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FF: Chupanke Ki Saaza Last Part Pg 52 [Jul 7,'12] (Page 9)

Anjinie IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 August 2011 at 8:22pm | IP Logged
Pls. Pls give us an update cannot wait at least it be a weekend treat thanks

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-Archi- Goldie

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Posted: 08 August 2011 at 9:48pm | IP Logged
Thanks so much for the comments guys! its very encouraging!
i am almost done writing the next part and will be posting it tom!

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iloveserials Senior Member

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Posted: 11 August 2011 at 7:36am | IP Logged
Great update Archie, so the two of them are off for two days. Hope they really come closer and can we have some mushy mushy romance between them, pls?

Looking forward to the next update.

Ramya / ILS

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soodr Senior Member

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Posted: 14 August 2011 at 9:24am | IP Logged
Hi Archi,
Sorry for not commenting!! This is a great part...I hope the plan works and Jai and Bani start realising how much they need and love each other!!
Cant wait to

Ria xx

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-Archi- Goldie

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Posted: 15 August 2011 at 7:56pm | IP Logged
Chupanke Ki Saaza
-PART 8-
The Malhotras

Bani clutched Jai's shirt, her heart thudding as they both found balance in the cold water of the pool.
"That was so scary!" she gasped.
Jai, however, was furious. "The file!" he said trying to calm the storm that was bursting through him at the sight of the file floating on the water, all the papers wet beyond repair.
Realizing, Bani let go of him, ashamed of showing her fear infront of Jai - of all the people in the world! - who did not even seem affected by her state. She tried to make her way to the exit, when she was yanked back.
"Where do you think you are going?" Jai said in a dangerous voice.
"O-Out," Bani stammered both from the cold water and the anger sparkling in Jai's eyes.
"You are so going to pay for this," he threatened, not noticing the cowering figure of Bani. "I warned you not to play with the file."
"It wasnt my fault," Bani replied, tyring to put on a brave front. "You pushed me into the pool."
"Did not!" Jai snapped. "If you weren't running around like a two-year old, this wouldn't have happened!"
"Whats the big deal?"
The big deal was that the project which the file held was very important to Uday Walia - he had long since wanted to work with the Malhotras, who had contacts out of the country. And he entrusted none other than his talented son, who had a knack of making deals better than the company has ever seen. He was shrewd, clever and charming all at the same time. Hence, this was a deal Jai wasn't going to mess up.
"You won't understand," he snapped. And with that he left, leaving a very scared Bani.
* * *
Fortunately, it turned out that Jai had a photocopy of the file that was ruined in the pool fiasco. While Bani sighed in relief, Jai's anger didn't seem to vanish with the good news. He still held Bani responsible, even though she tried unsuccessfully to explain her intentions. She never saw him this mad since she returned to the Walia Mansion.
But Bani couldn't help but agree that this fight had its benefits - Jai was completely ignoring her. And to Bani, this was a break from all the sarcastic and taunting comments that he usually passed on her. And by the end of day, Bani was having fun in the hotel with Rano and Lakshmi after a really long time.
"Mrs. Walia," a waiter said, arriving at the massage center all three girls were in.
Rano and Bani looked up in confusion. "Which one?" Rano asked, pointing to herself and Bani.
The waiter nodded at Bani. "Mr. Walia would like to remind you that the official inaugration party is starting in an hour and that he would be waiting for you downstairs in the lobby."
"Why couldn't he tell you himself?" Lakshmi asked confused as the waiter left. "God invented cell phones for a reason you know!"
Bani laughed and thanked her massuse as they made thier way back to the rooms. "Oh - we are not talking to each other. Rather, he is ignoring me. But hey, I am not complaining!"
Rano and Lakshmi exchanged looks of worry. "What did you do?" Rano asked.
"What makes you think it was me?" Bani asked outraged.
Lakshmi answered instead. "Because between the two of you, he is the more sensible one."
Bani rolled her eyes and didn't explain. With Rano and Lakshmi, it was hard to make her point. Instead, she began to prepare for the evening, pulling out her outfit and accessories. When she finished getting ready almost an hour later, she couldn't help but smile at herself in the mirror.
"Wow!" was all Lakshmi and Rano managed to say as Bani left to meet Jai.
* * *
Jai was late. The party officially began 20 minutes ago and Bani was still waiting in the lobby. When her patience finally diwndled, she decided to go in by herself. Many curious heads turned in her direction as Bani made a late entry. She flashed everyone a smile, wondering if she looked out of place.
However, Jai quickly came to her rescue. "Kahan thi tum?" he said, smiling as the press appeared for pictures.
"I was waiting in the lobby," Bani hissed. "For you!"
Jai rolled his eyes. "Can you ever do anything right in your life? I said the entrance, NOT the lobby!"
Bani glared at Jai for the outright lie. "You said lobby!" Bani snapped.
Just when Jai was going to reply, the Malhotras arrived, cutting their argument short.
"Mr. Malhotra," Jai said, shaking his hand. "Nice to meet you!"
Mr. Malhotra was a middle aged man, with greying hair and a round tummy. He smiled warmly at Jai and returned the greeting. Beside him stood a young man, who Bani noticed was the best dressed and best looking - apart from Jai - in the entire room. Dressed in black, with a flattering grin on his face, the man flashed Bani a brilliant smile.
"And you are...?" he said, holding out his hand.
"Bani," Bani said, shaking his hand.
"Harsh" he said politely. "I don't believe I have ever seen you here before!"
"I am the new marketing manager for the Walia's."
"Oh," Harsh said, as realization spread on his face. "You are the one who replaced Mr. Sinha!"
Bani nodded, wondering how Harsh knew all the details of their company.
"You must be really good Bani," Harsh added. "If the Walia's hired you to take on that old man's position. He was a genius. He understood the market like no one else I have met."
Bani's eyes flickered to Jai. "I think I have met people who are better."
Harsh caught on. "I see that you fell into Jai's charm."
Bani's eyes snapped back to Harsh, who had a smirk on his face. "What do you mean?"
Harsh laughed. "I think its obvious that Jai Walia manages to capture everyone who is around him, you being one of them."
"You don't think he is a good businessman?"
"I was talking about his, quote, "die-hard looks"," he said, his fingers making quotations marks in the air.
Bani rolled her eyes. The truth was she was smitten by Jai's "die-hard looks" a long time ago - hard to miss when you see every girl's head turn for a second look when out with him. However, what caught her attention was that Harsh didn't seem to be aware of her marriage with Jai. And she didn't blame him - Jai wasn't in the least bit interested in her. He didn't even walk into the party with her.
"No," she said, deciding to continue the conversation. "I am not caught by his looks. But I should be saying the same thing about you," she added, when many young girls looked hopefully at Harsh as they set off toward the other end of the room.
"That the "die-hard looks" seem to belong to you as well," Bani said, smirking.
"Oh," Harsh said with a smile. "Are you complimenting me?"
"I am merely commenting on the number of heads turning in your direction!"
"They could be looking at you," Harsh said.
"Girls wont look at ME Harsh, for obvious reasons."
"Really?" Harsh said, with a surprised expression. "I think they have many reasons. And one that sticks out from my mind is that they are jealous of you."
That stumped Bani. "Jealous?"
"Of how beautiful you look tonight!"
He found his mark. Bani blushed a little, complimenting her pink dress beautifully. And the talk continued. And an hour later, Bani figured out two things about Harsh. The first and foremost was that he was pampered heir to the Malhotras. He got anything he wanted whether it was a dance with a girl or million dollar business deal. He was as stubborn as a rock.
And second - "That shade of pink looks admirable on you," he added to their conversation about interior designing, when Bani brought up the fact that she was redecorating her room - he complimented Bani like no tomorrow.
As the party droned on, Harsh was quick to notice Bani's lack of interest. Having nothing to do, Bani found herself bored out her mind. Jai had long left her to fend for herself as he actively interacted with the guests.
"Seems like the most happening party of the town isnt interesting enough for you," Harsh said, after Bani said nothing for fifteen minutes.
"Of course not," Bani said quickly. "I was just getting a bit tired."
Harsh didn't seem to believe her excuse. "How about this," he said. "I will take you out and show you Mt. Abu. You said its your first time here, right?"
That was totally unexpected and Bani was caught off guard. "Umm... actually, I think I am going to bed. I don't feel that good."
But Harsh wasn't stubborn for no reason. "Come on Bani," he said. "It will be fun!"
And he kept pestering her to come and wouldn't let her go. Finally giving up, she came up with an excuse that he couldn't refuse. "I am here with Jai," she said. "I can't just leave him!"
"No problem," Harsh said brightly. And he strode off, returning five minutes later with Jai in tow. "Jai said I can take you!" he said to a shocked Bani.
Bani glared at Jai, giving him a "don't-you-dare-say-yes" look. But Jai found alot of pleasure in seeing Bani's discomfort.
"Kya Bani," Jai said, casually, while his eyes still sparkled with anger from the morning. "Why are you hesitating to go?"
"But-but," Bani spluttered in reply. "We have the meeting tomorrow Jai. How can I go?"
"Bani," Jai said. "The meeting is with Harsh. I am sure he won't mind if you miss it!"
Harsh nodded in agreement. Staring at the two men infront of her, one determine to take her out and the other to make her life miserable, she had no choice but to nod and be led out of the hall. She would never forgive Jai.

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-Archi- Goldie

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Posted: 15 August 2011 at 8:01pm | IP Logged
Chupanke Ki Saaza
-PART 9-
Jai's Big Mistake

"Come in," Jai called, as he continued to work on his laptop for the next day's meeting. It was one o'clock in the morning, but he was far from sleep.
To his surprise Rano walked in.
"Rano?" Jai asked. "Whats wrong?"
"Bani kahan hai?"
Jai laughed. "She is out on a date."
"What do you mean?" she said narrowing her eyes.
"Well, " Jai informed. "Harsh Malhotra asked her out and she said okay. Yeh saab  kyun pooch rahi ho?"
"And why are you not with her?" Rano asked.
"Rano," Jai said, making her sit on the sofa. "Its a date... with Harsh. He really wanted to go with her!"
Rano let out an exasperated sigh. "And you let her go? You know better than  anyone what a flirt that guy is!"
"Harsh kuch nahi karegi," he said confidently.
"I can't believe this is you," she said after a few moments of watching his calm posture. "The Jai who couldn't live without seeing Bani for more than a few hours at most is now telling me to calm down when she is out at one in the morning!"
Jai turned his back to Rano, not wanting to show her the hurt that flickered onto his face because of her words. "I need this deal Rano," Jai said, using the first excuse that entered his brain.
"And so you use your wife?" she asked knowing that it was not the real reason at all. When Jai didn't reply, she stood up and turned him around and watched his blank face. "Whats wrong?" she asked softly. "Why are you acting like this?"
"Like what?" Jai said, tyring to maintain a calm face. Rano, like Krishna, had a  habit of reading his face like a book. One look at him and she would know exactly what was going on in his head.
"Like you don't care if Bani lives or dies," she answered.
Jai forced a smile. "As if that is possible!"
"Its not," she said. "I know that. But Bani doesn't. And I think its high time you go and get her before that idiot Harsh does something!"
"He is not," Jai said. "I don't know why you are freaking out! Must be the pregnancy," he added thoughtfully.
Rano hit him on the shoulder. "Shut up!" When Jai was about to sit back infront of his laptop, she adopted a mother-like tone that reminded Jai alot of Krishna. "Jao aur Bani ko lee kar aao."
"Fine," Jai grumbled. "MOM!"
"Bhabhi," Rano corrected with a smile.
* * *
"Acha laga?" Harsh asked in a loud voice.
He and Bani were in a pub, where the music was vibrating the walls and people everywhere were drunk and dancing. It apparently was the best club in Mt. Abu, but to Bani it looked almost as a prison, in which she was sentenced to by her husband. She grimanced at the thought of Jai.
Bani nodded. "But I am not in the mood for clubbing..."
"Okay," Harsh said, as if relenting to her wish. "But since we are here, why not have the time of our lives?"
"But I have to go back."
"Its only 1 o'clock," he said with a glance at his clock. "We still have the whole night!"
"I am tired!" Bani said, now getting desperate to find ways to escape. "I had enough for a night!"
"Want to have a drink?" Harsh asked, ignoring her excuses. "I am sure you must be thirsty after being so hot!"
Bani didn't miss the double meaning. "No need to be soo cheesy!"
Harsh ignored this too. "So tell me about yourself," he said. "I have never seen you before and trust me, I would never miss a beauty like you!"
Bani rolled her eyes. "I just joined the Walia Industries."
"Impressive," he said. "Its not easy to get employed there. Uday Walia is brutal!"
Like father like son, Bani thought drily to herself. But why am I thinking about him? "He is not too bad... he knows what he is doing."
"I dont think so," Harsh said. "Hiring a girl like you to be locked up inside a boring office for the whole day... that is not a decision I would make."
Bani tried to stay calm. Harsh's continuous string of compliments to her weren't as much flattering as they were annoying. In every other sentence he would assert how she was gorgeous - Bani knew that. But couldn't care less.
"Can we sit down?" she asked, changing the topic.
"No, lets dance!" he replied.
And ignoring Bani's protests, he dragged her to the dance floor. Unfortunately, just as Harsh found a space in the crowded floor, the music slowed to a romantic song. Grinning, he pulled Bani a bit closer than she would have liked, placed his arms around of her waist and began to sway to the music. Bani had no choice but to follow.
"You are a good dancer Bani," he said.
Bani smiled and didn't answer, hoping her silence would be more effective in delievering her feelings to Harsh - she wasn't interested. Of course, if there was someone else in his position - a certain someone who she refused to think about - things would have been different.
However, when Harsh tried to pull Bani a bit closer after a few minutes of silence, she gave up all pretense of politness.
"Don't," she whispered dangerously.
"What?" he said, pretending innocence.
"You know what," she replied, pushing his arms away and taking a step back. "I am not interested!"
And she turned her back to him and stalked off to the bar.
"Come on Bani," Harsh said., who quickly followed her. "Don't pretend that you dont like me!"
"I am not pretending!"
"Then why did you come with me?" he asked, the smile on his face wiped clean.
Bani let out a sarcastic smile. "If you haven't realized, you are the one who forced me to come with you. I was never interested in you!"
This seem to hit Harsh hard. He didn't answer and just ordered two drinks, which Bani suspected to have vodka in them despite looking like juice. She didn't dare touch hers.
"You are lying," he said, after finishing his drink in one go.
"about what?"
"That you are not pretending," he said. "Its impossible for a girl like you to stay away from me!"
Bani was confused. "What do you mean?"
"I mean that everyone dies to be with me and you are refusing to even acknolwdge me? Especially when you are single!"
The comment stirred up her memories of Jai - he too, like Harsh, was confident that he was too hot to resist.
Misinterpreting Bani's silence, Harsh continued. "What is it that you want?"
Bani was caught off guard with that question. Yes, what did she want? There were many things... She wanted to run away from Harsh who seemed to know everything she thought about. She wanted to keep running untill she found Jai. And then, she wanted him, Jai, to care for her like how he used to. Most of all, she wanted everything to be normal in her married life.
"Waise," Harsh said, watching her closely. "It won't hurt to be my girlfriend you know!"
Bani was brought back to reality with those words. "Girlfriend?"
"Haan," he said.
"You have known me for a few hours max and you are asking me out?" Bani said. "Do you even know who I am?"
"I wanted to ever since I saw you Bani," Harsh replied, with a glint of longing in his eyes. "I couldn't resist you!"
Bani rolled her eyes. "Stop joking!"
"I am not," he replied. "I wanted you ever since you entered that party and every single person turned their head towards you."
Bani felt odd at that comment. It was almost as if she was an object that he wanted to own. As seriousness spread across his face, she finally realized that it was not a good idea to hide that she was married. There was almost an obssesion visible in Harsh's eyes.
"You have lost it Harsh," Bani said, trying to make the conversation less serious. She then got up to leave - she had enough for one night - when he grabbed her hand. Now, Bani was scared. Harsh was definetly stronger than her; he could pick her up and leave, without anyone realizing.
However, that did not seem to Harsh's intentions. As if dazed, he raised his other, free, hand up to Bani's face and was about to brush a strand of loose hair, which a cold voice said, "Don't."
Harsh jumped at the unexpected interference and whipped around to find Jai, leaning against the bar, with his hands in his pockets. He appeared to be pretty cool, but Bani knew he would be seething with anger. She felt almost elated at the sight of him.
"Jai," Harsh said in confusion. "Tum yahan?"
"I came to take Bani," he explained.
But Harsh didn't let go of her hand. "But I brought her here. I will drop her off too."
Bani tried to free her hand, but Harsh seemed to hold on that much tighter. Anger flashed in Jai's eyes as he straightened up. He was the same height as Harsh, but yet he somehow seemed to tower over him.
"I don't like repeating myself Harsh," Jai said in a dangerous voice. "So, let go of her hand now or you won't be able to leave this club without assistance from four other guys."
The threat was obvious, but the way Jai said it, made it sound like a passing remark. Bani didn't know whether it was the way Jai glowered at Harsh, or if Harsh simply didn't want to make a scene, or maybe a mix of both, but whatever it was, it was enough to make Harsh turn his back and walk out.
Jai watched him leave the club and turned to Bani. "Chale?" he asked, back to his jovial self.
But Bani was mad... anger seethed inside her like no tomorrow. It was his fault that she was stuck with Harsh and if he didn't come on time, god know what Harsh would have done to her. She shot him an angry look and turned her back on him.
"Uh-oh," Jai said to himself. "This is not going to be pretty!"
Because he knew that an angry Bani was equivalent to a horde of angry bees. 

I am sooo sorry for the lateness! I had part 8 ready, but the stupid internet was down, so i couldn't post. but in compensation, i posted BOTH of the parts!

Now, waiting eagerly for your comments... hope you liked them and ill try my best to post a part every two days! 


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Rockyy_ Senior Member

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Posted: 15 August 2011 at 9:16pm | IP Logged
Superb chapters Archi. The wait was well worth it.

Can't believe Jai did such a low down thing to Bani

by telling Harsh its ok for her to go out with him just so he

can get back at her.

Can't wait to read how he will will get himself out of the bees nest he

put himself in.

Take care.


Come on every one, leave a note of encouragement for ARCHI by letting her know you're

appreciating the story/FF. Its not that hard to click like, post a comment or send her a PM.

She is doing her best to update as often as she can. Let us as readers do our part also.

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nice update.thank you.

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