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FF: Chupanke Ki Saaza Last Part Pg 52 [Jul 7,'12] (Page 36)

-Archi- Goldie

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Posted: 23 April 2012 at 10:37pm | IP Logged
Hello all!

My exam was cancelled today, so im rejoicing by posting the next part! WinkLOL Enjoy!

Chupanke Ki Saaza
-PART 22 -

"God that was long," Jai groaned, as he shrugged off his coat and threw it on the couch.
"Oh really?" Bani said throwing off her heels too. "I thought you were having the time of your life!"
Jai raised his eyebrow. "You think making sure no one stole you tonight was fun?"
She smiled involuntarily and slumped next to him on the couch. "Why did you have to make sure?"
Jai rolled his eyes. "Did you look at yourself today?"
Bani shook her head. "That doesn't answer my question. Why did you have to make sure?" Flirting with him was becoming easier by the minute.
Jai sat up, so that he was fully facing her. "So I could do this."
He raised his hand and gently brushed a loose strand of hair off her face. Bani closed her eyes as she felt the warmth from his hand travel through her body.
"And this," he whispered. His fingers lightly traced her cheek and then her lips.
His hands slid down to her shoulders, tempted to just push the thin straps of the dress down.
Bani opened her eyes, when Jai suddenly withdrew his hands. "Kya hua?" she teased. "Aren't you tempted?"
There was no way to deny it, when all evening all he wanted to do was claim her as his. But even at that moment, in the semi-darkness of the room, when he could only see his wife and nothing else, a little voice in his head reminded him of all the things he worked for in the last month.
Jai cupped her face with one hand. "You have no idea."
Bani leaned into his palm, enjoying his touch after a very long time. "Toh phir…?"
A grin worked its way up his face, but he didn't reply. He held still, continuing to watch her as if it was the first time he was seeing her.
Bani's eyes then fell on his lips. She suddenly sat up and inched closer. He didn't stop her and continued to wait as she drew closer and closer. And without a warning, she pressed her lips to his. And that's when Jai's walls came tumbling down with a final crash, all reason wiped out of his mind, as he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her close, never wanting to let go.
"BANI!" came Rano's voice, from somewhere faraway.
The couple broke apart as Bani stared at Jai's face in wonder. He still had his eyes closed, a small smile playing on his lips.
"That was  a lot better than what I imagined," she whispered.
And then she quickly picked up her heels and almost ran out of room, calling "COMING RANO!"
Jai didn't know what hit him.
* * *
Should I just knock?But then what should I say? Urghh! Why is it soo much of a hassle to talk to my own husband?

It was the next morning and Bani was pacing her her office, trying to figure out the situation at hand. After their unexpected kiss the previous night, Jai seemed to have disappeared altogether. He didn't return to their room the entire night and even this morning, left before she woke up.
Though there was a good possibility that Jai was busy, for he often chose to spend nights in his study, working, Bani thought these signs meant he was ignorning her. Afterall, she was the one who kissed him yesterday.
But he kissed me back, she said to herself. That must mean something?!
An hour later, however, of pointless speculations, on what Jai might and might not be feeling, she decide to talk to him.
Annie, on the other hand, was having almost as bad a day as Bani. After failing miserably to catch Jai's attention in the party, she was back to finding ways to corner her boss.
"Stupid Bani," she muttered to herself. "Why the hell did she have to be born? And Jai? He didn't leave her side the entire time… she wasn't even looking that pretty. I mean come on, yeah the dress is nice, but she wasn't looking better than me!"
"Annie," came Bani's voice, causing the latter to look up in surprise. Itni subhe subhe mujhse kya kaam hai isko? She thought.
Bani didn't understand Annie's surprise, but couldn't care less either. "Is Jai here?"
"No," Annie replied. "He is in a meeting till lunch."
"Accha teek hai, tell him to give me a call, when he is done, okay?"
Annie nodded and Bani turned to leave.
"Umm… Bani?" Annie called, suddenly.
Bani turned around with a pointed look. No way in hell was she going to let Annie get on a first-name basis with her.
"I mean Ms. Dixit," Annie corrected quickly. "You looked very nice last night."
Bani raised her eyebrow. Did her mutual enemy just compliment her? "Err… thanks!" she said, awkward.
"But the colour pink was horrible," Annie continued. "You were looking so washed out in it. It was a nice try, but next time try some better colours, like the one I was wearing."
Bani smirked. It was very clear that Annie was beyond jealous of her attire from last night. Suddenly, an idea struck her mind, the credit to which was truly Jai's. If you can tell Neil, she thought. Then I can tell this bimbo too!
"Accha?" she said to Annie in a mock-serious tone. "But my husband said that I look very nice in pink."
Annie stared, as if Bani just grew a second head. "Husband?"
"Haan," she said, thoroughly enjoying the look of bewilderment and anticipating the shock which was going to follow her words. "Jai ne tumhe bataya nahi? We are married!"
The colour drained from Annie's face as the words registered in her mind. M..married? To Jai? When? Where? HOW?!
Annie suddenly began to relax, as her brain began to think through the sudden information. She is lying, she thought. There is no way in hell Jai would marry her!
Bani seemed to follow the direction of her thoughts, for she said, "Kya hua? Yakeen nahi aa raha?"
Annie looked at Bani, seeing the confidence in her words. But at the same time, she just couldn't get herself to believe. "Tumhara naam toh Dixit hai," she replied, smartly. "So, how are you married to Jai?"
Bani snorted. "Everyone here knows me from before I got married. So, they are just used to calling me Dixit. But my real name is Bani Jai Walia, surely you know that?"
Annie didn't let that get to her. Mrs. Jai Walia? You wish Bani! But still, even in denial, she couldn't help but notice that Bani had no reason to lie. And even if she did, it was a big one to tell.
"I will tell you what," Bani said, truly enjoying the disarray Annie's head was in right now. She appeared to be demented, as her brain struggled to find reason in sudden revelation. "Jab Jai wapas aa jayega, tum khud pooch lena!"
That's when Annie's disbelief shattered and she saw the truth in Bani's words. It was as if a bucket of ice cold water was unceremoniously dumped on her head
"Or even better," Bani replied, walking around the desk, and standing right behind a still Annie. "Google it."
When Annie didn't move, scared of what she might find, but Bani was having too much fun to stop. So, she typed her own name in the search engine.
And what followed after were probably one of the best moments of Bani's life. Annie stared at the screen infront of her, her mind refusing to process the picture of Jai and Bani posing for the press after they took the 'saath pheres'.
Bani began to shake with laughter as Annie refreshed the page over and over again, hoping that it was all a lie. But there was no point. All the variations of the search term "Jai Walia's wife" showed only one face.
Unable to control her laughter, Bani left the girl to lament on her fate.
* * *
Bani hummed to herself as she checked her emails. It was the afternoon, and still there was no sign of Jai, but she didn't mind. In fact, Annie's reaction seemed to have driven every worry out of her mind.
"Ms. Di – I mean, Mrs. Walia?" came the timid voice to Neil.
Bani looked up to see her assistant standing awkwardly in the doorway.
"What happened to calling me Bani?" she asked cheerfully.
Neil let out a nervous laugh. "I wouldn't call making personal relationships with the boss's wife safe."
Bani laughed. "Come on! I am still the same!"
Neil didn't answer. Jai's possessiveness the night before was enough for him understand that he was allowed no where near his most favourite person in the company. So, he began to explain the issue at hand.
Bani smiled when he finished explaining. "Another problem," she said, not at all depressed at the prospect of trouble. "Anyway, leave the file. I will talk to Jai about it."
Neil nodded and turned to leave, but hesitated at the door.
"What?" Bani asked, watching his still figure.
"How long have you both been married?" he asked uncertainly.
Bani smiled. "Over a year now."
"And no one knows about this… why?"
 "Because he likes to keep his personal life… well, personal."
"Its personal alirght," Neil grumbled. "No one even knows what he is planning for you today!"
"Its valentines," he reminded. "Don't tell me you forgot?!"
"Really?' she asked, surprised. When Neil nodded, she smiled in joy. "That is the best news I have gotten all day!"
Neil was confused. "Its 11am Bani."
But she didn't reply and hurriedly picked up the files. "Got to go Neil. Will catch you at lunch!"
And she was on her way to Jai's cabin, leaving a very surprised Neil.
That's why I haven't seen him since last night, she thought to herself happily. I am sure he is planning something for me. A surprise… That makes sooo much more sense!
But a small voice of caution also arose. Or maybe he doesn't care for you, it said. It was you who kissed him. Not the other way around!
A frown appeared on her forehead. Im sure he must have felt something after last night. I mean, its not like he wasn't tempted!
But he didn't make a move, the voice reasoned. Face it – Jai Walia is not into you anymore!
Bani stopped infront of Jai's office, hesitating to go inside. Should she just accept that last night was one ray of good luck fate offered? However, curiosity got the better of her. She had to see Jai, had to understand what he felt and wanted.
So, she barged in without knocking. 


If you can refrain from commenting after THAT, I'll either be very disappointed or absolutely shocked! LOL And before you ask, yes, in JB world, its valentines today, because i wanted it to be! WinkTongue


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sowmya18 Goldie

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Posted: 23 April 2012 at 10:54pm | IP Logged the first one to comment...
loved the update archi...
thanks for the pm...
update soon...,.

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..Naina.. IF-Veteran Member

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OMGOMGOMG! You updated! AHHH.

that was sososo awesome! Bani kissed Jai! AHHH! And. LOLOL I was literally dying as I read how Bani shut Annie up. That was too good. Totally looking forward to that surprise Jai is planning for least I hope he's doing that!

Aw Neil and Bani<3 But can't wait to see what you have in store for us!


PS: I"m a huge Mahesh Babu fan and yup I'm telugu :) You?

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Anjinie IF-Rockerz

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Loved it, esp with Annie wen Bani told her she Jai's wife. Hope Jai is planing something gud for Bani. Thanks lovely update.

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soodr Senior Member

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You really cannot have just ended it there!!!!!! excited for the next part...they seem so close yet so far!!!

Sorry about not commenting much, I do find time to read all your updates tho and there amazing!!

Please update soon!!

Ria :) xx

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lovelyyrose IF-Dazzler

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nice part... bani kissing jai/...
did jai think of a surprise or is it really businesss...??

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alicia212 IF-Rockerz

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wow great story plz update soon
I'm really loving this story of youe

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