Daya, Abhijeet, Freddy entered the bureau. Purvi got up to Greet her respected Seniors.

ACP: Purvi, Good morning. Aate hi files mein busy ho gayi..Chalo Aaj mein tum logo ke liye mast coffee bana lata hu..

Daya: wah sir...Aaj toh subah subah apke haath ka coffee..uske saath pakode manga du kya?

At the same time Dr. Salunkhe entered saying: Arrey Daya..ACP aur pakode...kya bol rahe ho.

ACP: Arrey salunkhe, tum aur yaha...kaise aana hua...?

Salunkhe: Wo kuch baat hi aisi hai...

Daya (naughtily): kya baat hai sir? Aur sir,apke peeche wo aap kya chupa rahe ho?

ACP: wo kuch nahi hai..kyu salunkhe?

Salunkhe (looking at Purvi) : haan boss. Woh kuch secret hai..

Purvi: Sir, aap log baatein kariye.. Mein aap logo ke liye coffee bana deti hu.

Abhijeet: Haan Purvi, aur humare liye pakode (glancing at Daya) bhi order karna..

After sometime Purvi came in with coffee and pakode for her team and was suprised to see that her CID family had gotten a lovely cake for her birthday and were waiting for her.

Purvi (with big smile): Arrey sir, aap logo ko yaad tha Mera birthday?

Freddy (helping Purvi to keep the coffee and pakode on table): kaise nahi hoga? Hum Sab ek pariwar hai.

ACP: Purvi, Tumhe pata hai salunkhe ne tumhare liye kya laya hai?

Purvi: kya sir?

Salunkhe: Purvi, yaad hai? Meine tumhe bola tha ki tumhe CID mein bohot medals jeethne hai...Ye ek aur medal hai tumhara...hum sab ka ki humne ek bacchi ko uske pariwar walo se milaya...

ACP: bilikul sahi kaha salunkhe. Purvi, hume acche kaam karte rehne chahiye bhalehi koi uske liye humara samhan kare ya na kare kyunki acche kaam karne se hum apne khud ke aankhon mein hi ek kadam upar badh jaatein hai aur ye ek medal hi hai humare liye ki hum Kitne saare masoom logo ki jaan baccha sakhe, unhe acche raah par le aa sakhe aur apne desh ke liye kuch kar paa sakhe.

Daya: Purvi, salunkhe sir ne tumhare liye CID ka album laya hai jismein bohot saari khatti-meethi yaadein hai.

Abhijeet: Haan salunkhe sir ke pass hum sabke Kitne saare photos hai..Dekhna chahogi?

Purvi happily took the album and went through its pages.

Freddy (pointing towards Purvi's first case): Purvi, Ye photo yaad hai?

Purvi (happily): Haan sir, Ye din kaise bhul sakhti hu...Ye din toh mere liye bohot khaas hai.. CID ne mujhe bohot kuch diya hai..Aap jaisa accha pariwar... ACP sir jaise itne sacche dil ke seniour jo hum sabko itna accha guide karte hai, Daya sir aur Abhijeet sir, Freddy sir aur salunkhe sir, aap toh hum sabko humesha hi bohot pyaar dete hai aur aap Sab se Meine bohot kuch seekha hai..har din bohot kuch sikhne milta hai aap Sab se.

Salunkhe: Arrey Purvi, ab ye Sab bolke rulaogi kya?

ACP sir patted Purvi's head lovingly. She was reminded of the Case in which ACP sir had said to her: "Purvi beta, Zindagi hume jo bhi deti hai usse apnana Chahiye.." 
And Even ACP Sir had said: "Hum CID walon ko kuch nahi hota aur hum tumhe bhi Kabhi kuch nahi hone denge..."
Purvi could understand the love and care of her Seniours and that ACP sir was always an inspiration of Each and everyone in CID.

At this time, DCP chitrole entered the bureau by singing "Baar baar din ye aaye, baar baar din ye gaaye tum jeeyo hazaron saal yahi hai arazoo"

ACP: Arrey ye mein kise dekh raha hu yaha.

DCP: Bilikul theek dekh rahe ho ACP. Purvi toh meri beti jaisi hai toh aunga hi na bhalehi tum log bhulao ya na bhulao.
Daya: Kya sir. Khushi manane aa jaya kijiye toh hum mana thodi karte hai.

Abhijeet: Haan sir. Waise apke bina bhi CID, CID nahi hai.

ACP: Ye toh hai hi anokhe.


Salunkhe: Haan bhai ACP, bilkul nirale.

Purvi: Thank you so much sir. Aap yaha aaye yahi, humare liye bohot badi baat hai.

DCP: Ab ye Sab baatein baad mein, Purvi tum ye cake cut karo.

As Purvi cut the cake she was reminded of her own family and felt sad about it.

Daya and Abhijeet: kya hua Purvi?

ACP: Apne pariwar ko miss kar rahi ho na? 

Salunkhe: Purvi, hum hai na tumhara pariwar.

DCP: CID humesha ek bada pariwar tha aur humesha rahega.

The team was so happy and enjoying as they went through each and every page of the album brought by Dr. Salunkhe by remembering the great memories of CID.



(Thank You so much. Give your valuable feedbacks)

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visrom IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 16 July 2015 at 1:09am | IP Logged
Lovely sketch Padma Clap 
About the story, the theme of child trafficking is very good and nice to see how Purvi solved the case. You should be writing more. Big smile
Nice birthday celebration in the end.
I hope they do give us a story like this. Smile

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