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FF: Chupanke Ki Saaza Last Part Pg 52 [Jul 7,'12] (Page 40)

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thanks for the link ... just saw them in the msgs and read all three updates at one go... loved all three of them... specially the one where Jai refused to let go off Bani in all possessiveness..
hope Bani makes it up to jai on the valentines day and something romantic happens between them...

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i love ur ff... pls update

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Hey Archi, hope all is good, looking forwards to your next update. Big smile

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How is everyone? I miss you guys soo much! I know I disappeared again, but I had to go to Fiji for a two week volunteer program. But anyway, Im back (and still jet laggedOuch) and am posting the next part! Enjoy!

Recap: Jai and Bani kiss, causing Bani to be hopeful about her relationship again. So, when Jai doesn't plan anything for her on Valentines, due to some work stress, and gets angry and lashes out on him (women i tell you! LOL). Jai, being tired and cranky, also yells back and finally reveals why he started the divorce issue and confesses about his love. Guilty over her unreasoned anger, Bani resolves to ask forgiveness!

Part 22: Scroll Down!
(It was too long to fit in one post! LOL)

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Chupanke Ki Saaza
-PART 24-
One Word That Shouldn't Exist: Repentance

Bani racked her brains, trying to find a solution to the situation at hand. It was 1 o'clock in the afternoon and she was pacing her cabin, thinking of a million ways to say sorry and calm her husband's anger, except none of them fit.
Thodi der chup nahi reh sakthi thi tum? She admonised herself. Kya zaroorat thi uss Annie ke baare baath karne ki? You knew they weren't going out to dinner!
Bani sighed. Yelling at herself was definetly not going to do any good, but at the same time she couldn't help but regret every wrong assumption she made about Jai.
What is wrong with you? She thought. You used to know Jai the best… and now, you  can't even tell the difference between his love and hate?How?
The answer was simple. She wasted so much energy in the past few days trying to hate him, that she lost her connection with him. Or rather, she forced herself to forget what it felt like to love him and especially what it felt like to be loved by him.
Yes, she loved him. The fact flowed easily through her mind without finding any resistance. It was very obvious from her outburst and what was even more obvious was that he loved her back. What was issue then?
Her sister. Her dead sister was the issue, and as Jai correctly pointed out, every single second she spent with him, she was reminded about how she died. Suddenly, Bani wished she never found that letter. She wished she never went digging about her sister. Atleast not knowing how she died would have saved her from this dilemma.
Di ki chod aur Jai ki sooch, her mind told her. He is pissed at you and he has a good reason to be!
Bani began pacing her cabin once again, her motive clear. She had to say sorry, had to tell him that she never meant anything she said in his office. It was the only way she would be able to sleep tonight. But how? And after pacing for an endless hour, she decided to stick to the basics. Besides, simplicity is always a win-win situation right?
So, making up her mind, she asked the clerk to get a red rose, with which she attached a small card that read sorry and instructed him to place it on Jai's desk.
However, there was no reply. The clerk did not return and after a few minutes of anxious waiting, she decided to check herself. She carefully entered Jai's office, to find it empty and after a quick sweep around, she found what she was looking for.
The rose, which she sent was in the trash can beside the desk along with the card on it. Her shoulders fell in disappointment.
You have to think harder, her brain said. This is the Jai Walia we are talking about!
* * *
Bani walked into the kitchen, dreading the task she was to complete. After her failure that afternoon, she decided to really plan out how she was to calm her husband down, which sure crossed all bounds today. Why else would he throw her rose out?
"Choti Madam?" the butler, Tony said surprised. Having worked with the Walia's for almost ten years now, he knew that Bani rarely entered the kitchen. The reason – she couldn't cook.
"Umm… I want to make something," she replied, looking around the kitchen.
Tony was caught of guard. "Why don't you tell me?" he said, dreading the health of the kitchen he worked hard to maintain. "I will get the Cook to make it."
Bani sighed. "If I wanted the Cook to make it, then why I bother coming here?" When Tony didn't seem convinced, she said, "Im fine Tony. Just get me all the things required to make Palak Paneer."
Understanding seemed to dawn to Tony. It was a well known fact that Palak Paneer was Jai's favourite dish, and gudging by Bani's distressed face, he figured that the couple was once again in a fight and his Choti Madam, was doing her best to say sorry. He was inwardly reminded of his wife back home and how dearly he missed her!
So, without objection, he quietly brought all the ingredients and placed them on the counter. "Aur kuch?"
Bani shook her head, staring at the things in front of her, wishing that she never said anything to Jai in the first place. Atleast, she wouldn't have to attempt this.
Yeh Jai bhi na, she thought. Flowers accept karne mein kya ho jata? Atleast mujhe yeh creative jobs toh nahi karne padthe. God, please help me!
Sensing Bain's hesitance, Tony handed her a cook book that Krishna always kept in the kitchen. "This might help," he said, pitying her.
Bani smiled. "Thanks Tony!"
He nodded and left her alone. Taking a deep breath, Bani began cooking. An hour later however, she was beyond disappointed. While she started alright, thanks to the cook book, the palak somehow ended up in a stew of sorts and the paneer burnt. And when she gingerly took a bite, she almost spit it out in disgust.
Urgh, she grumbled to herself. Why the hell didn't I pay attention when Ma used to cook it?!
And what was more, she also earned a few burns on her arm, making her already messed up life more painful. She slid to the floor, burying her head in her hands. She running out of both time and ideas.
 If only a way to a man's heart wasn't through his stomach, she thought to herself.
"Bani?" came Krishna's voice. "Whats wrong?"
Bani looked up to see her mother-in-law leaning down in worry. "Nothing," she said. "I wanted to cook Palak Paneer."
Krishna looked around the kitchen, trying hard not to laugh. The counter was in a distorted state, with a weird smell hanging in the air. And knowing Bani's cooking abilities, she also had a very good idea of what she would find in the dish on the stove.
"You can laugh," Bani muttered.
Krishna smiled and patted her head. "Koi baath nahi. Main bana lethi hoon."
Bani shook her head. It would totally defy the point of saying sorry, if she didn't even take the trouble to cook. "Its okay," she said, standing up. "I will just think of something else."
Krishna was confused. "Think of what?"
Bani didn't answer and just left the kitchen making her way to her room, her head once again buzzing with ideas.
* * *
"TONY?!" Bani called, as she brushed her hair. It was 6 o'clock in the evening and Jai was due home at minute. After two disasterous ideas, Bani finally seemed to find one that will last.
The butler hurried into the room. "Ji?"
"Tell me when Jai comes," she said, before dimissing him.
Her plan was simple: Take Jai for a walk along Juhu Beach, hoping that he wouldn't be able to reject her apology in the middle of his favourite place. However, there was only one issue -  getting him to go with her. She would be very surprised even if he looked at her tonight.
But that did not stop her from wearing a pink salwar, an outfit that he brought for her once upon a time, and decking up in front of the mirror. She was admiring her look when Tony arrived, announcing Jai's arrival.
Bani quickly adjusted her hair before running out of the room at top speed, wanting to catch Jai while he was still at the door with Ranveer. She knew that he wouldn't be able to weasel out of the walk infront of the others. Unfortunately, the third time didn't seem to be the charm as well.
Just as she was nearing the bottom of the staircase, her leg got caught in the carpet, and she went tumbling down the last couple of steps before landing painfully on her right leg.
"OWW!" she screamed, clutching her ankle in pain.
The entire Walia house seemed to have heard, for they came running to her aid, including all the servants and a worried looking Rano, Lakshmi and Ranveer; But the most important person was no where to be seen.
"Kya hua?" Lakshmi asked. "Tu teek toh hai?"
Kya teek? There goes my plan to take a walk with my darling pati dev who is pissed at me! Urghh! Yeh saab mere saath hi kyun hota hai?
However, to Lakshmi she just nodded, while her eyes watered slightly in pain.
"Lets make her sit on the sofa," Ranveer suggested. And together, he and Lakshmi helped Bani up and slowly made her sit on the couch in the living room.
"How do you feel now?" Rano asked, worried.
But Bani's attention was caught by another sight. Jai was seated across her, typing away on his phone. There was no way he didn't hear her scream, but it apparently didn't seem to matter. And what was more, he didn't even look up to make sure she was okay. It was as if she did not exist for him.
"Haan," Bani said, fully disappointed at Jai's behaviour. "Im fine. Don't worry Rano!"
When Rano didn't seem convinced, she said, "Chill. You shouldn't stress in this condition!"
That seemed to have caught Ranveer's attention, who began assuring Rano, calming her down considerably. She then nestled on the couch, starting a conversation that was completely oblivious to Bani.
"Massi kahan hai?" Lakshmi asked.
Rano grinned. "Dinner par gayi hai. Kaka ke saath!"
"No way!"
"Yup," Rano replied, very proud of her accomplishment. "Every year we go out to celebrate Valentines day and the poor thing, she is always waiting for Kaka to take her out. But woh hai ki hamesha kaam karthe rehthe hai. Issi liye, iss saal main un dono ko zarbardasti bejdi!"
Lakshmi was impressed. If Jai was a work-a-holic, then there were no words to describe his dad. In the past twenty years, there were probably five times he took time out of his schedule to spend with his family. "How did he agree?"
"It was mission," Ranveer said, shaking his head. "I literally had to beg his secretary for a month, to make sure there was nothing scheduled for today."
Rano kissed Ranveer's cheek. "My sweetest hubby!"
Lakshmi rolled her eyes. "Okay, stop with the PDAs."
But Rano merely stuck her tongue out, causing Ranveer to laugh.
"Waise," Lakshmi said. "How come you two love birds are not off romancing tonight?"
Ranveer began to shake his head in warning, but it was too late. Rano's smile vanished and she began to sulk. "Im eight months and four days pregnant," she said in a disappointed voice. "So, I'm not allowed to step out of the house."
Lakshmi raised an eyebrow in confusion. "Tum pregnant ho, bhimar nahi!"
"Yeh tum apne bhai ko samjao!" Rano replied with a sniff. "Meri toh koi suntha hi nahi!"
Lakshmi then seemd to notice Ranveer's glaring and regretted bringing up the topic. Despite being in her eighth month, Rano's mood swings continued making their lives, especially Ranveer's, hell.
"Of course we listen to you sweetheart," Ranveer said, gently rubbing Rano's back, so that she won't burst into tears. "Its just… aisi haalth mein tumhe bahar nahi chal na chahiye."
"Tumhe kaise pata?" she said, her voice on the verge of crying. "You are always locked up in that office of yours and you don't even come to the doctor's appointments with me. Mujhe hamesha akele jaana padtha hai Kaaki ke saath ya phir Lakshmi ke saath."
"He doesn't go to check ups with you?" Lakshmi asked in shock, even though she knew perfectly well that Ranveer made it a point to talk to the doctor every week about Rano's health. "Kaise pati ho tum Ran? Iss bechari se pyar karthe ho bhi ya nahi?"
That was enough to tip Rano over, who despite laughing a second go, began to wail. "Dekha?! Even Lakshmi knows something is wrong!"
Ranveer was shooting daggers at Lakshmi, who was truly enjoying her cousin's distress.
"No baby," he said. "She is just pulling your leg. Of course I love you!"
"No you don't! Warna aaj tum mujhe zaroor bahar lejathe!"
"Magar bahar jaane se pyar thodi na badtha hai," he said. "Tum mere saath ho, that itself makes my day! Technically, we should be celebrating Valentines everyday, kyunki har roz mujhe tumhara saath milta hai."
Rano smiled through her tears. "Saachi?"
Lakshmi sighed. "Tum dono kitne useless ho. Ek fight bhi achi tarah se nahi kar sakthe?! What did you ever learn from Jai and Bani?"
Bani averted her attention to the conversation upon hearing her name, but Jai continued to look at his phone.
"What?" Bani asked, continuing to watching her husband.
Lakshmi shook her head. "This is another goner. Ek baar Jai ko dekha, phir gayi kaam se."
Bani coloured, while Rano laughed. "Look who is talking," she retorted. "Tarun ke aage tumhari bolti toh band ho jaati hai!"
"And thank god for that! If not, she will never shut up!" Ranveer said, earning a cusion in his face thanks to an irritated Lakshmi.
A sudden idea struck Bani; She took out her phone and typed the following before hitting the send button:
You know, your phone is not THAT interesting…
She didn't know if Jai received the text message or not, for there was no change in his expression. Whatever his reaction, he was keeping it well hidden beneath his blank face. A few minutes later though, when he didn't appear to acknowledge her message and reply, Bani texted:
You ignored me the whole day, but how can you NOT read my messages now? :P
And bingo! As soon as Jai read the message, he finally looked up. He threw his phone on the coffee table in front him, and suddenly immersed himself in the conversation going on.
"So Rano," he said, speaking after what felt like to Bani, ages. "Where did mom and dad go?"
"The restaurant on beach side," Rano replied.
"Seriously?" Lakshmi said. "That is the best restaurant in town! How did you get reservations so fast?"
Ranveer answered instead. "When your wife is eight months pregnant, you become used to getting her whatever she wants."
Just then Tarun walked in. "What did preggo Rano want this time?"
"Shut up Tarun!" Rano retorted. "You make me sound like a cranky person."
Tarun grinned, and held up his hands in surrender. He had strict warnings not to irritate the soon-to-be mother! "Okay okay… sorry!"
"Pata hai?" Lakshmi said. "Masa and Massi went out to dinner today!"
Tarun was confused. "So?"
"What do you mean 'so'?" she replied. "Even they went out on Valentines. And you? Forget about taking me out, you didn't even come home early today!"
"And why are you comparing yourself with your Massi?"
Ranveer laughed. "Bahut simple hai Tarun – it's a childhood problem!"
"Haan," Jai agreed. "Lakshmi ko bachpan se sirf dosron ki cheez chahiye thi. Whenever me and Ran got a video game, she would make a big fuss! And when Ma used to ask her why she wanted a video game, when she played with dolls, she would be like 'kyunki un dono ke paas hai!'."
"And finally," Ranveer added. "When she did get the game, she would get bored in less than a minute, so me and Jai ended up playing with it."
Rano, Tarun and Bani started laughing, while Lakshmi narrowed her eyes. "Ha ha ha… its not funny!"
"I swear Lakshmi," Jai continued. "You were so competitive as a kid! It was so annoying!"
"Kya kaare," she replied, sarcastically. "Jaise bhai, waise hi behen na. Main joh kuch bhi karthi thi, tum dono ke wajah se karthi thi."
"Yeah right," Ranveer argued. "You were one cranky girl. Me and Jai suffered so much with you! One second you laugh and the next second you go running off to Kaaki crying!"
"Oh hello!" Lakshmi retorted. "I would only go crying because all you and Jai did was annoy the hell out of me. Kabhi mere baal keech the, kabhi mere dolls chupa dethe!"
"Aur tum kya karthi?" Jai asked. "Hamari saari games thodi deh thi!"
Lakshmi rolled her eyes. "Waise bhi bahut boring games the. Saab ek jaise thi – violent!"
Ranveer and Jai exchanged incredulous looks, which wasn't unnoticed by Lakshmi.
"Oh give me some credit," she told her brothers. "Agar main nahi hoti na, tum dono ki love stories yahan tak nahi poonchthi! Aaj bhi tum dono uss stupid video games khelthe hoonge, aur Rano aur Bani ko kissi aur se pyar ho jaatha!"
"Acha? Aab meri life tumhari meherbani se chal rahi hai?" Ranveer asked.
"Aur nahi toh kya?"she answered. "Tum kitna darthe the Rano ko propose karne ke liye. If I didn't set you two together, aaj bhi tum dono 'sirf friends' hote!"
"Excuse me?" Jai said outraged. "I set these two together. Not you!"
"Tum baath bhi mat karo Jai," Lakshmi said. "Tumhari saari affairs meri wajah se chalthi thi. Agar Massi ko pata chaltha na, tumhari band baajathi!"
Jai averted his eyes at that comment. It was true that he did have quite a few affairs before he entered the business world, and he made sure they were kept out of his mother's ears, for she approved only of the "one-woman" policy.
This, however, gave Bani another chance to get Jai to talk to her. So she texted him again.
Agar college mein itni saari girlfriends thi, toh aab kya hua? How come you are all alone on Valentines?
Even though his phone was out of reach, she could tell that Jai read the message from the corner of his eyes. Satisfied that he was still reading, she continued.
Chalo koi baath nahi, I will help you find a date! ;) I just happen to know of someone who would love to go out with you… do you want some help finding her?
"Oh please," Jai said to Lakshmi. "Main apni life khud sambhal saktha hoon. Mujhe madat ki koi zaroorat nahi hai!"
His intent was clear and Bani was not far behind from understanding it. He was indirectly talking to her! So she texted back, elated. Some form of communication was better than none.
Acha, you don't need help? Toh phir abhi tak tum uss boring phone pe kya kar rahe ho? Why don't you ask her out?
No reply. One minute… two minutes… five minutes. Jai seemed to have gone back to ignoring her, for he didn't answer her, directly or indirectly. But Bani was not the one to sit quiet either, now that she managed to break through his cold shell!
Give up Mr. Walia? Koi baath nahi, main hoon na! Clue number one: She is five foot six - just the perfect height for you…
She watched his face, again waiting for some reaction. While his expression didn't change,  his eyes definetly darted across the screen of his phone, no doubt reading her message.
"Toh aaj ka kya plan hai?" Tarun said. "Im assuming these girls will not let us go that easily on valentines!"
Lakshmi playfully hit him on the shoulder. "Chalo, iss saal maaf kiya."
"On one condition though," Rano said.
"Of course," Tarun replied. "Conditions ke bina toh aap logon ka din nahi chaltha. Kahiye hone-waali-mom?!"
Not wanting to loose his attention, Bani send her next clue.
Clue number two: Someone once said she looks amazing in pink!
"Mujhe aur Lakshmi ko baby room decorate karne mein, tum teeno madat karenge!" Rano replied, nodding at all three men.
"Bas itni si baat?" Tarun asked. "Chalo teek hai! Waise kya decide kiya hai? Ladka ya ladki?"
"Joh bhi ho," Jai said, speaking up. "Room ka colour blue honi chahiye."
"Don't be stupid," Ranveer answered. "Its going to be girl, so the colour is going to be pink."
"Pink saab pe suit nahi kartha Ran," Jai replied, happy to have made his point. "Issi liye, lets stick to blue."
Bani's mouth fell open at that comment. She didn't need to think twice to figure out that the remark was meant for her and not for the coming member of the Walias.
Traitor, she thought. One fight and he is already taking back his compliments?!
Her shock seemed obvious, for she saw the corners of his mouth pulling up in the slightest sense ever. A huge smile appeared on Bani's face, as her resentment at his comment vanished. Slowly, but surely his anger seemed to be dissipating, so she texted:
Is that a hint of a smile I see?
Again, no reply. But Bani didn't mind. The smile stayed on his face, indirectly inviting her to continue her game. 
Clue number three: She is really, really, really, REALLY sorry…
This time she seemed to hit the nerve, for his face once again went into a blank mask, causing her to groan under her breath.
Since when is he this moody? She thought to herself. Her eyes than travelled to others in the room. Rano was curled up beside Ranveer, who had one arm protectively around her while the other softy patted her bulging tummy. Lakshmi, too was somewhat nestled beside Tarun, who was busy recounting a funny story from his day. And then there was her, sitting on the opposite end of the room from her husband, her leg sprained and unmoveable.
"No way!" Jai said, suddenly. Tarun seemed to have finished his story and everyone seemed to be laughing.
"I know," Tarun answered. "It was so weird!"
Bani narrowed her eyes, completely annoyed with Jai's behaviour. There was a limit and this was it. Determined, she continued texting him.
Clue number four: She is sitting right infront of you.
She knew he read the message, because he suddenly got up and began to make his way up to his room.
"Okay, just stop!" she called out loud, causing the other four to stop talking and stare at her startled.
Jai did stop in his tracks.
"Jai," she continued, the desperation visible in her voice. "Please, just listen to me!"
When he continued to face away from her, she said "Please? Just once?"
Not being able to ignore her any longer, he turned around, so that he was facing her and also the rest of his family, who were anxiously watching the duo. They were all well experienced in Jai and Bani's fights – they ended brutally, with each refusing to even see other's face. Very rarely, their fights ended peacefully without atleast a day inbetween.
"I know I screwed up," she said. "And I screwed up bad. I know I don't deserve to be forgiven, because truthfully, if I was in your place, I would hate me for forever too. I would never want to live with someone who doesn't even begin to understand me… you know what I mean?"
He didn't answer, and continued to stare at her, his eyes cold.
So she did something that was surprising for herself too. She went on her knees, rather painfully, for her ankle was still sore from the fall and said,
"But the thing is, you are not me. You have always been the smarter one, the better one. You think things through, you actually give a damn to this relationship. And I have always been the selfish one. Always thinking about my pain, my anger… I know there is no excuse for that, but I just want to say that I am sorry. Im sorry for hurting you, not because I can't bear you igorning me, which by the way is two hundred percent true, but because - believe it or not – of my own selfish reasons. By hurting you, I just end up hurting myself, except it's a thousand, no a million times more painful. You are strong enough to bear that, but I'm not. So, please, can you forgive me this one time? I promise there will never be a second!"
Silence followed Bani's speech. Rano's eyes filled with tears, while Tarun and Ranveer watched Jai carefully.
Lakshmi, however, said, "Wow. With that Bani, you officially become Rano and Ranveer part two."
Bani smiled at that comment, but looked at Jai with pleading eyes and to her utter shock, his face split into a wide smile as he walked up to her and held out his hand.
Relief spread through her quickly as she gratefully took his hand and stood up. "Jai… I am," but she didn't know what to say.
"Its okay," he said, pulling her into a hug. "Its alright."
The other two couples cheered.
"I am going to forever remember this Valentines," Rano said, as Jai and Bani took a seat. This time, thankfully, they were right beside each other. "The one time Jai and Bani did not fight."
Bani laughed. She was going to remember this day too! As the other four picked up the conversation again, she looked at Jai and said, "So, you forgive me right?"
"I forgave you an hour after you left my office," he said.
"What?" she asked. "You weren't even mad at me this whole time?"
He shook his head in response.
"Then why were you pretending to ignore me?"
Jai turned to look at her and said with a smile, "because I wanted to see what you would do to say sorry!"
Bani narrowed her eyes in mock anger – she faced enough of his wrath, even though it was not real, to not be fully mad at him for a long time now. "I can't believe you!"
"It was fun," he said, defending himself. "I loved the texting idea!"
Bani grinned.
"But there was one thing you forgot," he said.
"Clue number five – she looks absolutely stunning tonight!"

Waiting for your comments! Big smile


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OMGGG! That was so cute!! You have no idea how much I look forward to your story's updates! Haha the entire Bani trying to manofy him, but her plans failing was too cute, but that texting idea...dude that was the icing on the cake! Genius! :D Liked the fact that they made up, and totally looking forward to reading what happens next!


PS: Volunteer trip to Fiji? o.o Sounds exciting! :)

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Wow, it was beautifull, just loved, really it was worth the wait and welcome back

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Wow, it was beautifull, just loved it, really it was worth the wait and welcome back pls cont,,, after u rested well

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