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YOU NEVER KNOW (MAANEET) - # 1 (Page 130)

Madhusk Goldie

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Posted: 21 July 2011 at 6:56am | IP Logged
NO WORDS...HATS OFFBig smileClap

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Shalve IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 July 2011 at 12:55pm | IP Logged
wonderful update...

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raj_202 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 July 2011 at 1:08am | IP Logged
very nice
loved  their first date

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Tyro IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 July 2011 at 9:44am | IP Logged
lovely part...

loved their first date...

geet will never leave him n will try to take away all his pain by her love...

continue soon...

thnx for PM...

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tellyme IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 July 2011 at 12:59pm | IP Logged
Hi All,
Thank you all for giving so many nice comments.. I am generally not able to reply each but I read them at least twice and love them all... so keep Giving comments Dear and keep liking my post.
Part 33
Maan:"Geet abb bohut raat hoo gayee hai... chalo main tumhe ghar chor deta hoon..."
he starts moving ahead... Geet says nothing.. ties her doori and follows him...
They are both quite in the way... when they reach Geet's home and are about to to enter it... Geet and Maan both looks at each other for a while... Mahi mahii... Geet smiles and looks down...Maan goes close to her..holds her by her waist from both his hand and bring her closer to him with jerk... Geet's head goes on his chest...
Maan:"Good night... Mishtii"
Geet:"Good night..." then he left her outside the hall and left...
Maaneet both in their respective room...obviously thinking about each other and the whole evening that had gone thru... many things have happened in one evening...
Maan thinking that he had made Geet go thru so much today and
now he will keep her happy in any case..
Geet on the other hand was thinking about how much Maan had to go thru and she will always keep him happy...
In the morning when Maan had just returned from his Gym he recieved the call from shasha...
Shasha was getting curious of why Maan had taken such a long leave but she did not had the courage to ask so she called with an excuse of project... she also wanted some attention from Maan...
Maan:"hello shasha...what's up... is anything urgent??"
Shasha made an excuse that in one project she was really confused about it's detail and design and she wanted to discuss as she will have to submit it tommorow
Maan:"see I am on leave but if it's that urgent can you come here later in afternoon and we will go thru it..."
Shasha was super happy as Maan himself asked her to come to his home... now she and Maan will meet at his home...
she will give her best to impress him...
Geet on the other hand gets all fresh and ready
Geet:"Aajj aisa kya karron jo Man ke mood bilkul fresh ho jaye..."
After thinking a while...
Geet(ST):"Hoon I am going to be his wife..." she felt shy thinking that
Geet(ST):"aur pati ke dil ka rasta pet se hoker jata hai... aaj main Maan ke liye kuch surprice banaungee... he loves mom's food ... let me ask her"
Geet comes to Mrs Handa and hugs her from behind "Mama I love you..."
Mrs H:"kya baat hai... subah subah yeh maska kyun... how was your 1st date..."
Geet thought for a while...
Geet:"entirely different than ususal... but then Maan made it so beautiful"
she started blushing thinking of the later part...
Mrs Handa was very proud that her daughter feelings for Maan were so strong that she took everything in right way
Mrs H:"aabb apne blushing pe control ker aur bata kya baat hai..."
Geet thought to get to point:"Woh Mom... Maan loves your foods.. I want to make something as surprise for him... please help me"

Mrs H:"to tu abhi wahan jaa rahee hai... hnnn..."
Geet:"Mom please bataiye na"
Mrs H:"pehle baar kuch bana rahee hai then make something sweet... Maan loves the chocolate Mousse that I make... i will explain you the receipe..."
Geet learns the receipe from her MoM, gets ready and leaves for KM...
She wants to give surprise to Maan so she directly goes to kitchen ... she finds Mrs Khurana in the kitchen...
Geet:"auny app kitchen me..."
Mrs K:"Tu kicthen me kya ker rahee hai... I am making something for lunch... kabhi kabhi to mera beta ghar pe rehta hai..."
Geet explains mrs K that she wants to make some sweet for Maan as surprise in Lunch...
Mrs K got emotional with Geet's thought she caress Geet's cheek and gave her soft kiss on her forehead.
Geet sarted with her receipe and while mrs K was busy with veggies... while Geet was still collecting all the required stuff on self she received call from Maan... as she was soo engrosed in collecting all stuff she casually picked the phone...
Maan:"hmmm... Good morning Mam.. kahan hain aapp.."
Geet was in her flow of work so without realising she said...
Geet:"aaphe ke ghar me hoon... kitchen me hoon.. abhi main busy hoon phone rakhiye..."
Then Geet soon realised what she did...
Maan(ST):"Achacha so she is here aur mujhse important ise kitchen lagta hai... baat bhi nahi kiya mujhse... let me see"
Maan reaches to kitchen and see's his Mom and Geet both busy in their work... as Geet saw him she suddely covers her stuff and his Mom saw him too
Mrs K:"Kya baat hai Maan... I need to thank Geet... uske wajah se bechare iss kitchen ko bhi aapke darshan ho gaye..."
Maan felt little akward... "Main pani lene aaya tha..." mrs Khurana smiled but said nothing...
Geet(ST):"Geet abb to tu gayee..."
she gave fake smile to Maan... he went to take water and then went near Geet
and wispered to her..
Maan:"Bahar aaoo 5 mints mein" it was a kind of order... and then he left...
Geet did not know waht to do now... Maan had called her so she had to go but mrs k was there... she quitly kept working for 2-3 mints but could not concentrate... then she casually said to mrs K
Geet:"aunty main abhi aayee..."
Mrs K:"Ok beta... just cover everything as I will be done in few mints"
Geet went out but did not know which side to go...she went to one side  when she was little ahead she got message from Maan.."come to oppst side... go straight and turn left"
She did as directed... when she took left and was going little ahead Maan suddenly came from behind and pulled her by her wrist...
she swirls and hit him on his chest... he held her by her shoulder.. seperated her from him and placed her on the wall... he pinned her both hand on wall and came close to her blocking her way out completely...
Geet:"Maan!!!... please jane dijiye na..." but she didn't know what she really wanted... his such closeness always made her heart beat fast..
Maan:"abb iss galtee kee saza to mile gee hee tumhe"
Geet:"kya galtee kee maine"
Maan:"Galti... tumhe nahi pata kya galtee kee hai tumne... aur uskee saaza to tumhe milegee hee..."
with this while holding her hands tight he brought his lips near her and just waited... her lips started shaking and she opened it... when she opened he removed his from there and placed it on her cheeks... he parted his lips on her cheeks and started kissing her as if eating them from his the same manner he passionatly moved from her cheeks to her neck.. then from her neck to her ears... he was tasting her and he was doing it very patiently enjoying every part he was going thru.
 Geet had already given up... her whole body straightened up... her inner parts tightened... some current or fluid passed thru her wjole body and she got restless to touch him.. to feel him  but he was holding her hands tight... and this made her more restless...he then brought his lips near hers and she was yearning for him to place it on hers... he brought it near hers... she opened it and he placed his on hers  and then both their lips were glued to each other for long...
They seperated after a while...
Maan(whisperd in her ear):"aabb ainda se aisee galtee nahi hogee... right????"
Geet was not in her own control... she did not know what to say
Geet:"Maan choriye na... jane dijiye pls... koi aa jayega"
Maan:"din ke iss waqt is taraf shayad hee koi aata hai... don't worry... aur koi aaye mujhe fark nahi parta... I am asking you something..."
Geet said nothing...
Maan:"achcha... I think you like the punishment... badha doon???? unnn Geet"
with this he left her hands and placed his on her waist...
Geet suddenly said:"Koshish karoongee" he then left her and gave her way...
Maan:"chalo abhi ke liye koshish bhi chalga... now you can go to you important work in kitchen..."

Geet ran away fast... Maan left from there for his room to check the file for which shahsa was coming...
The moment she reached the kitchen she sat on the chair... her whole self was shaking... she got herself a glass of cold water to calm herself...
then she started with her work... but while working her mind went to all that happened a while ago  and she started blushing and while Geet was lost in her thought Dadima enetred the kitchen and saw Geet blushing badly...
Dadima:"Geet... agar aap aise blush karengee then everyone will know kee app abhi abhi Maan se mil ker aa rahee hain.."
Geet who was lost in her own thought got shocked to hear from Dadima suddenly
Geet(hurridly):"Nahi dadima... woh actually I am making this chocolate mousse for Maan and was thinking if he will like it..."
Dadima did not say anything further on that
Dadima:"Jarro pasand ayega... per aap jaldi kijiye... yeh bane usse pahle lunch ka time na ho jaye..." Dadima offered to help Geet but Geet wanted to do all on her own... so Dadima left after she was done for whatever she came
After dadima was gone
Geet(ST):"Geet abb jaldi jaldi ker... yeh sab main jiske liye ker rahee hoon he only made me late... Yeh Maan bhi na pure Dusht hain..."
So Geet was done making her chocolate mousse and it was lunch time... Only Mrs K, Dadima, geet and Maan was there for lunch.
At 1st Geet was not able to eat properly and Maan was giving her various kind of teasing looks... then she decided not to look at him... he was troubling her a lot
Then after lunch
Dadima:"Maan yeh Dessert lijiye Geet ne aapke liye banaya hai..."
While hearing the word Dessert from Dadima Maan just chocked the water he was drinking and he had to cough... he looked at Geet and Geet got completely embarrassed.
Geet then quietly served him the chocolate mousse...
Maan took a bite in his mouth.. geet was waiting for his reaction... the moment he took it in his mouth he made a face as if he will throw up ... Tears came to Geet's eyes... then Maan suddenly eat all in his mouth and said
"Awsome!!!!.. Superb!! bilkul jaisa aunty banatee hain..."
Geet got so angry that he scared her she took some in a seperate plate
Geet:"Now you see!!!! you scared me to death... now your whole face will taste this..."
with this Geet started coming towards Maan... Maan got what she was upto and he got up and started to run...
Maan:"Geet ruk jao... yeh kya pagalpan hai... mujhe khane to do..."
Geet:"Now Now you will eat... I am gonna make your whole face eat..." Now Maan is running in whole house and Geet after him... while Maaneet are tom and jerry Dadima and Mrs K are laughing out loud
Mrs K:"In dono kee ladaii kabhi khatam nahi hogee..."
Maan somehow managed to reach his room and closed the door before geet came
Geet:"Now if you are not coming out while I count 3 I am gonna throw them all..whole that I made"
Maan thought Geet can do that in anger so while she was on 1 he openned the door and as he opened Geet placed whole that was on her plate on his face...
Maan:"let me wipe my face and then you see... itna gussa... maine mazak kiya tha aur tumne mera B'day celebrate ker diya..."
Geet:"Not letting you wipe your face..." Maan ran to dinning table before Geet could reach and wiped his face...
Geet took some more and ran after him... Maan face half wiped and Geet with some on her plate again became Tom and jerry and doing this they reached the hall...
while Maan was trying to escape her and Geet trying to catch him .. they were on two side of sofa playing Tom and Jerry when Shasha entered the Hall... Maaneet were lost in their fight and they did not notice shahsa for a while...

Shasha was shocked to see Maan in that condition and in such a playful mood... It was beyound her imagination to see him this way... but when she realised it was Geet with whom he was she was got really frustated from inside...
She almost felt she will faint seeing Maan in that condition with Geet
Then Maaneet both saw her and Maan straightened... 
Next to be continued
thread 2
Precap: Maan:"Viccky hame abhi Geet ko doctor ke pass le chalna chahiye"
Precap 2:Q. sabse bada pagal kaun

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wow..supreb update.
love it

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Oh lovely upd. Geet making dessert 4 cute.haaye loved maan's badla

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lalitha.. Goldie

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lovely update...cont soon...thanks 4 pm.

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