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FF: Chupanke Ki Saaza Last Part Pg 52 [Jul 7,'12] (Page 22)

-Archi- Goldie

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Posted: 24 February 2012 at 1:29pm | IP Logged
Thanks for all the comments guys! I will be posting the next part in a bit! :D

-Archi- Goldie

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Posted: 24 February 2012 at 1:36pm | IP Logged
Enjoy! Wink

Chupanke Ki Saaza
-PART 15-
Caught in Between

Annie hummed to herself as she gave one last look at the mirror. Today was going to be one the most important days on her life – she had to look good.
"God, you are gorgeous," she told her reflection, strapping on her four-inch heels. "Jai will faint seeing you today!"
A smile spread across her face as she thought about the two hour car drive to the Mittal's meeting. Of course, she didn't plan on her car being in servicing, it just happened. And when Jai informed her of the meeting and offered a ride, she couldn't help but thank the heavens for the opportunity. And being a city girl, she knew just how to use it!
A car honked outside, bringing her out of her thoughts.
"He is here!" she squealed in delight, before hurrying out the door, towards the black mercedces in the driveway. However, as she approached the front seat beside the driver, the tinted window rolled down to reveal the grinning face of Bani Dixit. Annie's bag – from Gucci – slipped from her hands as she looked on in horror.
On the other hand, Bani couldn't help but smile as she watched the look of happiness on Annie's face change first to shock and then to utter dread. For the first time in her life, Bani was glad she intimidated someone. And looking at Annie's excessive attire, she guessed that the girl had a lot of hopes on today.
Oops, Bani thought. Sorry honey, but today is my day!
Seeing the glares passed between the two women, Jai began to curse his luck. Just great, he thought, shaking his head. This is going to be the worst drive of my life. Two girls, who hate eachother, stuck with me!
"Annie," he called, breaking up the non-verbal communication going between the two. "Bani unexpectedly had to join us today - she has something to discuss with the Mittals. Hope you don't mind?"
Annie shook her head and bent down to retrieve her bag, causing her already-too-short skirt to ride up her thighs two more inches. Believe it or not, Bani was the first one to notice and quickly rolled up the window.
"Erm… Jai?" she said, diverting his attention to hers. "Your button is undone."
Jai looked down to see the first two buttons of his shirt open. He rolled his eyes. "I always leave them open, don't tell me you forgot that?"
Bani smiled. Ofcourse she didn't forget! "Oh right… sorry, I will remember next time!"
Just then Annie slid into the back seat, shooting daggers at Bani.
"Good morning Jai," Annie said with a smile, completely ignoring the other.
However, it was Bani who answered cheerfully. Annie's irritation gave her happiness beyond words! "Good morning Annie! I am glad to see you can join us today!"
"I didn't know you were part of this project," Annie replied, coldly.  
"Oh come on sweety," Bani said, with an air of sarcasm. "I am the marketing manager of the Walias, I am in every project! But Im shocked you are in it as well. I was just telling Jai how advanced this is for you."
"Oh no," Annie said quickly. "Its fine. Jai knows I can handle things like this!"
"But still," Bani continued. "I think its best if we drop you off at the company, I am sure we need someone to handle the other things, don't you think Jai?"
Jai was caught off guard. "Erm… yeah, sure," he said uncertainly.
Annie, however, was a fighter. "Please Ms. Dixit," she said. "I think I can handle it. Either way, Jai needs someone to take notes, right Jai?"
"Umm… yeah, yeah sure!" Jai said slowly, watching Bani's face carefully. He was literally stuck in between two blades!
Bani narrowed her eyes. This is war Annie, she thought. And my experience is going to cost you loads! "Okay," she said. "As you wish. But be careful, keeping up with me is not easy." The threat in her tone was obvious.
Annie nodded, confident. She turned her attention to Jai. Bani or no Bani, she was not going to give up. "Oh Jai," she said. "We match!"
Bani looked from Jai to Annie, both of whom were wearing a light blue coloured shirt.
"We do!" Jai said with a smile. "It's a nice colour, it looks nice on-"
Bani interrupted. "I picked it!"
The other two turned to look at her. "What?" Annie asked.
"I told Jai to wear this colour," she informed a surprised Annie. "It looks soo nice on him, don't you think?"
Jai shook his head in exasperation. He understood these signs well – Bani was fighting hard to win against Annie.
"No," Annie said. "I think black looks the best on him. This colour makes him look a bit dull!"
"Another one of my choice," Bani said. "It was me who told Jai how nice he looks in black and I believe that's why he changed his closet!"
It was a partial lie. Bani did declare how good Jai looks in black, back when they were married, but she was definetly not the first. However, after that incident, the number of black suits Jai owned definetly increased!
"Of course everyone knows Jai looks the best in black," Annie said. "I am sure your opinion really had nothing to do with it!"
Bani let out a laugh. "Oh Annie, you are so nave! I was around for alot longer than you think!"
Sensing the growing argument between the two women, Jai decided it was best to interfere, before things spiralled out of control. "How about some music?" he said, before Annie could retort.
To his bad luck, the radio just began the next argument.
"What kind of music do you like Jai?" Annie asked, trying to get Jai's attention.
"Main baathathi hoon," Bani answered, irritating the latter even more. "He doesn't listen to music."
Annie tried again. "Really Jai?"
"Of course," Bani answered once again. "I am telling you. Jai is not really into movies."
"But you should watch them," Annie replied, ignoring Bani completely. "Are you free tomorrow? We can go catch a movie together and you will see what you are missing!"
Bani's mouth fell open. If she wasn't wrong, Annie just asked Jai out. "He is busy," Bani said in a tight voice. "Hain na Jai?"
Once again Jai was stuck. He would have loved to go watch a movie, because unlike what Bani said, he definetly watched movies. But at this point, he understood the glares Bani was passing, so he just nodded his head.
Annie's shoulders fell in disappointment. Yeh Bani ko main nahi choodongi, she thought vengefully. Because of her, my whole plan is ruined!
"How about the day after tomorrow?" Annie tried yet again.
Bani answered on the cue."He has a meeting!"
"But I am jis secretary and last I checked he has no meeting!"
"That's cause I just scheduled it this morning."
More like right now, Jai added to himself.
"But you can't do that without asking me!" Annie said, outraged.
Bani smirked. "Well, I just did."
"But what if Jai has other commitments? Its my job to make sure his schedule is made!"
"Even if he has other commitments, one thing is clear – he can't go to the movie with you!"
"His weekends are free, so I am sure, we could catch a movie on Saturday!"
"Its called family. He has a family to take care of!"
"I am sure three hours wouldn't kill them!"
Bani was very annoyed now. "What part of he is not interested do you not get?"
"And what part of "movies-are-good-for-you" don't you get?" Annie fumed.
It was stalemate, in the middle of which Jai was unwantedly caught. Its worse than a cat fight, Jai said to himself. Yeh Bani ko bhi last minute mein decision change karna tha? And I can't even say no; everyone supports her, including my own parents!
There was moment of silence, before Annie said. "I think its upto to Jai to decide!"
"Fine! What do you think Jai?" Bani asked.
Oh shit! Jai thought to himself. How could he pick one side without pissing off the other? "Umm… I think I could go on Saturday," he began.
Bani passed a "don't-you-dare-say-yes" look, causing Jai to trail off. "… but," he amended after a minute. "like she said, I am not into movies… but I could try them… someday… you know."
An awkward silence spread across the car. While Jai didn't specifically pick anyone's side, both the girls were annoyed.
"We are here," Jai announced, thanking heaven for arriving early.  Bani didn't reply and just got out of the car, slamming the door shut.
Yeh Annie ki baachi ka kuch karna padega, she thought angrily as she went inside. Aur who bhi jaldi!
"Whats her problem?" Annie asked, as soon as Bani was out of earshot.
Jai smiled awkwardly. "You know… Bani really looses her head at times."
"Tell me about it," Annie said, shaking her head. "She was pouncing on me for no reason!"
"Don't mind her," he answered heavily. "She doesn't accept things she doesn't like!"
Annie laid a hand on Jai's shoulder, faking sympathy.  "Poor you… How do you put up with her?"
At this Jai let out a laugh. "Put up? I think Bani offers a great deal of entertainment… you never get bored with her!"
* * *
Bani pressed a thousand rupee bill into the waiter's hands. "You know what to do," she said.
The waiter nodded and walked away. It was a few minutes since she arrived, and Jai was busying talking to the clients. She, however, immersed herself on kicking Annie out.
"I don't think bribing the waiter is allowed," said a quiet voice.
Bani turned around and found a young man in his twenties, looking at her. "Its called a tip."
"For not even offering a drink to you?" the man replied, with a laugh.
Bani shrugged. "Its none of your business."
"I am sorry, I didn't mean to intrude. But I haven't really seen anyone bribe someone in real life!"
Bani smiled, not even remotely angry. "I know, I wasn't exposed until a couple of days ago."
"Accha? How did you find out?"
Bani smirked. "When you are with Jai Walia, you learn a lot of things."
The man nodded in understanding. "But he is a genius, so I guess it all works out."
Bani was surprised. "You know Jai?"
"Who doesn't?" he asked rhetorically. He then extended his hand, "Hi, I am Neil Desai."
"Bani Dixit," she replied, shaking his hand. "Nice to meet you."
"How come you are here?"
"Long story short," Bani said. "I am here to get rid off someone."
"That makes no sense!"
Bani smiled. "Good. Lets keep it that way!"
Neil laughed nervously.
"Whats wrong?" Bani asked, watching him rock back and forth on his toes.
Neil shook his head. "Just nervous. I am presenting next."
Understanding dawned to Bani. "Are you Mr. Desai from the Mittals?"
Neil nodded.
"Well good luck!" Bani said. "You are going to need it!"
"Because Jai is going to grill you today," she answered.
Neil gulped as fear spread into his eyes. "G…grill?"
"But don't worry," she assured. "I will save you, if I must."
Neil nodded in appreciation and left to begin his presentation. Just then a shriek echoed through the crowd. A waiter, by accident, dropped a glass of juice on Annie.
Bani smiled, as she walked over to a murderous Annie, who was yelling at the waiter.
"Annie," Bani said, signalling the waiter to leave. "Leave the poor guy alone. He was just doing his job!"
Bani covered her ears. "Shut up," she said. "Don't make us even more embarrassed. Go and get changed."
"but I didn't bring anything," Annie answered, trying to remove the spreading orange stain on her light blue shirt.
"Oh my god," Bani said suddenly, as if the world was going to end. "Is that orange juice?"
Annie nodded in fear. "Why? Whats wrong with orange jucie?"
"It will never come out,"  she answered. "You have leave, right now! Get this shirt to the dry cleaners ASAP!"
Annie didn't want to leave. "I…I...will just wash it out."
"NO," Bani replied in a panic-filled voice. "You cant wait that long. You have to go. NOW!"
Just then Jai arrived. "Why are you both making such a fuss? Annie, whats wrong?"
Annie seemed to be tears, as she tried to rub her shirt. "The stupid waiter spilled juice on me!"
Sympathy overtook Jai's emotions as he handed her his handkerchief. However, Bani quickly grabbed it from his hands, saying "Its okay Jai, she is just leaving. Iss ki koi zaroorat nahi hai."
Jai was astonished as Bani took Annie's hand and began dragging her to the exit. "Take a taxi," he heard he say to a sobbing Annie. "And you can have the day off. I will take care of everything!"
"This was a new shirt," Annie said, failing miserably to wipe the stain off. "I spent half my salary on this."
"Koi baath nahi," Bani answered, not even remotely sympathetic. "Buy a new one."
It was after a few minutes that Bani returned, having sent Annie to a taxi, and took a seat next to Jai.
"Kush?" Jai muttered under his breath, for the meeting began and Mittals were busy presenting their issues. "Bechari ko ghar bejdiya?"
Bani didn't answer, and pretended to pay attention to Neil's presentation.
"I am curious," he continued. "Do orange juice stains really never come out?"
She tried to contain her smile, but failed. "Not if you put it in the washing machine."
The corners of Jai's mouth lifted slightly. He was very amused.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

Thanks for the patience guys, i know its been a while since i updated. Loved your comments! Wink Keep them coming! LOLBig smile


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wow great story plz update soon
thanks for the pm

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Loved it u really write well.
i have not seen the show on which the characters are based  but i really like bani in here. she doesn't give up easily , does she?LOL
do u intend to write somehing on maaneet would love to read it.

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Ah! Awesome awesome update! ROFLROFL Poor Jai! Stuck between two women! But really glad to see how Bani got rid of Annie!

Psht. How didn't she know that orange juice stains aren't permanent LOL

Anywho, totally loved this! Do continue soon! Can't wait to read what happens next.


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Yet amazing update from you...
Liked the  "cat fight":...hehehe
Thanks for the PM

Will be waiting for the next update


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very nice update. Loved this Bani. 
P.S. does annie know that Jai is married to Bani??

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Thanks Archi, i was begining to think u forgot about this ff. Must it was well worth the wait i just loved it hopefully Annie has more bad days to come. Also then time make Jai the jealous one. Waiting the next part

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