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FF: Chupanke Ki Saaza Last Part Pg 52 [Jul 7,'12] (Page 20)

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Originally posted by suwas

Thanks for update. Loved it.

Bani loves Jai & is missing him badly.just doesn't want to admit.if only Jai knew why she is distracted then he wouldn't get mad. Poor Annie can't blame her to be lusting over the Jai walia. She doesn't know the monster ms Dixit is actually his wife.

Get why Jai is this way. He tried to put some sense in bani's head but she is being stubborn. His behavior actually is making bank want him more.

Waiting for next part

I am soo glad you guys are not mad at Jai! While he was supposed to be a jerk in this part, I just couldn't stand anyone getting mad at him! Yes, I am crazy and obsessed with this story! WinkLOL Thanks for commenting hun! Big smile

Originally posted by saroj17

Thank you so much
Nice updateThumbs Up
Hope to

Thanks saroj! I will update the next part as soon as i can! Big smile

Originally posted by orchidpurple

Bani is jealous and Jai taking advantage to it!!!
Nice update...
Please continue...

Yup, Bani is burning with jealous and she doesn't even know it! LOL Thanks for the comment! Tongue

Originally posted by Anjinie

Lovely update, it seems like Bani is feeling left out. Maybe now she is understanding what she feels 4 Jai. Thanks 2 Annie that is have these feeling 4 Jai and wanting him, wonder if Jai feels the same for Bani. Waiting 4 da next update. Thanks

Thanks Anjinie! Jai's feelings for Bani are very subtle and are not easy to pick out, next Bani's obvious ones. But you will find out soon enough! Big smile

Originally posted by sparkling_gems

managed to read till part 11 and glad to see that Jai and Bani atleast are cordial towards each other. 

p.s thanks once again for the pm. 

No problemo! Thanks for commenting and hope you catch up soon! Big smile

Originally posted by Coldpies

What an update Archi. You have left me with wanting more.

Good on Jai for giving Bani a hard time and making her realise her feelings for him.

I bet they are actually kissing and its not Bani's dream. It would be good to see how Bani reacts if something did happen between them.

Looking forward to your next update.


Thanks for the comment Coldpies! Yes, JW gets his way always! And their much awaited kiss is on the way... Bani just needs to wake up and realize it! WinkTongue

Originally posted by sowmya18

loved ur update and thanks for the pm...

Thanks for the comment Sowmya! Big smile I will update as soon as i can! Sorry for the wait... 

Originally posted by Naina2127

Loved the update! Totally not liking Annie at all -_-

Anywho, continue soon!


Thanks Naina! Yes, Annie is a pain, but it will get better! Wink

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-Archi- Goldie

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Hey guys!

Sorry for the long wait, I have exams, so was busy studying. But here is the next part! Wink

Comments on Pg. 20

Recap: Bani begins to have dreams about Jai, more specifically about kissing him. Confused over these new desires, she struggles to find a balance between what her heart wants and what her mind says. Finally, she resolves to ignore Jai and his new "friendship" with his secretary Annie, hoping the dreams will go away; however, they only intensify. 

Chupanke Ki Saaza
-PART 14-
She Quits

"Annie told me about this already, and there is nothing we can do to fix it!" Jai said. It was a Monday morning in the Walia Industries and Jai was seated in his office, once again discussing a deal with Ranveer and Bani.
"I get that Jai," Ranveer said. "But we cant just ignore the Mittals!"
"Of course we can," replied Jai. "Annie talked to one of their representatives and seems like issue is internal!"
"Yeah, but its our hotel they are working on. If something screws up, then who is responsible?"
"I know," Jai said, letting out a frustrated sigh. "That's why I had Annie go through the contract again and seems like the Mittals are the ones who should be worried!"
"I think we should cancel the deal, its more trouble than its worth."
"Of course not!" Jai replied. "Annie is arranging a meeting with them right now, and after that I am sure there will be no more screw-ups!"
Ranveer sighed. Sometimes, Jai was a genius and other times – like now – he was as stubborn as a rock, who refused to listen to anything or anyone.  The problem with the Mittals has been going for a while, and Ranveer, along with Bani, thought that the deal was better off cancelled, for their costs were not only mounting everyday, but were quickly going out of control. But Jai refused to see any of this; he believed in the Mittals, god knows why!
"Ran calm down," Jai said, watching the irritated expression on his cousin's face. "Honestly its no big deal. I'll tell Annie to print you a copy of the agreement, and you can see for yourself."
"We have been through it a million times Jai," Ranveer informed, indicating himself and Bani, who was seated very quietly – for once! – trying very hard not to be annoyed.
"Yeah, but Annie can explain all the points she found and then you will see that I know what I am doing!" Jai explained.
"What is it that makes you believe these Mittals?" Ranveer blurted. He sometimes could not see Jai's logic.
Jai smiled. "I have a big list. If you want I will have –"
"Annie print it out," Bani finished, speaking for the first time in the past hour. The two men turned to look at her.  "We got that. Annie ke bina tum kuch nahi kar sakthe. No need to keep repeating yourself."
"What do you mean?" Jai fired right away.
"Its very obvious," Bani replied sarcastically. "You don't have to mention your secretary in every sentence you say."
"Its sad that you have nothing to contribute to this conversation except for pointing out that I repeat myself."
Bani's irritation peaked. She tried very hard to ignore Jai's growing relationship with Annie, but it was very difficult, if not impossible, when he mentions her in everything! She tried her best to be patient, but it seemed like Jai was never going to stop.
"That's not fair Jai," Ranveer interfered. In this case, he supported Bani. His brother may be smart, but right now he was being a jerk to everyone. "Bani was the one who brought this issue up!"
"Exactly," Jai said. "She can only create problems. Its up to me and Annie to solve them!"
"Jai," Ranveer said in warning tone. He like Rano, didn't approve of Jai's changed attitude.
"Forget it Ranveer," Bani said, before Jai could retort. "There is no point telling him! He can't see past that girl!"
Jai was enraged! " Excuse me?" he said. "Im telling the facts!"
"What facts?" she fired back. "Your secretary cannot do a thing.  I give her a file to update and it takes her one whole day to do it!"
"You purposefully give her difficult files!"
Bani let out a sarcastic laugh. "Difficult files? I thought typing doesn't require the use of a brain, not that she has one!"
"Of course she has one!" he replied, angrily. "In fact she is the most efficient employee of this company!"
Bani was very angry now. "What?!" she shrieked. "She is more efficient than me? A manager of this company? All Ananya Sharma does is daydream about how she wants to kiss yo–" She suddenly stopped, aware of what was about to slip out of her mouth.
Jai raised an eyebrow. "Kiss who?"
Bani didn't answer. She didn't want to spill Annie's intentions, not that they weren't obvious. But somehow she felt that bringing the girl's desires to Jai's attention was not the way to stop the latter from thinking about her.
"See?" Jai said, taking advantage of Bani's silence. "You have all these misconceptions about that poor girl, when in reality she works so hard!"
And that's when Bani's anger reached an all-time high. Yelling did not even begin to cover the rage inside her. "That's it," she said, in a dangerous voice. "I have had it. With you and with your company Mr. Jai Walia. I quit."
She stomped out of the room, leaving an annoyed Jai and a somewhat shocked Ranveer.
"Great," Jai said, sarcastically. "Just what I needed right now – for my dad to come and yell at me for making his bahu quit!"
* * *
Bani walked into the Walia Mansion, muttering to herself. Her anger at Jai intensified on the way home and there was only one thought in her head – how to murder her husband.
Rano and Lakshmi, who were discussing the room colours of the soon-to-be-born Walia (Rano's 8 months pregnant), were surprised to see Bani in such a bad mood.
"Whats up?" Lakshmi asked, as Bani angrily threw her bag on the couch.
"Woh stupid Jai," Bani yelled. "Samajtha kya apne aap ko?! Can you believe what he told me? That that stupid bimbo, Annie is more efficient than me! I mean, what the hell? I work my butt off for his company and all he can do is go lick someone else's a*s? When was the last time I came home at 6? NEVER! I always work overtime and how is that idiot more efficient than me? Aur woh Annie, who the hell does she think she is?! The other day-"
"OKAY!" Lakshmi said loudly. "Back up here. Start from the beginning. Who is Annie?"
Bani took a deep breath. "Ananya is Jai's new secretary."
"Who is Annie than?" Rano asked, confused.
"Annie is her nick name," Bani informed. "Atleast that's what Jai calls her."
"So Jai said this Ananya – Annie – is better than you?" Lakshmi clarified.
"YES!" Bani said. "She doesn't know anything about business! She can't even update a file without screwing up and all of sudden she is better than me?!"
"Maybe she is smart or something," Lakshmi said casually. However, upon earning a glare from her best friend, she quickly added, "Or not!"
"And its not like she has talent or something," Bani continued. "She just wears revealing clothes and all the guys are head over heels in love with her. Her skirts are equivalent to bikinis… I don't even think it is allowed!"
"But if Jai isn't saying anything," Rano said, thoughtfully. "Then I am sure its allowed."
"Exactly!" Bani said, making the other two girls even more confused. "Jai doesn't say a thing against her. I mean who does that? The girl keeps screwing up and everytime she just gets away with it!"
Rano didn't answer.
"And on top that they both act like… like they are together! Like together together!" Bani said, struggling to find words to explain her agony. "They even have lunch together! Did you know that? I found out yesterday and I am sure that it is against the law! A secretary cannot have lunch with her boss!"
Lakshmi refrained from laughing out loud. Bani was making no sense whatsoever.
"I can't even say who is worse," Bani continued. "I mean there is Jai, who feels that she is too delicate to walk from her desk to his, which is not even ten meters away and then there is that – that-"
There wasn't a good enough word to describe Bani's feelings towards Annie. 
"Imbecile?" Rano offered.
But Lakshmi had a different suggestion. "s**t?"
"Even worse than that!" Bani spat. "She checks him out every single second of the day. The other day she was on the phone telling her friend how her only desire is for Jai to kiss her! I mean, how SICK is that? Who the hell obsesses over their boss? And she kept going on about how good Jai looks, how muscular he is and how hot he looks when he is dressed in black… as if I didn't know that already!"
Rano and Lakshmi passed eachother a look. This was not the first time Bani caught someone obsessing over Jai,  however, it is the first time that she was reacting like this! She usually laughed at the poor girls, but today, something was different.
"Bani," Rano said, cautiously. She didn't want to tick her off even more. "You cant blame Annie for noticing how good looking Jai is!"
"I am not blaming her," Bani fired. "But doesn't she have a life? Couldn't she find anyone else to obsess over? Last week, she actually touched him. It was like she was waiting for that since the day she was born! "
"Why are you getting all insecure about that?" Lakshmi asked straight-forwardly, watching the irritation on Bani's face and concluding it to be jealousy.
"Insecure?" Bani asked startled, as if it was the first time she heard that word. "I am not insecure!"
Lakshmi rolled her eyes. "Please don't tell me you are not jealous!"
"WHAT?" Bani yelled. "That is insane! Why would I be jealous of Annie?"
Rano and Lakshmi passed eachother another look. It was obvious that something was different about Bani. Since when did she react to girls flirting with Jai?
"Bani," Rano said, in a calm voice. "Why exactly are you mad? Because Jai said Annie is better than you or because she flirts with him?"
"BOTH!" Bani said, without even thinking.
Lakshmi smiled and relaxed into her chair, while Rano nodded knowingly.
"What?" she asked, confused over the reactions of her two best friends.
"You are jealous," Lakshmi informed. "And you have a good reason to be."
"Lakshmi!" Rano chided.
"What?" Lakshmi replied. "She should know the truth the way it is, and not the way you sugar coat it!"
Rano rolled her eyes and turned back to Bani. "Ignore her," she said. "Jai loves you, so you it doesn't matter if Annie obsesses with him, because he will always be with you."
"He doesn't love me," Bani said, sulking.
"Don't give me that," Rano said, irritated. "Just because of one fight, you can't question his love for you!"
"I am serious," Bani replied. "He doesn't love me. If he did, he wouldn't have let me leave today. But he did and more than that, he would never let that bimbo touch him!"
"You quit?" Lakshmi said in a disbelieving tone. And when Bani nodded, she said in an exasperated voice, "Why, why, would you do that? You just gave that Annie girl an opportunity to hit on Jai!"
"Lakshmi," Rano said, interfering. "You are not helping!"
"And what do you think," Lakshmi retorted. "Reminding her of eternal love would help? If you haven't noticed, Jai and Bani don't really act like a couple."
When Rano was about to protest,  Lakshmi lowered her voice, so that Bani didn't hear the rest. "There is something wrong between the both of them and the only way to fix it, is if she realizes she loves him!"
Rano couldn't argue with that, and so nodded her head.
"Exactly," Lakshmi said in a higher voice. "This is war Bani! And seems like this Annie has scored a lot already. I mean, she has Jai around her fingers."
It was Bani's turn to roll her eyes. "Please! Jai ko impress karna utna aasan nahi hai!"
"Evidently it is for Annie," Rano said, supporting Lakshmi. "And especially if Jai doesn't love you anymore…"
Bani closed her eyes. Ofcourse, she thought to herself. Jai doesn't love me. So… so, it shouldn't matter if he likes Annie or not, right?
"I say, go back to work and keep that Annie away from your husband!" Lakshmi said.
Bani opened her eyes. "No," she said, her anger dissipating quickly. "I am not jealous or insecure, so it shouldn't matter what Jai does or what Annie does."
"Of course it should matter," Lakshmi answered. "He is your husband!"
Bani laughed out loud. "In what universe? In my opinion we are friends," were friends, she corrected mentally. "so, yeah, I don't care what he does!"
Rano smirked. "Yeah sure," she said sarcastically. She and for that matter even Lakshmi had much more experience dealing with their husbands, who were both good looking and unnecessarily rich.
"I am not jealous," Bani answered, getting up and picking up her purse.
"Okay fine," Lakhsmi said, as if she was surrendering. "But tell me, kitne din tak tum Annie ko bardash kar sakogi?"
To that Bani had no answer. She just walked away, leaving her two best friends triumphant.
* * *
It was Tuesday morning and Jai was getting late for a meeting with the Mittals. Unfortunately, a button on his shirt broke, delaying him even further.
"If he doesn't get here in the next minute, I am going to sack him!" Jai muttered to himself.
Bani refrained from rolling her eyes. She was currently giving Jai the "silent treatment" for their fight yesterday, but yet couldn't help but think how short-tempered he is. It was in his hurry to leave that Jai broke his shirt button and now was yelling at the poor butler.
"That's it," Jai said. "Tony is fired!"
Bani put down the magazine she was reading and stood up. She walked to the dresser, picked up the thread and needle and without asking permission, grabbed Jai's shirt and began to sew the button.
Jai was surprised at her behaviour, for Bani was never the one to call truce. Grinning sheepishly, he slid his arms around her waist.
Bani's eyes bulged as she looked up. "What are you doing?"
"There is no other place to put my arms," he said simply. "I am very comfy like this!"
Bani tried not to loose her temper – thought secretly, she did enjoy his arms around her – and resumed sewing.
"Waise, how come you are not mad me anymore?" Jai asked, curiously. "Am I forgiven?"
Bani didn't reply.
"I thought Bani Dixit always gets her revenge?" Jai continued. "Toh aaj kya hua?"
"Teek hai maat baat karo," Jai said. He was in too good of a mood to become irritated. "But it's a good thing you forgot about this whole mess… tum kal se office join kar lena."
Bani flashed her eyes.
"What?" he asked. "If you really mad, why didn't you give in your resignation letter? So it proves that you – OWW!"
Bani smiled, having found her mark. "That is for fighting with me yesterday!"
"You poked me on PURPOSE?" Jai said, rubbing the area where the sewing needle was jabbed. "That hurts!"
"Should have thought about that before being a jerk! Anyway, you owe me."
"No, I don't!"
"I saved you from Uday Uncle. If I gave in my resignation, then you wouldn't have been alive to see the sun rise today. So, you are welcome!"
Jai couldn't help but smile. In many ways, this morning reminded him of the time when Bani was still his wife.
"Acha teek hai," he said, turning to the mirror and combing his hair. "What do you want? Shopping?"
Bani rolled her eyes. "Shopping with you is boring!"
"Is not!"
"Ofcourse it is," she replied. "You can't even tell the difference between pink and red!"
"I know the difference," Jai answered, absent-mindedly. He was going through the many files on the table, looking for the one he needed. "You look amazing in pink, and not so much in red."
Bani froze. It seened eons ago that he complimented about how good she looks in the colour pink.  
Jai however, didn't seem to realize Bani's stillness. "Damn it," he muttered. "Where the hell is the file?"
"Which one do you want?" Bani asked, trying to keep the smile from spreading on her face. Her day was going to be so good! "And where are you going this early in the morning?"
"The Mittals," he replied. "I scheduled a meeting with them about the issue we talked about. But it's a two hour drive and Im already late!"
An idea struck Bani. "It's a long drive," she began. "Maybe I should accompany you."
Jai paused and turned around. "Ummm… Don't you have work to do in the company?"
"Nothing urgent."
"You sure?" Jai said awkwardly. "I know there is a meeting you have to go to."
"I am fine Jai," Bani said, fixing her hair in the mirror. "Besides, I think I should meet these Mittals in person as well. Shall I wait for your downstairs?"
However, just as she made her way to the door, Jai said, "Actually Bani, Im going with Annie."
Bani's face fell. "Why?"
"Her car is at servicing, so I told her I will give her a ride," Jai said timidly. The last thing he wanted was Bani to get mad again.
Bani tried to keep the smile on her face. "Oh.. right. Actually,  I do have work to do. Have fun at the meeting."
Jai smiled, relieved. "Sure! See you later!"
A pang of jealousy hit Bani as she watched the grin on Jai's face. He doesn't even want to be with me, she thought. She was almost to the door, when Lakshmi's words came back to her: This is war Bani! And seems like this Annie has scored a lot already
Bani took a deep breath and turned around. No, she thought. Im not going to be logical about this, because there is no logic. I quit.
"You know what," she said, confidently. Jai raised his eyebrows. "I am not busy today. I can come to the meeting. I will wait for you downstairs!"
She left the room, leaving a speechless Jai behind.


Comments please! Big smile


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OMGGG! You have got to update the next part soon. I freaking love this story.

Hehe like that Bani was paying attention to Lakshmi's words. Looking forward to seeing what will happen on the car drive as well as at the meeting. Time for Bani to get back at Annie?

Do continue soon!


PS: Good Luck on the exams!

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wow great story plz update soon
thanks for the pm
good luck on your examsSmile

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Reserved - edited;

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loved it...
i think its the time or revenge...
thanks for the pm and update soon...

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You amaze us readers with every update...
This was amazzzinnggg..
I so wanted to hit Jai for that "Annie" matra he talekd with Ranveer and Bani...
Bani is jealous...waiting for her revenge and this Annie to be out of this office...

Pls pls update soon...

Thank you for this wonderful update...

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Thanks lovely update, waiting 2 c wat happens on the way to the meeting. Gud luck 4 u'r exams

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