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FF: Chupanke Ki Saaza Last Part Pg 52 [Jul 7,'12] (Page 7)

btkr IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 July 2011 at 9:25pm | IP Logged

Cat and mouse game has started.  Cute updtes.

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nema123 Goldie

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Wonderful Story Archi...!! 

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-Archi- Goldie

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Posted: 15 July 2011 at 6:25pm | IP Logged
Hey Guys!

Sry again for the long wait... I keep forgetting to post the part. My goal now is to update every three days! Keeping my fingers crossed!

Chupanke Ki Saaza
-PART 6-
A Paint Fest

Bani walked into her room to find it dark and quiet.
"Jai?" she called. "Are you here?" It was common knowledge that she was scared of the dark.
There was nothing in response. Just as she was about to turn on the lights, a hand came down upon hers.
"Pay back time," said a wicked voice, which she figured was Jai's. And before her mind could process anything, the lights turned on, blinding her eyes and she felt herself being sprayed with athick liquid, whch turned out to be paint!
Bani's mouth fell open, and Jai began to laugh and continue his assualt on her.
"Stop it Jai," she yelled, trying to shield her face from the on coming paint.
"Kya kaha tha tumne?" he said. "I am irresponsible? Jab inzam lag hi gaya, mujhe aisa karne mein kya bhurai hai?"
Bani glared at him in reply.
"Kya hua?" he said. "Accha nahi laga? Koi baath nahi. Bahut saare colours hai... take your pick!"
He offered her, her collection of paints, on which she spent alot of money and effort, in order to put together her art supplies a long time ago, when she took art lessons. And that was her breaking point.
"How dare you use MY art supplies?" she screamed. "Now you wait Jai Walia." She picked up a colour and splashed it on Jai, which fell on his perfectly ironed shirt.
Jai was taken up momentary shock.
"Kya hua Jai?" Bani taunted. "Bolthi band ho gayi?"
But Jai just picked up the next paint bottle in reply. Bani ducked and the paint went flying in the air, splashing the walls. But Jai didn't care. He kept going, while Bani ran around the room, smirking everytime he missed his target.
Just as they both drained the last supply of paint, Krishna walked in.
"Jai main tumhe kabse bhula rahi ho-" She stopped halfway, seeing the state of the room and also of Jai and Bani, both of who were drenched from head to toe in paint.
There was silence for a couple of minutes as Krishna stared in shock.
Jai cleared his throat. "Umm... woh kya hai na Maa," he started. "Main aur Bani ne decide kiya ki room ko redecorate karna chahiye... issi liye..."
Bani stared guiltly at the floor, as if she was five year old child caught in a wrong doing. However, Krishna burst out laughing. Bani stared in amazement as her mother-in-law called all the occupants of the Mansion.
They all walked in, amazed to see a laughing Krishna and an embarassed Jai and Bani.
"Kya hua?" Rano asked. "Yeh saab paint, yahan kaise? Aur aap kyun haas rahi kai Kaaki?" she asked Krishna.
"You won't believe Rano," Krishna answered. "These two just had a paint fight because they wanted to redecorate their room!"
Rano didn't see what was so funny in the situation, but what amused her was that Bani was quiet for the first time in her life.
"Zaroor in dono ko jagada hua," Ranveer said. "Warna yeh kaise redecoration hai?"
"Who started it?" Lakshmi asked.
Jai said "Bani", while, at the same time, Bani said "Jai".
That was enough to get them all laughing. As they left the room, giving them time to change, Bani turned on Jai.
"Yeh saab tumhari gaalthi hai," she in a cold voice. "Samjhe tum?"
"Meri gaalthi?" Jai replied outraged. "You were the one who ripped all my clothes and made me buy a whole new wardrobe!"
"Well," Bani said. "Now, because of you, we have to buy a whole new room." And with that she disappeared into the bathroom.
* * *
"Hum kaha jaa rahe?" Bani asked, as Jai pulled out of the parking lot of the Walia Industries.
Jai ignored her.
"Main tumse baat kar rahi hoon!"
"Clearly, main tumse baat nahi karna chatha hoon."
"Atleast tell me, where the hell are you taking me?"
"Itni curiosity kyun?" Jai said sarcastically. "Thodi dher mein pata chal jayega!"
Bani rolled her eyes. "Why do you have to be so irritating?"
"Why do you have to be pathetic?"
"JAI!" Bani yelled.
Bani gave up. There was no point arguing with Jai. He was as stubborn as ever.
"Waise," Bani said. "Why didn't you tell everyone about the divorce?"
"The same reason you didn't," Jai replied. "Didn't want to ruin their peace of mind a month early."
Bani nodded. Soon, Jai stopped at a shopping mall.
"We are shopping?" Bani said, excited.
"Haan," Jai replied with a sigh. "Because of our little paint episode, Maa really wants us to redecorate; the stains won't come out."
Bani knew that. She was the one who bought the colours and she made sure, they were of the lasting kind.
The couple walked into mall and soon became engrossed with picking out colour schemes for the room along with the furniture and decorations.
"Green," Bani said. "The colour scheme should be green."
Jai disagreed. "White... mujhe white chahiye."
"Apna common sense use karo," Bani told him. "Your room has the view of the garden, so make the room to compliment it."
Jai rolled his eyes. "And what should I do, when the garderner decides to change the flower beds three months from now?"
"Green is a neutral colour... it will go with anything."
"No white is a neutral colour."
"Hamesha argue karna tumhara shauk hai kya?"
"Sirf tumse argue karna shauk hai, kyunki tum meri baath sunthi toh nahi."
"Of course nahi sunthi, kyunki tumhari choice bahut hi gaatiya hai. White is so bland and boring."
"And green is so ugly."
"I have an idea," the lady helping them out said. "Combine green and white together. They compliment each other anyway."
"NO!" Jai and Bani said together. "Green looks bad with other colours!"
The lady stared at them and started to laugh. Jai and Bani looked at eachother, not understanding the joke.
"Aap haas kyun rahi hai?" Jai asked.
"You two were fighting two minutes ago," she answered. "And yet you agree on the same things. I don't see why you guys argue."
Bani looked away. She didn't want to be reminded about how perfect they were for each other - because they werent. The truth was no matter how much she loved Jai, she could never be with him. She knew that and accepted it by now.
As she looked back at swatch of colours, one colour caught her eyes.
"This one," Jai said, pointing to the same shade as Bani was looking at. "I like this one."
Bani couldn't help but smile as the lady proceeded to pull out different complimentary colours. Despite their difference, Jai still did things the way she liked them.
"Tumhe kaise pata mujhe woh colour pasand hai," Bani asked, once they came out of the shop, finalizing the colour schemes.
"I dont," Jai said, in a dont-care voice. "I like that colour."
And he continued walking, without noticing the somewhat disappointed Bani.
* * *
"Aandar aane se pehle, knock karna manners hota hai!" Jai said, not taking his eyes of his laptop.
Bani didn't care. "Main tumhe kabse call kar rahi hoon. Phone nahi uta sakthe kya?"
"Main busy tha."
It was a friday afternoon in the Walia Industries, a week since Bani joined the company. While everyone was excited about the upcoming weekend, Bani was busy following up a project that Jai was handling. And like everything he did, she had an objection to this as well. So, she was standing in his luxurious office atop the Walia Industries, glaring at him.
"Well," she said, finally. "Too bad. This is more important."
"No it isnt. I have work to do."
"So do I," she snapped. "And its my job to tell you that your London project is ambitious."
Jai looked up, caught off guard. "What?"
"Haan," Bani said, placing the file infront of him. "You want to build a seven star hotel at the price of a three star hotel. How?"
"Kya tum finances ke specialist ho?" he asked rhetorically. "Nahi na. Jaab unhe koi problem nahi hai. Toh phir tumhe kyun?"
Bani sighed. "its not that they don't have a problem. They are too scared to tell you the truth."
"Its the truth. If not now, they will realize it tomorrow. But it will be too late. The construction would have begun by then."
"I have no idea what you are ranting on about!"
Bani began to explain her logic, while Jai tried to be patient. But five minutes later, he couldn't help but be irritated. He considered all these things before finalizing the project and had even thought of solutions for them.
"Tumhe kya lagtha?" he said. "Maine yeh saab nahi soocha hai? I have been working for five years. I know what I am doing."
"No, you don't," Bani contradicted. "You are hoping for too much. All you planning is on guesswork!"
"Yes," he replied. "because I know how the market works. Its called instinct, which you clearly lack!"
"And if you fail?"
"And if I succeed?" he questioned and then added "which I will?"
They both glared at each other stubbornly.
"What proof do you have that everything will be alright?" Bani asked.
"What proof do you have that it wont?" Jai challenged.
It was stalemate. Neither of them wanted to relent.
"Jai," Ranveer said, walking in without knocking. However, he regretted his decision as soon as he stepped into the office and saw his cousin glaring angrily at his wife. "I will come back later."
"No, tell me." Jai said ignoring Bani and turning to Ranveer.
"There is something wrong with the London project."
Bani smirked, victorious. "I told you," she taunted.
"What happened?" Jai said in a very calm voice.
"The builders are saying that we have to pay them more," Ranveer continued, awkwardly. If Jai and Bani were having a fight, he did not want to be in it. "The market is too slow right now and everything costs almost twice as much. They refused to sign the deal."
Bani's smile grew even wider. "I only thing left to do now is to change the style of the hotel. We cannot afford to pay the builder his price. And even if we do give in to his demands, other will start objecting, also demanding for increase in their shares."
Ranveer couldn't help but agree with Bani. But he also knew Jai, having watched him for five years - he  always had a plan and the look he had right now, confirmed that he was quickly recalculating.
"Call a meeting," Bani said, when no one spoke.  "This project is off."
Jai made up his mind. "Yes, call a meeting," he said. "Not with the company, but with the builder," making Ranveer smile. 


Thanks so much for commenting guys! Its realli encouraging... Waiting to hear ur thoughts!


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Rockyy_ Senior Member

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Posted: 15 July 2011 at 7:24pm | IP Logged
Another fabulous chapter Archi.

Hope JB comes to the realization soon just how silly their on going feud is.

Thanks so much for updating and looking forwards to the next chapter.

Take care.

By the way, really enjoying this story.

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Anjinie IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 July 2011 at 12:08am | IP Logged
Thanks Archi, for a lovely update

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Proud-BrownGirl Senior Member

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Posted: 18 July 2011 at 8:38pm | IP Logged
Hey, fantastic update.
Jai and Bani fight with the paint was too funny, at least Bani is not
thinking about Pia.
Continue soon this is to good.

Please leave a comment or feedback for the writer. The story/FF don't get written by
it self.

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lovelyyrose IF-Dazzler

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hi archi,
nice to see u writing ... paint scene was very very funny... totally unexpected...

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alicia212 IF-Rockerz

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I really like this story so much
Do update soon

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