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Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

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Posted: 23 May 2011 at 9:22am | IP Logged


I don't know how to react about the episodeConfusedUnhappy but as I have stated in previous lounge that I am not expecting any thing from the  staff of person who not even know meaning of stagnation point Angry.

It seems that Imagine & c.vs most often  watches animal planet and gets inspiration from it . the way bhagam ' bagh was dragged they were following foot steps of SNAIL .and suddenly they realize that at this pace KMH will not end till  may 2012 and they have race against time  so they searched new animal to get inspired & they stopped at  CHEETAH .LOL Ek episode maine itna kuch .Shocked

Poor editing ..Thumbs Downno view pointAngry .bas dikha diya..untill now just for ARjuhi we have overseen many bloopers. But today was the limit . how can Arjun for one second see Dadu dying and in next second go backs and chit chat with Arohi in study  ..Ouch

Arvind should seriously work for his expression the way he said Whattt .it was like Arjuhi again ran off from jail . it was a happy news reaction must be .Sach '. .Thumbs Down

Whole family in hospital  groying KSA .KSA really loved Arohi Hug..his eyes were searching for her. And lie by sudhir .. I can understand that he did not know that his bauji  is antaryami , LOLhe can listen even in coma and concept by Arohi was correct that when we pray to god it is not necessary that we get back reply . The scene of melodrama by Amrit was useless.Thumbs Down Ullu's should have done round table conference before leaving for hospital that if Bauji will ask for Arohi what will they say . A day before KSA believed that Arohi  is not traceable and next day he said he know that Unjustice is done on ARjuhi ..Wacko Ek din phele bold beta toh 1.50 min bach jate jo Arjuhi ke scene ke kaam aate .Stern Smile.

Arjuhi are really soul mates .Embarrassed.on Friday when Arohi was sad Arjun was trying to make her happy today role reversal ..Arjun was sad and Arohi was trying to cheer him Heart. they were not afraid of being punished but was sad because they will have to live apart .Hug A true love needs no definitionHeart ..Karan was fantastic while challenging god 'StarClap .

Loved the way KSA told Rajveer that phele Aaine maine apna mooh dekh kar aa ..ROFL why Rajveer has shocking expression when KSA reveled  that Arjun was not shooter Wackodidn't Rajveer was the one who saked Ganu  baiya  to prove Arjun Innocent 'his expression should be happy wale naa ..Thumbs Down

Loved the virtual slap by KSA to ullu's  .Clap And no comment on judge .bina proper investigation ke life imprisonment de diya ab bolta hai proper investigation karoAngry  . Chahu was sounding like  tele wood heroine when he said that ab mujhe yakin ho gaya tum ho ……ROFL.ROFLROFL.

Arjuhi was romancing even there was another imprisoner near by them .ShockedLOLWinkEmbarrassed

I always wanted proper apology session from ulllu's but now I don't want a single minute to wasted on showing  melodrama of Ullu's .Ouch

As per the pic posted in FB it looks like they will again end with marriage of Arjuhi .Unhappy

Last but not least ….I Do want KMH3 Approve, but not  in Imagine  , some other channel .Angry

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kavyasam IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 May 2011 at 9:34am | IP Logged
donno why  felt like singing this song...HeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeart
thank you CVs   from  bringing them out ,   varna  na jaane  hum aur kya kya karvaate unse jail mein ROFLROFLROFL
coming to the episode : 
Scene continues from  shocked expression of  tayaji ,  who for once instead of Shut UP!!  says  that daddu is  out of danger  , phew  ,  finally ,  after some  typical  ullu  lectures ,  daddu is shown to lecture again to all of them.   Apparently   whatever arohi spoke  daddu had heard registered and remembers  the shoot out incident has seen  the  tattoo on the killer's shoulder too , lekin  coma mein rehke  thoda  jyada  hi  clear vision mila that unko  ki  he  somehow miraculously has seen  arjun  approach him as soon as the killer left that too from the oppositve room, from where  bevdaa vakeel had seen the extra footage of ksa coming out of a diff . room  when he watched it on a big tv LOL,   samajh mein nai aaya na , kisiko bhi nai aayega ,  everyone  including  CVs are clueless about this GeekROFL.   
They could have written and executed better Ouch  , wasted so much time in  unnecessary  pagalpan last week and now they will rush it CryOuch.    They showed that tape like so many times  and still they dont know what viewers were shown before?   very  unprofessional work in terms of editing Thumbs Down
Arjun  Arohi  Heart  , looks like  arjun gave all his hopes to arohi since today she was trying to cheer him up Thumbs Up,   she wanted to start an arguement saying she loves him more expecting him to retort back that he loves her more  ,   but he wants to assert what she said .   Not that he did anything less than her but when he had given up on the case she took the brave step and tried her best to keep him out of jail .  He would have done the same and even more for her .   They cannot  measure the  love they have on each other ,  it is simply not possible.   It was cute to know that they still think of the possibiities  meeting  in the jail  Heart.   
'Khuda bhi  hume  kar na paaye  judaaa...'  is what  arjun said today .   He and God share this amazing and pure bond , it is reflected in his words.  He does not beg god to  solve all this  nor does he  say I dont believe in you if dont help us or I will believe in you  if you help us,  but he is telling god that he will  treat  the love god has given  them  more than god himself.  asking god to  prove them wrong is like asking to break the bond which is not possible since it  is  god who has made them soulmates hence  khuda bhi unhe kar naa paayenge judaa.   And the  assurance god gave them that  he accepted the challenge and is proving the world wrong and arjuhi right Clap.   Loved that  last scene where they hear the aarti and get up and another inmate says that it is coming from the nearest mandir and that it must be time of Mahaarti  - WONDERFUL  Star ,  It was all in the flow the energy  vibes from  arjun , arohi and god was awesome .   I repeat Arohi's words  ,  believing in God gives us strength with inturn  gives confidence and hence success.  Thumbs Up. Bhagvan ki Jai ho Star
Judgement was fair -  Release arjun , catch the real one (judge looks like is back from vacation or something, isiliye he is less cranky and more useful  today ) .   and the term served was also taken into account Star .   Arjuhi are free  Dancing.   Like  Ari said  I dont want them to come to  Ullu's pagalkhana at all ,  at 5 PM when they come out , let them straight away go to arjun's mom's place and  start there Embarrassed  want to see them  happy happy and only happy  Day Dreaming.  
After daddu reveals it all ,   I was disappointed with the  family's reactions, 
abt chachu  there is no forgiveness to him ,  whatever  he is going to do  is not going to change the impression abt him,  nothing to be proud of him, for what should the viewers feel proud of  the  most  arrogant  character of KMH2 -  for  all of a sudden believing in god because  the case which he could not solve  got solved,  for calling the fire brigade  instead of attempting  atleast  to save arjuhi from fire ,  for time and again abusing the power and  defying superior's orders,  for  suddenly  shedding  crocodile tears for  arohi and  may be arjun  because arjun is proved innocent now,   for  selfishly  conspiring with RPS  to keep arjuhi away,  the list goes on.   the character is very empty.  Thumbs Down.   does not deserve forgiveness from Arjun.  
Amrit  & Sudhir  -  Amrit is a  U turn specialist.  actress is good  though.   She could have done so much , but in the name of  khandan ki Izzat  she always chose the easy way and  arohi and lovedeep fight.   Sudhir being responsible for arjun's mom's death had no heart when he bashed, abused and  harrassed  arjun Thumbs Down,  does not  deserve the forgiveness from  Arjun. 
Arvind -  another hypocrite , blind  towards truth.  He  always  snubbed  ppl like sanchit and bua when they tried to speak up , and today even when ksa was  telling  arjuhi  are on truth's side,  he susshed  preeti and  continues to  blabber what he believes to be true.  Thumbs Down  does not deserve forgiveness from Arjun.
All the ahluwalia's are hypcrites,  they DO NOT deserve  the forgiveness from Arjun,  infact he should never talk to them.   Him and arohi should  put these people behind them,   atleast singhania's did not put the false face of love  like  ahluwalia's Sleepy.    Please  DO NOT SHOW ARJUN THANKING ANYONE FROM THE ULLU'S FAMILY , THEY DONT DESERVE IT Angry
Technical Dept :   As the end is nearing we can understand the pressure  building up on the team ,  but  THIS IS the time to show the talent you guys have,  give us  a  clean  well edited and well executed  last few episodes to cherish and remember.  Use  the   KMH2  Title track for  intense scenes like today's  jail scene.  
Karan Kritika  ,  well done ClapClap .   

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glitter567 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 May 2011 at 9:37am | IP Logged
Gonna be a short take from me as the epi was OK. Hume sirf arjuhi ko dekhna hai, really hate it when time is wasted on ullus, especially now, when there are only like 4 episodes left. The countdown has begun Cry going to miss kmh and arjuhi loads Cry screw crapgin tv for being so harsh and unfair towards kmh, looking forward to them shutting shop soon!!!

Silent love, innocent love, crazy love, sacrificing love, boundless love, naughty love, unconditional love, pure love, immortal love etc.. = ArjuHi
these two really define love
Heart if someone asks me what is love, then i can proudly just tell them to watch arjuhi scenes and kmh, jawab mil jayegaEmbarrassed LOL
Loved arjuhi scene! Arohi ki baari thi aaj, on friday we saw arjun trying to cheer arohi up, and today she was doing the same thing. Arohi was trying to ease the atmosphere but arjun just looked on without saying anything because his heart was just heavy with pain, it was just one of them moments where you can't bring yourself to pretend anymoreOuch This scene made me teary. The pain that these two were feeling was so visible. The dialogues were really touching. Both of them have done so much for each other and taken drastic steps in life for the sake of their love but look where they have ended up.Ouch ''will we ever get our much deserved happy ending'' was the questions in their minds.
The whole world seems to be against them but phir bhi no-one can take away, touch or shake what these two have, and that is their love for each other, which will only keep on growing, thus
Arjun's challenge to god, as he knows god is always right and hamesha sachai ke saath dete hain hence their love will win and remain, no matter the circumstance.  Heart
Felt this pang in my heart throughout this scene. Their optimism even during difficult times is so refreshing.

Daddu out of coma & ullus reform act: wah ji wah! everything was fresh in daddu's mind even after having come out of a come LOL ahh well who cares...would've been better if it was shorterTongue at least arjun and arohi can be free now! phew!
liked the bashaan (again would've been better if it was shorter dadduLOL) he gave to his nalayak sons... glad he told them that he is ashamed of their behaviour and treatment towards arjuhi! Thumbs Up
they deserved more thoughAngry
but really bad editing when he had the flashback where he got shot and arjun came to tend himThumbs Down hume fools samajte hai kya?
The ullus have left no stones unturned when it came to showing off their ullupanti Dead ullupanti dekh dekh ke this whole reform act was a bit overwhelming, especially the redemption of rajvir chachu, which simply left me feeling numb Stern Smile apart from daddu, bua, DJ and sanchit all i'll say to the ullus is this: 'will not forgive or forget' Evil Smile bohot zyada nainsaafi ki hai tum logone arjun ke saath and it is impossible for us to forgive you guys. Evil Smile

Final scene: loved it when a ray of glowing light came in through the window and woke arjuhi up, and that guy told them that that there is a maha aarti going on so both of them pray...RESULT was seen!!  Thumbs Up
judge gives verdict and arjuhi are free Thumbs Up FINALLY!!!! been waiting for a while for this...but we only saw a glimpse of arjuhi signing the papers Confused CVs when it comes to ullus you can waste a full scene Angry  like anjali said where did they get new clothes from? Confused
ullus are buzy doing aarti waiting for arjuhi to come home Thumbs Down so none of them thought of picking them up from jail and apologising? besharams!  waiting for everything to land on their door stepsDead

Like everyone else i REALLY don't want arjuhi to go to ullu house and forgive them...Arjun pleaseee aisa mat karo!!! please don't accept their apology!
i want to see them going directly to his mom's house and leading a happily married life...don't want anyone else included in the picture! just the two of them and hopefully with the addition of aman and preetTongueEmbarrassed.

btw editing was VERY POOR todayThumbs Down

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-SweetGirl- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 May 2011 at 10:05am | IP Logged
Nice Show..But I wish they dint drag and wasted todays half of the show with Ahuwalia's melodrama..C'mon Cv's there is only 5 shows leftCry.. & Even from them also you guys are cutting down Arjuhi moments ..OuchNot done...
Arjuhi scene was really Lovely and so cute..Arohi's dialoge - Tumne Long distance relationship ke Bare me nahi suna hai Kya..LOLEmbarrassedAnd Arjun's reactions over It..Kya !!EmbarrassedBig smileClapTheir whole
 Jail and Life in Jail convo was really touching ...How much they are in love with each otherBig smile..They simply cant think to live seperated for sec and Now see the circumstances..CryLife is so cruel some time..Specially with nice peopleOuch..Today for a change Mrs.Singhaniya was behaving too mature When Arjun seemed life loosing the home and depressed on thought to get seperated from his Lady Love.. and she was convincing Arjun that Its ok...They'll live staying away...But those eyes in tears was enough to express her grief and worry that what if Really she get seperated with her Life cum love..Arjun...CryAww loved that line..Me tumhe Holi,Diwali,Republic day pe Milne Aaugi...CryEmbarrassed
Arjun once again great guy..Lover..Husband & HumanClap..They was he was expressing Arohi's scrifices..Big smileAnd hes Challenge to God...Starthat was some thing really Proring - Kitni Mohabbat haiBig smile..But Arjun Dear Not God the stupid Ahuwalia's are yr Pyar Ka Dushman..God is with you both from day one...They only made you both destined and made you both together and nobody was ready to think even you both ever can be together...So curse them !
Lovedeep bua once again was great..Writers given her some really meaning full dialoges showing Ahuwalia family;s hypocrisy and their double standard...
Kartar singh is well now..and as expected hes gentleman and hes all with Truth & Arohi.Clap..
Good that he him self clefied the thing...I wish he could slad Rajveer for his stupidity and scold Ahuwalia's to ruin Arjuhi's life..CryHe made him run life culprits which they were never...And he says he know God is there...God was always there Rajveer But where was yr stupid brain shells..Which hv started working recently only..Ouch..
By end of mondays show Arjuhi are out Jail(I hope) per they shown some small clip in last few seconds where they signs up legal papers of bail...And Ahuwalia's are hoping for Arjuhi's come back at Ahuwalia Mention...Ouch
I wish Arjuhi dont return to them please...OuchLet they leave seperate and hv good and peaceful life..and Yeah ! Please dont drag one more show with ahuwalia's melodrama ...Now time to show Arjuhi;s happy married they moments which are much awaited and Missing from long with Arjuhi...cant wait from tomorrow's show..

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shibz IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 23 May 2011 at 10:33am | IP Logged
I FEEL LYK CRYIN OUT LOUD!! Kya bana diya aaj ki epi ka...use kichdi bhi nahi bula sakti main!!Cry 'teen' hafte the CVs ke paas..jisme Arjuhi ko ko slow kiya aur aaj clippings ko aise chipkaya jaise album main photos lekin buri tarah se!!Angry humare saat aisa kyun hota hai?!Cry ek tho show off air jaane ka dukh hai aur ab KMH ki saat itni buri treatment?!Cry

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Anjalii...xXx IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 May 2011 at 10:49am | IP Logged
Res...don't feel like writing anything even though i wanna rite so much...Cry Cry Cry if KMH2 got fair treatment or even better..came on a different channel...then maybe we wudn't b going thru so much pain and sadness rite nw...why does this happen to us always?!! why does KMH2, the show we love so much get treated like this..??
n now we aren't even destined to get 5 full epi's of KMH2!! it hurts badly..!!Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry 
giving a very short take today...infact copying n pasting what i rote in the previous lounge..LOLLOL...n adding more..Wink
Is it me or did Rajveer's voice sound like a girl today?!!! Confused..ROFLROFLROFL...cud not connect wid him or his expressions at allThumbs Down...infact didn't like any of Ullu's reaction towards dadu..n the fact he had said arjun is innocent...Ouch
and this is the most superfast episode i have seen in my life..!!Ouch LOL and editing was totally patheticCensored...i still don't know why we had to have such DVs for KMH2...Cry Cry Cry..why do we always have to suffer because of dem...Cry...if they had not done such a slow track in the few weeks..den maybe we wud have gotten better epi's..wid arjuhi filled moments...[:V;]
I don't kno whether i should be happy or sad or angry about today's episode..!!..arjuhi's convo in jail had alot of emotions and intensityHeart...i was expecting a hug atleast wen they got outDisapprove..but we didn't see them come out n neither i got to see a hugCry...n how did they get new clothes?!! n it looked so casual the way they were signing the papers and the FB that dadu has shows that arjun coming to dadu first after he was shot!! arjuhi came to him last..!! n arjun was wid arohi wen he was shot!! what is this...Angry Angry Angry Cry
Arjuhi's convo is supersweer...just love their undying love for each other..they have given a new definition to love itself..Heart..n this tym arohi trying to cheer arjun up..Heart...that convo was very emotional..made me cry..kudu's to BG and KK2's amazing acting n expressions...Clap Clap Clap...muah!! Hug

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rasika_DS IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 May 2011 at 12:57pm | IP Logged
Is this true that KMH will end on ThursdayShockedDead Just read it on the forum.
Im so angry now on Imagine..never treated KMH fairly and now this is worseDead Are we emotionless ppl..we do not have any feelings that these imagine ppl do not care at allAngry
Superfast episodeDisapprove DVs were sleeping these 3 weeks n suddenly they drank Glucon DLOL..Again Ullus' dramaD'ohfed up with themSleepy I seriously din understand Amrit's suddenly frm ThurdayErmmshe turned in favour of ArjuhiShocked 
Sudden realization of RajveerThumbs Down Arre till the previous day he was heartlessly after Arjun n Arohi..Rajveer did u forget ur dialogue "Arohi tum Ahluwalias ke naam pe ganda dhabba ho"Angry n suddenly this love for Arjun n Arohi ..You must repent for ur bad deeds.Angry 
When Daddu became conscious and was telling that Arjun is innocent..didn't like the expressions on the faces of UllusSleepy n after giving those overdramatic exprsns..Arvind was asking which truth r u talking about baujiROFL The scene where KSA got shot..CVsAngryAngry why there was a need for that the original scene Arjun Arohi came afterwards n here u showed that Arjun alone was the first one to reach himD'ohand ghar jaha par KSA ko goli lagi woh bhi change ho gayaD'ohLOL
Now coming to the highlight of the show..superloved Arjuhi's sceneDay Dreaming But it was heartwrenching..i was continuously saying plz get rid of this pain..this is unbearableCryCry Loved the way Arjun challenged GodClap Awesum piece of acting by KaranStar Also loved the way Arohi was trying to cheer him upEmbarrassed
Arjun - tumhe women's quarter mein aur mujhe Men's quarter meinOuch 
Arohi - Hum public holidays par milengeOuch
OMG that was really so heartwrenchingCryCry Thank God they r free nowSmile But that was also superfast..they weren't showed standing in court..directly sign karte hue a way it is good that it wasn't dragged..warna 2 episodes wahi chalta rehta!!
Don't want Arjun Arohi to comeback to UllusDisapprove I hope DVs put light on the raaz thing..I so want Arjun to question Sudhir for his Mom's deathDisapprove
Karan Kritika were fab as usualClapEmbarrassed

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channi_star Goldie

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Posted: 23 May 2011 at 1:36pm | IP Logged
kitni naainsafi hai!!    Cry
wat the bloody hell does crapgin think of themselves???????
damn they r gone if v dnt get a maha epi on sat!!!!
damn it!!
cumin bak 2 the bhagam bhag epi...
ditto 2 evry1z take!!!
arjuhi :
Smile  Cry  nicee conversation!! i gt goosebumps wen the mahaarti strtd n arjuhi wakin up n was like too gud!!
arjun ka direct contact wid bhaggu hamesha kaam ajata hai...   Smile
arohi app log toh saal mein occasions mei milllge but humlogo ka kya??
nxt week se crapgin ki meherbani se hum toh aplogo nahi mil payenge...
kaise jiyenge applogo ke bina??  CryCryCry
arjun u were ryt...
bhagwan hum logo ko kitna bhi dur karde but humlogo ka pyaar applogo ke liye kabhi khatam nahi hoga...
luv u karan n kittu 2eva n eva!!!   Heart
thankgod daddu gehri neend se jag gaye... Tongue
finally arjuhi r outta jail...
n wat the hell ullu still hopin they r gonna cum 2 their mansion...
aur koi unlogo ko lene bhi nahi gaya...
woh 2 monkeys n vampy ka karrahe hai..khotte!!
awww shayad gaddi ka petrol bacha rahe hai... ROFLROFL
i hope arjuhi go 2 arjun's house rather den ullus jungle!!  until ullus cum beggin for forgiveness...Tongue
dv's agar yeh saab last 2 weeks mein khatam kardete toh app logo ka kya jaata???
hamesha humlogo se panga lelete ho... AngryOuch
karanika u both were awesome as usual!!!     Hug

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