Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

Unsung Heroes - Tribute to the actors

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We fought , and we fought , and we fought...

And when we finally heard the news of our "Kitani..." coming back for a second inning the KMH1 forum went wild.  I remember reading the news and being in disbelief , because its rare that for one, a sequel should happen in the tellyworld and then secondly, it being under Balaji banner (dont get me started there)...
Now that the show is ending in midst of all the sadness and grief we are left with beautiful memories of the past 7months
In retrospect, I have to say hats off to the ENTIRE cast&crew of "Kitani... "
I could not have wished for a better cast of actors than from what we had.  I know in this forum we praise KK like no tomorrow, but I think it's about time we give the entire cast a tribute/love/appreciation for their work; we know they deserve it!
So the very least I could do is this bragging post Wink
Lets start off with my absolutely favorite bad man:
Rudra Pratap Singhania [Mohan Kapoor]
Firstly, I have to say that I love Mohan Kapoor as an actor so much more than I love RPS (trust me this is hard to say because I love them almost equally).  This man has more swagger than the entire unit combined B-).  Mohan Kapoor's acting is like freaking wow, I swear he overshadows anyone he shares the screen with.  His character, RPS shown to be a 'larger-than-life' personality man fits him to the T.  I cannot tell you how many times I've just smiled at RPS's downright evilness and had to give it to him for his slyness.  I feel like if anyone could've done justice to this character it could've ONLY have been Mohan Kapoor!
Favorite Rudra scene: Rudra vs Kumud against her body weight... mostly all of his scenes but in particular the ones he gives his sarcastic comments :)
Don ki maa:
Dadi (Teji) Singhania [Neelam Mehra]
OMFG, can I keep her? Neelamji's character, dadi is such a cutie and she plays her soo well!  I can only imagine how loveable she must be in real life.  Dadi's character reminded me of my own dadi... my dad although him being the "admi" he is, he bows down to my dadi w/o questions asked. ROFL.  Dadiji ki jai ho! I love neelamji's acting the most during the period when she was trying to get AA together, the way she would taunt and threaten if they did something bad made me feel so nostalgic.  She did a fab job in portraying a strict but loveable dadi!
Favorite dadi scene: Her entry and how she greets everyone with such hukum and love :P
Don ki biwi:
Kumud Singhania [Aradhna Uppal]
Let me tell you I have not enjoyed a saas-bahu argument more than when I've seen Kumud and Arohi go for it.  ROFL.  Aradhnaji is an actor I feel is soo well paired with Mohan Kapoor, mostly because of their acting calibre is top notch.  Kumud Singhania shown ruthless, I loved how she was semi self obsessed and fearless when she wanted things to go her way.  Aradhnaji is a really damn good actress, wether it being 'chote dadaji' or Mrs. Singhania she pulls off a convincing bad woman with ease.  Bravo!
Favorite Kumud scene: Saas vs Bahu for the credit card!
Mummyji ka beta:
Mikhael Singhania [Danish Pandor]
Okay, so apart from the bad boy he portrays, let me tell you guys that Danish is actually a sweetheart.  He interacts with his fans on facebook and replies back when he gets the time.  Coming back to Mikhael: what a loveable badmash.  Yes, he killed Ramji the vakeel... and attempted to kill KSA... but hey at the end we can't say the guy didn't have balls to do it.  I love Mikhael's carelessness and his chipkuness with his mother.  Danish has done a fab job acting as the heir of Singhania empire.  To be frank, Danish is a really good looking guy, his sharp features enhance his overall look and it actually helps in his favor as he portrays a dark character.  Vampire auditions anyone ? ;)
Favorite Mikhael scene: Mikhael eavesdrops on Romit's converstation with Arohi and he vows to help his dushman bhai
Pyaari Behna:
Rashi Singhania [Mrinalini Tyagi]
Okay, um seriously, how many times have I begged for her and Rajveer to hook up? No, NDTV people want to close shop so soon but def if they held on I would've demanded for that track to happen.  Anyways, back to Rashi darling: what a sweet sister! She was everything that a brother could wish for and more! She was the most tender loving person in the Singhania household, not a single ounce of hatred in her.  I loved her character to bits! Mrinalini did such a superb job w/ her character!  I loved how she gave Rashi a certain softness and tenderness that probably would've been overlooked otherwise. 
Favorite Rashi scene: when she goes to ask for Arohi's hand for Arjun and falls down the stairs.
Jignesh [Areesz Gandhi]
Firstly, I want to learn how to do that ring trick he did in one of the episodes.
Jignesh was a baddie from day one and nothing changed even afterwards.  Okay guys you will not believe the versitality of this guy's acting until you see his short film posted on facebook, he's really good! You'd think once a baddie you'd always be seen as the actor who portray's those kind of roles, but no he does better as being the good guy.  I wish his character would've turned around for the sake of Raj but alas.
Favorite Jignesh scene: when he plans with Mikhael to bump off Arjun
Pagal Bhai
Romit Singhania [Rupesh Kataria]
I never realized how good Rupesh looked until he cut his hair.. good move ;) .  Romit, I swear I wanted to kiss him at times and then slap him at others.  Jo bhi hai, jaisa bhi hai..he's perferct within his imperfections!  Romit's Rupesh did a damn good job acting as the dumb "blonde" character...however he pulled it off it was pretty good.  I will forever miss Romit's bewakoofi ki baatien and his hidden baahadhuri.  Chahe woh ho baal ki dukaan or Raj ka assistant jasoos, he'll forever be loved as the adorable bhai of singhania parivaar.
Favorite Romit scene: 'bro, mujhe hero ki yaad mat dilao varna mein roo dunga' ROFLLL...
Khandaani head
Kartar Singh Ahluwalia [Abhay Bhargava]
Side note: It literally took me 10mins to realize that Abhayji was dadu when I spotted him in a picture (props to makeup dada).  Aren't all Dadu's like this, the way KSA is? What a loveable man! I loved how Dadu was the ideal family man, standing strictly next to his values/morals and still being tender to his parivaar.  Abhayji did a fab job portraying an officer!  His scenes with Arjun were my favorite, I felt Dadu was more a dadu with Arjun than with Arohi.  I dont know if its the vibe the actors give off or if its suppose to be like that, but in all I loved this character loads!
Favorite Dadu scene: when he confronts Arjun about lying about Chiku's bachelor's party.. his expressions were sooo freaking dadu-like... i swear my dadaji looked at me like that once when he caught me lying :X
Khandaani head ka bhi head
Daljeet Kaur Ahluwalia [Alka Pradhan]
Where did she go??!! Omg, CVs! you have no idea how much I missed the Arohi/Dadi scenes! I feel like if I ever met Alkaji, I'd be tempted to call her DJ rather than anything else.  What a cutie she is! (actually both singhania/ahluwalia dadis: refer to sbs w/ dadi/dadi/arjun ka love triange ;) ) I wish the writers wouldn't have forgotten about her! She hasn't been seen since Arohi left for Singhania home.  However much time she was on the show, I loved her acting, she really did well as a dadi and convincingly so!
Favorite DJ scene: All her scenes with Arohi, I could literally feel the dadi-poooti relationship... i guess alkaji and kritika are that comfortable w/ one another that it showed...and props to them, their scenes were fab!
Arvind Singh Ahluwalia [Saptrishi Ghosh]
ahah.. you guys knew that title was coming for him ;) .   I think I've said this enough, but whoever made the character sketches/scripts are freaking fabulous! I can relate to these characters as, ' yes this would be my tayyaji and thats exactly how he'd react ' ... Saptrishi did a fab job as tayyaji.  Although I disliked his ways sometimes, but tayyaji only reacted in the way to protect his family.  He's the uncle we all have and sometimes are afraid of...nevertheless there is always a soft bring neon red heart in him which is full of love :P . 
Favorite Tayyaji scene: aside from 'shut up lovedeep' ...I liked when he was confronting Arohi before she left the home and how he tried to use tough love to get her to understand what she was doing was wrong
Preeti Ahluwalia [Hemaakshi Ujjain]
Preeti Bhabhi is who kept my sanity during the days of AA fights.  Jai mata di to the woman who accepts her son being gay (im serious).  I think aside from it being comical, I think the writers did a good thing and "spread awareness" about homosexuality and all.  It was nice to see that the mother was more welcoming towards it rather than the typical I disown you bit.  Anyways, I loved how Hemaji pulled off her expressions so nicelly whenever she saw Romit/Sanchit getting close.. rofll.
Favorite Preeti scene: when she consoles sanchit that it doesn't matter how he is and that she accepts him
Sudhir Singh Ahluwalia [Farkuh Saedd]
Okay, can I say that this man is really handsome? am I allowed? I wished they would've shown more backstory on sudhir and amrit as in the initial episodes they would always  talk about how sudhir went against his family once and all but then never mentioned it again.  I was actually more interested in this character, Sudhir.  Farkuh did a wonderful job acting as a dad, I really could feel that he could be anyone's dad wether it be through the anger he protrayed as Sudhir or the love he showered over Arohi. 
Favorite Sudhir scene: when he goes to steal the papers to give to Arjun when Arohi is kidnapped and he's caught and he gives his speech about him loving his daughter and not wanting to loose her at any cost
Ideal bahu
Amrit Ahluwalia [Pyumori Mehta]
This lady can pass off as Kritika's sister, I dont know why they made her the mother but whatever.  Amrit is the bahu that ever household has, she is the mother that ever daughter loves.  I dont know what it is about Pyumori but her dialouge delivery is pretty damn good!   she sounds extremely in sync with whatever the scene calls for.  I dont know how to explain that but just notice her speech/voice her modulation is perfect! I know I am terrible at explaining but I dont know how to further elaborate upon it. 
Favorite Amrit scene: When Arohi leaves for Singhania home and Amrit goes to Arohi's room and worries about her.. such a mom scene! I wanted to hug her through my laptop screen
Lovedeep Ahluwalia [Dilnaz Irani]
What a strong acteress!! I swear this lady can hold screen presence like nobody's business! Lovedeep started out as a bubbly sweet character and how she's grown into a confident woman! Dilnaz puts soo much life into Lovedeep's character that I cannot begin to tell you that half the time I love Lovdeep's character because of Dilnaz's acting!
Favorite Lovedeep scene: when the girls are making fun of her for being a wedding planner and at first she is unknown to the upcoming mockery but then her voice changes to a deep hurt when she realizes what mess she's in.  FAB job!! freaking fantabulous! there are soo many other scenes I wish to mention about her but dude..just know I love her to bits!
Best Friend
Rajveer Ahluwalia [Nitin Sahrawat]
Mistake no. 2: CVs although he is a 'chachu' please take a close look at the man, he passes off more as Arohi's brother rather than her Chachu.  Side note: have you guys ever talked to him before? those who have will know what a humble man he is.  When I first went on to his facebook fanpage I wrote on his wall assuming he'd never write back let alone read it.  But like hours later he replied! and it wasnt like'okay cool thanks psshh yeah im the best', he's really down to earth and replies to almost everyone.  He's the reason we get cool scoops on kmh and behind the scene pictures.  So very different from the character nitin portrays, I have to say hands down he's the nicest actors I've interacted with.  Rajveer at the beginning was shown to be an atheist(?) and now to see his character growth and believe that God does exist is so heartwarming! I love it!
Favorite Rajveer scene: ALL with Arjun ! I promise at times I would look forward to their scenes more than AA scenes
Cute Dumbo
Shefali [Sana Khan]

CVS! why the hell did you dubb her voice out in the last couple of episodes! I love her voice! Sana is sooo pretty!! Kaale ghutno wali whatever she may be, but she is damn talented.  Usually girls playing a dumb blonde character come off as fake and end up looking out of place but sana really did a fab job w/ play shefali! shefali was by far the cutest character of season 2! I am soo glad they got romit and shefali hooked up together, they look damn cute!
Favorite Shefali scene: When shefali unkown to the kidnapping situation tries to flirt with mangiram(?) rofll..!
The Billz
Billu [Karan Arora]
Soo many karan's in tellyworld.. !
This kid is the cutest! and by the far the smartest of the baccha party bunch.  His thoughts were always ahead of himself and landing him in trouble w/ Arjun.  I remember how much I loved the trio (Billu/Arjun/Makrand (--cvs: what did you do w/ makrand?! i liked him!) when they were in the jungle.  Karan is soo damn cute calling Arjun 'bhai' and Arohi 'bhabhi' ..he sounds like a devar you want to keep!
Favorite Billu scene: 'bhai bhabhi ko ilove you i love you keh raha hai' ahahah. i wanted to die of laughter , this is something i swear i'd hear my cousin saying to my bhai haha
Side thankyous:
-Thank you to the awesome Sufi version of the title song (it is a permanent resident on my ipod)
-Thank you for the awesome costume design (if someone from kmh2 team is reading this, send me Arohi's lehnga she wore during Rajveer's engagement ceremony) oh and for not using uniforms like you guys did in season1
-For giving all the characters a role to play and not be background furniture
-For all the male eye candy ;)
-Wonderful script
-fab story
-even better cast and crew!
*I hope I didn't forget anyone, and sorry if I screwed up the names...*

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Awesome post

Ditto to everything u said...Love sana and rupesh as shefu and romit...karan arora was awesome as billu eheh seems like yeh karan naam mein hi kuch too miss dj loads...and daddi and rashi were my favs...MK is an actor who always leaves me in awe hes just the super villain amazing work by him...thanks for making this post the actors deserve the accoladesEmbarrassed

but how come u forgot the most freaking best person in kmh2??Our one and only raj??come on sami deserves huge accolades...the cutest bacha i have ever seen on screen...he brought raj to life...loved him as raj

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Wow..jhanvi amazing postt!!

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great post.
bt when talking of cast & crew & tribute then i think we should begin with karan & kritika no matter how many times they have been praised cos this is meant to be a tribute. and also u forgot  sanchit & raj.
i hope you dont mind but this is my opinion the rest is up to u

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Jhanvi excellent post!! I totally agree with you, I miss DJ too. I don't know why she has been forgotten, she should have been brought back for this storyline.
You forgot about Raj, he is so cute and played a huge role in keeping Arohi and Arjun together and clearing the misunderstandings. I loved his detective work with Romit and Shefali and I hate that he hasn't been shown since.
Really going to miss KMH2, it had the best cast, best writing. Just love this show to pieces!!

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gr8 post

agree with you in every matter. They all did a fab job. Loved Dj miss her soo much.Then MK my favorite he is so good in acting an evil. Then Dadi loved her acting she made it look natural. My favorite shefu and romit loved them to bits. And every other cast member. I personaly loved Raj also if only I can meet him in real life I swear I can cuddle him to death he is such a cutie.

Then the crew well you did a fab job. Thanx to everyone who helped make this journey special for us.

You all are great and would always be remembered and loved by us

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you missed Sanchit,Raj, gauri,simmi,ram punjabi,chikku, 2 cousins from canada,and main artist karan and kritika as it is tribute they desrves it.

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Ooo0ppsss.. .sorry about that guys..i was just reading the lisf off of wiki hence shortened it abit :P

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