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Maaneet.Lover IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 June 2011 at 3:08pm | IP Logged

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shalinisaran89 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 June 2011 at 4:23pm | IP Logged
awesome upd...
dev...bakra he he...he

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palak13 Goldie

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Posted: 18 June 2011 at 8:31am | IP Logged
super excited poor geet maan is not answering her call lol vicky was making me laugh when he was teasing geet. god hope dev and his dad plan dont work.. the precap is awesome update soon and thanks for the pm
abina03 Goldie

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Posted: 19 June 2011 at 8:00am | IP Logged
lovely update
Vicky is so sweet
i am sure Geet  can alone manage this Dev
hope you will update soon

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nishi_I-fian IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 June 2011 at 1:54am | IP Logged
awesome update yar...
Geet k rishtai ki baat ne toh mujhai v restless ker diya...
Omg maan flight-wlight choro...
Come back soon..
Wanna knw more abt sec. Precap...
Plz update soon

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tellyme IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 June 2011 at 11:17am | IP Logged
Hi All,
Thank you all so much for liking my updates and commenting on it.
Just a note to all of you: This is a Maaneet love story so no one came come in btwn them.
Please read it, like it , enjoy it and comment on it.
With lots of Luv
Part 19

Geet in shopping Mall with frnds.She needed to do the shopping and going out with frnds so as to get Maan out of her mind.

Geet(St):"ho sakta hai Maan wahan bhoot busy hoon aur main phone kerke unhe sab aur yaad dila rahee hoon...just stop calling him for few gussa waise bhi thanda ho jayega...aur waise bhi abb 20 din ho bhi to woh jaldi aa bhi jayenge...ohhh...missing you so much Maan...bass abb ladi se aa jaiye..."

Maan(ST):"aaj Geet ne call nahi kiya...hnnn...achcha hee kiya...waise bhi yahan itna kaam hai...agar bewajah ke ladaii ho gayee to main iss project per concentrate bhi nahi ker paoonga ...kuch bhi bol deti hain yeh kabhi bhi...koi theek nahi hai India jakar hee usse Baat karoonga...waise bhi abb kaam almost pura bhi hone ko hai..."

But still there is a kind of dissappointment somewhere within his heart

That night in India...Geet came home late after her shopping and when she came her whole family was waiting for her...

Brij:"Geet beta humsabko appse kuch baat kernee hai..."

Geet was too tired...mentally she has already been tired these day but today she was also physically tired but she sat

Daarji:"beta jo bhi baat hum keh rahen hain usse dhyan se sunna phir koi jawab dena"

Geet(doesn't feel like talking):"ji daarji"

Brij:"Geet ek ladka hai Dev Kapoor"

he gives complete detail of Dev to Geet

Geet:" yeh Dev ke baare me baat kerna abhi kyun jaroori hai...main to isse jantee bhi nahi"

Brij:"Geet puri baat suno...they like you very much and had brought the marraige proposal for you regarding Dev"

Geet got shocked to hear this

Geet:"kya??????????? nahi ho hee nahi sakta Dad...pls agar yeh aaplogon ke impt baat hai to I am not at all interested...main bhoot tired hoon...let me go pls"

Brij:"listen...puri baat suno...main tumhe usse shadi kerne nahi keh raha hun...just spend some time with him...jano usse phir decide kerna...kisi ko bina jane tum decision kaise le saktee ho"

Geet:"Dad mujhe Dev kappor kya kisiko bhi jannne me interest nahi hai...mere liye ladka dekhna baand ker dijiye pls..yeh suddenly meri shadi ka khyal kahan se aa gaya...koi bhi aaker proposal dega to sochne lagenge..."

Brij:"haan to acchi proposal hai to sochne me bura he kya hai...aur tum yeh kisi se bhi milna kyun nahi chatee...abhi abhi to kitne ladkon ke saath ghumtee rehtee ho tum aur abb jab hum keh rahen hain to yeh baat betukee lag rahee hai...karan bataoo...kya koi hai tumharee nazar me"

Geet(St):"Nazar me hai puch rahen hai Dad...inhe pata nahi ke unkee alawa koi aur mujhpe nazar bhi dalega abb to main bardasht nahi ker saktee...main kalpana bhi nahi ker saktee kisi kee aur Dad mujhe kahan phasa rahe hai...per abhi main Maan ka naam bol bhi nahi saktee...Maan ko agar pata chala ke maine bina unse baat kiye yeh unka naam sabko bata diya tou to unka gussa aur badh jayega...hai babaji main kya karoon..."

Brij:"Geet...tumne jawab nahi diya..."

Geet:"Dad ek ladka hai aur main usse se ... aur woh khud aaplogon se baat karenge..."

Geet(St):"Geet tune bol to diya...kaise hoga yeh sab...Maan se kaise kerwaygee yeh kya karoon...abhi kuch to bolna parega naa...jab Maan aayenge to dekha jayega...philhal unka naam nahi le baas..."

Brij:"aisee baat hai to milwaoo use humlogon se...teri pasand kaisee hai dekha hai humlogon ne...bina use mile main tumharee batoon me nahi ane wala...kya naam hai uska...kaun hai woh"

Geet:"Dad...abhi woh abroad me hain...aajayenge to khud baat kerlenge aap logon se kaha na maine...bass 20-25 din kee baat hai...he will be back in India..."

Brij:"to phone pe baat kerwaoo..."

Geet(ST):"phone pe baat kerwaoon...haan kyun nahi...mujhse roj roj baat jo ho rahee hai unke..."

Geet:"Dad woh bhoot busy hain...kaha na maine bas 20-25 din kee baat hai...aur naam kyun batana...woh khud baat karenge na aaplogon se...aur woh aapko nahi pasand aaye aisa ho hee nahi will be proud of my choice...just give me some time...pls Dad"

Brij:"Geet yeh baten banana naam na phone na milwana na koi ata pata...main tumharee batoon me nahi aane wala...Jab tumhara BF aayega to hum usse mil lenge...lekn tab tak tumhe Dev se milker usse janna hoga...maybe you will sart liking him...baas milo...last decision tumhara hee hoga...2 months me hafte me do baar milo aur agar uske baad bhi woh tumhe pasand nahi aaya to nahi kerna shadi...and now I don't want any discussion on this...good night"

Geet is in her completely puzzled about the whole new thing that has come up...

Geet(ST):"kya karoon...Maan se baat karoon...nahi nahi woh tou waise bhi mujhse baat nahi ker rahe hai aur abhi to waise bhi day time hoga...kahin koi meeting me hue to...kuch nahi samjhange...pehle to phone nahi uthayenge aur agar galtee se utha liya to adhee adhooree baat sunte hee phone kaat denge...abhi rehne de...unhe kuch naa pata chale wohi accha Dev Kapoor ko mujhe akele hee sambhalna hoga...kaha se aa gaya yeh musibat...pehle kam pareshan thi main...bass Maan ko yeh baat kisi tesre se nahi pata chalni chahiye...phir kaise react karenge woh pata nahi..."

Next morning Geet is very upset but Mrs. Handa asks her to get ready as Dev will come to pick her up...

Geet gets ready and Dev comes...she don't even feel like looking at Dev

Dev:"Hi Geet I am are you...if you are ready let's go out..."

Geet has to shake hand with him and she looks at him (Imagine Abhinav Shukla who was shown as a bad guy in GHSP)...she is not atall interested and going out with him is the punishment she feels she is bearing...he tries to hold her hand...she jerk it away...

The moment the car started Geet looked to the other side...Dev feels her behaviour much he has got information from her earlier so called BF she was a chatter box and makes friend very easily and he also had knowledge that it's really very easy to impress Geet

Dev:"Geet are you upset about anything...pls feel free to talk to me..."

Geet pointed her finger towards him

Geet:"Dekho Mr. Dev kapoor...don't try to bring your polite behaviour infront of me cause I am not interested at all...I am just here with you as my Dad forced me that very clear to you..."

Dev was shocked...he never guessed of this treatment...he has been very good at impressing girl...

Dev:"OK..Geet calm down...maybe you are not in good mood at present...hum kahin bahar baithker acche se baat karenge..."

he took her to a Garden which was visisted by ppl but not that busy...It was a nice Garden and Geet liked this place

Geet(completely ignoring that Dev was with her--ST):"kitnee acchee jagah hai...pata nahi kaab main Maan ke saath aisee jagah pe aaoongee...kitne acche honge woh pal...Babaji sab jaldi se theek ker dijiye...yeh din abb nahi kat-te mujhse..."

Dev(seeing Geet involved with her own self - moved his hand infront of her eyes):"Geet are you here...common let's take a seat so we can have some easy you wish to have somthg"

By this Geet came out of Maan's thought and also got more angry at Dev for bringing her out of her dream

Geet:"listen...tumhe pata nahi chalta...I am not at all interested in talking to will you leave me alone...why don't you just end this so called meeting here and go Ur own way..."

Dev was really getting irritated with Geet's behaviour but kept his calm...he was told by his Dad to impress Geet in any case...she is a pampered girl  and pampering should work with her...So he put on the fake smile on his face

Dev:"Geet hum milenge nahi...baatein nahi karenge to janenge kaise ek dusre there any reason for this behaviour of yours"

Geet:"yes...there is a reason and I don't think I should tell you that cuz you are no one to me...waise tum itna kyun insist ker rahe ho mujhse baat kerne ke liye...don't you feel I am insulting you..."

Dev who was getting completely furious now from inside...kept his smile ON...he held her hand to calm her down...Geet immediatly snapped it away

Geet:"how dare you...maine tumse baat bhi nahi ker rahee hoon aur tumharee himmat kaise huee mera haath pakarne kee...aur tum kaise insan ho...main tumhe itne bure se bool rahee hoon phir bhi tum mere saath chipke pare ho..."

Dev:"Geet woh bade logon ne yeh baat chalayee hai...tou unkee baat ke respect kernee chahiye hume...isliye main chata hoon...let's try to be frnds 1st"

Geet:"Dekho this is a complete waste of time...i am not at all interested so just go away...if you want to say no to this relation pls do so soon...kehdena apne Dad se kee bhoot batameez ladkee hai...I don't think she is good for me..."

this kept on happening the whole meeting...Dev trying his best to woo Geet and Geet getting more and more angry on him...

But Dev did not say no to Geet and Geet had to keep meeting him 2wice a week for atleast till Maan came as her Dad would not listen

and Dev would not say no...she was completely irritated by Dev now and her insult on him increase...

Dev's Dad on other hand scolded Dev for not being able to impress Geet till now and getting insulted by her..."Ek kaam nahi ho sakta tumse...sab parose ker diya hai maine aur tum kuch nahi ker sakte...Keep trying new ways...pata karo aisa kyun ker rahee


Dev was completely frusted by getting insulted from both side but he had no option...Geet insulted him and his Dad scolded him

Geet would go on meeting but would either end up insulting him or going her own way and leaving Dev to do what ever he felt like

As Geet was going on meeting with Dev her mom thought it was going well as Geet did not tell them anything...she was just waiting

for Maan to one day Mrs.Handa broke the news to Mrs Khurana about Dev but asked her to not let this news go out as Geet

has officially not said yes...

Just then when it was night at NY Maan called his MOM...mrs khurana being so excited about the news broke it to Maan

Mrs K:"Maan...ek news hai beta...Geet ke shaadi ke baat chal rahee hai..."

This was like a bomb explosion for Maan...he felt that the whole world was going away from him...he sat down ...his phone falling

on bed...his phone was ON Mrs Khurana was speaking from one side Maan culd hear nothing...he then realized and picked the phone...he did not know what to ask...Geet ke shaadi was only on his mind...he gathered courage

Maan:"is Geet Ok with this???"

mrs. K:"kya baat ker rahe ho beta...abhi to maine bataya...Dev aur Geet milte rehte hain ek dusre se..."

Maan was completely shocked to hear this and culd hear no more and switched off the phone

He was in complete unstable state...his heart was seemed to him that once again he had started seeing a dream and it

was shattered ...he felt somone has hit him with a hard was getting unbearable...

Maan(ST):"mere baand dil ke derwaza ko khol ker...yeh kya kiya tumne Geet...main to apni duniya me khush tha...yeh ehsaas jagaya tumne aur...yeh kya ker diya..."

He was devastated...culd not think of anything

---Next to be continued

Precap: Geet(joining her both hands):"dadima...Maan theek nahi hain...unhe jaldi se jaldi yahan bula lijiye...pls Dadima pls...warna main..." Tears rolling down her red cheeks

Please do put your comments and suggestion...I love them all...Also please press the like button if you like the post...Please do encourages me...

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Ash1991 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 June 2011 at 11:27am | IP Logged
awesome update but feeling sad for maan...
make him happy...

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--Nargis-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 June 2011 at 11:37am | IP Logged
Anu good filler episode...i know it had to happen to move the story along. that's what I am looking forward to...How does Geet know that Maan is not well...does she have a dream...a premonition??  Anu...plz...jaldi se next part dena...sabr nahi hoga mujse!!!SmileEmbarrassed

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