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FF: Chupanke Ki Saaza Last Part Pg 52 [Jul 7,'12] (Page 13)

sowmya18 Goldie

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Posted: 31 October 2011 at 3:56am | IP Logged
loved ur update..
do continue soon...
waiting for t...
plzz add m to ur pm list..

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Anjinie IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 31 October 2011 at 4:28am | IP Logged
Hi Archi, pls let us no were u are going 2 post u'r updates. Pls pm me. Waiting 2 hear from u soon

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sohni_kudi_111 Senior Member

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Posted: 12 December 2011 at 7:56am | IP Logged
hey, great story!!! waiting 4 an update desperately!!!! plzzz


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Coldpies Newbie

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Posted: 27 December 2011 at 11:53pm | IP Logged
Please update soon. Waiting eagerly.

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-Archi- Goldie

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Posted: 09 January 2012 at 5:32pm | IP Logged
Hey Guys,

I am so sorry for the late late update. I had so many things going on. But i am back and will try my best to update more often. So, here is the update, with a long recap, from the beginning of the story!

Recap: Bani and Jai, a married couple, split up when Bani finds out that her older sister, Pia, committed suicide after she realizes that Jai, who was then engaged to Pia to please his father, did not love her. Upset, Bani blames Jai for her sister's death and leaves the Walia Mansion to go to Canada forever. However, Jai, on his mother Krishna's orders, forces her to stay back of the condition that they have to be divorced before Bani leaves the country (he hopes to win her back in this one month). Having no option, Bani moves back in with Jai for a month, while their divorce gets finalized. This issue is hidden from the family, which consists of Uday and Krishna (Jai's parents), Ranveer (Jai's cousin brother) and his wife Rano, Lakshmi (Krishna's sister's daughter) and her husband Tarun (Jai's best friend), who believe that Jai and Bani just need time to resolve their issues. Bani begins working for the Walia's as a Marketing Manager and goes to Mt. Abu for a business deal, along with Jai and the two other couples. The night before the deal, Bani is forced to go out with Harsh, the son of Mr. Malhotra (with who the Walia's have to do the deal). While Bani does return to the hotel safe and sound, thanks to Jai, she is pissed for having been sent against her wishes (Harsh at some point tried to force himself on her). Angry, she gets into a fight with Jai and quickly realizes that she misses him. 

Chupanke Ki Saaza
-PART 10-
The Hunt

"Bani kahan hai?" Rano asked, as Jai appeared in the hotel caf, where they were all having breakfast the next day morning.
"Sleeping," he replied, picking up a toast and carefully spreading butter on it. Rano waited for a further explanation, and received nothing but silence in return.
"Ready?" Ranveer asked after a few minutes. "The Malhotra's pre-poned the meeting to 9."
Jai nodded and stood up. Together the brothers left the hall, leaving a frustrated Rano.
"Yeh dono samaj the kyun nahi?" she muttered, while Lakshmi wondered what the matter was. "They love each other, and both pretend the other doesn't exist."
"Jai aur Bani?" Lakshmi clarified. "What did they do now?"
Without haste, Rano recounted all of the previous nights events.
"Well, we know he brought her back," Lakshmi said as Rano finished.
"But they obviously didn't make up," Rano said. "I am sure they had a fight about it."
Rano let out a sigh, as Lakshmi said, "Lets go see Bani. Maybe she will tell us what happened."

"Doubt it," Rano said. "They both are very careful around us." But she got up all the same and followed Lakshmi to Bani's room.
It took them almost ten minutes of constant knocking to wake Bani, who appeared at the door grumbling.
"Can't people even sleep around here?" she asked, as she slumped back into bed, while Rano and Lakshmi sat down beside her.
"Bani, its 9," Lakshmi informed.
"Great," she replied. "What do you want me to do?"
"Why are you here Bani?" Rano asked.
Realization dawned on Bani as she sat up with a jerk. "Crap! – My meeting!" She scrambled to get out of bed, but stopped midway and settled back, with a frustrated expression.
"Kya hua?" Lakshmi asked.
"There is no point," Bani said. "Even if I manage to get down there in ten minutes, Jai will ignore me as usual and it will be beyond awkward with Harsh."
Rano pretended to act ignorant. "Why would Jai ignore you?"
Bani stared at her incredously. "Where have you been for the past year and half? When me and Jai have a fight, we ignore each other. And then both of us realize how stupid we are and make up a day later by –"
She stopped and turned a delicate shade of pink. She and Jai always made up their fights by having a romantic evening either in a yatcht, farmhouse or hotel.
Lakshmi giggled. "So we all know what Jai and Bani will be upto tonight then!"
However, Bani's face fell. As much as she wanted it otherwise, she couldn't make herself believe that Jai will ever make up with her.
Rano was quick to catch Bani's expression and decided at once that things were getting out of hand. She resolved to take matters into her own hands.
* * *
"Hell no," Jai said to a smiling Rano. "I am not  doing that!"
"Jai," Rano said. "Kya apni bhabhi ke liye, tum yeh bhi nahi kar sakthe?"
"Bhabhi my foot," Jai replied.
"Jai!" Ranveer said in a warning tone. "Don't irritate her."
"Thanks baby," Rano said, with a wink to her husband. "Tumhara bhai tumse kitna behtar hai Jai. Phat se maan gaya."
"Kyunki woh unfortunately tumse shaadi ki hai," Jai stated. "but I have no such binding contract with you."
"of course you do," she said. "Whats the problem anyway?"
"First of all, I don't play childish games like a scavenger hunt because its stupid and I don't have the time for it," Jai explained. "And even if I agreed to play, there is no way in hell that I am on Bani's team."
Rano sighed. "Bani mein kya problem hai?"
"No Rano," Jai said. "Im not having this discussion with you."
"Haan Rano," Bani said. She just walked in with Lakshmi and heard Jai's denial. It was not unexpected, but it was a blow nevertheless. "I am not playing with him."
"Suck it up then," Rano said, her tone past pleasant and on the verge of anger. "Both of your are playing and will be on the same team."
"Says who?" Jai objected.
"Says me," she answered. "And I am pregnant, so you are going to have to listen to me."
Jai stared open mouthed as Rano left. "Just great…" he muttered to himself.
It was the evening after the big meeting with Malhotras, in which Jai manged to get the deal signed, a feat he intended on celebrating, for it was the best contract he ever made. However, just as he was going to announce a big party, his favourite and only bhabhi, Rano, announced that she wanted to take part in the hotel's annual scavenger hunt, for she desperately wanted the prize offered to the winners. She further added that the only way to win was for all of them to participate, increasing the chances of wininning and thus, the prize, which would undoubtedly will be given to Rano regardless of who won it.
While everyone agreed for the pointless plan, as Rano could get whatever she wanted these days, no matter how ridiculous it was, given her condition, Jai put his foot down. He not only felt childish to participate in this event, but didn't want to spend time with Bani, whom he was ignoring from that morning. Their little confrontation the night before was not a pleasant experience and he was confident that his wife would not want to see his face after that. He saved her the trouble and pretended that the hatred was both ways – a habit for him now. However, he was direly wrong, for not only did Bani want to spend time with him, but was looking for ways to corner him alone.
Rano returned with the list of items they were to gather by the end of the night. She gave both Jai and Bani a stern look, before turning away and wishing everyone luck.
Jai and Bani departed in silence.
"Its this way," Bani said, after fifteen minutes of quiet. Jai stopped and looked at her with raised eyebrows. Bani clarified. "The first on the list is a war painting, which is on the fifth floor."
Jai let out a sigh. "And what makes you think that I am actually following this list?"
"Don't you want to win?"
"If you haven't realized," Jai said coldly.  "I am not interested. Main room mein jaa raha hoon, tum yeh scavenger hunt khud khelna!"
Bani's face fell. She was looking forward to spend time with him. True, they are not in talking terms, but she needed his presence. As much as she thought she hated him, she craved for his attention and his ignorance was not something she was taking nicely -  especially after their fight the night before. "Teek hai," she said, desperately, when Jai continued to walk, ignoring her. "Maat khelna. Waise bhi tum haarne wale ho."
Jai stopped and turned around. "What?"
"Haan," Bani said. "tum aise games mein haarthe ho. So, it's a good thing that you are not playing. Warna Rano ke samna, hamara naak kataoge!"
Jai's jaw dropped. "I ashame you? You always win because me."
"Stop dreaming!"
"I am not!" Jai said, defensively. "You are the one who sucks!"
"Acha?" Bani said, trying not to smile. "Why don't you prove it then?!"
"Fine," Jai said, walking back to where Bani was standing. "I will." He took the list of the things they have to find, and tore the page in two, giving one half back. "Lets see who can find their half of things first. Deal?"
Bani smiled. "Yes."
And with that they parted ways.
Dekhna, Bani thought to herself. When Jai loses, I will also pretend to lose. And then both of us will laugh on what a stupid idea this whole thing was… just like old times!
* * *
"God," Bani said to herself. "This game is so tedious. Who the hell invented it?"
As she continued to walk, counting the number of things she still had to find, she bumped into a strong pair of shoulders and stumbled back.
"I am so sorr-" she began to apologize, but realized that it was Harsh. She stopped, and didn't know what to say.
"Hi," Harsh after a few moments of awkward silence.
"Hi," Bani said, trying to keep her voice pleasant. She was still mad at his behaviour from last night.
Harsh cleared his throat, to help with his nervousness. Truth was Jai had very camly threatened him not to come infront of his wife ever again. And having a lot of experience in the business world, he was not dumb, to understand that Jai meant things he said. "Ermm… how are you?"
"Fine," Bani replied, but didn't continue the conversation.
Harsh sighed. "Look Bani… I am very sorry for what happened last night. I had no idea you were Jai's wife. Main toh aise hi… anyway, forget it. Can you please forgive me?"
Bani was taken back. The stubborn and obsessive Harsh apologizing to her? "Umm… yeah, that's okay. Joh hua, so hua."
"Thank you," he said, grateful. "Waise how long were you guys married? I never even heard the news!"
"Just a year ago…"
"Oh!" Harsh said. "Yeah, I was in London for the last three years. Otherwise, who would miss Jai Walia's wedding?"
"It wasn't that big," Bani said, not comfortable with this topic, for it was very closely related to Pia.
"So, how did you guys meet?" Harsh asked.
Now Bani didn't even know how to answer without bringing up her sister. "It was arranged…" she mumbled.
"Seriously?!" he exclaimed. "No way!"
Bani raised her eyebrow in confusion. "Why? Are arranged marriages not permitted anymore?"
But Harsh didn't seem to hear her. "No! That can't be right… Jai cannot love you soo much if this marriage was arranged!"
This stumped Bani. "Huh?" If she believed anything since she moved back into the Walia Mansion, it was that Jai stopped loving her. Yes, she was to be blamed for this change, but that didn't mean she was hurt. It was selfish, but she wanted him to care for her.
Harsh, however, looked at Bani, properly for the first time. Though her beauty still took his breath away, he saw her eyes for what they were – it looked like she was in distress. "Are you okay?" he asked.
Bani nodded automatically. She was more than used to these questions.
"No seriously," Harsh said. "Is everything okay between you and Jai?"
"Of course," Bani lied easily. But it was obvious that he didn't buy that excuse. So Bani decided to put some truth. "Its just…he is mad at me," she said. It was a fact that was bugging her since morning but that wasn't the only thing on her mind.
But Harsh didn't seem to believe that either. "Jai can never be mad at you."
Bani looked at the floor. "I am sure you are mistaken," she said quietly. "Because he is now… he won't even look at me!"
"No I am not mistaken," Harsh said confidently. "Men aren't that difficult to understand Bani. You just need to see past their words and look at their actions."
Bani looked up at the serious expression on Harsh's face. "I understand Jai more than anyone."
He simply replied, "Then you should know that he would go to any lengths for you…".
Bani shrugged. Truth was, she felt she didn't know anything about Jai these days. The way he taunted her, sometimes ignored her like today – it was like he was a whole new person.
"Anyway," she said, changing the topic. "how come you are here?"
"Nothing," Harsh said. "I am totally bored. How about you?"
Bani groaned. "Some scavenger hunt that I am being forced to play!"
"Seriously?" Harsh said, excited. "You are actually participating?"
"Yeah… but I can't even find half the things on the list."
Harsh smiled. "Let me help you."
Harsh refrained from rolling his eyes. "I own this hotel and I came up with the game."
Bani's face spread into a smile. "That. Is. So. Awesome!!" But a thought crossed her mind. "But that wouldn't be cheating… right?"
"I wouldn't tell anyone," he promised. "either way, consider it as part of my apology!"
* * *
"Urghh!" Jai grumbled to himself. "Just one more thing and I will win this stupid game and prove to Bani that I am better than her!"
It was almost an hour since Jai challenged Bani and he was almost close to finishing his list of things he had to find. The last item on the list was a antique chain, which was rumoured to have belonged to a queen almost a thousand years ago. While Jai tried everything – starting from research on the internet to bribing the staff of the hotel – he couldn't located where this priceless thing was in the hotel.
"If it is so priceless," Jai thought. "Why does no one know about it?"
As he continued to walk aimlessly through the halls, hoping to find the item, he walked in on a similing Bani, who was talking to Harsh. Jai's eyes narrowed as he watched the duo continue to chat.
Just then Harsh caught his eye. Jai raised his eyebrows questioningly. He thought he was very obvious when he told Harsh never to talk to Bani again.  
"Jai," Harsh said. "I was just apologizing to Bani for last night."
Jai nodded, but his stern expression didn't change.
"Anyway," Harsh said, understanding Jai's unsaid dismissal. "I have to run. Take care Bani – err, Mrs. Walia."
Bani gave a puzzled expression as Harsh hurried out of sight. "What happened to him?" she wondered out loud. "He was talking fine till now."
Jai decided that his threat to Harsh should be kept a secret. He just shrugged his shoulders in response.
"Anyway," Bani said. "Did you finish? Did you find everything?"
Jai sighed. "One thing left. So, since you probably didn't even find half the items, lets call it quits. I won."
Bani raised her eyebrows. "What one thing are you missing?"
"Some antique chain…" Jai replied. "But who cares?! You lost Bani Dixit!"
Bani laughed at this. "Says who? I finished everything AND I found one extra thing!"
"What?" Jai said, surprised. He grabbed her list and sure enough, every single item was checked off, with the location of each scribbed messily beside it. "Fine," he said, determined. "I can go find my last item in less than five minutes!"
"Too bad!" Bani said, with a smug expression. She owed Harsh so much. He practically recounted the entire hunt to her. "I found your last item. SO, I win either way!"
"you know where the chain is?" Jai asked, not believeing his ears. There was no way, Bani could have found it, when he wasted almost thirty minutes over it.
Bani nodded her head, with a wide smile on her face. "Yup! Third floor, first frame on the right!"
Jai groaned. "That was the only floor I didn't bother to check!!"
"So one thing is cleared," Bani said, as Jai cursed his luck.
"That no matter what you say, in end, you always have to come back to me!"
"But you don't want me to come back," Jai said quietly. "right?"
Bani didn't know what to say. Was it really her who was pushing him away? Didn't he hate her just as much? Wasn't he the one who thought of divorce?
"Well," Jai said, interpreting her silence to be a yes. "You know what this means, right? We won! Rano can get her prize now."
Bani nodded and followed him to Rano's room.
* * *
"We are done," Jai announced as he walked into Rano and Ranveer's room.
"Huh?" Rano said.
"The scavenger hunt," Jai reminded. "me and Bani finished. So you can get your lame prize."
Realization dawned to Rano. "Oh really? Great!" Truth was, no one was participating in the scavenger hunt except for Jai and Bani. While Lakshmi and Tarun disappeared on a long drive, Ranveer and Rano retired to their room, where they were busy trying to come up with a name for their child. But Rano could hardly explain this to Jai, who would burst worse than a volcano.
"That's it?" Jai asked. "How about a thank you?"
Rano eyed Bani, who appeared to be lost in thought. "Kya hua Bani?" she asked, ignoring Jai.
Bani jerked out of her thoughts. "Nothing… just tired." And with that she left the room.
Rano turned to Jai with a glare. "What did you say?"
"Don't look at me like that! I didn't do anything!"
"Then why did she just leave like that?"
Jai rolled his eyes. "Rano!" he exclaimed. "Anything that happens to Bani is not my fault!"
"Yes it is," Rano said. "Now go find out what happened," she ordered.
Jai grudgingly got up and left.
* * *
What is wrong with me? Bani pondered as she randomly flipped through channels on the TV. Why do I care so much if Jai is mad at me? I should be glad that this marriage is easier to break than I imagined. And even if it isn't, I cannot stay with a man who killed me sister… right? Her resolve, which stayed firm for the past month was beginning shake.
"I didn't know you watched fear factor," Jai said, watching Bani's blank face.
"Huh?" Bani said, blinking out of her thoughts.
Jai just shook his head. No point talking to a lost person. He sat down beside her and grabbed the remote.
"I was watching that!" Bani exclaimed, trying to get the remote back.
"Too bad," Jai said calmly. "I get to watch now!"
"But – but-" Bani spluttered.
Jai ignored her and started to watch a game of football.
"By the way," Jai said. "Rano wants to know if you are okay. So do me a favour and tell her, I got nothing to do with your mood swings."
"So, you don't even want to know why I am in a crappy mood?" Bani asked, watching Jai's relaxed expression.
"no," he answered. "because I thought we decided that we don't care for each other anymore. Hence the divorce, remember?"
"So, if I get killed by a car tomorrow," Bani clarified. "you wouldn't care?"
"Well, I am not inhuman," Jai said, but didn't bother to explain the rest.
Bani sighed. "Look," she said. "Can't we just be friends?"
Jai turned to see Bani's expression. "I thought you hated the sight of me?"
"And you, the sight of me," Bani answered. "But the longer we keep fighting, the harder its going to be to live together."
"So, what do you want me to do?"
"No more fighting," Bani said, trying to explain what exactly about him that bugged her. "Or ignoring… or taunting. Or any of your sarcasm… just be neutral… yourself, okay?"
"Thank you." And with that Bani got up and went to bed, leaving a smiling Jai. Guess she still can't live without you Jai, he thought to himself. Congrats! 


phew! that was alot of typing. LOL
anyway, waiting to hear your comments as always.
once again, i'm really sorry for the long wait.


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..Naina.. IF-Veteran Member

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Posted: 09 January 2012 at 5:45pm | IP Logged
Awesome update! Glad to see they've reached levels of cordiality LOL

Can't wait for the next update! Hope to see their relationship on the mend soon :)


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alicia212 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 January 2012 at 10:34pm | IP Logged
wow great story plz update soon
I'm really looking forward to your next part of the story

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orchidpurple Goldie

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Posted: 13 January 2012 at 11:33am | IP Logged
JB were the only participants...hehehe...wonder what would they do if they found out

Bani's resolve is melting...

Please continue soon...

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