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YOU NEVER KNOW (MAANEET) - # 1 (Page 119)

todayzstar IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 14 July 2011 at 7:22am | IP Logged
Nice prt..
cntnue soon..

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raj_202 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 July 2011 at 7:32am | IP Logged
maan is innocent
hope geeet understand

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shalinisaran89 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 July 2011 at 10:59am | IP Logged
omg brillient upd...

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JayaR IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 July 2011 at 6:38am | IP Logged
Anu... very good update...

now I cant wait to see Geet's reaction... I'm sure she hasnt misunderstood Maan... but is feeling bad for him... as he had to go through so much becoz of Sam... I guess this is what gonna happen...

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ritzy09 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 July 2011 at 6:40am | IP Logged
waiting Anu...waiting waiting StarStarStarStarStarStarStar

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_mahi.ve_ IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 July 2011 at 7:02am | IP Logged
nice part con soon

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tellyme IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 July 2011 at 10:51am | IP Logged
Hi All...
Thanks  for supporting me... liking and commenting on the updates...
I hope I live upto your expectation in this update too...
Please comment and let me know

Part 31
Tears rolling down Geet's eyes... she is not looking at Maan
Maan is now very scared...he don't know what to speak.. Geet is not saying anything but she looks hurt..."is everything ruined????"
He gathers courage to speak.. he softly keeps his hand on her shoulder "Geet..."
She jerks and removes his she turns at him... looking at him with so many expressions together... lots of emotion flowing thru her eyes..
after a while
Maan:"Geet kuch to bolo... puchoo na jo bhi puchna hai... main sab bataunga na..."
Geet(with tears still in her eyes):"achcha to mere sawal ka jawab hoga aapke pass..."
Maan:"Haan Geet... i will try my best to explain everything to you... phir tum jo faisla lo"
Geet:"Tell me...why did you not trust me...why did you not trust my love Maan..."
Maan is shocked by Geet's question as he was expecting entierly different questions
Maan:"Geet today it's not about me trusting you...its about you trusting me..."
Geet:"No Maan...its clearly about you not having trust in my love for you..."
Maan:"Geet kaise baat ker rahee hoo... I love you so much baby... its just for you I took out all this stuff... you don't even know how painfull it was for me to go thru all this again..."
Geet:"and what makes you think i don't know how painfull it was for you... that is it
Maan.. you just worry about how much you love me not about how much I love you... you don't trust I love you that much"
She stops...
Geet:"baar baar maine aapse kaha hai.. be it what I am urs.. you have full right on me... but my words meant nothing for you...hain na Maan"
Maan is dumbstruck... this was entirely new thing coming up
Maan:"Geet I completely trust your love baby.. hamaree nayee jindagee suru kerne ke pehle main bass tumhe..."
Geet:"bass tumhe kya Maan... kya mujhe pata nahi tha that Sameera was in your life before me... ya mujhe yeh nahi pata tha that sameera was the cause ke jab main 2 saal ke baad london se aayee to hamare haste khelte Maan ek robot baan gaye the"
Geet:"per beech me kya hua yeh main kabhi janna nahi chatee thee... jis baat ne aapko itna chot pahuchayee thee Maan woh main kabhi nahi janna chatee thee... kyunkee jis baat ne aapko thor diya tha Maan agar main aapse uske bare me puchtee to uska jawab dene me aapko kitnee chot pahuchtee..."
She stops for a while
Geet:"Maan apko dard me dekh ker mujhe kitna dard hota hai yeh app kalpna bhi nahi ker sakte... aur aaj apne wohi kiya... mere Maan ko dard diya... mujhe dard diya..."
Maan is quite... speaks after a while
Maan:"Geet mujhe pata tha aaj tumhe main chot pahuchane wala hoon... per jis baat se tumhe chot pahuchee hai iskee sachmuch maine kalpana bhi nahi kee thee... Mujhe maaf kerdo Geet... maine sachmuch tumhare pyar ke gahrayee ko jaanne me chuk ker dee..."
Maan:"per Geet... try to understand my point baby... though I cleard my self with strong proof... controversies never go away... I wanted to let you know where I stand with all this before we start a new life... I became selfish... main tumse dur nahi reh pa raha tha... and my conscience was not allowing me to come near you... to own you... aur baas maine apne swarth me yeh saab kiya..."
Geet turns to other side and tears never leaving her eyes...
Geet:"humdono ke ghar me ... everyone trust you as they know you...we all know you from childhood... phir aapko aisa kyun laga kee main hee ek aappe bahrosa nahi karoongee..."
Maan:"Geet i knew you will trust me but I needed to tell it... pls try to understand... for my conscience I did this all..."
He tried to calm her down by holding her around from back with one hand... he rubbed her arms...He didn't dare say her how happy he was that she trusted him...that would be a fuel in fire...
Maan:"Geet will you please help me... I need your help... pls don't say no"
Geet:"kya baat hai"
Maan:"I want to tell you everything... to make my heart clear... you don't want me in pain right... so listen everything and make me free... free to make you mine... and believe me it won't hurt me... not telling everything to you will keep me in constant pain..."
Geet:"theek hai... per Maan...itnee imandaaree acchee nahi hotee.. chot pahuchatee hai... but for you I will take this pain... go ahead pour out yourself... but be clear... you are telling all this for yourself not for me..."
Maan was just admiring Geet... she was baby, childish but her love for him was soo deep... she could do anything for him... take any amount of pain for him...
Geet:"aabb boliye have already ruined my 1st date with you... wow how special I feel today... my 1st date and I am listening story of your 1st love..."
Maan just said nothing... he was ready to take anything comming from her... he was her culprit...
Maan:"ok...i will start... It was infatuation... with her style and her acts she was
making me crazy about her everyday... I was naive that time.. she was plying with me... i was spending money on her like anything... every now and then there was demand of money... I fullfilled all her wish without any question... but dadima noticed my action... she was doubting Sammera's intention and I ignored her her..."
He stopped...
Maan:"then once she needed a big amount of money... i needed dad's permission for that... something stopped me to give her that much amount without consultation... and then the change..."
Maan:"Dad brought this issue on the breakfast table... you viccky both were in london then... Dadima who was already suspisious... explained me that it was not right... i should not give her money and then watch her behaviour... I was hesitant as I was scared she will be upset... but everyone suggested me to do so... I consulted your Dad too and he suggested the same... they were elders and could see what i could not... they wanted me to realise the truth..."
Maan:"Sameera's behaviour suddenly changed... she became angry on me... said me I did not love her enough nd money was more important for me... she avoided me for few days... I felt bad.. I had upset her... but why was she avoiding me because of money..."
Geet was listening
Maan:"Everyone in home knew what happened btwn us... i was open book that time.. she reappeared after few days... 'Maan i want to marry you' she said... I was so happy... everyone in home were just for no reason doubting her, i thought...but elders knew better.."
Maan:"they discussed among themself and then  they asked me to just wait for a year for marraige... they wanted to see her reaction... Uncle Handa had already found out that she was in desperate need of money... money lender was badly after her... she had elopped with big amount of money from him... though she was a model... her hunger for money and her big fun lists made her ask for more and more..."
Maan:"I was happy that everyone agreed but was upset I have to wait for a year... but could not go against all... so this news and Sameera has new face... 'you dont want to lend me money... you want me to wait for marraige... what is this Maan.. What do you think I am to you...'"
Maan:"I explained her that we should go with elders decision and I loved her and all my money will be hers after marraige.. so she will not need to ask... but she got the hint that something was wrong... 1st waiting for a year was not possible for her... she needed money badly that time... it was coming to her life and then she came up with a whole new plan... she realised that I had strong family bond and I will not go against them"
Maan:"she came with a new plan new... being good was not working so she framed the whole story for blackmailing me... when the news came 1st in newspaper... I was shocked... blame started coming on me... I was shocked and my dad was shocked... then Uncle handa came to help me... with all his help we prooved her worng... while going thru that case I was brocken... i became stronger and after the case I realised I was the whole new person... entirely different than the previous one... I stopped thinking about myself"
Maan:"Geet it's not that i was not with her that night... but it was all setup from her... place was decided by her... the night was romantic... we became intimate... very very intimate but trust me we did not have any physical relation beyound a point... that was my ethics...some limitation before marraige... i loved her and we have to wait for 1 yr for marraige... so just maintained my distance..i did it for her... so that she is not hurt... it was hard as she was all ready to go ahead... As it was getting hard for me to resist I ended the night and left from their... she was furious..something did not go according to her plan but still she dragged me in all...later I realised it all..."
Geet:"and you ethics saved you... and you withdrew you case because once you trully loved her..."
Maan:"and now I truly hate her... she don't even deserve this ... "
Geet:"but she is not in your life now... she will never dare to come back..."
Maan kept quite for a while
Maan:"she have dared... but this time she is going to pay badly..."
Geet:"she is back in your life!!!!"
Maan:"no Geet... can you imagine I will let her in... she has come up with a more dirty game this time... i have not met her but I have all proofs gathered... I don't want to tell the detail now as i am playing very carefully this time... but if you demand I will let you know what's going on..."

Geet:"Maan you are still struglling with so much and you didn't even make me realise so much is going thru..."
Maan:"Geet aisa kuch nahi hai... I have handled everything and I am not in any pressure this time... yo don't worry... do you want to know..."
Geet:"No...mujhe to kuch bhi nahi janna tha.. I have trust on you Maan... pls trust me for that Maan..."
Then both are quite... different kinds of thought going thru their mind...
Next to be continued

Precap: Night at farm house continues
Phew!!!! this was the hardest part to write... I hope I lived upto your expectation...
More different kind of reactions will come up from Geet and Maan... but in next part...

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meravigiliso IF-Rockerz

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simply wow. for any relation trust matters and felt very happy to see the trust geet have on maan . maan had clear conscience so he cleared her ,that was wonderful on his part as he wanted to start his life fresh . it was touchy indeed a fabulous part .

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