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YOU NEVER KNOW (MAANEET) - # 1 (Page 78)

maansee IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 June 2011 at 10:47pm | IP Logged

 o i love this part

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nishi_I-fian IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 June 2011 at 11:30pm | IP Logged
wow dadima tusi gr8 ho ji...
Aapki wajah se ye billi-Chohai ki bhagam bhag hue...thnk u ji...

Awesome update...
Precap is sooo interesting...
Waiting for it...

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Madhusk Goldie

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Posted: 29 June 2011 at 6:03am | IP Logged interesting...waiting for more

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ammu5 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 June 2011 at 8:25am | IP Logged
beautiful superb n awesome FF just loving it to the core. plz add me to ur PM list. waiting for the nxt update

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palak13 Goldie

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Posted: 29 June 2011 at 10:25am | IP Logged
omg dat was so fab really interesting i was blushing thanks for the pm nd update soon 

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tellyme IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 June 2011 at 7:07am | IP Logged
Hi All,
Thank you all again and again for liking my updates and placing your valuable comments.
I have somewhat tried to translate Hindi conversation in english. The translation is in bracket and black color...
This transaltion is only for those who are not comfortable with hindi...but those who knows hindi I will request you to avoid the transation part...reading the same thing twice may take you away from the Feeling of update...
Part 24
Maan is making Geet's getting tough for her...he doesn't move away..instead comes close to her...he is smilling...and he knows he is making Geet weak...Geet is getting weak on her knees with Maan's such closeness... his lips smilling...his eyes starring at her face...reading all her...she could not bear... she closes her eyes to hide her weakness...But Maan understands what he needs to understand...

Maan(softly):"chordon tumhe...kya Geet...bolo dur chala jaoon"
Geet who is getting a bumps and tinkling feeling in her her heart and everywhere... says nothing...just turns her face...
After a while Geet gathers some courage to speak...but the sound comes very low from her mouth
Geet(in very low voice):"Maan please!!!!!"
Maan:"hnnn...kya kaha...suna nahi maine..."
(what did you say...I didn't hear)
his warm breath now spreading over her face...she feels them...things getting out of her control
Geet(low voice):"Maan please choriye na..."
(please leve me...Maan)
he suddenly removes his hand from hers and makes a little distance...
Maan:"lo chor diya..." (ok i let you go)
Geet suddenly gets shocked by this and a litte dissappointed too
Maan:"Geet come on let's sit down and were not talking to me tou main kya kerta..."
Geet:"mujhe aapse koi baat nahi kerne...jab aapko mujhpe bharosa hee nahi hai"
(i don't want to talk to don't have trust on me)
Maan:"Geet mujhe tumper pura bharosa hai...maine apnee saree galtee mann tou lee hai...aur tumhara gunehgar hoon...tou jo bhi saaza ho de do...main tyar hoon...woh tumharee shaadi kee baat ykayak sun ker aur tum kisis ke saath date per jaa rahee ho...main bass bardasht nahi ker paya...per haan saab meri galtee hai...Manta hoon na main...bharosa karo mujhper... i will not rest  unless I am sure I have washed all the pain I have given you...just believe me"
(please trust me, i accept all my fault and I am ready to take any punishment you say... I was just troubled very much when I heard about your marraige and that you are dating someone...but I accept my fault, just trust me...i will not rest rest unless I am sure I have washed all the pain I have given you...just believe me)
Maan comes close to Geet while speaking
Geet:"kyun karoon main aape bharosa...aapne nahi kiya na mujhper..."
(why should I trust you...did you trust me)
He comes even more closer and holds her palm in his ... Geet couldn't pull it away...his touch is a bliss for her...
Maan:"tou main tumhe bharosa kaise dilwaoon...kya karoon jisse tum kahogee kee tumhe meri baatoon pe bharoosa bhi tum kaho Geet"
(just tell me what should I do to win your trust)
Geet:"Bharosa aappko dilana hain...tareeka bhi aap hee dhondiye...mujhse bulwa dijiye ke mujhe aapp per bharosa hai...phir aage baat karoonge main..."
(you have to make me trust you...find the ways and get me say that i trust you..only then will I talk further)
Maan smiles...he looks at Geet from the corner of his eyes...she is not looking at him as that will make her weak...she is looking down...
Maan:"Geet tum jo kahogee main karoonga...tumhe bol do kaise bharosa dilaoo tumhe..."
(I will do whatever you say...just tell me how I should win your trust)
Geet:"maine kaha have to find the way"
Maan:"soochlo ek baar phir...warna main apne tareeke se tou bulwa hee doonga tumse kee tumhe mujhper bharosa hai...kyunkee tumhe hai...I know that for sure...just you need to accept"
(Think twice about that...or else I will use my own ways to make you say You trust me I know that for sure...just you need to accept )
he then comes even closer to her...his face now very near to her... Geet can feel his breath...he then slowly moves his palm from hers and starts playing with his fingers and her arm...
Maan(softly):"Geet soch lo.."
she is shivering from inside...her lips are no condition to speak Geet could say no words...
slowly he takes his fingers up her arms...Geet closes her eyes...she gulps...he then put both his hands on her shoulder...and bring his nose to touch her cheeks...
Maan:"bolo...bharosa hai...bolo na..."
Geet speaks nothing...she now wanting more and more of Maan...
Maan slowly traces her whole face with his nose tip...she doesn't resist...her hands shivering...she holds the bottom of her top tightly with her hands to get into some control...
Then He removes his face from her...Geet opens her eyes with this..."how can he be done"  she looks at him...he is staring at her...

She looks down but says nothing...
Till now what Maan was doing was just teasing Geet but after he removed himself Geet looked so vulnerable and loosing to him that Maan started being week...
he himself started aching for her
Then after a while he cuped her face in his hand and brought it near his...Geet again closes her let him do what he wants...Maan blows the air from his mouth thru her whole face...and then bring his lips near hers and blows the air on her lips...Geet could not resist "Maaan... " comes out from her mouth...wanting more of him...his lips so near hers...just yearning he places it on hers...
Geet's mind now not working any logic...she just want to be in this world of his closeness...longing for him to take her lips within his...
Maan(softly):"Bharosa hain na mujhpe...bolo na Geet...bharosa nahi hoga to aage kaise badoonga"
(Geet do you trust me...ay geet...How will I go ahead if you don't trust me)
This came out genuinly from his mouth
Geet(softly):"Haan Maan bharosa hai mujhe..."
Geet:"han Maan..."
her heart beating faster and faster...
Maan brings his lips closer to hers...he makes it touch hers...she opens her mouth to part her lips and to Feel his within hers when suddenly there is a knock on the door...
"Knock Kncok"... they sudddenly seperates...Geet cheeks still red..unable to collect herself...Maan also not in his proper sense
Mrs H:"Geet...Maan bete"
Maan(in Hurry):"Haan...haan aunty...abhi aaya..."
he senses Geet's condition and signals her to go to balcony before her MoM could come to any conclusion...
Geet goes and then Maan opens...
Maan:"aunty aapp..."
Mrs H:"haan bhai...main to yeh dekhne aayee thyee kee aapp safal hue kee nahi Geet ko manane me...aab choriye yeh sab...Niche khana lag gaya hai...chaliye dono...waise yeh derwza kyun laga rakha tha...awaz kab se de rahee thee mai..."
(I just came up to see if you are successfull in making up with come on both of you...have lunch...and why did you close the door...I was calling for you guys for long)
Maan doesn't know what to say then he remembers why he had initially closed the door
Maan:"woh aunty...actually yeh derwaza agar band nahi kiya hota na maine to Geet bahar Bhag jatee aur main usse baat nahi ker pata na...han isliye"
(actually I closed the door so that Geet could not run away and I could talk to her...yeah that's the reason)
he seems satisfied by his answer
Mrs H:"achcha to abb mann gayee na...dono niche aayiye..."
(so she is fine now right...both of you come down)
Maan:"woh abhi bhi thorda narz hai...aunty I will take her out for ker lijiye"
(She is still a little angry in me ...aunty I will take her out for lunch...please have your lunch)
Mrs H:"woh mujhe Kitty me jana hai so I already have my lunch...Ok come with me...taste the sweet i am taking with me and let me know how it is..."
Maan leaves down with Mrs Handa...
While coming up
Maan(ST):"This was not what I intented to do...I was just trying to tease her aur main hee bahak gaya...Geet kya sochegee mere bare me"
(what will Geet think of me)
Geet(ST):"yeh Mom bhi na...she has to come in exactly wrong time...Bas 2 mint ke baad aatee to kya toofan aa jata...nahi she has to come exactly on time...aur yeh slow he is...sawal jawab me sara time nikal diya...aajj phir mujhe beech me chor diya..."
(why mom has to come exactly on wrong time...only if she could have come 2 mints later we would have been all set...and slow he is...wasted all the time to ask his too many questions...he again just left me in the middle of everything)
Maan comes to Geet with Guilty feeling and geet is already furious on him for being so slow...
Maan:"Geet I am sorry...main bahak gaya tha...this was not what i intended...I should have not done this"
Geet got more furious with this...
Geet(ST):"now he is sorry...sorry for what...offcourse he should be sorry...sorry for doing nothing...leaving me yearning ...but no this is Maan..."
Maan not knowing what is going thru geet's mind
Maan:"'s better we get out of here...come on we will go out for lunch and we can have our talk there"
Geet(composes herself):"Haan wohi behtar hoga...waise bhi maine koi aapko maaff nahi ker diya better keep little distance from me...don't try your wrong ways on me..."
(Yeah that will be better...anyways I have not forgiven better keep little distance from me...don't try your wrong ways on me...)
Maan:"sorry Geet...i didn't intend to...Geet main tumhara bharosa jeetoonga per sahi tareeke se...I know I need to fix things...let's go out now"
Geet:"hmmm...bahar jayiyee...i need to get ready"
Maan went out like an obidient child this time...Geet could not stop smiling with Maan's behaviour
geet(ST):"sorry dadima...main Maan se dur nahi reh saktee...but main Maan ke galtiya aise bakhsoongee bhi nahi...unhe saaza to jaroor dongee..."
(Sorry dadima...I cant stay away from Maan...but I will not let him go away with all this so easily..I will surely punish him)
she was smiling at her thought
Next to be continued:
precap: Maan ke saza

 Part 25

To all my frnds... i am so so happy that so many of you are reading this FF and liking it...Please keep doing so and also please put as many comments as you can...
Thank you all again

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jwalamukhi IF-Dazzler

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me firstEmbarrassed

update was awesome...Clap

maan...aaqir geet ko bholne keliye mazboor kardiya ki unpe bharosa hey..good..very good...

geet..thinking maan is so slowLOL

thanks for the pm...

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ammu5 IF-Rockerz

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fabuls update. loved it

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