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FF: Chupanke Ki Saaza Last Part Pg 52 [Jul 7,'12] (Page 8)

-Archi- Goldie

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Posted: 28 July 2011 at 11:03pm | IP Logged
Hi Guys,

Im soo sorry for the late reply. I was soo busy with things. But here is what i quickly typed up in the past hour! Please ignore mistakes!

Chupanke Ki Saaza
-PART 7-
Plans & Schemes

"Ranveer," Rano whined. "Mujhe bahar chalna hai."
Ranveer continued to study the file in hand. "Abhi nahi Rano. Mujhe kaam hai."
It was Wednesday evening in the Walia Industries, and Ranveer was absorbed in the London Project, to which Jai managed to find a solution. However, that involved alot of work and Ranveer was soon caught up with files and reports, making his five-month-pregant wife, very cranky. She came to his office, in the hopes that he would take her out to dinner.
"Kya kaam?" Rano snapped. "Saturday aur Sunday, tum ghar bhi nahi aaye. Yahi office pe kaam kar rahe the. Yeh bhi nahi soocha main ghar pe kitni akeli thi!"
"Toh Kaaki ke ghar kyun nahi gaayi?" Ranveer asked absent-mindedly.
"Main hamesha wahi pe rehthi hoon," Rano informed. "I figured I should give Kaaki a break!"
"You know she wants you to come," Ranveer said. Having lost his mother at an early age, Ranveer always looked up to Krishna as his own mother and she too returned the affection. She often saw her "Didi", Uday's brother's wife, in Ranveer.
Rano smiled. "Haan, kitni sweet hai," she said. "Hamesha meri check-ups pe aati hai, magar tum ho ki, mujhe ignore hi karthe ho!"
Ranveer didn't reply.
"Dekha," she said. "Aab tum mujhse baat bhi nahi karthe ho!"
Rano waited for a response, but got none. "Teek hai," she said, standing up. "Mat karna baat. Main jaa rahi hoon!"
"Rano rukho," Ranveer said, worried for her condition, but too late. She already left the office.  Cursing himself, Ranveer ran after his wife, informing his PA outside to cancel the rest of the meetings for the day.
He followed Rano to Bani's office, where he, once again, regretted walking in. Rano too stopped in her tracks watching an angry Bani, towering over Jai.
"ARE YOU INSANE?" Bani yelled at a smiling Jai, who was relaxed, sitting on the couch. Next to him, bani looked scary, her hair falling out of her ponytail, her perfectly ironed shirt, now crumpled. "You blackmailed the builder?!"
"It was a compromise," Jai defended.
"Then why are we NOT making any changes?" Bani asked. "Why is it only one sided?"
Jai rolled his eyes. Bani was new to this, almost a baby. He had enough experience.
"Hum gaalth time pe aa agaye," Rano whispered to Ranveer.
"TUM gaalth time pe aa agayi!" Ranveer corrected. "Thodi dher rukh nahi sakthi?"
"Mujhe kya paata yeh dono jagad rahe hai?"
Ranveer rolled his eyes. "You should have guessed! These two always fight."
"Tell me about it," Rano said. "Aab kya kare?"
"Yahan se nikhalthe hai," Ranveer advised. "You really dont want to be in between."
"Seems like you have alot of experience," Rano observed.
"Of course I do," Ranveer replied. "They fight everytime and I am stuck in the middle, trying to stay neutral."
"Awww," Rano sympathsized. "Poor baby!"
Ranveer suddenly had a brilliant idea. "Magar tumhe kya. Hamesha sirf mujhe daanthi ho! Main toh tumhare khushi ke liye in dono ko jagadne se rokh tha hoon. Thats why I always have to stay back... magar tum toh meri sunthi hi nahi ho!"
Ranveer finished his rant with a puppy face, a face Rano couldn't let go of. If she wasn't pregnant, and if she wasn't in one of her "moods", she probably wouldn't believe his, overly dramatic explanation. But today, it was different. She turned around and hugged him.
"I am sorry," she said and then gave him a kiss on the cheek. Ranveer's face spread into a big smile as the couple broke apart to notice that Bani's shouts stopped. Instead, both Jai and Bani were watching the duo in silence.
"Kya," Ranveer said, his hand still protectively around Rano's waist.
Jai shook his head and turned back to Bani, who was hit with flash of her own moments with her husband.
"If you are done yelling," Jai said. "Kya hum chale?"
Bani glared at him. "Main chilla rahi hoon?"
"Yes, you were," Jai replied. "And I am sure Ranveer and Rano will agree with me."
"We should have left," Rano whispered to Ranveer, who nodded.
"Main chilla rahi thi Rano?" Bani asked. "Magar gaalathi toh Jai ki hai na?"
Ranveer decided to save poor Rano. "Tum dono late nahi ho rahe hain?"
"Thats what I said," Jai pointed out.
"Late where?" Bani asked.
"You have been invited to the Malhotra's new hotel," Ranveer explained. "So, Uncle decided to send you and Jai for two days. The inaugration for one day and finalizing our partnership for the second."
"Hum kyun nahi jaa rahe hai?" Rano asked Ranveer.
Ranveer gave a meaningful look, that didn't go unnoticed by Jai. "Mujhe kaam hai."
"Haan," Jai said. "You and Rano go. It will save me alot of trouble!"
Bani refused to let Jai's comment get to her. "Haan, aap log jao. Waise bhi, Rano needs a change of atmosphere."
"No she doesn't," Ranveer said quickly, disappointing Rano. "Waise bhi, mujhe bahut saara kaam hai. I can't afford to miss two days!"
Jai sighed. "Stop lying Ran," he said.
"I am not," Ranveer said, his tone serious. "Anyway, see ya guys later."
And he took Rano's hands and steered her out of the room.
"Agar nahi jaane hai, toh baata do na," Rano said, once they were outside Bani's office. "Bahane kyun bana rahe ho?"
Ranveer smiled. "If you seriously think, that I will give up a chance to be with you for two days, then let me tell  you, you are wrong!"
Rano scrunched her eyebrows in confusion. "Matlab?"
"Matlab ki," Ranveer said. "Yeh saab Kaaki ka idea tha... Jai aur Bani ko akele time spend karne ka mauka. Toh hum kyun un dono ke beech mein pade?"
Rano smiled, while Jai and Bani, who were hearing the conversation from the door, exchanged exasperated looks.
"Yeh log kyun nahi samjthe?" Jai asked, shaking his head. "Hamesha hum dono ko milane ki koshish kyun karthe hai!"
Bani scoffed. "Zaroor tumne kuch kiya!"
"Excuse me?" Jai said, outraged. "Mujhe kya pagal kuthe ne kanta, ki main tumhare saath weekend spend karna chatha hoon?"
"Tum khud ek pagal ho," Banir retoted. "Tho, kuthe ki kya zaroorat hai?"
"Trust me," Jai said sarcastically. "Tumhare saath chalne ke liye, I would need alot of motivation. Kutha ya no kutha!"
Bani rolled her eyes. "Well, we have no choice now, do we?"
Jai shrugged. "I'd rather kill myself than go with you."
Bani tried to not let Jai's biting remarks get to her. "Its no different from my side either Jai."
But Jai ignored her, his eyes lighting up as a new plan formed in his mind.
* * *
Lakshmi watched as Bani stuggled to pack.
"Kya hua?" she asked, when Bani was caught between two dresses.
"I don't know which one to wear," Bani replied. "Should I be classic and proffessional or sexy and hot?"
Lakshmi laughed. "Its a party Bani," she said. "Who cares?"
"Its not just a party," Bani said, holding up the dresses and looking into the mirror. "Its one of the biggest parties in town and obviously people are going to be taking pictures left right and center! And besides, did you see the new hotel?"
Lakshmi was confused. "Nahi, kyun?"
"Its gorgeous!" Bani said, almost squealing with excitment. "Its near Mt. Abu, so obviously there is all the nature aspect of it. But apparently Mr.Malhotra went out of his way to make sure every room was properly built and decorated. And the upper rooms, where me and Jai are staying are apparently very beautiful. Its like another honeymoon all over..."
Lakshmi smiled. "Seems like Bani is falling for Jai all over again!"
Bani tried not to roll her eyes. "Even Rano wanted to come... but Ranveer said no. You know how he doesn't like traveling much?"
Lakshmi nodded. "I am glad you are going then," she said. "you and Jai need the break!"
"Haan," bani said. "Just imagine, agar tum wahan gayi toh, Tarun ke saath? Jai ke paas extra invitations hai. You and Tarun can finally spend time together. And its only two days..."
The seed was planted as Lakshmi's eyes couldn't help but imagine a weekend getway, especially with Tarun, who didn't have much time for her nowadays.
"Kya hua?" Bani asked, smirking at her success.
"Do you really have invitations?" Lakshmi asked.
"Haan," Bani replied. "Chalo na!"
Lakshmi's eyes lit up with excitement as she picked up her phone and dialed Tarun's number. She arrived at dinner, later that evening, her face alive with happiness.
"We are coming!" she annouced.
Bani smiled and turned to look at Jai, who supressed his own smile. While Krishna wasn't too happy with this change of events, she could only hope that seeing Tarun and Lakshmi, Jai and Bani would remember what it felt like to be in love. And finally, after alot of convincing from Jai, Ranveer agreed to take Rano. So the plan was set, all six of them, were driving to the hotel the next day morning.
* * *
"No way," Bani said, as she stared wide-eyed.
"This is AWESOME!" Jai said.
It was Friday morning and Jai and Bani just arrived at the hotel, where they were given the honeymoon suite, located on the top floor - it was as big as a single bedroom apartment. In addition to a sitting room, with a flatscreen TV and a lavish bed, the balcony looked out the mountains of Mt. Abu, beside which there was a swimming pool.
"I am NOT staying with you," Bani continued. "You find another room!"
"Hell no!" Jai said. "I love this room and if anyone is leaving, it is you!"
"Who is leaving?" Rano said, walking in and being momentarily shocked with the beauty of the room. "Wow!"
Bani sighed. Her happiness at having a separate room from Jai diminished as she realized there is no way she could get another room for herself, with four people around who didn't know the truth.
Jai answered Rano's question. "Bani."
"Kyun?" Rano asked. "Room acha nahi laga?"
Bani scrambled to find an excuse. "Nahi, woh... I am scared of heights."
Rano laughed. "Toh kya hua? Jai hai na!"
Bani nodded, repressing the urge to tell Rano, how much Jai would really help her. He would take her to the balcony and threaten to push her off. But deep down, he would do it, to make her let go of the fear and she would, because it was him holding her. But then again, this would happen, if she was really scared of heights.
"Its okay Rano," Jai said. "Bani gets scared for everything. Don't worry!"
Bani narrowed her eyes as Rano laughed and left.
Jai began to prepare for the upcoming meeting. "Bani, zara woh file dena!"
Bani looked down and sure enough, in front of her, on a table was a file that looked pretty important. She smiled wickedly and picked it up. "Come get it," she replied.
Jai stared at the file in her hand. "What do you mean?"
"Come get it," Bani repeated.
"Why cant you give it to me?" Jai asked confused.
"Because I get scared for everything right?" She reminded. "So, mujhe darr lag raha hai yeh file tumhe dene ke liye."
It was obvious that something was going on in her head - her voice was way to sweet. But what it was, Jai had no idea and so, he hesitantly took a step forward. When nothing happened, he proceeded towards her.
Bani grinned. "Not so fast," she said, walking to the balcony, while Jai followed.
"Bani rukho," Jai said, while she ran around the table placed outside. "Woh file important hai!"
"Then how dare you call me a scaredy-cat?" she retorted, while avoiding Jai.
And it continued - a cat and mouse again yet again. Jai trying to get to Bani, but she always managing to avoiding his hand. And finally, they both stopped, catching their breath.
Bani held up the file and threatened to drop it from the balcony.
"Don't," Jai warned. "Warna bahut pachthaogi!"
Bani smirked even more. "Mujhe dhaamki deh rahe ho? Aab toh isse phekna hi padegi!"
Just as she was open to throw the file into the air, Jai ran forward and caught her hand. While the file managed to be safe, now in Jai's hand, Bani lost her balance due to the sudden impact and fell into the pool in the balcony, pulling Jai along.

I know its an awkward place to end... but i wanted to make this part as long as i could! Wink

But i have started to notice tht the number of comments has decreased significantly... i understand if you guys r sometimes busy and dont get time to comment (because thts me too!), but it would be nice to know your thoughts about the story... its kind of encouraging! Big smile

And for all those people who did comment, THANKS SO MUCH! Big smile I read and appreciate every single one of them! Wink


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gulupada Groupbie

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hey was cool part...pls do add some more romantic moments to this story...

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Rockyy_ Senior Member

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Now Jai is gonna really push her off the balcony for this little stunt of hers with the file.

Fabulous chapter by the way Archi.

Can't wait for the next update to see how they spend their two days away.

Do keep on writing, totally enjoying the story.Thumbs UpThumbs Up

Take care

Come on every one, leave a note of encouragement for ARCHI by letting her know you're

appreciating the story/FF. Its not that hard to click like, post a comment or send her a PM.

She is doing her best to update as often as she can. Let us as readers do our part also.

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twinklingchimes Newbie

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hi archi...lovely ffClapClap would love to see them resolving their differences n reliving the bliss of loveEmbarrassed...continue soonSmile

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chemistry101 Senior Member

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Very nice update. Can't wait to read what happens next. :)

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Anjinie IF-Rockerz

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Thank u for a lovely update pls cont... Soon

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Desriee1 Senior Member

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Posted: 29 July 2011 at 3:48pm | IP Logged
Awesome update Archi,ClapClap lets hope the two days prove fruitful for JB after cooling off in the
pool.Blushing Continue soon, can't wait to read the next part.Approve

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Proud-BrownGirl Senior Member

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Totally awesome update i65967209_94525
Continue soon please.

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