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FF: Chupanke Ki Saaza Last Part Pg 52 [Jul 7,'12] (Page 15)

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Posted: 24 January 2012 at 6:02pm | IP Logged
Great FF!
loved JB's chemistry... Wink
please update soon! 

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Posted: 24 January 2012 at 6:35pm | IP Logged
Awesome Awesome update! Glad to see there's some semblance of a truce in play right now LOL

Do continue soon!

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Posted: 24 January 2012 at 7:09pm | IP Logged

Coldpies ' Thanks so much. Will definitely PM you! Tongue

Orchidpurple ' Thanks hun! Big smile

Proud-BrownGirl ' Thanks! JB never really do stop fighting! Big smile

archita_59 ' Thanks! Smile

Naina2127 ' Thanks! But I wouldn't call it a truce yet! Wink

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Here is the next part guys! First, I just want to clear somethings about Pia's death, so you aren't confused:

Recap: On the day of Jai and Pia's wedding (approximately a year ago from now), Pia goes to Jai's office to break off their engagement as she realizes that Jai doesn't love her. However, Jai was busy, so she leaves him a note and while returning, meets with an accident. Later, Bani finds the note, and concludes that Pia's accident was actually suicide. Ever since then, she holds Jai responsible for her sister's death.

Chupanke Ki Saaza
-PART 12-
Why do I bother with Jai Walia? Oh right, because I'm an idiot.
"So," she said, finally breaking the long stretch of silence. They were almost finished eating. "What makes you smile every two minutes?"
Jai was caught off guard as Bani looked expectantly for an answer.
"I don't know," Jai replied, mysteriously. "You tell me."
"How would I know?" she answered, confused.
Jai leaned closer to Bani and whispered, "The same thing that made you smile, makes me smile too."
And he got up and left the table, leaving an utterly puzzled Bani.
* * *
"SURPRISE!" Bani yelled, along with the rest of the management, as Mrs. Hastings walked into the darkened meeting room.
It was once again, a bright, sunny day in the Walia Industries, which was bustling with activity. The reason for this excitement was Jai's secretary, Mrs. Hastings, was retiring after working for 20 years and Bani saw to it that the kind lady got a nice farewell party.
"Oh my god," Mrs. Hastings said, seeing a huge vanilla cake on the table. "I can't believe this!"
Bani hugged the lady and said, "You deserve a lot more! But I just found out yesterday that you were retiring! Hence I couldn't do much!"
"This is more than enough," Mrs. Hastings replied. "Thank you so much!"
"What about my hug?" Jai said, joining the conversation. Despite working only five years with Mrs. Hastings, Jai was more than grateful for the help and consolance the lady offered in this initial struggle. He owed her big time.
Mrs. Hastings smiled and gave Jai a big hug. "Promise me you won't get too mad at anyone!"
"I don't!" Jai said defensively.
Bani snorted. "Yeah right…"
Jai glared at Bani. But before could he reply, Mrs. Hastings interefered. "And make sure you don't annoy Bani."
Bani smirked as Jai's mouth fell open. "I can't believe you said that. She is the one who annoys me!"
"Excuse me?" Bani said, firing up. And bickering between the duo began once again. Shaking her head, Mrs. Hastings walked around the room, saying her final goodbyes. Even though she still had the end of the week before she officially retired, it saddened her to know that she won't be coming back.
As she glanced around the room, wondering what she will do once she doesn't have to schedule meetings anymore, her eyes fell on Jai, who seemed to be arguing with an irritated looking Bani. A smile spread across Mrs. Hastings face as she watched the couple. She was one of the few people in the company who saw Jai for what he was – not a tycoon, with a mountain of anger, but a boy madly in love.
Nobody in the company noticed the way his eyes lit up whenever Bani's name was mentioned, the way the corner's of his lips would pull up when he saw her, or the way the the lines on his forehead would disappear everytime she talked – except her. Mrs. Hastings suspected even Bani herself didn't know how much Jai loved her.
But she wasn't slow to pick up on Bani's attitude either. The way Bani tried to keep from smiling whenever Jai appeared, the way she tried to look annoyed with him, but yet admiring every little thing he did or the way she tried to remain aloof of his presence, but always gravitating towards him – it was very obvious, but sadly, the ever so smart Jai Walia, didn't seem to pick it up either.
Sometimes she wondered, how two people who love each other so much, can be so blinded. She knew something was going on between the couple (and she had a good guess of what!) but at the same time, couldn't believe their love didn't overcome the problem. There were times, when she used to wonder if the love between the couple was a pigment of imagination, for they ever so rarely talked without a fight, forget hugs and kisses! But somehow, she knew she wasn't making it up.
The week drew to a close, and Mrs. Hastings' last day ticked to an end. At 6pm, when her day ended, she packed up her stuff and gave one last sweep of her desk, making sure nothing was left behind. A tear escaped her eyes as the past twenty years flashed by. Taking a deep breath, she began to walk to the elevators, when a panting Bani caught up with her.
"Thank god," Bani heaved. "I thought you already left!"
Mrs. Hastings was beliwered. "What happened?"
Bani held out a small silver box with a red bow tied to it. "Thank you."
Now Mrs. Hastings was confused. "I should be thanking you for the gift!"
"No," Bani said, pushing the box into the old lady's hands.  "Thank you for taking care of this office a-and Jai," there was a small pause before she continued. "Especially when no one did."
A wide smile spread across Mrs. Hastings face. It was as if she was finally retiring without anything to worry about. While she spent the last week taking care of the files and preparing for the new secretary to join, she felt very uneasy leaving behind Jai, who she thought no one understood or will bother to understand. She felt nervous leaving him behind, like a loose end. But now, all her worries were taken care of!
Mrs. Hastings pulled Bani into a hug, happy that she was right about the young couple all along.
"Promise me something," she said. "Promise me you will take care of Jai."
Bani didn't know what to say. While she adored the lady for her kindness and was grateful for her taking care of Jai in ways only a mother can, she couldn't give her that promise. And she didn't want to lie either.
"Mrs.-" Bani began to say, trying to explain the situation, when the lady shook her head.
"All these years, I just made sure he ate on time and had enough sleep. What he really needs is someone to understand the turmoil he goes through everyday. He really needs someone to tell him that he is too hard on himself. He needs someone to make sure he doesn't kill himself with that guilty conscience he has."
Bani was at a loss of words. Does she know about Di?, wondered Bani to herself. Her question seemed to appear on her face, for the retired secretary said, "I know enough to guess what happened to Pia. And I know more to say that Jai went through too much."
Bani refrained from snorting. No matter what her feelings towards her husband were, nothing could change the fact that he was guilty. Guilty for killing her only sister.
"I was the last person to see her," Mrs. Hastings said. "She came to break off her marriage with Jai, but he was stuck in a meeting."
Bani tried very hard to say something… to ask how her sister was in those final moments. But she couldn't. Her throat was constricted and an invisible weight was crushing her chest.
Mrs. Hastings seemed to be far away from the present, to notice Bani's tearful eyes. "She was beautiful," the lady whispered. "She smiled to me… I didn't even guess what was about to happen."
 Her eyes then focused on Bani and was torn to see the pain on the girl's face. Mrs. Hastings gently touched her face. "You are a lot like her, you know."
A tear escaped Bani's eyes. She couldn't deal with this. The weight of her sister's death was not something she wanted to remember. She refused to shed a tear, then or now – she wasn't weak enough to succumb to the pain. She took deep calming breaths, forcing the tears to stop. "No," she said, clearing her throat.  "She was a lot more prettier than me."
"Bani, you have to let it go," Mrs. Hastings said in a voice that sounded a lot like Kiran's (Bani's Mother).
"No matter what," Bani said in a determined voice. "She didn't deserve what she got. And I will never forget that."
And with that she turned her back on Mrs. Hastings and disappeared into her cabin.
* * *
"Morning," Bani said, walking into Jai's cabin. It was the Monday after Mrs. Hastings retirement and she was in no good mood. The old lady's parting remarks kept her locked up in her room for most of weekend. It took too much effort to keep the pain in.
"Just leave the coffee there," Jai replied, not taking his eyes off a young girl sitting in front of me.
Bani was annoyed. "I am not your servant," she snapped. "And I am here to discuss the Mittal's project."
Jai looked up at Bani's sharp tone. "Someone is in a bad mood this morning!"
Bani narrowed her eyes. There were a number of things annoying her today. First, the issue of Pia never seemed to leave her – it was haunting that she desperately tried to get rid of. Why couldn't everyone leave me to my mourning?, she thought. Second, there was a mountain of work on her desk, which she had no intention of doing. On top of that her morning coffee seemed to be missing, giving her a headache at 9am. And why is that girl sitting infront of her husband showing more skin than necessary and looking way too comfortable to be allowed?
"Who are you?" the question slipped from her mouth.
"Jai… Jai Walia," replied an amused Jai, who thought Bani was still in the conversation with him.
Bani shook her head and glared at the girl. Watching her gaze, Jai answered, "This is Ananya, my new secretary."
"Please," the girl replied in a sugary sweet voice, that to Bani sounded very revolting. "Call me Annie."
Jai smiled. "Okay then Annie, this is Bani Dixit, our Marketing Manager."
The girl – Ananya – turned around and passed Bani a smile, which she ignored. Pretty in her features, Ananya reminded Bani of a perfect blonde bimbo, only she was a brunette.
When the awkward silence between the two women persisted for longer than usual, Jai decided to interfere. "Okay Annie, you can go and look over the files we are working on right now. Mrs. Hastings left you some guidelines. And then, around lunch, I will give you a tour of the office."
Ananya nodded. "See you soon," she said, before disappearing out the door.
"Who the hell is she?" Bani demanded, once they were alone.
"I told you, my new secretary!"
"Couldn't you find anyone than her?"
"Kyun? Iss mein kya karabi hai?"
"Nothing, except that she lacks brains."
Jai looked up from his laptop and tried to understand Bani's harsh tone. "What makes you think she is dumb? Infact, she is quite intelligent."
"Acha? What did she know? Her name?"
Jai averted his gaze and went back to looking at the computer screen, confirming Bani's sarcastic comment.
"Lovely," she said. "So, now we hire people based on if they can remember their name or not."
"No," Jai replied. "She fits the post. I mean, look at her. She is dresses nice, she will fit right in!"
Bani raised an eyebrow. "She dresses nice?"
Jai cursed. If there was anything he learned in his life, it was that praising a girl infront of another is the worst thing to do. "I mean, she presents herself well. The Walia Industries will have a good reputation."
"We have good reputation," Bani interjected. "Because of the intelligence of our workers. Not because of some blonde bimbos!"
"She is a brunette."
Bani's irritation level peaked. "So, now you even know her hair colour?!"
Jai let out an exasperated sigh. He so didn't want to have this conversation.
"Look," he said in a very business-like voice. "I'm paying her almost next to nothing and she is decent as a secretary. Why would I want to get some highly qualified person to take notes and schedule meetings and waste a ton of money in the process?"
Bani didn't have an answer to this.
"Now," Jai said, taking Bani's silence as her approval. "Can we get to work?"
* * *

Bani groaned in frustration. It was mid-afternoon and she was trying her level best to finish a report that Uday wanted in the next hour. But her mind was blank and her concentration no where close. And on top of that, there was a lot of laughter coming from outside Bani's cabin, distracting her even more.
"Okay," Bani said, standing up and walking to the door. She was determined to yell at whoever was making the ruckus.
"What the hell-" but she stopped in her tracks as soon as she saw who it was.
Jai was standing beside a laughing Ananya – too close, Bani noted – and was whispering something in her ear. When the duo didn't seem to notice her, Bani cleared her throat.
"Ahem," she said very loudly.
Jai looked up. "Oh Bani," he said, in almost relief. "I thought it was Dad…"
"This is an office Jai," she replied very curtly. "I thought being the owner would have made you realize that."
Jai smirked. "I do… but I was just showing Annie here, where everything was. You know she is new…"
"There is a map on every corner of this building, she can figure it out," Bani said. "Oh wait, she might not be able to read it… because obviously, you don't hire anyone on their certifications anymore."
Silence. Bani's words were a tight slap on both Jai and Annie's faces and that's how she meant them to be. And without waiting for a reply, she turned on her heel and slammed her office door. She barely took two steps to her seat when she heard Jai's voice.
"Ignore her," he said, not even bothering to keep his tone down. "She is old-fashioned. You will get used to it."
Annie giggled, infuriating Bani. Old-fashioned? she thought angrily. Just you wait Jai Walia…
* * *
Bani dumped ten files on Ananya's desk. The girl looked up in confusion.
"Yes Ms. Dixit?" she asked, politely.
"These files need to be updated," Bani replied. "By the end of the day."
"But… But theres only an hour left before I get off," Ananya replied.
"Then I suggest you get started."
Bani smiled at the stunned-looking Ananya and  turned to leave.
"But these aren't even Jai's projects," she called to a retreating Bani.
"Mr.Walia," Bani corrected, stopping and turning around to pass a stern look. "Its Mr. Walia for you. And last time I checked, the company pays you not Jai."
Ananya didn't have a reply. She knew Bani was not a woman to be messed with.
"Any more questions?" Bani asked. And without even waiting for a nod, she walked back to her cabin, somehow satisfied.
Almost two hours later,  when Bani was packing up for home, her office door burst open with angry footsteps echoing through the room. It was Jai.
"What the hell did you do?" he shouted.
Bani covered her ears. "Keep your voice down. I am in no mood to go deaf!"
Jai glared at Bani. "Why did you give Annie all those files?" he asked, in a lower voice that was still full of anger.
"Because she works here…"
"I know that," he snapped. "But she has been here till 5:30 and is still on the second file. I mean, how could you Bani, it was her first day!"
"Talk about being slow. If it takes her almost an hour and half to go through one file, then its high time you sack her."
"So this is what this whole thing is about? To show to me how inefficient she is?"
And also for the pure pleasure of seeing her work, Bani thought mentally, but out loud she said, "I am glad you see the point."
"I told you Bani," Jai said. "I am not firing her. She is one of the best employees I ever hired."
The cool from Bani's face vanished. The best employee? What is wrong with him? "If she is complaining about working overtime for thirty minutes, I fail to understand how good she is!"
"She didn't complain," he replied. "I saw her. She didn't want to tell me at first…"
Bani tried very hard not to smile. Mission accomplished, she thought. That stupid girl understands she can't mess with me. "I was merely giving her a taste of what it is like to work here. That's it."
"By giving her work that she is not even supposed to do?"
"I just gave her projects to update… whats the big deal?"
"Yeah," Jai said sarcastically. "your projects. Did it ever occur to you that she is my secretary?"
"Accha?" Bani answered in an equally sarcastic tone. "So, does her pay check come out of your  bank account?"
Jai opened his mouth to reply, but Bani cut him off. "No… The whole company  pays for her. So, the least she could do, is actually do some work for the progress of this company."
"You are being completely absurd Bani," Jai said, shaking his head. "I hired her for my personal use."
Bani's mouth fell open. "Personal use?"
"You know what I mean," he said, quickly. "You can't go giving her your work like that. Bechari… she will be overwhelmed."
And that's when Bani's irritation reached an all time high. "Overwhelmed? You think she is overwhelmed?" she spat. "What about me? I work twice more than you, but yet you are the one who gets a personal secretary?!"
Jai shrugged. "If its bothering you soo much, why don't you hire a secretary yourself?"
"That's not the point!"
"No it isn't," he agreed. "You have to stop this. Annie is my secretary and only I deal with her. Is that understood?"
"No," Bani said, shrewedly. "She works for the company. And trust me, it won't be hard for me to cut her pay check, when she isn't up to the company's standards."
"You are in charge of marketing," Jai stressed. "not finances!"
Bani smirked. "You really want to challenge me? One phone call and she will be kicked out."
"Oh yeah, and how will you do that?"
Bani picked up her cell phone. "Why don't we ask Uday Uncle's opinion about this? I am sure he will agree that Annie is more loss to this company than we can afford."
Jai was stumped. If the matter went to his father, there was no doubt that Bani would win. For some reason, his own family didn't support him. He grit his teeth in frustration.
"I am glad we figured this out," Bani said, picking up her hand bag. "Tell your secretary to update those files before tomorrow morning."
Now it was Jai's turn to grin. "Too bad. She already left."
"What?!" she shrieked. "Who the hell gave her permission to leave?"
"I did," he said simply. "So, yeah, go ahead giving her work. But she is not going to do it."
Bani was taken aback. "Did you hear what I said for the last fifteen minutes?"
"I did," he repeated. "But I don't care. This is going to work with my rules."
"Says who?"
"Says me," Jai said, straightening up. "So, don't ever bother scaring Annie to quit, because I won't let her."
And with that he walked out of the office, leaving a flabbergast Bani. She felt like banging her head against the wall as it was much, much easier than putting some sense into Jai Walia. 


Waiting eagerly for your comments!

Archi Tongue

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So, here is the PM list. I added everyone who commented on this FF. If your name isn't on here, and you still want a PM every time I update, "Like" this post and I shall add you to the list! Tongue








Iqbal Neha1






































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Bani needs get herself a
gorgeous hunk of a secretary now and see how JW likes
to have the table turn on him.LOL

Continue real soon.Smile

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OMGG! Hahaaha Loveeed seeing these two bickering over Annie...hehe Bani's so cute LOL But Jai's an intelligent one...knowing not to praise a woman too excessively in front of another one LOL Anywho, absolutely adored this update...Mrs. Hastings was so sweet...loved her, but nice to hear how she advised Bani to let it go...
Continue soon Archi! :)


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it was a very nice update

hope u will write more n dat 2 soonn

always waiting 4 ur updates


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