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@Karishma - Thumbs Up pg1

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Originally posted by -Manita-

Episode 339 : 17.06.11

The Episode starts with the sky showing moon and crickets making a sound ( staple RBO scene telling that it is the night)...
.I'm so excited everytime they show this signalWinkTongue
ROFL...Khanak is looking at her red phone...and says "I love you" to the phone...I mean to Shantanu...looking at the phone !!!
Shantanu is shown bending towards her...
HMM smileDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming...*focus Mani focus*ROFL......yeah...so she looks at him, gives him a royal, glorious smile and says,"Shantanu aap !!!...Yahaan !!!"..excitedly...and tries to touch him but the image disappears as she was imagining him...
(Shantanu aap ?!! yahaan ?!!...aur nahin tou kahaan??...budthal Tongue
ROFL!!) she taps her head in typical Khanak style with a subtle smile and lies down on the bed saying,"someone has rightly said that people become crazy when in love !!" and tries to sleep.
There is a knock at the window, she gets up to see who it is and Tadaaa
Dancing...Shaan Jaan enters pulling the curtains aside with ever so yummy smiles...
She says, "hey you came again?"
He is surprised at the thanda treatment he receives after a dhamakedaar entryTongueLOL
ROFL!!! He asks her that why is she not happy on seeing him. She complains that he troubles her and doesn't let her sleep. she sees him when she closes her eyes and sees him when she opens them.
He does a *Haaayeee*...it was a very husky Haaayeee...Aaye Haaaye !!!...and says that even he is suffering from the same syndrome !!
He asks her if he can step inside and she says that it is of no use as whenever she tries to come closer to him, he disappears...( If I was Shaan...I promise...I would have seriously fainted seeing Khanak's badle badle andaaz...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

he says that he won't disappear anywhere, first she should let him in and hops inside, while she closes her eyes and tries to sleep...
the way he comes hopping in I almost thought that he would jump on the bed but he kneels down besides her...There is a serious role reversal here ...Shaan is sitting solemnly besides wifey who is trying to sleepShocked...and like a budthal calling "Khanak, Khanak" to wake her upROFLROFL !!)

Khanak talks with eyes closed that now there is no point calling her name, if he loves her he should come himself...doesn't he know that even when they are living in the same house she hugely does "Mish him"...( The way she speaks is super cute and the expressions Shaan has on his face of cluelessness of what she is speaking making all hand movements has to be seen...must watch)
he gives her another HMM look...( Haye Main Marjawaan look)...and says huskily,"I know that Khanak!!"
She is surprised and asks why is he speaking ( eyes still closed)...he is clueless again about her ramblings...
He asks if he shouldn't speak ( Oh My !!! What a hubby??!!!!LOL)
she says no he shouldn't as he is not there in reality...it's a dream !! and dreams don't talk with reality !!!
He says that he is the dream and he is the reality ( Waah waah waah...tumhaara sapna bhi main hu aur haqeeqat bhi main hu...aadab)
He finally jumps on the bed...*phew* and she jumps to sit and touches him to check whether he is really there...smiles like a doll...and leans to hug him...he hugs her back...Shanak HugDay Dreaming !!! Crsuhing Smushing Hug
( Credits for this terminology to Veenaa)LOLTongue...and Blissful smiles Heart...don't read here and there...I am only updating the episode...ROFL.KMK -- DKD !!! ( for freshers KMK _ DKD is Kha Ma Kha - Dimaag Ka Dahi !!)Tongue

He whispers for her -- " Budthal !!"
( Aww...so cute)

she immediately opens her eyes and
I am expecting him getting a whacking on calling her a budthal but JKR is worried right now so lets it passROFL
she asks him that why did he come there ??
( she has become a budthal...btw...taking on every quality from Shaan...)
He tells her that he was missing her as much as she was missing him...she panics and tells him that someone might come...he says ...let it be...she says -- someone might watch them...he says let them watch ...
(Ohh...I love this RBO BG music -- hey hey oneThumbs Up...and the scene is a direct lift from their own scene from Chori chori chupkey se song sequence -- Koi dekh lega ...dekhne doDay Dreaming...koi aa jayega...aane doDay Dreaming...which was a lift from SRK's Dil toh paagal hai...I'm not complaining.Day Dreaming...making it easier for people thriving on WUs...WinkWink)
She says she is scared...he turns her face towards him for a cute eyelock...and asks if she is still scared...she is lost in his eyes Embarrassed !!

Scene 2 --

Sleeping pappi falls from the bed and notices that Shaan is not on his bed. He gets up thinking where the new boy has gone and runs out to find him.

Shaan is with Khanak.She gets up from the bed trying to walk away (donno whyConfused...I think to give us a nice scene...can't come up with any other reasonConfused
ROFL)...he hold her wrist to stop her...and she stops, sharmaos, squirms...and he gets up to be near her...turns her towards him, holds her arms while doing this...his right hand reaches for her hairlock to tuck them behind her ear (Lmao...close you eyes and imagine any Shanak scene...Embarrassedthey are pro at it...TongueWinkWink)...he looks at her lips, nose and forehead ( for a changeLOLWink) and says earnestlyDay DreamingDay Dreaming , "Do you know Khanak, how much I missed you... your eyes, your talks, your fragrance, your love...it felt as if I was breathing but my heart had forgotten how to beat...I don't know what I would have done if I wouldn't have met you today...I love you so much and I just can't live without you..."
Heart...at the way he speaksStar...his expressions StarHug...!!!

They are cootchie-cooing when there is a KMH ( Kabab mein Haddi) knock on the door Angry...romantic scene changes to a funny one and she hides him behind the door to open it and finds Adi and Pappi yawning away to glory !!!
She asks them why both are there at her door so late at night.
Adi looks at her like a child does to a candy and asks how come she is awake till so late...( I am going to give him a tapki on his head every time he tries chance - maroing on Khanak
Evil Smile...Don't worry Shaan baby...we are there with you !!...he gets Tapki No. 1...*Fataak* on his headEvil SmileROFLROFL!!!!)

he tells her that Shaan is lost ( he talks as if he's talking about a 5 yr old kid...Shaan kho gaya hai
ROFL...Lmaoo...what is she supposed to do now?ROFL")
She asks who is Shaan ?
they tell her that the new boy is Shaan and is now missing...
Pappi acts smart and sternly asks her about Shaan.
Adi -- Pappi, behave yourself ...we shouldn't talk to girls like that !!( Tapki no. 2...
He asks her if she has seen Shaan and she refuses...she tells him that she didn't as she was sleeping...they say that they are looking for him since 2 hours...(...2 hours !!!...like really 2 hours...!!!
Embarrassed...all they talked in 2 hours was how much they missed each otherShocked...Time waste karna koi Shanak se seekhe ROFL)

Shaan is hearing all this from behind the door and is itching to punch Adi... me itching too...Humphh !!
Adi tells her how he is going to tell GB that Shaan has broken the rules and will now be thrown out...he must have gone to meet his girlfriend...but Adi says that looking at Shaan's face, he doesn't think Shaan will be having any girlfriend...( Hailaaa...face to accha hi hai Shaan ka...Tongue)
he tells her that Shaan must have phasao-ed a seedhi saadhi bholi bhali girl and Shanak's expressions are to watch for....(Khanak gives an earnest look and Shaan gives a W** look to him...
He tells her not to trust people like Shaan and she can always trust him ...( Tapki no. 3...*Fataak*)
Pappi asks him "Ho gaya nah??"ROFLROFL...lets go and complain to GB
Adi tells him to go and sleep and he will take care...
Pappi leaves
Adi ( to Khanak) -- If you are still awake...do let me know...I'll just complain and come back and then both of us will have a hot coffee and will talk !!
( Tapki no. 4...*Fataak*)
Shaan makes a tight fist and shows a punch to the wall...
Adi leaves, Khanak closes the door...Shaan is irritated that he is flirting with his wifeLOLTongue...Khanak is worried that Adi will complain to GB
She tells Shaan to do something who shows helplessness...Khanak says -- "ok ! I'll do something"...she goes out and calls behind Adi -- "Adiji !!"...in the most flooring way !!
Adi does a U-turn with a monkey smile
( Tapki no. 5...*Fataak*)
He says that he knows that Khanak wants to talk to him and even he wants to talk to her ...he'll be back in 5 minutes !!!( Tapki no. 6...*Fataak*)
Khanak thinks that she should do something as Shantanu would not have reached his room !!

Scene 4 --

Adi is about to knock GB's room...Shaan hold his hand from behind ( I love the lights flashing effects and scene flashing thrice...lol...Shaan is like a hero holding Adi's hand...loved it)
Shaan -- why are you disturbing GB so late at night?
Adi - I am complaining against you...now you will get to know what it means to go out at night...
Shaan-- i didn't disappear ...i was in washroom...
Adi -- are you trying to ullu banao me?? Were you sleeping in washroom?
Shaan -- I have a stomach upset ( his expressionsLOL)
Adi - I am not going to fall prey to that !!!

Khanak comes from behind -- ( a very cute scene)
Khanak --( to shaan) hey you were lost? where did they find you ??
Shaan -- I wasn't lost...i was in washroom...
Adi -- Look at him, he says he had a stomach upset !!
Khanak -- really , come I'll give you ajwain ( indigenous medicine for stomach aches)
Shaan smiles adorably, nods and walks ahead !!!
Adi stops Khanak -- what about our tea, our coffee
( Tapki no. 7...*Fataak*)
Sudhar jaa Adi...sudhar jaa...AngryAngryAngry
Shaan -- what type of man you are...here I am suffering and you are bothered about your tea n coffee...
Khanak -- Adiji...Tea n coffee and our talks can wait but he has stomach upset and you are a nice person with a huge heart...let me go and help him ( they fool Adi into believing themClapClapClap...way to go ShanakStarStar)
Adi tells them to go...

Khanak to shaan -- Chaliye !!! ( very husky
Day Dreaming)
Shaan to khanak -- After you Ma'm !!! ( very romantic
Day Dreaming)

Cutest scene !!!

Better Scene --

Shaan standing on terrace...Shanak BG music
Day Dreaming...giving instructions to Khanak to reach him...( another Crushing smushing hug...with all the blissful smiles...Haayeee...my money is vassoooll...)
He has planned a terrace date for her Star...(you can start droolinggg) and arranged for tea and breakfast...they have one cup and he says that having tea in one cup increases love ( really now, Shaan...you think you still have more scope there ??EmbarrassedLOL)
Khanak has brought the newspaper with Sunil's pic and tells him that she has a good news for him
Budthal shaan jumps as he knows of only one good news in the worldLOL and asks her if he is going to become papa...(duffer
D'oh...you are unmarried in GB's house and you can't have babies as per logicROFLROFL...but on second thought ...GB specified that she is against love and couples... never did she mention childrenConfusedConfusedROFLROFL)

She mentions about Sunil and shows him the news paper...Shaan feels very happy and proud
Shaan -- I knew dad and Bhaiya will do something great !! Only I couldn't do anything !!
Khanak -- who said that you couldn't do much...you are living in GB house !!
Shaan smiles !!
Shaan -- But I couldn't do anything about my music...don't have a job or source of earning !!
Khanak -- Call your dad...he will nice and you too !!
he dials from his phone but it starts raining
Day Dreaming Day Dreamingand they run for cover ...
he brings a plastic sheet or something like that for cover and they both sit under it
Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming
( Noticed 2 red roses on the table Day Dreaming)

Shaan calls Sunil -- Dad, how are you??
Sunil -- heard your voice,,,now I'm better
Shaan --- I miss you dad  !! Saw your pic in the paper, and thought of calling you ...it's a huge tender
Sunil -- Yepp...AKshay is like that...he does what he decides...
Shaan -- yeah dad...i couldn't do anything
Sunil -- don't say like that...what you are doing is even more difficult... We all are there for Akshay...but with you...
he is interrupted by Shaan's confident "Khank hai dad...Khanak hai !!! Muahhh Shaaan !!!  You get brownie points for this !!!

Sunil -- Come home son...Come home !!!!
(very emotional and touching scene ...must watch !!!)

~~~ Episode ends~~~

Precap --

Pappi bhadkaofys GB against drenched Shanak
Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming...GB questions them if they were singing a romantic duet on the terrace !!!!

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@Smitha - Thumbs UpBig smile...Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming


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YashAran new cease to surpriseClapStar...
Both looked exceptionally good todayApprove...Like two teenagers in love...Hiye!Day Dreaming...
Aww...Wanted to give them both a hug, Khanak helpless and Shanak disappointed...But they have eachtoher...Love them all over againBig smile...

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shanak new pics enjoy

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