A sketch & Short Story on Event of Ansha Didi's Birthday!!(Pg:105) (Page 64) IF-Sizzlerz

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Lovely poem on purvi di...Clap
vice good dear...
Keep writing more...Thumbs Up

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Nice poem. Very well written...write more! Clap

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Thank you misha and yajushi...Smile
ya planning to write but after exams...!!!

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thanks aditiSmile
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This is my New story Which does not have much investigation and alll...
But its just to show friendship bonds and cute emotions between two of our lady cops CID officer purvi and shreya...
and we will see how they have bonds with rest team...Big smile

I have written this story as a Gift to Ansha di for completion of 150 EPISODES...Big smile

Start:Big smile
Its a pleasant morning when we see a young, pretty girl is driving her car...
 she is in her on world singing song to herself... 
suddenly she takes a stop. Its CID beauru... she gets down from car with her bag and enters  beauru with a smile on her face...

As she enters she understands its again the same thing and she is the first person to reach beauru...But at that time her eyes fall on two persons who came out of their cabins smiling ...
The girl(Purvi) wishes them and two persons(Duo) starts pulling the leg of their smart officer purvi...

Daya(In ACP tone): Purvi...!!!!Tumhe kuch pata chala...?? woh Number trace ho raha hai na??? Signal kaha pe dikha raha hai???
Abhijeet:Aur Purvi...Forensic Lab pohochte hi phone karna...(And murmuring Salunkhey ko kuch pata chale ya na chale...)
Both Daya Abhi laughs...!!!!

But we see fearfull look on Purvi's face...(Seeing ACP Sir at back of DUO)
Purvi: Par sir...(and trying to signal them...)

But Daya continues on Naughty tone... :Aur toh aur abhijeet yaad hai?? ACP sir kya kehte hai?? Purvi toh hamari bacchi hai...isko toh abhi bohot awards jitne hai...!!and both laughs...And are stopped to hear ACP clapping...

ACP: wah daya abhijeet kitna achi acting kar lete ho...
All the three give a salute to ACP  and wish him...

ACP : Accha Accha... waise Daya Abhijeet tum dono toh mere sir pe chad hi chuke ho...
Daya and Abhijeet (directly) : sir training dene ki jarurat hi kya hai ye toh...
ACP (interupts) : muje abhi ke abhi tum teeno cabin mein chahiye...

All the three reach ACP cabin... all give fearfull look where ACP hands over letter of appreciation which they recieved from DCP... and
all the three are very happy...

[ scene shifts ]

Its evening at around 5 pm purvi receives a call and she is so happy...
Purvi moves out after informing ACP sir...

 (Character sketch )
Purvi is very adventure loving girl since her childhood and always ready to help anyone... Purvi is best friend  with  a girl called
shreya since her childhood... Purvi after her completion of CID training gets offer to join CID mumbai... and she happily joins...!!

Shreya is also a very adventure loving girl and by listening to her friend Purvi about storys on bravery and all has developed keen internet in becoming a CID cop... Both were realy good friends and were always together till CID training period... But after this Shreya' s father have got a job offer in Delhi and she have to move Delhi...Now, after almost 2 yrs due to her father's transfer and her mother's some big offer in mumbai Shreya wants a transfer in mumbai CID...

Now have a look
 ( at what happens when two girls meet after long )

Its evening and we are shown two laddies with T-shirt and Jean pants...!!! They hug each other as they meet after long time...
ONE LADY ( with beautyful eyes and long thick black hair ) : Wah, kitna kitna acch laga tumse milke, tum toh bilkul waise ki waise hi ho...

OTHER LADY ( with cute little hair with smiling face) : ya dear... muje bhi kitna accha lag raha hai tume bata nahi sakti... mein tume kitna miss karti thi Delhi mein... Aur tum toh cute doll ki tarah lag rahi ho...

LADY WITH THICK LONG HAIR ( gives her cute smile ) : arrey shreyu... accha hua tumne Mumbai mein trasfer lene ka socha hai... tume is Mumbai CID ke sath kaam karte karte bohot kuch sikhne milega...!!! 

Shreyu ( the lady with cute little hair little above her shoulder) : Haan haan puru... accha hua mera 2 saal badh toh yahan Mumbai aane ka plan bana warna kuch time Delhi mein rehti toh tum toh muje bhul hi jaati...Baad mein muje toh aapne school collage ke hamare friendship ke kisse tume sunane padte...

Puru (Purvi ) : Arrey aisa kya bolti ho... tum toh meri yaar ho... mein tume kaise bhool sakti hoon...!!! Upar se mein toh is team mein akeli lady cop hoon...!! 

Shreya (interupts ) : Oh Ho Oh Ho... toh to tumara bohot laad pyaar hota haga...!! 

Purvi : Arrey suno toh...

Shreya (gives her a proud look and says) : Arrey pyaar kyun na ho bhai tumare toh bahaduri ke kisse meine bohot sune the...

Purvi : Waise shreyu... tum bhi kuch kam nahi ho yaad hai na officer ki training exams mein hamare beech hamesha competition rehta tha...!!!  Toh ab toh saath kaam karte karete toh aur bhi maaza aayega...!!!! Toh shreya ye batao tumara yaha transfer lene ka plan aise acchanak kaise..????

Shreya trys to explain Purvi that how 2 months back her mother who is a big scientist got on offer in mumbai and due to that she saya that her life is in danger...!!!

 At that time we see two gunda"s with their open cars comes forward jumps down and holds gun on both the ladies heads...!!! [ Hand Up ]...
One Gunda ( to shreya ) : Arrey accha hua madam aap yahi pe mil gayi warna hame aapko dhunte -dhunte  na jaane aapke ghar tak bhi 
aana padta...!!!

Shreya : Chup karo...

2nd Gunda : Ye madam ... Jaldi se hame chemical formula do...!!! kitna intezaar karaoge...??? Chalo Boss ne aapko bhulaya hai...

Purvi : Ye kya kar rahe ho???? Pata hai CID officer ko dhamkane ka tume bohot badi saja mil sakti hai...!!!

1st Gunda : Oh!! Arrey wah ye toh CID officer Puvi hai... Ye iske sath kya kar rahi hai...???

Purvi : Dekho Shreya meri Best Friend hai usko chod toh warna goli chala dungi...!!!

2nd Gunda : Madam... humko paagal samjhe hai kya...???? Aaj toh ham  woh invention jisse pure desh ko khatra hai uska chemical formula inse leke hi jayenge...!!!

Shreya : Purvi tum yaha se chali jao...!!

Purvi ( without looking at Shreya ) : Kahi tum log " VITA WONKA" ki baat toh nahi kar rahe hoe...?????

As Purvi takes name of VITA WONKA gunda looks at her and say"s , Bohot tej ho aap and hits purvi"s forehed and they both turn their backs and are sitting in car...

But, We see Purvi gets up immediately and starts firing with both Guns [One of her and other of shreya which is left there only when gundas were taking Shreya]..

NEXT PART:Big smile
Her bullet hits one Gunda and he falls down and is uncaunsious... But other Gunda has already started his car and moved down very fast...!!!

We see Purvi driving the open car in full speed... But she is not able to see the other car anywhere infront of her...!!!
After Following that other Car for a long time through a jungle area Purvi reaches near one garage where she sees Gunda taking shreya...!!!

Its around 6 pm when we are shown busy roads of Mumbai... And one Car standing  sideway...
We are shown a hotel in which Daya and Abhijeet are having pakodas and chatting... When Daya receives a MMS...!!!

DAYA ( Suddenly stops ) : Abhijeet...!!!!! Purvi ka MMS hai...!!!!
ABHIJEET ( In funny mood ) : Kya hua Daya...??? Tum toh aise chauk rahe ho jaise freddy apne wife ka msg aane pe...!!!!
DAYA : Arrey kya mazak Abhijeet...!!! shayad Purvi kisi musibat mein hai...!!! ( And shows the MMS to Abhijeet )
ABHIJEET : OMG...!!!! Accha, ye toh woh big Gang hai na ... Jo Vita Wonka chemical churane ke peeche pada hai...!!! Ye Purvi waha kaise pohchi...??? Is MMS ko dekhke lagta hai ki kissi ladki jaan khatre mein hai...!!!!!

Daya and Abhijeet rush out and daya is driving car in full speed...!!!!!!

Here we are shown Purvi...
Purvi moves in garage very slowly and alertly... she is moving forward and forward from one door to another...
When suddenly Purvi's  eyebrows are raised... Her eyes are wide open...And before she could think or say anything... She turns back and gives a kick and hits neck of Gunda who was following her...!!!!! And guy lies flat on the ground...!!!!

Purvi sees a big area infront of her where she sees shreya being kept on Gun point...
Purvi signals shreya and purvi fires bullet on paint bucket which is hanging just above the place where shreya is kept...
and gundas are distracted and Bucket filled with paint falls on them... Purvi takes this opportunity and frees shreya and gives shreya her gun...and both starts fighting almost with 5-6 gundas...
They also use their karate skills...


Here we are shown daya abhijeet in one car and the rest team in the other car reaches the spot where purvi had called them to come...!!!!!!
They finds one Gunda as defined by Purvi who was lying on road unconcious and Nikil and Freddy takes him to the hospital...

The rest team reach the spot of garage...They distribute each other and enters the garage in different directions... we are shown in three diffrent slides in one Daya-Abhijeet and second ACP and third Sachin-vineet...

They are entering from one door to another... we are shown Daya-Abhijeet finds one persone lying dead on ground...
DAYA : Shayad Purvi yahi se andhar gayi hogi...!!
ABHIJEET : Haan Daya...!!!!

Then again we are shown ACP moving in slowly with pointing Gun in all directions... Sachin and Vineet are also shown...!!!!
Atlast they reach inside the Big Garage...!!!

Where they see Purvi and the other girl (Shreya )  fighting with almost 6 Gunda's and both of them are very much injured and Purvi's left hand is bleeding due to attack by one gunda...

Daya and Abhijeet both jumps on two gunda's and Sachin and Vineet on other two  gunda's... Now it's almost very much comfortable for all 6 cop's to fight with the gunda's... ACP looks at his 6 officer's with proudness...

When all officer's are busy in fighting we see Big Boss ( Gunda ) comes from behind shreya and try's to hit Shreya's  head just then Purvi fires on his hand...
The stick in his hand falls on the ground... 
Daya gives the Big Boss a Jhapad and he falls down...!!!!

ACP : Toh Sitaram... Batao tumne ye sab kyun kiya..???? Tumhe toh pata tha na Shreya ek CID officer hai...????
BB (Sitaram) : Aap logo ko toh sachme maan gaye ( and laughs) kya yaadash hai...
ACP :Haan Haan... tumhe kaise bhool sakte hai... tumne hi toh wo scientist ke all over India meeting mein bomb rakne ke plans kiye the...!!!
BB( Sitaram) : Haan ACP Haan...mujhe pata tha ki MRS Sharayu ( inventor of VITA WONKA ) Shreya ki maa hai... Toh isliye mein shreya ko dhamka raha tha... Taki mein us chemical formula se bomb bana sakhu aur pure desh ko tabah kar du...!!! Par na jane aapki ye officer Purvi kaha se beech mein aa gayi... ( And he tries to attack Purvi ) Daya - Abhijeet  take's the guy and put his face in black oil and say's deshdrohiyoke saath aise hi hota hai...!!!!!
bb (still continues ) :Mein bomb banakar pure desh ko khatam karna chahta hoon aur karke rahoonga... Aaj nahi toh kal...!!!

DAYA ( interupts him ) : Tum shayad bhul rahe ho CID walo ki shapath ( All team joins him ) : 
                                                                                            KUCH BHI HO JAYE PEECHE NAHI HATENGE...
                                                                                              DESH AUR DESHWAIYON KE LIYE JAAN PE BHI KHELENGE...                                                                           JAB TAK CHALTI HAI SANSE DESH KI SEVA KARENGE...    

ACP : Chal uth ab tumhara khel khatam... Ab jail mein baithke Vita Wonka, Vita Wonka karte rehna tab tak phansi ka order toh aa hi jayega...!!!!

{ SCENE SHIFTS } --( next day )--

We are shown all team present in the beauro exept Purvi...!! When ACP sir announces to all team that Shreya's transfer orde has been expected and now she is the part of CID mumbai...
Just then Purvi comes in the beauro with bandage on her hand... Purvi and Shreya both hug each other...!!!!!!
DAYA ( In Abhijeet's ears ) : Arrey ye kya ye dono ko dekh ke aisa lagh raha hai jaise hindi films ki do behne kitne saal baad mil rahi hai...!!!!!
ABHIJEET starts laughing...

ACP : Purvi beta kaise ho..???? Haath kaisa hai..????
PURVI ( smiling ) : Sir mein thik hoon and looks at shreya Tum kaisi ho..???
SHREYA : Purvi muje kya ho sakta hai jab mere saath  tum jaisi dost ho...!!!!
DAYA : Purvi... waise tumne haame toh inform kar hi diya tha na... Toh thoda rukna chaheye tha na...!!!! Agar tum dono ko kuch ho jata toh...??
PURVI : Sir jab mein us garage ke pass pohchi toh meine socha sayad un gundo ne shreya ko behosh kar diya hoga... Par wo toh Shreya ko Gun point pe  rakhke the...!!! toh isliye mein ye sab dekhke aapne aap ko rokh nahi saki...!!!!! 
( shreya is looking at Purvi with tears in her eyes...)

ABHIJEET : Par purvi tumeh chot lag jati toh..????
ACP ( Interupts ) : Arrey Daya Abhijeet...  Pata hai Purvi toh hammari bahadur bacchi hai...!!!! (and looks at Purvi) hai naa??? woh aapne dost Shreya ko aakele kaise chodti thi...!!!! 

Here Daya and Abhijeet bursts into layghs remembering all their jokes in the evening...!!! even Purvi gives a little smile...!!! 
ACP ( looks at Daya Abhijeet ) : Tum dono phir se shuru ho gaye...???

Freddy (in nikhil's ears) : Toh calo ab isi khushi ke mauke pe hi puch leta hoon...
And says : Toh Purvi... aab toh tumhe apni best friend toh mil gayi hai aur toh aur wo aate hi CID ki member bhi ban gayi toh is kushi mein mujhe aur Daya sir ko Kaju Barfi chahiye hi chahiye...!!!!!
All the team smiles and looks at Daya 
ACP: freddy ka toh bhai aacha hai par Daya tum bhi...???
DAYA: Arrey nahi sir...woh Freddy toh aisehi jo kuch muh mein aaya bolta hai...
PURVI: Haan Freddy sir aur Daya sir ke liye hi kyun ..??? Mein aap sab ko KAJU BARFI khilaungi...!!! Mere liye toh aap sab ek Parivaar ke tarah hai...
(All smiles at Purvi)

Shreya : Sir mujhe is team ke saath kam karte karte bohot accha lagega...!!!
ACP : haan Shreya ...!!!! Purvi, Shreya tum dono ne bohot accha kaam kiya hai...Us gang ko CID ke pakad mein aana bohot jaruri tha... Warna na jaane wo pagal pan mein kya kya kar baitha hota...Par tum dono ne aaj Dikha diya ki aurathe bhi jab maa DURGA, maa KALI  ka roop leti hai toh 6-6 gundo se bhi akele ladh sakti hai...
itna toh mein yakin se keh sakta hoon tum dono CID cops kitne saare desh ke logo ke Misal banoge...jaise hamare honhar officers DAYA - ABHIJEET...!!

{Last part}:

PURVI ( in naughty tone ) waise shreyu tum kuch bhul nahi rahi ho???? 
SHREYA is Trying to think what purvi maybe pointing at???
PURVI : arrey chodo ... mein hi bata deti hun... ye raha tumara pen jo tumare gun ke saath wahan road pe pada tha...!!!!
( Its a blue pen with a diamond which Purvi had gifted Shreya when she was going Delhi...!!!!
Purvi and Shreya gives a handshake
( All the team smiles at each other...!!!!)
                    thank you glitter photo: Thank You THANX.gif

(Do leave your valuable comments...I hope you all like it...)

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PADMA bacchy, Start is NiceBig smile, hope will going good...Thumbs Up

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Great!!!!!...keep wriring

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A good story do continue soon...

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