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FF: Chupanke Ki Saaza Last Part Pg 52 [Jul 7,'12] (Page 42)

Coldpies Newbie

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Posted: 27 May 2012 at 4:14am | IP Logged
Thanks for the PM. 

Fiji great place to visit. Beautiful beaches.

Going back to J&B. The texting was great. Please continue as i cant get enough of this FF.

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jeevikagurl88 Senior Member

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Posted: 27 May 2012 at 6:50am | IP Logged
Great part.
Finally they are back together again.
Please do continue soon.

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Proud-BrownGirl Senior Member

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Posted: 28 May 2012 at 8:58am | IP Logged
Great chapter. ClapClap
Sweet to see JW was not mad at his Bani.
Looking forwards to the next chapter. Hug

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ppriya_11 Newbie

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Posted: 03 June 2012 at 6:59am | IP Logged
Absolutely fantastic Archi, loved the way Bani plans sumthing fo jai n each time it fails. lol.
this was really after a long long time they did not fight .:)
please continue soon
priya p

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-Archi- Goldie

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Posted: 05 June 2012 at 4:08pm | IP Logged
Naina2127 - Thanks hun! The texting idea was really random... i thought out if while waiting for the bus! LOL yes, Fiji was awesome... i had alot of fun. I owe my parents so much! Wink

Anjinie - Thanks so much! Im glad to be back! But i feel like jet lag will never actually leave me! LOL Wink

sowmya18 - Thank you! Big smile

neethurose - Thanks! Big smile

music_girl - Thanks hun! Tongue

Alicia2001 - Thanks! Will try to update more frequently now! Big smile

suwas - Thanks so much! I figured we were all getting tired to the guy saying sorry! Wink

Ezther - Thanks! yea, i cannot cook for anything. Ouch i guess thats why take-outs were invented! LOL

orchidpurple - Thanks OP! I had alot of fun writing the texting thing too! will update soon! Big smile

zarlish18 - No worries, I update super late too! LOL And yes, JB romance will get alot more mushy now! Embarrassed

Coldpies - Thanks hun! Fiji was really beautiful... will update soon now! Big smile

jeevikagurl88 - Thanks hun! Big smile

Proud-BrownGirl - Thanks! our Jai can never mad at her... its just not possible! Wink

ppriya_11 - Thanks Priya! Yes, they finally are past the fighting stage. LOL Will update soon! 

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-Archi- Goldie

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Posted: 05 June 2012 at 4:14pm | IP Logged
Hey guys,

Sorry for not updating sooner... i was sick and the stupid doc gave me drowsy meds! But im back, hopefully will update more frequently now! Wink

Chupanke Ki Saaza
-PART 25-
Pia Remembered

"Aur upar Di!" twelve-year old Bani called, as she kicked out her legs to welcome the gust of wind that hit her innocent face.
"Tum ghir jaaogi!" Pia, replied, and yet pushed harder so that Bani soared even higher.
The two sisters were caught in a small bubble of their own in a park nearby to the Dixit household. While many passerbys adored their bond, for the they were frequent visitors, the girls remained oblivious to the attention they were grabbing. This was the one spot that took all their worries away, but at that age, their only biggest concern was getting scoled by Kiran for not finishing their homework
"Nahi ghirongi Di," Bani yelled back. "Kyunki aap mujhe bachaloge!"
Pia smiled. Despite being only fourteen years old, she was very protective of her younger sister and more than that mature.  So, when Bani finally got her fill of swinging for the day, and the two made their way home for dinner, Pia said:
"Toh tumhe bahut barosa hai mujh par?"
"Of course Di!"
"Toh ek baath maanogi meri?"
Bani nodded, obedient.
"Hamesha hasti rehna," Pia replied. "Kyunki yeh zindagi bahut choti hai dosron se ladne ki!"
"Agar mujhe kissi ne taang kiya tho?"
"Toh apni aankhe band kar dus tak gina. Uske baad kya karna hai, tumhe khud hi pata chal jayega!"
"Yeh toh bahut hi mushkil hai. I have an easier solution."
"Whenever someone annoys me, I will come tell you. Tab aap khud hi baata dena mujhe kya karna hoga! Teek hai?"
Pia laughed. "Agar main wahan nahi hoon, toh?"
"Oh come on Di," Bani replied. "Aap kahan jaaogi? Mere saath hi rehna padeha aapko!"
Pia stopped walking and faced her sister. "Haan," she said. "Main hamesha tumhare saath rahoongi."
"Promise?" Bani asked.
Bani slowly opened her eyes to see the orange sky outside as the sun began to rise for the onset of another day. "You lied Di… aapne mera saath chood diya."
* * *
"Jai," Krishna said, as she served breakfast. "Aaj tum kya kar rahe ho?"
Jai, who was enjoying his morning tea, looked suspiciously at his mother. "Kyun?"
"Kyun ki main pooch rahi hoon," she answered.
"Kuch khaas nahi… doh chaar meetings. The usual."
Krishna smiled. "Good," she said. "Saari meetings cancel kardo. Tum aaj farmhouse jaa rahe ho!"
"What?!" Jai said, choking on his food.
"You heard me."
"Actually Maa…" he said, slowly. "Ek bahut hi important meeting hai. I can't cancel it."
Krishna narrowed her eyes. "You said it wasn't important two minutes ago!"
"I forgot!" he said defensively. When his Mother didn't seem convinced, he turned to Uday who was buried behind the day's newspaper. "Kyun Dad?" he said. "Aaj ka meeting important hai na?"
Uday merely said, "Hmm…"
"Dekha?" Jai said, triumphantly.
Krishna was annoyed. "Kya tum doh din ki chute nahi lee saktha? Sirf farmhouse hi toh jaana hai!"
"Achanak farmhouse kyun?"
"Main usse renovate kar rahi hoon."
"Toh aap kyun nahi chali jaathi?"
"Kyunki farmhouse tumhara hai, " she exclaimed, dropping the piece of toast she was buttering. "Yaad hai… tumne pechle saal karida tha?"
Jai sighed, wishing to have never bought the damn place. "Magar main busy hoon Ma!"
"Mujhe bhi sau kaam hai Jai," she said. "Don din nahi hai mere paas woh saab kaam dekhne ke liye. Agar hota, toh bhi nahi jati main, kyunki woh tumhara ghar hai… it should be according to your choice, not mine!"
"I don't mind your choice," he said quickly.
"But I do… aab batao, tum jaa rahe ho ya nahi?"
"Mom please," he said. "I don't want to go."
Krishna was enraged, so she turned to her next weapon. "Dekha?" she said to Uday, who was still busy with his newspaper. "Aap ka beta bilkul aap pe gaya hai!"
Jai refrained from laughing. Sometimes he admired his Father from being aloof from all the daily drama Krishna sometimes presented.
"Aap usse kuch samjayenge?"
Krishna's irritation peaked, so she snatched the newspapers from Uday's hands.
"Kya Krishna?" he whined. "Paper doh mujhe!"
"Pehle aap apne bete ko samjaiye!"
Uday grudingly turned to his son and said in a bored voice, "Jai, listen to your Mother." He then held out his hand for the newspaper.
Jai couldn't help but laugh, causing Krishna to finally snap. "You know what?" she said, standing up. "I had enough. Tum dono baap bete mujhe ek din pagal kar denge!"
"Aab kya hua?" Uday asked. "I told him na?"
Krishna ignored him. "I'm warning you Jai, if you didn't go to the farmhouse to look after the renovations, toh tumhe aur tumhare Papa, dono ko ek hafte ke liye khana nahi milega. Sooch lo!"
Saying that she went into the kitchen taking the morning newspaper along with her.
Uday groaned. "Ussi ki baath kyun nahi sunthe tum?" he asked, turning to Jai. "Because of you she took my newspaper!"
"Aapko newspaper ki padi hai?" Jai asked, incredulous. "Yahan mere doh din barbaad ho rahe hai!"
"Sirf farmhouse hi toh hai," Uday reasoned. "Go… Ranveer will look after the meetings."
"Par Dad," Jai whined. "I don't want to go."
But Uday only threw up his hands in the air. "You have no choice! Tumhari Maa ki aage, meri koi baath nahi chalthi."
Jai grumbled, but nodded all the same. "Magar iss ke badle mein," he said. "I better be going to Greece for two weeks!"
Uday gave a curt nod as Krishna appeared once again, demanding the duo for an answer.
Bani was deeply amused to see the three, as she quietly ate her breakfast. She wasn't new to this banter, for it happened almost everyday.  And yet, without fail, it brought a huge smile to her face every morning. It somewhat reminded her of the breakfasts she used to have as a kid; Pia and her always arguing with Kiran, with Nishikant occasionally stepping in to support his daughters.
"Toh tum dono aaj hi chale jaana," Krishna ordered Jai.
"Tum aur Bani."
Bani stared wide eyed as Jai began to protest at once. "Bani kyun aa rahi hai? Agar yeh jaa sakthi hai, toh main kyun jaon?"
Krishna rolled her eyes. "Kyunki meri Bahu ki choice tumse bahut behtar hai. Issi liye."
And with that she disappeared into the kitchen once again.
Jai turned wordlessly to his Dad, who managed to recover his newspaper. "Dad," he groaned.
"Greece," was the only thing Uday said in response.
* * *
"Yeh Jai kahan hai?" Bani muttered as she checked her phone for the billionth time. It was almost evening and she was out in the parking lot of the Walia Mansion, waiting for Jai so that they could set out to the farmhouse as per her mother-in-law's wish. But he was no where to be seen.
Having no other choice, she dialed Ranveer, who almost always knew his brother's whereabouts.
"Bani?" Ranveer said, picking up on the first ring. "Whats wrong?"
Bani smiled. Her brother-in-law had a knack of reading people that she was almost always jealous of. "Kyun Ran? Main aise hi phone nahi kar sakthi?"
"Of course you can! Whats up?"
"Jai kahan hai?"
"Is he not there yet?" Ranveer said, scrunching his eyebrows in confusion. "He left a while ago."
"Urghh… yeh Jai bhi na!"
"Don't worry," he assured her. "Im sure he is on his way."
Bani nodded. "Thanks Ran! Chalo… main rakthi hoon."
"Acha teek hai. Take care of yourself aur Jai ko bahut taang maat karna!"
Bani's mouth dropped open. "Main taang karthi hoon. Tumhara bhai bhi kuch kaam nahi hai!"
Ranveer laughed. "Jaantha hoon! Anyway, have fun."
"Yeah, see you soon Ran!"
Ranveer hesitated, which wasn't unnoticed by Bani. "Kya?" she said. When she received silence in return, she added, "You can tell me anything Ran. You are my brother in every sense!"
She could hear him smile from the other end.
"Its just…" Ranveer didn't know how to phrase his thoughts. "tum aur Jai dono ek dusre ke bina nahi reh sakthe, yeh tum dono bhi jaanthe ho. Magar phir bhi, ek dusre se jagada karthe hai."
"I…" Bani didn't know what to say.
"I know its not your fault," he said quickly. "but its not his either."
"You don't know that Ran," she answered, a bit more sharply than she intended.
"I do know that Bani," he said gently. "Kyunki Jai ko mujhse behtar koi nahi jaantha. Tum dono ke beech mein job hi hua… woh zaroor ek misunderstanding thi."
"No… its not."
Ranveer was surprised with Bani's answers. He knew she loved Jai, it was written all over face. And yet, he couldn't understand what Jai did that caused her to be this angry. "did you tell him?" he finally asked.
"We… talked."
"Then talk again," he said. "Just give him one chance to explain. Just one."
Bani let out a sigh. She would love to give him a chance, because she just as badly wanted this whole mess to be a bad dream. But she didn't see how that changed anything. Her sister was dead and he was responsible for it. No matter how you phrased it, it still spelled out the same way.
"Teek hai Ran," said Bani. "I will. Kya main ek baath pooch sakthi hoon?"
But it was now her turn to hesitate. She didn't know if it was fair to add to Ranveer's problems.
"Bani," he said. "I am your brother!"
She smiled, and let out the burning question. "Do you know how Di died?"
"Pia?" Ranveer said, confused. "Didnt she pass way in that accident on the way to the wedding?"
Jai didn't tell him, Bani thought. She half-expected Jai to reveal the truth to Ranveer, for the duo were very close. "Yeah," she said, somewhat disappointed. "Yeah she did."
Ranveer noted the change in her voice. "Bani?" he said. "Is everything okay?"
"Its just… I can never get over the fact that Di and Jai had something in between them. That maybe if it wasn't for the accident, they would have been together."
"No they wouldn't," he replied. "Because Jai never loved her."
"But she did! She loved him very much!"
"Usse kuch nahi badaltha," Ranveer said confidently. When she seemed to argue, he cut her off and said, "Tum samaj nahi rahi ho Bani. Tab tum wahan nahi thi…"
"Matlab it wasn't sunshine and daisies… They would fight occasionally. Not the way you do with Jai, but in a way that is wrong. I agree Pia loved him, but sooner or later she would have figured out Jai was bound to her only due to obligation. And nothing more! Which is why it wouldn't have worked out. You are not realizing how well you and Jai get along!"
Bani didn't know how to react. Maybe I am overreacting, she thought. Maybe we are just meant to be and Di's accident was just that – an accident.
Just then a car honked, as Jai pulled up in the driveway.
"He is here," was all she said. "I have to go."
"Yup," Ranveer replied. "Have a safe drive!"
"Thank you."
And she hung up.
"Ready?" Jai asked, as he entered the highway.
"For what?"
"For two days of boredom!"
Bani nodded absent mindedly. Her thoughts were far away from the road in front of her.
* * *
She was dreaming again, for there was no way what she was seeing in front of her was real. It was a memory that was almost ten years old now. But what was strange about it was not the fact she was seeing her sister once again in her teens, once again protecting her own younger version from Kiran who was scolding the latter. It was that it held a lot more than the bond the sister's shared.
"Ma, jaane do na usse," Pia said, standing infront of Bani, who was timidly taking peeks at her mother.
"Pia, tu usski tarafdari maat kar," Kiran replied angrily. "Kitni baar samjaya usse, shararat maat karo, magar yeh sunthi hi nahi. Dekho, aab Principle se bhi complaints aa rahi hai!"
"Toh?" Pia argued. "Woh ek baachi hai!"
"Joh ki aab badi ho chuki hai," Kiran answered. "She needs to learn manners. Kal jab uss ki shaadi ho jayegi, tab hum kyar karenge?"
"Come on Mom," Bani said, rolling her eyes. "Im not going to get married tomorrow! Waise bhi, main kahan apne saas sasoor ke saath rahoongi?"
Kiran raised her hand threateningly, but Pia didn't step aside. "Dekha," she said. "Dekha kaise baath kar rahi hai?! Aur tumhe lagtha hai woh abhi bhi ek baachi hai!"
"Woh naa samaj hai!" Pia defended. "We have to tell her nicely. Uss par gussa karke kya hoga?"
Kiran groaned in frustration and sat down in defeat. "Tumse baath karna bhi bekar hai," she said, shaking her head. "Bani joh kuch bhi kare, tumhe uss mein koi gaalathi nahi dikhtha!"
Pia decided it was safe to move aside, revealing a grinning Bani behind her. "Kyunki woh meri behna hai Ma," she said proudly. "Woh koi gaalth kaam nahi  kar sakthi!"
"Kab tak support karogi usse?" Kiran asked. "Zindagi bar toh woh tumhare saath nahi reh sakthi na?"
"Toh? Jab tak main zinda hoon, main usse support karoongi!"
"Bani?" came a voice, from somewhere far away.
Bani opened her eyes groggily, to see Jai tapping her awake. "Kya hua?" she asked sleepily.
"We are here," he said, moving back to reveal a beautiful house, surrounded by endless fields. She could make out trees in the far distance, in what seemed like a forest and a pond nearby, seen only because of the glinting ripples under the bright sun. It was truly a sight to behold.
I will support you too Di, Bani thought as she made her way upto the house, with Jai tagging along. Until my last breath…


I know this was a draggy part, but had to get the Pia stuff out, cuz Bani has to make a decision about the divorce. But i promise the next part will be better, esp now that JB called it truce and aren't fighting like cats and dogs. 

Waiting to hear your comments!


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..Naina.. IF-Veteran Member

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Posted: 05 June 2012 at 7:13pm | IP Logged

YOU UPDATED! ANd nah it wasn't draggy. I quite enjoyed reading about the Pia who actually cares for Bani, not just cares but cares a lot. Reading about their really close relationship was so sweet :) And that Ranveer-Bani talk was the absolute best! Thank god, Ranveer told her to listen to Jai, talk it out with him, let's hope she does do that. Looking forward to the next part! Continue soon!


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ssr565 Senior Member

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Posted: 05 June 2012 at 7:16pm | IP Logged
Liked it. Also liked Ran Bani Convo. Waiting for d next.

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