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FF: Chupanke Ki Saaza Last Part Pg 52 [Jul 7,'12] (Page 32)

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Posted: 23 March 2012 at 6:22pm | IP Logged
Thanks for the PM Archi.

Good luck with your exams. We expect a really long update once you back online.

Really enjoyed the update. Both are jealous but only Bani is showing her jealously. Looking forward to Bani's date and how is Jai going to react when he sees them at the restaurant.


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sowmya18 Goldie

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Posted: 06 April 2012 at 2:11am | IP Logged
update soon...

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-Archi- Goldie

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Posted: 07 April 2012 at 5:23pm | IP Logged
Hello hello!

Gosh, I think Im really addicted to this FF! LOLWink
Sadly, my exams are not done... have two more weeks of torture left, but i couldn't help but write something cuz its a four-day weekend for us here!  Hope you like it! 

Btw, for those of you who watch Pretty Little Liars, this part was inspired by Toby Cavanaugh! Heart

Chupanke Ki Saaza
-PART 20-
Losing Hope

"Annie," Jai said, stopping on route to his cabin. "Call Bani to my office."

Annie was surprised to see Jai's business like tone early in the morning. And more than that, she was interested to know why he needed Bani. "Ms. Dixit isn't here. Is there something important?"
Jai frowned upon hearing the news. "She didn't come yet?"
"I don't think she is coming for the day…"
How did she decide to take a leave when she has a party to plan? Yeh ladki bhi na…
"Kya hua Jai?" Annie asked, watching him in thought. "You look worried."
Jai was worried. It was the day of the party, and Bani was no where to be seen. She never came home last night and he was informed by Krishna (his mother) that Bani was going to spend the night at Lakshmi's. What was so urgent that she chose not to come home, was something that baffled him.
Bidding Annie goodbye, he went into his office and immediately dialed Bani's cell phone. But there was no answer. Frustrated, he threw the phone on his desk. From the last twelve hours, it seemed as if Bani disappeared from the face of this earth.
Or she is just ignoring you, his mind reasoned. Its not like you don't deserve it…
Maybe I should call Lakshmi, Jai thought, refusing to listen and see logic in this situation.  However, her phone was unreachable too.
"I swear," he muttered to himself. "Why the hell do they have phones if they don't pick up?!"
"Kis se baath kar rahe ho?" Ranveer asked, walking into the room to see a distressed Jai.
"Bani kahan hai?"
Ranveer raised an eyebrow. "Myjhe kyun pooch rahe ho? Tumhe pata hona chahiye na!"
"Well I don't," he snapped.
Ranveer was taken back at the harsh tone. "Kya hua?"
Jai took deep breath, feeling slightly guilty. Whatever his issues were, his brother was not responsible for it.  "Bani disappeared," he explained. "She won't pick up my calls."
"She might be busy," Ranveer explained. "Afterall, she has to pull together the party."
"Yeah,  but she never ignores me… and especially after yesterday…"
Ranveer has no idea what was going on, but judging from Jai's anxiousness, he knew it was not right. And if he had to guess, he would say that his brother was once again in a fight with his wife. And this time, it got ugly.
"Agar tumhe itni hi takleef hoti hai, then why do you hurt her so much that she ignores you?"
Jai looked up at the comment and stared blankly, his mind confused. Hurt her…?!
Upon receiving no answer, Ranveer shook his head.  Rano teek kehthi hai, he thought. Yeh dono ek dusre ke liye kitna tadap the hai, magar phir bhi apni zid se hatt the nahi!
"I think she called Kaka today," Ranveer said. "She seemed fine."
A slight relief spread over Jai's face, but the news that Bani was okay,was not good enough to remove all of the worry.  
"What happened exactly? Did you guys fight?" Again? Ranveer mentally added.
"I don't know," Jai said, closing his eyes and leaning his head against the chair. "I don't know anything anymore… maybe I should just give up trying so hard."
Pity overtook Ranveer, when he saw his brother sitting dejected. No matter what happened between the duo, he didn't deserve this.
"Jai," he said. "Its okay… Bani aa jayegi."
Jai nodded, but the look of misery was still evident on his face. Deciding it was best not to interfere, Ranveer left the room.
Jai let out a sigh as he recollected the events of yesterday, debating for the first time ever, whether he did the right thing or not.
Watching Neil hug Bani so casually, Jai was suddenly plunger into anger. It stemmed so easily and quickly that he didn't even realize he was jealous until Bani pointed it out. Yes, he cared. Of course he cared. He found it pretty silly that she even asked that question!
But yet, he was also confident that he knew his wife. He was confident that she would never pick a guy like Neil… especially over him. But after watching her laugh with Neil, and how easily she hugged him back,  he began to feel his firm belief shake.
And so, he did what any husband would do in that situation – he fought back. He purposefully made Bani in charge of the party, in the hopes that she would stay away from Neil. You can call it insecurity, but with their divorce only days away, Jai was getting desperate. What seemed really clear a month ago was now hazy. He hoped that after spending so many days with him in this uneven truce, she would atleast realize where her heart was… but everyday he got new signs,  bad signs… one day she would laugh, one day she would be angry. And in all these emotions, he was completely lost.
It was in this desperation that he couldn't help but stage a conversation with Annie when he saw Bani walking to his cabin from the glass wall. And he said something he was sure, would hurt the most.
And it apparently worked!
 Except he got no relief. He was expecting everything and anything from Bani; some reaction that proved that his month of hardwork was paying off. That finally, maybe, admist all the mixed signals, there was one thing for sure - she didn't want to leave. And if that was too muck to ask, then he would settle for anger, tears… something. But not silence.
Jai began pacing his office, wishing he never said those words to his secretary. Yes it killed him everyday not be able to reach out to his wife, and he was definetly not wrong to want his marriage to work. But atleast without all these jealous issues, she was in front of him, and not like now, when he had no idea what was going on in her already conflicted mind.
The day passed by in these thoughts and by 5pm that evening, Jai was driving home deciding to end this game. If it was costing him so much, maybe it wasn't worth playing it.
However, when he entered the Walia Mansion he was completely mesmerized. It was transformed beautifully, with decorations of silver and blue adorning every nook and corner. His staff was dressed to their best, every last wrinkle ironed out of sight. It was a sight to behold!
"Tony," he called, stopping the passing butler. "Yeh saab kya hai?"
"Aaj party hai na Sir," Tony answered. "Choti Madam wanted us to decorate."
Jai was seriously impressed. She did all this in a day? "Bani kahan hai?"
"She just left Sir," Tony replied. "She was saying about picking something up."
Jai nodded and dismissed the butler.
If she managed to pull together this much, maybe its not that bad… maybe, she isn't ignoring me, he thought hopefully. But somehow, even with the new prospect, the dull ache in his heart didn't subside.
"Jai?" Krishna called, watching her son standing rooted to the floor. And when he turned to look at her, she immediately began worrying. "What happened?"
Jai tried to put on a smile, but even before he succeeded, Krishna pulled him into a hug.
"Im sorry," he whispered, hugging his mother back. She brought him some comfort he couldn't explain.
"For what?"
"For being an idiot," he said.
Krishna looked into Jai's face. She cupped his cheek and said, "If its about Bani…"
She trailed off, not knowing what to say or how to console her son.
"Do you think she will ever forgive me?"
"I don't know," she answered truthfully. "But will that change how much you love her?"
He shook his head.
"Then does it matter?"
For first time that day, Jai cracked a smile. Only his mother could say things like that!
Krishna patted her son, before leaving to take care of the rest of the arrangements.
Satisfied, he made his way to his room, to find it completely rustled. Papers were strewn across the floor, sticky-notes pinned everywhere and files lining up the bed. Amused, he carefully walked in, when his eyes fell on Bani's sketchpad. 
Curious, he picked it up and gasped at what he found inside.  Staring back at him from page to page was his face! The book seemed to contain only him – sad, angry, happy…
Greedily, he flipped through the pages, admiring the handiwork. The contours of his face were perfectly captured. Every line, every scar, every curve… He was awestruck. Finally, he flipped to the last one, dated exactly a week ago. And at that moment, he understood. All his securities were just that – worries without a base.
Despite the mixed and somewhat messed up things that happened in the last couple of days,  he still managed to convince her to find her heart, which belonged with him. Why else would she print his face over and over again?
And grinning, he went to take a shower without a care in the world. Well maybe just one…
* * *
By seven o'clock that evening, the Walia Mansion was filled with guests. Jai stood amongst his family, welcoming and greeting everyone like a perfect gentlemen. While Krishna was glad to see the smile back on her son's face, Ranveer was surprised.
"Jai ko kyun dekh rahe ho?" Rano asked her husband. "Kya main achi nahi lag rahi hoon?"
Ranveer laughed and pressed his lips to Rano's forehead. "You always look pretty. Infact, you look exceptional today, because my gudiya is here too."
"It's a boy!"
Ranveer patted Rano's huge tummy. "Bilkul nahi!"
"Kitni baar samjaoon tumhe?" Rano said, shaking her head. "Anyway, tumse argue karna bekar hai. Jai ko kyun baar baar dekh rahe ho?"
"I am just shocked at how quickly he went from being sad to happy!" When Rano remained confused, he explained his conversation with Jai from that morning.
Rano nodded, understandingly. "Poor guy… I wish Bani would just open her eyes and see whats going on!"
"She is!" Lakshmi defended, joining the conversation. "But this stupid Jai gives her all the wrong signals!"
"Oh please," Rano said. "Anyone can tell how much he is crazy for her, with just one look!"
"Accha? Toh phir woh Annie ke saath kya kar raha tha?"
"Kuch nahi! Im sure Bani heard it wrong!"
"Of course she didn't. It was absolutely Jai's fault!"
Ranveer was puzzled to hear the argument. "You know," he said, cutting the two off. "I never thought I would see the day when you two will disagree on something."
It was a common fact that Rano and Lakshmi, along with Bani were three best friends, and never till date fought about anything.
"And funny enough," he continued. "You are disagreeing about the third musketeer, who seems to be missing in action."
Rano and Lakshmi began to grin at that comment.
"Kya hua?" Ranveer asked, quick to notice the change in expressions. "Why are you both smiling?"
"Kuch nahi," Lakshmi said, cryptically.
"Thodi dher mein tum khud dekh lena, theesri musketeer kahan hai!" Rano said, winking at Lakshmi.
Ranveer didn't have to wait long to see what Rano and Lakshmi meant. A few minutes later, many heads suddenly turned to the doorway, from where whispers quickly followed. Jai, who was busy with some clients, was one of the last people to notice the stir in the audience. However, when he did turn to find the source of disturbance, he was dumbstruck.
Walking into the hall was the lean figure of Bani. Dressed in a pink gown, with diamond crusted straps, she looked breathtaking in the dimmed lights. A high cut rode up till her thigh, exposing her long leg as she moved through the crowd. As Jai was struck with sudden desire, his eyes fell on her hands, where resting on her finger was her engagement ring – the ring she discarded as soon as she heard the truth about Pia.
At the moment, it felt as if the past two months didn't happen at all. As if his worry and confusion from the previous night didn't exist. As if there was never anything to doubt about her – she was always his and he was always hers.
And it was with a gasp that Jai realized that the ache in his heart vanished. Just setting his eyes on her, on what was his, made all the pain go away. Watching her long hair fly to the slight breeze from the windows and her hips sway as she walked (definitely a sign of three inch heels!), he understood that she was unquestionably  worth fighting for. Hell, she was worth more than he could ask for!
After posing for the press, Bani turned and made her way to Rano and Lakshmi, causing many (especially men!) to swoon. Jai's mouth, however, dropped open. 

The dress was backless.  


Bani's Dress: Front View Back View

I know it wasn't super duper long, but it was reasonableWink
Waiting for your comments as always. Btw, this is my third favourite part of the entire FF, so I really want to know what you think! 
(What are my first two favourites, you ask?Ermm  Good luck guessing! Evil SmileLOL)

Now back to anatomy... Disapprove


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OMGOMGOMG! So much to sayyy! Amazing update as usual! So glad I'm first :D JAI grew a brain! I'm so happy it hit him that Bani still does have a thing for him, and all his misconceptions were cleared after seeing the sketchpad. The icing on the cake was definitely her wearing the ring :D Aww Ranveer is too cute though! I loved all the thoughts running through his mind during his conversation with Jai, totally had me cracking up. AND. the dress! Dude that was so much like my prom dress that I was just staring in shock! But my dress didn't have the thighhigh slit. But like the back and everything HOLYDAMN. So awesome!

K anywho, I'm dying to know what happens at the party! Loved how Bani headed towards Rano and Lakhsmi...let's see Jai make the first move towards her :D Good luck with the rest of your exams! Anatomy<3


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It was just amazing..
Jai battling with himself...
doubting himself if he did the right thing by making Bani jealous...
Those sketches Bani made...
high time our cute couple realize their love for each other...

Bani dressed up for the party...I think the next she will do is make Jai jealous and then they both confess their love...
waiting to
Thanks for the PM...

All the best for Anatomy...


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wow great story plz update soon
I'm really loving your story
thanks for the pm

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omg!!!!that was great...u penned it so beautifully...

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I loved how it was from jai's POV! We finally get wht he feels without bani's wrong interpretation of his actions!
Thanks for the lovely update!
Good luck for ur exams!

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