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YOU NEVER KNOW (MAANEET) - # 1 (Page 60)

Madhusk Goldie

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Posted: 21 June 2011 at 11:43pm | IP Logged

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tellyme IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 June 2011 at 5:28am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Madhusk

i am back...

thanx for pm. i like ur post.

kya dev ,rajin n brij ka topic kuchh zayada nahi hoi gaya?

ya hum hi pagal hai sirf maaneet ko hi dekhna n sunana   chahte hai.?
Welcome back...
was really missing you...
thx for ur views
tellyme IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 June 2011 at 5:30am | IP Logged
Originally posted by tonyahk

Hi Anu,

Sorry for my late attendance dear.

Read all the 3 parts in one go. Loved them very much. The story is moving very fast in an interesting way

vicky's dialogue about maan's visa and passport was hilarious

Geet is getting matured.

Feeling bad for geet. she has to manage everything singlehandedly.

On one side maan is not talking to her. on the other side this dev. hey babaji! Geet ko madad karna

Maan's misunderstanding about geet's meeting with geet.  maan is heart broken. You have described his ordeal very well. I could iimagine his expression. I Felt bad for maan.

The precap sounds so terrible. I am scared. What maan is doing to himself in NY.

Please update soon dear.

I am yet to read your new ff. Soon, i'll read it and post my comments. Please bear with me buddy,.



Hi Tonya...
Thx for the super duper analysis...
tellyme IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 June 2011 at 5:44am | IP Logged
Hi All,
Thanks to all of you for you support and liking the posts.
Part 20

Maan(ST):"mere baand dil ke derwaza ko khol ker...yeh kya kiya tumne Geet...main to apni duniya me khush tha...yeh ehsaas jagaya tumne aur...yeh kya ker diya..."

He was devastated...culd not think of anything

He needed smthg to control his restless heart...he was not in his mind...he went down and sat at the bar...

Maan(ST):Theek kiya Geet...apni life seetttllleee keeer leee!!!!!

He was still at Bar

At KM mrs khurana spread the news to Dadima..and so when viccky came home he got the news of Geet's marraige and...

Viccky:"kya Bro ko pata hai..."

Mrs. Kh:"arre use to maine sabse pehle kaha...tabhi uska phone jo aaya tha"

viccky got disturbed for Maan and furious at Geet...he immediatlty called Geet...

Viccky:" r really fast...shadi theek ho gayee to mithaii khilaoo..."

Geet:"Viccky tumhe kaise pata chala...aise koi baat nahi hai...meri baat suno..."

She told him all the detail

Viccky:"yeh to sab garbar hogaya...sorry for shouting at you...Tum Bro ke bare me soch rahee thi aur main tumhe...main Bro se baat kerta hoon...I will try to call him...unhe Mom ne bata diya..."

Geet:"kya????????nahi viccky yeh bilkul theek nahi hua...Maan wahan akele hain aur yeh news pe woh kaise...viccky pls do smthg"

Geet got nervous thinking about Maan's reaction

Viccky tried to call Maan but was now not in senses...he saw Viccky's number but did not pick...viccky tried to call several time

Viccky called Geet then:"Geet Bro mera phone nahi utha rahe hain...aisa kabhi nahi hota.."

Geet:"Viccky mujhe abb bohut darr lag raha main nahi ruk saktee...i will have to talk to him"

Geet called Maan...Maan saw Geet's number...he was not in his senses...Geet was the only one in his his drunken state he forgot he was not talking to Geet...when he saw her number...he smiled drunkingly and picked the phone

Maan:"Ge-e-e-e-e-eet...cooo----ngrrr---atulll----ations Baby...bhooo--ooot...ach-----chee--aaa kiya tumne..."

Geet panicked...Maan is drunken

Geet:"Maan apne bhoot jyada drink le rakhi hai...mujhe pata chal raha hai...pls Maan app akele hain waha...aisa mat kijiye...main aapko sab"

Maan cut her in btwn

Maan:"arrr-ee mari choro Geet...en-jjjoyyy Urrr life" he cut the phone

Geet got nervous with Maan talk and his state...he was completely troubled by her marraige news...

Geet(ST):"hey babaji...yeh kya ho gaya...aisa kuch nahi socha tha maine...main to bass Maan ke aane ka intezar he ker rahee hoon jab se woh gaye hain...aisee halat main kya karoon...abhi Maan disturbed hain bohut...viccky ko baat kerne kehtee hoon"

She asked viccky to call Maan and talk him...viccky tried several call to Maan but he did not answer...

Geet was restless whole day...

At night she decides to call him was Day in NY...Maan did go nowhere...he was in his room still heavily drunk...his was upset...mind was restless and completely heart brocken...drinking was only way at this moment which he thought would help him...this was not the real Maan...but he was not in his own self...he was devastated...after so much thought he had decided to open his heart...just for Geet...his liking for Geet had made him helpless and now this was not tolerable

when Maan again saw Geet's number...

Maan(smile):"Ge--eet con---gra---tuuulll--ations again...kitneee baaa----rrr sunogi...hnnn"

Geet:"Maan apne abhi bhi...yeh kya ker rahe hain hain aap" by that time Maan has cut Geet's phone...

Geet now got completely nervous...she felt that Maan was putting himself in danger...she has to be with him...he needed her and his family whatever he thought...he need to come back and she will make sure he is here soon...Maan's wretched condition is one thing that Geet can never was unbearable for her

Geet(ST):"abb main kya viccky aur mujhse nahi sunne wale Maan...kiske pass jaoon main..."

she thought and then

Geet(ST):"Dadima...haan abb mujhe unke help leni hee hogee"

It was night at 10:00 pm and Geet was going out for KM...she saw Shanti(house helper) in the hall and asked her to let her MOM know that she has gone to KM and she shuld not worry...

On the way she called viccky and asked him to go to Dadima's room and tell her she is coming...

in KM dadima's room...Viccky sitting there with dadima and Geet enters

Geet who was controlling herself till now...when she saw Dadima she saw a hope...she ran and hugged Dadima and tears started flowing her eyes...

after a while...dadima got scared with Geet's state...she seperated Geet from her and asked

Dadima:"Geet beta yeh kya haal bana rakha hai...itnee raat ko yahan kya ker raheen hain aap..."

Geet was not in her senses...

Geet(joining her both hands):"dadima...Maan theek nahi hain...unhe jaldi se jaldi yahan bula lijiye...pls Dadima pls...warna main..." Tears rolling down her red cheeks

Dadima:"Geet...yeh kya bol rahee hain aapp...Maan ko kya hua achanak...aur aapko kaise pata unkee halat ka..."

Geet:"dadima...itne sawal mat puchiye...bass aap Maan ko India bula lijiye..."

Dadima got confused and suspicious...

Dadima:"nahi mujhe puree baat bataiye...haan aur yeh achanak aap Maan ke liye kyun roo raheen hain...Baat kya hai Geet...kuch to baat hai...mujhe puree baat bataiye...aram se...tabhi hum aapke madad ker sakte hain"

Geet:"Dadima woh...Maan wahan akele hain ...maine unhe phone kiya baar...woh dono baar he heavily drunk the...pls app unhe yahan bula lijiye..."

Dadima:"Maan drunk the...nahi Maan aisa nahi kersakte...woh jimeddar hai...aisee kaun see baat hogayee ke unka yeh haal hai...aap kya chupa rahee hain mujhse..."

Geet knows now its no use to hide things as matter culd go worse...

Geet:"dadima...Maan meri shaadi ke baat jab se sune hain...unhone apna haal yeh ker rakha hai..."

dadima gets shock to hear this and then smthg strick her mind

Dadima:"Geet ek mint...Maan aapkee shaadi ke baat se pareshan hain...appne Maan ke bure haal ke wajah se apna yeh halat bana rakha hai...kahin aapp aur Maan...kabhi kaha hai Maan ne aapse kuch..."

Geet(feels shy):"woh...dadima...Maan ne aisa kuch kaha nahi per maine unkee aankoo me dekha hai...aur kabhi kabhi to unhone jataya bhi hai..." she feels shy and stops

Dadima:"aur aap...aapkee yeh shaadi..."

Geet:"dadima...main to Maan ke alawa kisi ke bare me soch bhi nahi saktee...jabse gayee hain woh main pareshan hoon...mujhse naraz the jane ke pehle aur abb yeh khabar se to..."

she tells Dadima all detail of how they fought before he left and how she has been trying to contact him and he has kept ignoring her and then she tells all the story of Dev and marraige she has been avoiding Dev and just waiting for Maan to come so she culd clear all things tough it is for her to go out with Dev...and suddenly this news going to Maan...

Dadima(caresses Geets face):"beta...itna kuch aapp akele jhel rahee hain...aur Maan bina aapkee baat sune sab galat le rahe hain...aur unka yeh bhoot ho gaya...Maan ko abb India aana hee hoga...main bulaoongee aapkee dadima aapke saath hai...aapp chita bilkul nahi koi garbar nahi hoge..."

Dadima tried to call Maan but Maan was in Deep sleep and didn't pick her phone...

Dadima:"abhi woh shayad hosh me nahi hain...mai kal subah unhe phone kertee hoon...aap ghar jaker aram Maan ko kaise theek kerna hai mujhe pata hai...phool se bachee ko pareshan ker rakha hai..."

Geet:"nahi dadima...aapp unhe datiyega nahi...bass yahan bula lijiye...woh bhoot pareshan hain..."

Dadima is touched by Geet's concern for Maan and how the feeling for him has changed Geet...she asks her not to think more and go to sleep..


In NY in the night...Maan wakes up...

Maan(ST):"yeh tune apna kya haal bana rakha hai Maan...kisi baat ka itna asar kabse hone laga tujhe...Geet...uskee baat soch bhi kyun raha hai tu...usne tujhe dump ker diya...bataya bhi nahi...idiot...koi ladki kisis bhi ladke ko dump kerne ke pehle usse inform kertee hai are idiot Maan...waise bhi tune usse kabhi kaha aapne feelings ke baare kyun socchegee woh...tu to uska phone tak nahi uthata...koi ladki aise ladke se pyar kyun karegee...aur kitna bardasht karegee..."

he stops and the again think after a while

Maan(ST):"per Geet ke aankhoon me mujhe kuch gahrayee deekhee thee...tabhi to main uskee ankoon me dubta gaya...bharosa tha mujhe kee woh bass meri hai...aur Geet...usne kya kiya...20-25 din maine phone nahi uthaya to dusra ladka pasand ker liya...aur abb shadi bhi kerne jaa rahee hai...Geet...i just hate you"

Then Maan gets call from Dadi

Dadima:"Maan aapp jaldi se jaldi India wapas aa flight next available hai usse...aur mujhe bass aapki koi baat nahi sunnii..."

Maan:Dadima yeh achanak...mera bas abb kaam pura he hone wala hai uske baad..." he doesn't feel like going back to India now

Dadima:"mujhe kuch nahi sunna hai...Main ansan pe jaa rahee hoon...aabb jab aap ayenge aur apne hhaantoo se mujhe khana khilayenge tabhi main khaoongee aur pani bhi piyungee..."

Maan:"Dadima kya mazak hai yeh...maine kaha na jaldi aa jaoonga..."

Dadima:"Maine jo kehna tha keh app soch lijiye kya kerna hai...hamara anshan suru ho gaya..."she cuts the phone

Maan tries a lot to call her but she doesn't pick it...nobody else's know anything about it and Viccky confirmed that the Dadima's anshan is true...

----Next to be continued

Precap: She was coming down the stairs in her light pink silk evening gown...her hair made in bun and small strands of her hair encircling her pink face...he looked up...cannot move his eyes off her angelic face...her beautiful bright eyes... moist...her pink lips...moist...

She looked at him...ran toward him...

Please press like button if you like the update and also please post the comment as that give me the idea of how I am proceeding with the story

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piya- IF-Stunnerz

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Yipee!!!! finally i m not late in posting a comment
Let me first celebrate it with a dance
Anu brilliant update yaar
Felt really sorry for my maan
my heart was crying to see maan in this situation
 but i loved geet's concern for maanTongue
Precap is intersting
Hope  maan n geet will b maneet soon
Especially 4 u
But b4 i stop let me once again celebrate
Ys me first
Love - piya

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Downhill IF-Addictz

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awesome update

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mrk-1 IF-Rockerz

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wow awsome yaar !!! 
loved it so much !!! 
waiting for maan to return ..
hope he gets to know of geets wish 

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heermeher IF-Dazzler

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really feeling sorry for maan and geet

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