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FF: Chupanke Ki Saaza Last Part Pg 52 [Jul 7,'12] (Page 24)

Proud-BrownGirl Senior Member

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Posted: 29 February 2012 at 8:24pm | IP Logged

You Rock Graphics Archi.

What an amazing chapter. ClapClapClapThumbs UpThumbs Up
Can't wait for Annie to find out Bani is Mrs. Walia. ROFLROFL

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-Archi- Goldie

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Originally posted by Alicia2001

wow great story plz update soon
thanks for the pm

Thanks soo much hun! Big smile

Originally posted by magyshah

Loved it u really write well.

i have not seen the show on which the characters are based  but i really like bani in here. she doesn't give up easily , does she?LOL
do u intend to write somehing on maaneet would love to read it.

Welcome to the FF! HugThanks for reading! Yeah, Bani never gives up. Its very different from the actual show tho, as in it she was typical bahu. So, i added my spice to it! LOL
As of now, I am not sure if Im gonna write a maneet FF. I did watch Geet, and loved it to the core (MSK=Heart), so as soon as I finish this one, I am probably come up with a story for them. I'll keep you posted! Big smile

Originally posted by Naina2127

Ah! Awesome awesome update! ROFLROFL Poor Jai! Stuck between two women! But really glad to see how Bani got rid of Annie! 

Psht. How didn't she know that orange juice stains aren't permanent LOL

Anywho, totally loved this! Do continue soon! Can't wait to read what happens next.


Annie is dumbo, but trust me, when she does find out that the stains aren't permanent, she will be pissedWinkLOL Thanks for commenting hun! 

Originally posted by sohni_kudi_111

great update!!!!

Thanks! Big smile

Originally posted by orchidpurple

Yet amazing update from you...
Liked the  "cat fight":...hehehe
Thanks for the PM

Will be waiting for the next update


 When two girls start fighting, it wont be pretty! Wink
Thanks for commenting! 

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Originally posted by chemistry101

very nice update. Loved this Bani. 
P.S. does annie know that Jai is married to Bani??

Thanks! No, annie doesn't know Jai is married to Bani, mainly because 1) she really isn't smart enough to connect the little hints, while most of the company can LOLand 2) Bani never really introduces herself as Jai's Wife. Its always Bani Dixit. Tongue

Originally posted by Anjinie

Thanks Archi, i was begining to think u forgot about this ff. Must it was well worth the wait i just loved it hopefully Annie has more bad days to come. Also then time make Jai the jealous one. Waiting the next part

Sorry for the long waits! Profs love to pile work on me! Cry
But yes, Annie still has a long way to go, and so does Jai. WinkLOL
Thanks for the comment hun!

Originally posted by music_girl


edited by SongsLover
Awesome update yaar...LOL
this anniee bhi nah
good that you updated...
waiting for next

Thanks! Yea, Annie doesn't give up... LOLWink

Originally posted by Shifat

Thanks! Tongue

Originally posted by saroj17

Awesome update.
I really enjoy reading it .LOL
Keep it up.Thumbs Up
Hope to read more.
Thanks a lot and take care.

Thanks! Will update soon! Big smile

-Archi- Goldie

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Posted: 01 March 2012 at 5:24pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by zarlish18

ClapClapClapvery niceee update

update sooonnn


Thanks so much! Big smile

Originally posted by Coldpies

What an update. Thanks Archi for the PM.

Bani is a cracker. I hope the entry of the new hunk will make Jai jealous. 

Please update soon would love to see how the story pans out.

Thanks! Yes, Neil has things to do! LOL

Originally posted by lovelyyrose

awesome sweety... jai and bani...!!!!

Thanks hun! Big smile

Originally posted by cjs369

wow ! great update...
bani seems to have really taken up annie's case... hahhaha... enjoyed their catfight..

Yes, Bani is determined thanks to Lakshmi's brainwashing! LOL
Thanks for commenting! Big smile

Originally posted by suwas

Bani & Annie are @ war in open. Poor annie doesn't know that bani considers Jai as her own property even though she is planning to leave hIm? What if she does? 

Jai is comPlete dumbo. He either should use Annie's advances to get bani jealous & make her accept that she can't live without him. He could have agreed to go to movie & then question Bani's problem
With him dating as she is asking for divorce/ separation. Or to woo her? Why is he acting clueless ?

Gr8 part. Waiting for more

Jai has a lot of reasons to stay quiet. One, Bani would have literally murdered him if he did say yes to Annie. LOL He knows that he can't push her too much, because she will snap and just leave like how she did at the beginning of the story. I know I am not giving a good enough explanation Ouch (I don't want to ruin the story for you), but hopefully it will make better sense in the next part! 
But thanks for commenting hun! I loved the feedback! Wink

Originally posted by Proud-BrownGirl

You Rock Graphics Archi. 

What an amazing chapter. ClapClapClapThumbs UpThumbs Up 
Can't wait for Annie to find out Bani is Mrs. Walia. ROFLROFL

Thanks so much! Annie will come down to earth, after dreaming about Jai, very soon! WinkLOL
-Archi- Goldie

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Posted: 01 March 2012 at 5:31pm | IP Logged
Hey guyz,

Thanks for all the feedback. I am really happy you guys like the way the story is going! Wink
Here are a few things I forgot to mention that your guys brought up!

Note: Annie doesn't know Bani is married to Jai, due to many reasons. One, Bani doesn't associate herself with Jai, she always calls herself Bani Dixit, and two, Annie isn't smart enough to go digging. She is right now very content in thinking that Jai is single (ready to mingle!). Neil also doesn't know that Jai and Bani are married.  

Chupanke Ki Saaza
-PART 16-
Jhoota Khane Se Pyar Badtha Hai

"Neil!" Bani called.

The young man turned around to find his new friend with a broad smile. "How did I do?" he asked. It was just five minutes ago that his presentation ended and everyone was busy discussing the new proposition he put forward.
"You were really good," Bani answered. "Didn't even give Jai a chance to grill you!"
"Thank god!" Neil said. "Lets keep it that way!"
"Not so fast," came a voice from behind. They turned to find a smiling Jai. "Neil Desai," he said, extending his hand. "I wanted to talk to you for a quite a while now."
Neil gave a nervous smile as he shook Jai's hand. "W-why Mr. Walia?"
"How do you feel about joining the Walias?" Jai asked, straight-forwardly.
Bani almost spit out the water she was drinking. Did he just offer the competitor's employee a job?!
Neil appeared to be shocked as well. "S-sorry?"
Jai smiled, expecting this reaction. "I have heard a lot about your talent. And you proved it today with that presentation. The Mittals don't even realize what they have!"
"And you do?" Bani asked, incredulously.
Jai ignored her. "What do you say?" he asked Neil. "Want to join me?"
"But… I just can't… leave!"
"Of course you can," Jai continued. "Do you have a contract with them?"
"Not yet," Neil answered absent mindedly. "I am still on observation, until this Friday."
"Good," Jai said. "Then I will see you at work on Monday morning, 9am."
Neil was fully  confused. "But what am I supposed to do? What are you hiring me as?"
"You will be assisting our marketing manager here," Jai replied, nodding at Bani. "She could use the help."
Bani just shook her head, beyond surprised to react anymore.
"See you soon," Jai said and with that he left.
 Neil stared wide-eyed at Bani. "Is he always like this?"
Bani nodded. "You will get used to it. So, I will see you Monday I guess." She then held out of her hand and said, "Welcome to the Walia Industries."
* * *
"What is wrong with you?" Bani fired, as soon as they were back in the car, driving back to Mumbai.
"Why did you hire Neil?"
"Because he is what we need," he answered. "You saw him today… a brain like that means a hell a lot of money!"
"Of course," Bani replied. "You need someone to compensate for that stupid bimbo you hired!"
Jai rolled her eyes. "Speaking of Annie," he said. "What were you thinking today? Why did you throw juice on her?"
"Me?" she said, all too innocent. "I didn't do anything!"
"I saw you bribe the waiter."
The smile dropped from Bani's face. "Fine. She got that coming. How dare she ask you out?"
"Kyun? I am available."
Bani's mouth fell open. "You are married to me!"
"And we will be divorced in two weeks."
She didn't have a reply to that.
"Exactly," Jai said with a smirk. "So get used to the idea that you won't be sticking around for long."
"I will be here long enough to kick that girl out of the company, okay?"
Jai turned to look a Bani. "Tumhari problem kya hai Annie ke saath? What did she ever do to you?"
"Kuch khaas nahi," she said sarcastically. "She decided to be born on this earth."
"Waise I find her pretty nice," he continued.
"Matlab, you would have gone to a movie with her?"
"Haan… if you weren't shooting daggers at me, then I would have!"
Bani narrowed her eyes. "Take this as a warning Jai," she said. "If you ever go to a movie with that bimbo, then I will personally tell Aunty and Uncle what you are upto behind their backs!"
Great, Jai thought sarcastically. Using my own parents against me! But he wasn't going to give up either. "Im sure Maa will understand once she sees how nice Annie is. Maybe I will introduce her myself!"
Bani didn't answer. There weren't words to describe the fire which was eating away her heart.
"Kya hua?" Jai asked, closely watching the torment on her face. "Maine kuch gaalth kaha?"
She refused to reply, putting the car in silence. Finally, Jai said "I am hungry."
"We are on a highway," Bani reminded. "Yahan kuch nahi hai."
Jai rolled his eyes. "Its called a turn…"
He exited the highway to some small town on the outskirts of the city and stopped at some random dabba. Bani raised her eyesbrows.
He just shrugged in answer and got out the car. Bani followed him out with a sigh.
"Bhaishab ek thali lana," Jai said. "Aur madam ke liye nimbu pani."
The man nodded and directed them to sit.
"nimbu pani kyun?" Bani asked, surprised that he understood her dislike for dabba food.
"Kyunki mujhe pata hai tumhe yahan khana acha nahi lagtha. Simple."
"Toh phir yahan ruke kyun? We would have been in the city in another hour!"
Jai pretended to be shocked. "Kya tumhe mujhe bhooke rakogi?"
Bani rolled her eyes.
Just then their food arrived causing Jai to dig in, savouring the taste of the authentic Indian food. Bani, who was also very hungry, drained her lemon water in one go and was watching Jai savour every bite he took. Upon feeling her gaze, he looked up.
"Kya?" he asked, his mouth full of food.
Bani didn't answer. Not caring what was bothering her, he went back to eating. After five minutes however, she couldn't contain it any longer.
"How can you just sit there and stuff your face?" she blurted.
Jai smirked. "Like this," he answered, slowing take a piece of paratha and putting it in his mouth.
"Kaise pati ho tum? Apni patni ko bhooke rak rahe ho!"
"I never stopped you from eating. You have issues with the food here!"
Bani was annoyed and to some extent upset. Once upon a time, Jai would have magically made food of her taste appear from thin air. But things were different now…
Kyun uske peeche pade ho?, her mind asked. He is not the Jai who got married to you. So stop comparing them both!
"Bani," Jai called softly.
She jerked out of her thoughts to see him holding out a piece of paratha near her mouth. She watched him for a second,  and then opened her mouth and graciously accepted the food.
"Acha laga?" he asked, watching her chew carefully.
Bani smiled. The food was okay in her opinion, but what made it special was that he was the one giving it to her. And so, all hesitation forgotten, she pulled the thali towards her and began to eat from Jai's plate.
Toh kya hua agar woh badal gaya, I can change him back, right?Atleast I can save him from people like Annie!
A grin spread across Jai's face. "itni bhook lag rahi hai toh, ek aur thali order karo!"
Bani shook her head. "It wont be as good as this one."
Jai smiled and didn't reply.  He understood exactly what that meant.
* * *
"So, Dabbe mein aapka pehla experience kaise tha?" Jai asked, once they were speeding through the highway.
"Its not my first time…"
"Acha?" Jai said, surprised. There was nearly nothing that he didn't know about Bani.
"Haan," she said. "Joh cheez tumhe pasand ho, aur main try na karoon, yeh possible hai?"
"Flirt kar rahi ho?"
"Iss ki kya zaroorat hai?" she replied, looking out the window.
"Then why are you being so nice to me today?" Jai asked.
Bani sighed. "Pata nahi…"
"Mujhe hai."
Bani turned to find a smiling Jai. "What?"
"Tum Annie se jealous ho."
"Why would I be jealous of her?"
"Woh khoobsurat hai,  thodi bahut pad likh thi hai,"
"Oh hello," Bani said, cutting him off. "Bimbo's pad likh nahi sakthe."
But Jai was determined to get to the bottom of this issue today. "So why do you get so frustrated with her?"
"Kyunki… kyunki she can do all those things that I can't."
"Like what?"
Bani looked out the window. Admitting the things which made her frustrated, would be admitting her already messed up feelings to Jai.
"She can go out with you… and I can't."
"You have gone out with me," Jai said, looking out the window.
"If I ask you for a movie now, would you come?"
"Dekha," Bani replied. "Shayad… magar Annie ke liye woh ek "haan" tha."
Jai opened his mouth to explain, but Bani cut him off. "Khair chodo… I know you don't want to be with me. Aaj bhi tum forcefully mere saath aaye."
Jai suddenly applied the brakes and Bani noticed that they were back in the bustling streets of Mumbai.
She scrunched her eyebrows in confusion. "Kya hua?"
"Bahar niklo," Jai said, putting the car in parking on the side of the road and then unbuckling his seatbelt.
"Magar kyun?"
Jai just got out of the car in reply and began walking. Bewildered, Bani quickly followed. They stopped infront of an ice-cream stand.
"Doh ice creams," Jai ordered. "chocolate."
"Why are you buying me ice cream?"
"To prove to you that I can go out with you."
Bani repressed a smile. "You know," she said, watching Jai savouring his cone like a little child. "For a tycoon, road side food doesn't look very nice."
"You like food in a dabba," she explained. "where they don't even clean the plates. Imagine if the media caught you like that!"
Just then the man at the stand handed her the ice cream cone, but it slipped from her hands and fell on the ground.  "Crap!"
Jai shook his head. "You just wasted good food." He then turned to the man and asked for another one.
 "Chocolate waali saab khatam hogaye hain," the man answered.
"Umm… do you want strawberry?" Jai asked Bani, who shook her head.
"Its okay, tum khalo."
"But you used to like strawberry na?" he reasoned.
Like many things, Bani's favourite flavour also changed to match Jai's. "Not anymore."
Jai let out a sigh and extended his cone. Bani hesitated, before taking a bite. It was better than anything she ever tasted!
"So, what was I saying," he said, continuing their conversation. "I just cherish good food. Who cares what the rest of the place is like?"
"Let me just inform you that agar tum yahan Annie ko le aate, she would have made a big fuss. I don't think her delicate feet have ever stepped on the road."
Jai groaned. "Phir se Annie?"
"I am just telling you that she is not compatible with you!"
"You hate road side food too, how come you lived with me for a whole year?"
"Because I lov-" Bani stopped short and looked away. No, you hate him, remember?
Glad that he made his point, Jai smile triumphantly. "Chalo, we are getting late."
Bani nodded and followed him back to the car. The rest of the ride passed on in silence. It was in the parking lot of the Walia Industries that Bani finally spoke.
"Can I ask you something?" she said. "Kya Annie mujhse bhi achi lagthi hai?"


What will Jai do now?! ShockedLOL
Waiting for your opinions! 

Archi Tongue

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Oh no cliff hanger. CryCry but as always a superb chapter. ClapClap
Want Jai to remain mum Sleepy and Bani give him a taste of his own medicine (Annie)LOL
by her and Neil flirting with each other Silly while she makes Annie's life miserable. Ouch
Looking forwards to the next update. Thanks for the PM and happy writing. Hug

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Great update! 


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O My God...O my god...
Bani almost blurted her true feelings for Jai...

I hope Annie makes Bani realize her feelings for Jai...

They both having an outing together with roadside food...hehee

Loved it...
Please continue...Can't wait to read more and read more romance between our cute couple...


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