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Laagi Tujhse Lagan-Written Update- 23rd May 2011

Sanely_Insane IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 May 2011 at 11:47am | IP Logged
Hello everyone...Monday is is the Monday Updater Cool Lets see whats in store for us today...hopefully lesser crap.. LOL
I have no idea what had happened on friday so no recap shecap...  LOL

Lets begin with the Update:
Episode starts off with...ermm...some  random goon who kidnapped Nakku and her Dutta doll...Nakku saying Saab and the other goons bring Baji instead of Digu...And Shyam asks them whom did they bring in place of Digu...Baji trying to free himself looks at Nakku who is busy playing oops cuddling with the Dutta doll doesnot recognize him. He says to the goons in an angry tone to leave her. Shyam moves forward and says "Whoever you maybe...i'll show you an adult film (I swear if Dutta was here he would have burnt him up alive Dead) They all beat Baji all red and blue and tie him up...Diggu coming in his Land Rover...aka Ambulance Cool with his sada hua anda look...Dead Shyam looks at Baji and then asks his men to sing and dance...but then he stops them and says I will hear a song from this girl..he sits in front of her...and says" Ey Sahiba...if someone so beautiful chick like you will sing a beautiful song for me then i will be happy...sing a song" and Nakku gives him a disgusted look and says "You are bad, very bad" He gets angry and takes away her Dutta doll from her...she screams to give her saab back...Shyam says if you won't stop your nonsense then i will pierce this knife in your Saab's stomach....(Abey kisko ullu banaraha hai be?? Doll chaaku se marti hai kya?? LOL) Nakku says no dont do this...
Scene shifts to Digu who is still driving his Land Rover...Sleepy
Nakku cries in front of him to leave her saab and this pycho hangs the Dutta doll to a tree...(W*F is he doing?? ConfusedLOL) Nakku is still shouting "Dont do anything to my saab i will sing ok i will sing"...and this weirdo is happy to hear that..he calls one of his goons and orders him to pierce the knife in her Saabs stomach if she doesn't sing...and that guy also nods his headShocked (W*F moment 2 LOL) The weirdo jumps on to a cot and asks her to sing...She hums a a besuri dhun and Baji is all sad to see her like this...she stops and says "enough?" to which the weirdo Shyam gets confused and says "Ey stupid...What are you singing?? Sing an item munni badnaam hui..." Nakku says i dunno..he says "Sheela ki jawani" she again says she dunno...He gives another option..."Beedi jalaile" she again says she doesn't know...(Oh God Nakku you should have learnt atleast one song...this guy is putting up a big list of  item songs D'oh) He says you dunno...i'll teach you then and he removes his mobile and starts playing Sheela ki jawani...(munni lagadeta atleast...Sheela hi mili tujhe AngryLOL) He starts dancing around her while Baji keeps screaming to leave her...This weirdo doesn't listen to him and continues showing Micheal Jackson moves...(I mean W*F moment 3 ConfusedLOL) and Nakku is phoot phoot ke crying...
Digu si still driving...and his van's tyre get punctured because the weirdo Shyam had put some nails on the road...(wah wah...kya idea hai wah wah Clap) He gets out of his ambulance and looks at the punctured tyre...and guess what he does?? Arey it is so simple..he kicks the already punctured tyre... LOL (Such a filmy shot *shakes head*)
Here they are still dancing on Sheela ki Jawani...and make Nakku also dance on it...holding her hand... Dead And Digu raja is running on the road as if he is runnign in a marathon Day Dreaming Having flashbacks of his Sahiba Broken Heart (He broke my heart by thinking about her...Broken Heart Abb main kya karun kahan jaaun...err this is Sushy's line...not mine ROFL
And the BG song is Mera yaar milade Saaiyaan from Saathiya..Ouch... (Why this song man?? I like this song Unhappy
Digu is running and running and running and he reached the place..whoa...his foot are faster than his khataraShocked LOL
Here Baji says to leave her...(Why can't he be quite...he has been shouting form that time but still they aren't he should shut up na? Confused) Nakku is thirsty and Shyam gives her the alcohol bottle telling her that its water...Baji says not to drink but she doesn't listen to him and drinks it but spits it out..Shyam forces her to drink it..Digu shouting at Shyam...he and Baji look at Digu...(BTW, why is Digu looking like that...making his eyes small like an atom? ConfusedLOL) The camera focuses on Digu from top - right- bottom- left and dunno from how many angles... D'ohHe jumps form the top...and suddenly shouts.."Ey, don't you dare touch My Sahiba" (Now where is anyone touching your Sahiba?...they all left her as you diverted their attention towards yourself...just to sound like a hero you are saying this dialog...shut up...silly Tongue)Everyone pointing their gun at him when Shyam stops them and says "Hero has come..." he looks at Digu..and says "Come, now that you have come lets make you dance also" (First ask him whether he knows what Dance means?? Tongue) Digu is walking...walking and still walking...*Bushy goes to sleep* Sleepy *Wakes up after a good sleep* Ok so where were we?...yeah Digu was walking...He is still walking? Shocked *sleeps again* Sleepy Ok finally he stopped walking and started talking...*phew*  He looks at Nakku...and speaks..."Tuney meri Sahiba pe gandi nazar daalke accha nahikiya Shyam..Jitne aansun mere sahiba ke bahe hain ussey zyada khoon bahega aaj" *yawns* (Sounds like a speech to me Sleepy) He hits Shyam making him fall down...and Digu holds Nakku's hand and runs from there...(Why does this guy run alwaysConfused He is supposed to be a hero na? ConfusedLOL)  He hides Nakku in some place and asks her to stay there until he comes...she agrees...Digu starts killing the goons... Cool 1 down, 2 down, 3 Day DreamingLOL Shyam points his gun at Diggu...and i was getting excited...  but my excitemnt went kaput when i got to know the gun was empty Ouch (Bad luck is very bad) He is beating Shyam black and blue...And our Nakku vayheni ji comes out from the hiding in search of her saab...(She has become bad in Digu's company...she is breaking the promises OuchLOL) Shyam gets hold of the knife and points it at Dutta doll...and asks Nakku to stop Digu or else he will kill her saab...Nakku comes forward and says to Digu to stop..."Digu don't go Digu, or else he will kill my saab" she is joining hands in front of him...i felt really bad for her... Ouch Digu saying "Sahiba he is not your saab" but Nakku protests saying "You are my friend...then you don't do anything to Syam...(No its not my typo she really said Syam...LOL) or else he will kill my saab" And What is Baji doing in all this drama?? Simply watching Cool Shyam says Nakku to tell Digu to put his Hands back and kneel down...Digu agrees and Nakku goes to take her saab...Baji tries to stop her saying he is not her saab..he is not her Dutta... but she doesn't listen...Shyam takes her away again and Digu who was getting beaten up suddenly roars... Confused He again starts beating up everyone and Baji is encouraging for a change Big smile
Digu comes to Baji and asks him that i have seen you somewhere...who are you...*Ey yede...Saab ka dost hai wohAngry* He releases Baji and asks him to leave...Baji says i can't leave you in this situation and they both join in literally join hands...(Yayy the TC wale were right..Digu and Baji JOIN HANDS to rescue Nakku PartyLOL
Somewhere some people are checking out guns and weapons...when Shyam comes with Nakku...he says to the other goon that i have brought a chick for you...and everyone make fun of her...Shaym says don't make fun of her...look at her..she is so beautiful and innocent...she is diamond that is why i brought her to you..that other goon is checking out Nakku...Shyam takes some money and leaves Nakku with those uncle types goons when she bites him...he slaps her...and ties her to a tree and throws her saab...Nakku is shouting how dare you throw my saab...Shyam asks her to shut up when in turn she asks him to shut up...she looks at her saab and says "Saab gussa karo saab gussa karo Ouch" Shyam leaves her and goes away...Digu comes there in a jeep and Nakku calls him...!

Precap: Nakku is tied to a tree and the fire is lit around it...Digu is releasing her...Nakku takes her saab which is burnt due to the fire...Digu trows it away and says that he is not your saab..Nakku shouts saab saab and faints... Ouch

Phew...this was the horrible episode...such a horrible episode man *shudders* 
And sorry for the delay in updating...and the update it boring and dull... Ouch

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-Azy- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 May 2011 at 12:03pm | IP Logged
RES :)
Gosh what a epi ha!!! 
Baaji getting beaten for vain n diggu ala garnd entry driving running walkin talikng all just for that shyam yam to take her n go like that!!! wah wah kya creative idea! 
So SBS seg was right they join hands n now pre cap nakku faints... hmm is he preggy?
Thanks for the update bushy, ur comments was hillarious otherwise the epi tho *yawn*

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ankita66 Goldie

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Posted: 23 May 2011 at 12:05pm | IP Logged
wah vaki main kya bakwaas episode ta LOL

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-Srushti- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 May 2011 at 12:11pm | IP Logged
Monday Updater ki bachiAngry...Meri lines churati haiAngryAngryAngryAngryAngryLOL
Fab update..of a bhangar epi...and you forgot to put nocopy againLOL

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-Ritz- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 May 2011 at 12:25pm | IP Logged
Thanks for the update Bushy.Hug what a mockery of this whole show. these scenes - adult film, beedi jaljeila, sheela ki jiwani is just utterly disgusting. This is below a 3rd class show. Censored
will never be able to play that saathiya song now. totally ruined it. Dead and I'm guessing the TAMper rating is going to show this show as the # 1 show. Even more disgusting. Censored Well done CVs for driving the show into a ditch but then ratings matter more, who the hell cares about the story. Dead Baji did nothing. Totally disappointed with Cvs. I'm never watching Colors and Playtime Creationn shows ever. These people have stooped too low. too desperate for ratings.  Thumbs Down

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neets_ltl Goldie

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Posted: 23 May 2011 at 12:52pm | IP Logged
DeadDeadDeadDeadDeadDeadDeadDeadDeadDead Disgraceful to the max! Items songs galore and now an insult to Tasha's love story with the song ' Mera Yaar milade' playing in the background as Deegu thinks of his Sahiba??? Ouch What rubbishhh!!!! Baji ka toh maine input ache se hi dekh liya tha when I tuned into SBB Geek Bushy you didn't get any chakar wakar na Wacko from all the crazy camera angles of Deegu making a grand entry Day DreamingLOL What crap dude seriously!!!! Thanks for the update, at least you got to have a siesta type thing, even if in the evening LOL

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 May 2011 at 1:29pm | IP Logged
thanks Bushra mujhee yaad tha aji tu hogi updater,sahi hai bilkul satya nas! But I THOUGHT your update was absolutely hilarious.Iam glad I read it for the free  laughs! Iloved the item song bit jalo acting hai bahi, karnay do,Iam waiting for the mad hatter to stand on her head one of these days..waise hai mera Baji dimps or mera Saab glad he's out of the show... thanks xxxhammie

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.Sidra IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 May 2011 at 1:42pm | IP Logged
thanks for the update Bushy...i actually watched a bit of it - and was horrified! I tuned in at the part where digu was running on the saathiya song...seriously that song is so ruined for me now! Dead

and am sorry - digu's expressions while running whatever the hell he was doing...ugh! i cant believe i watched it for those few minutes. and what is this baaji just got tied up and these c-grade LTL just keeps going from bad to worst!

I applaud you Bushy for having the courage to watch the whole epi and then write an update!

LCL D'ohD'ohD'oh

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