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FF: Chupanke Ki Saaza Last Part Pg 52 [Jul 7,'12] (Page 30)

lovelyyrose IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 March 2012 at 10:49am | IP Logged
im missing dis ff...can v hv frequent updates...

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sowmya18 Goldie

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Posted: 13 March 2012 at 9:51pm | IP Logged
update soon...

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basket Goldie

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Posted: 13 March 2012 at 10:04pm | IP Logged
loveddd it!!! Jai needs to show his possessive  side soon!!!!! soo cute!!

please continue soon!! 


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-Archi- Goldie

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Posted: 17 March 2012 at 2:35pm | IP Logged
Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the long wait! Its been a crazy week! Without further ado, here is the next part:

Chupanke Ki Saaza
-PART 19-

"This is for you."
Neil looked up from his computer screen to see a smiling Bani holding out an envelope. "Yeh kya hai?"
"Khud dekh lo."
Curious, Neil took it. "Seriously?" he said, shocked to find his pay cheque inside.
Bani nodded, happy.
"But this is soo much higher than what it says in my contract!"
Bani shrugged in response. Truth was, she personally convinced Uday to increase Neil's pay, for he worked much harder than anyone of the others in the company (particularly Annie!). Neil seemed to understand Bani's silence, for he got up and pulled her into a hug.
"Thanks so much Bani!" He said.
Surprised at the sudden embrace, Bani said "Wow, I never knew a pay cheque can make you this happy."
"You have no idea," he said. "I barely have any experience, and I am earning so much already!"
Bani laughed. "Experience has nothing to do with it."
Neil slowly let go of her. "Atleast aab toh dinner par chalo na Bani."
Bani didn't know what to say. She did irritate her husband about going on a date with Neil, but somehow she never found the interest or time to go.
"You promised me," he reminded, watching her. "And I think I owe you after this!"
Bani sighed. "Teek-"
But she was interrupted by a cold voice "ahem." The smile from Neil's face vanished, when he saw a somewhat angry Jai standing at the door.
"Mr. Walia," he said, nervously. "Come in."
Jai completely ignored him. "Bani… I wanted to talk to you."
Confused at Jai's sudden appearance, Bani nodded and walked out. "Kya hua?"
Checking that they were out of earshot, for the door to Neil's office was still open, Jai said. "Mujhe Mittal's ki file chahiye thi."
Bani stared at Jai. What wrong with him? She thought before answering, "But we are done with that project."
"Oh…" Jai said, as if it just occurred to him. "I meant Malhotras."
"But that finished even before the Mittals," she replied.
"Haan… but, mujhe kuch check karna hai," he fumbled.
Bani was now fully bewildered. The great Jai Walia is at a loss of words? "Toh file mere paas kaise hogi," she said, slowly, watching his face. "Either your secretary has already filed it away or it should still be on your laptop!"
"Right," Jai said, shaking his head. "Okay, thanks."
"Toh main jaoon?"
Jai glanced at Neil's office. "No… I need you to check… something. Chalo mere saath."
"Acha teek hai… chalo."
And they set off towards Jai's cabin.
"Waise Jai," Bani said. "I had to talk to you about some blueprints."
Jai nodded absent-mindely.
"I think we should consult with the builders once again, because the proportions seem off. And since we are taking full gurantee, we should double check. So, do you want me fix a meeting-"
Jai suddenly cut her off. "Tum Neil ke saath kya kar rahi thi?"
Bani paused and looked at a distressed Jai. As she watched him closely, she saw a familiar frown on his face accompanied by the anxious twitching of his hands. Realization suddenly dawned.
"Kyun?" she said, smirking.
"Why… why was he… hugging you?"
"Oh," she said, feigning innocence. "So, you saw him hugging me?"
"Bas aise hi… you know, two friends..."
"He wasn't hugging you like a  friend."
"Tumhe kaise pata?"
"I just know."
"So that's what you wanted to talk about?" Bani clarified. "Why Neil was hugging me?"
Jai was quiet.
"Mr. Walia," she asked sweetly, bending forward so that their faces were inches apart. "Kya aapko farak pad raha hai?"
The lines on Jai's forehead cleared as he seemed to understand the cause of his behaviour. Bani grinned, as he turned on his heels and vanished out of sight.
* * *
"Thank you Mr. Mukesh. I will see you next week at the meeting."
"Next week?" he replied from the other end of the line. "We will meet tomorrow, right?"
Bani was confused. "Tomorrow?"
"Haan," he said. "Mr. Walia ne aapko bataya nahi?"
"Tell me what?"
"He is throwing a party tomorrow."
"Ohh…" Bani said, surprised at the news. "Okay, see you tomorrow then Mr. Mukesh."
Bani disconnected the call and made her way to Jai's cabin. "Yeh main kya sun rahi hoon?" she asked, stopping infront of his desk.
Jai didn't look up from his laptop. "Mujhe kaise pata hoga?"
"You know everything right?"
Jai let out a sigh, but still didn't look at her. "Haan, I am throwing a party. Tomorrow."
"And why didnt you tell me?"
"I am telling you now. And by the way, you are organizing it."
"You heard right."
Bani was outraged. "And didn't you find it important to confirm with me?"
"I don't need your permission."
"How can you just dump this on me?"
Jai didn't reply and continued working.
"Main tumse baath kar rahi hoon," she said. When he continued to ignore her, she yelled. "Look at me!"
Jai finally looked up from his laptop. "Kya hai?" he said. "Main kaam kar raha hoon."
"Why should I plan this party? I already have enough work to do!"
 "Because I said so. Now chop chop. You have less than twenty-four hours to get everything ready."
Bani was now totally annoyed. "And my work? Who the hell is going to take care of it?"
"Hai na, tumhara assistant – Neil." Bani didn't answer, so Jai continued. "When you increase his pay, it obvious that he is going to have to work harder. Nothing is free in this company."
"Oh really?" Bani said sarcastically. "Then why is Annie still working here?"
"Annie doesn't even get paid half as much as you made Neil get paid."
"Tumhe kya problem hai?" she asked.
"Kuch nahi," he answered. "In fact, you are the one who is asking questions. Not me!"
"I don't have all day to argue with you Jai, so-"
 He finished the sentence for her, "So, get to work."
And without waiting for a reply, he turned his attention back to his screen, leaving Bani no choice but to stomp out, muttering to herself.
Two hours later, however, she was wishing she argued a bit more and shrugged off the insane task of organizing a party.
"Urgh," she said, rubbing her forhead. "Where the hell am I going to get caters who will cater for this big party in less than twenty four hours?"
She stared at the notes in front of her, hoping the answer would just appear, but was highly disappointed.
"You know what?" she said, getting up. "If Jai got me into this mess, he is the one who has to get me out of it as well. Its his party!"
Determined, she walked to Jai office, but stopped at the door upon hearing voices from inside.
"This colour looks really good on you," she heard Jai say. "It makes you glow!"
Bani's eyes popped out when she heard the other voice in the room. It was Annie's. "Thanks Jai. I always knew you would appreciate this!"
"Of course," he said, grinning. "My mom always said I have a good eye."
"I am not surprised," Annie said, in what appeared to be a very flirty voice. "You are perfect in everything."
"You pamper me too much. But you should wear that colour to the party tomorrow," he told her. "You will look prettiest!" 
Bani's heart weighed down as Jai's words from the past inadvertently made their way into her thoughts.  No one in the word looks prettier than you Bani…
She closed her eyes tightly, trying to push his ringing voice from her ears. She couldn't afford to let her heart be torn even more, but she failed miserably. So, she quickly turned to leave, when she saw the colour of Annie's dress through the glass wall. It was pink.  
* * *
"Bani," Neil said walking in. "Can you check this report? I have never dealt with these people before, and I want you to make sure its fine before I send it. Err…Bani?"
It was almost evening in the Walia Industries, and Bani was seated in her office, lost completely in a world of her own. While the tears long dried up, she couldn't shake the image of Annie's dress from her mind.
Jaanthi ho Bani? Came Jai's voice from down the memory lane. Jab maine tumhe pehli baar pink mein dekha tha na, maine tab hi jaanliye ke yeh colour sirf tumhare liya bana hai!
"Bani?" Neil said, walking around her desk and placing a hand on her shoulder.
She slowly turned to look at him, her eyes seeing one of the best memories of her life.
"You look very pretty today," Jai said in a very quiet voice, causing her to blush. "Pink suits you." A small smile spread on Bani's face.  
Jai turned around to walk out, when he heard Bani's small voice.

"And did you know that you are breathtaking when you dress in black?" It was more of a statement than a question.   
"Kya hua?" Neil asked. "Is everything alright?"
She nodded. It was only the other day Jai said You look amazing in pink, not so much in red… so what happened now?
"So, can you look over this report?" Neil said, handing her the file.
Upon feeling the light weight of the file in her hands, Bani broke through her reverie and said the first thing that came to her mind, "Do you think Annie is pretty?"
Neil was taken back at the random turn of the conversation. "what?"
"I mean," she said, slowly, trying to keep herself together. "As a guy… do you find her attractive?"
"Um…" Neil answered awkwardly.
"Im curious. Do you find her… you know, hot?"
Neil shuffled his feet. "I guess… I mean… she looks nice."
Bani nodded, her face devoid of emotions. But the little thread of hope she held on to ever since she came back from Jai's office was now gone. She was falling from a great height and there was nothing she could do about it.
"Can we do work now?" Neil asked, glad to have ended the uncomfortable topic. And he began explaining his report.
But Bani was very far from being interested. After a long time, she felt as if she lost Jai. It reminded her of the days when she first moved back into the Walia Mansion, where the sarcastic and carefree Jai Walia seemed to replace her husband.
"So is that good?" Neil finished, only to find Bani staring aimlessly in the air. "Bani?"
She looked at him with a somewhat lost look. When he waited for her answer, Bani cleared her throat and said "I am sorry Neil, but I have a lot going on right now. Can we do this tomorrow?"
Neil wondered what was wrong, but knew enough not to push Bani when it comes to her silence. So, he nodded and left.
Bani picked up the phone and dialed her last hope. "Lakshmi?"


Bad News: I have exams coming up, so I won't be able to update frequently. Hence, the next update might take a while. I am really sorry (I hate it too when writers do this!). But ill try my best to post small parts now and then! 

Thanks for being patient! I love you guys! Hug
And now, for your awesome comments which make my day!


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alicia212 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 March 2012 at 4:34pm | IP Logged
wow great story plz update soon

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..Naina.. IF-Veteran Member

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Posted: 17 March 2012 at 4:48pm | IP Logged


I saw you updated and stopped studying for my exam to read the update...and it was totally absolutely worth it! I am so excited to see what goes down at this party and how Lakshmi helps out Bani. Grr Annie. I sure hope that Jai was just saying that to Annie to irritate Bani. Anywho! Awesome update! Totally looking forward to reading the next one...whenever it may be :) Good luck on the exams!


Edited by Naina2127 - 17 March 2012 at 4:52pm

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orchidpurple Goldie

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Posted: 17 March 2012 at 6:05pm | IP Logged
Neil line marofying on Bani and
Jai jealous of this...
And that Annie incident...
I think it is high time they both realize their feelings for each other...
Thanks for the update...

All the best for your exams...I think all of us can wait til your exams are over...
That will give us a chance to re-read this amazing story once again...hehehe


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diyak Senior Member

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Posted: 17 March 2012 at 6:47pm | IP Logged
Nice update :) hope bani and jay express their true feelings soon..
All the best for your exams ! Don't worry about the write the exams well..we will wait for you :)

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