Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

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We are here to discuss about the show
Kitani Mohabbat Hai
Start sharing the analysis and constructive critics and comments; however,not to forget few rules to keep the discussion flow nice..(kindly follow the rules)

1. No actor bashing & No derogatory terms to be used.
2. Keep the discussion off of issues not concerned with this show.
3. Feedbacks appreciated not sarcasm or digs at the actors and the show.
4. Do NOT quote more than 3 times.
5First 2 pages of the lounge can be reserved only for takes, NO conversations.

"Format, name and rules exclusively for Mohabbat lounge"

*Permission given by the KMH2 Dev team*

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Link 2 d previous thread:
Mohabbat Lounge#129[20/5: Epi-149]

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So this post is going to be for Songs suggested based on what happened in today's episode or we will post a romantic song for Arjuhi

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D fact dat we r jus goin 2 hav 4 (even worse..3) more episodes is killing me..wanna cry out loud.!!..CryCryCry...why can't our ArjuHi stay 4 longer?? dey so deserve 2.. n how r we goin 2 do widout seeing our sweethearts onscreen everyday...leaving behind huge smiles on our faces... why 1st wid KMH1 n now again season2 has d same wen i listen 2 any sad song i think of KMH..n how badly its goin 2 b missed.!!.. it definately deserved a lot much better..!!.. Apart 4m d love it got 4m all of us.. wish it got d appreciation it deserved through TRPs n awards..dat d channel craves 4..Stern Smile
We'll miss u KMH...u'll always reserve dat special spot in our hearts...Heart
I want 2 bash Imagine...curse it.. abuse it...4 having been so selfish..!! shaadi obsessed..n having treated KMH in d most UNimaginable way..Angry had it been btr wud hav done much btr even in terms of dat obviously neva happened..thnx 2 d awesome management of d channel...i must give it 2 u guys 4 having ruined it 4 urself...we'll sure throw a virtual party in d KMH forum wen u turn bankrupts...Angry n dat day is not far..Big smile I want 2 hav KK2 doin some other show 2gether on a bigger channel...n show these loosers wat dey r capable of...

Anyways..2 d episode..d 150th epi...Tongue
I hated dat dey r trying 2 rush everything...n so casually dey showed ArjuHi signing d register as if nothing ever happened...Angry it seemed similar 2 d day Arjun was signing d register at d "decent" hotel...n no1 even comes 2 d jail 2 apologise..?!!Angry r dey supposed 2 take a cab back home now..?!!AngryAngryAngry..
bt i dey had all d tym in d world...2 shw d ulluwalia's fursat se..Angry focussing on each tear dat each of d ulluwalia shedded...lyk we r intrested in seeing dat...Angry
n 4 d 1st tym Mr.Shut UP!! had sumthing else 2 say.. i was shocked he din say Shut UP!! wen he stopped his wife 4m speaking...who is happily experimenting wid her hairstyles...Angry it jus me who burst out laughing wen bozo said..ab mujhe yakeen ho gaya tum ho!! i had dis strong urge [email protected]#@#%^*^^&[email protected]#[email protected][email protected]#!# wish him "Happy Realization"...Angry
n i missed d start...wich was obviously d best part of d epi sinc it had ArjuHi..Dead

wanted 2 write soo all dis anger is making me cry...CryCryCry...

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Another continuation start. CV's why are u torturing us in theese last days ? it was difficult to understand if Arvind was happy after hearing the news that KSA is out of coma. it seemed as if he had taken in the fact the would never come out of coma. A very late reaction from Arvind but he finally blurts it out that his dad is out of coma & the whole ullu clan rush to hospital.But as soon as KSA asks for arohi we r shown the ullu's r back at home discussing what to say next.
Well at least Amrit & bua talked about telling the truth & the injustice done to Arjuhi cos this thought did not even cross the others mind.They are all so selfish. And it seemed like they all came home to change their clothes cos their first visit was so short. They probbably thought they could hide their black deeds with black clothes especially Rajveer & Arvind. But atleast KSA showed them the mirror.Wow dadu what a line to Rajveer ' tumne aaina mein apni shakal dekhi hai kya ' he needed this. 
Even god help those who help themselves not those who cry in front of god like cry babies seeking  help every time they ruin things themselves or things get tough.
Dadu ne toh kamaal kar diya !! He was listeningto everything Arohi told him.Very good cos his ears were awake it was only the brain & eyes that were asleep.But the rest of the ullu clan were brain dead no matter what Arjuhi had been trying to tell them they never listened or understood.
Thankgod dadu is back with a hammer straight in his ullu son's heads. Atleast he got the facts cleared though Arjun attending him when he was shot was a bit too clear for everyone. Don't know if this was a miracle from god or dadu's imagination but as long as Arjuhi are proved innocent i don't mind.
And Arvind who never sees past a GUNSHOT WOUND (thanks to someone who reminded me of this line again i can't resist adding it )was still behaving ridiculously but when dadu asked him the million dollar question Did you see Arjun shoot me ? Arvind just SHUT UP.
Pls CV's show some mercy on us & save yourself some time from ullupanti. Save the team some money cos it is recession time so you can't afford to pay for maximum of Arjuhi in remaining episodes.Just forget the ullu clan like you forgot Dadi,Rashi & etc pls .
Arjuhi are crying & so sad is making us cry.such a sad & emotional scene. so much pain.Only Karanika can bring out theese emotions in themselves & others. A true actor is one who can do this. Some just Are crying to fake tears to show god to seek  help from god.Which only makes us laugh & not cry.Karanika have evry talent in them. Hats of to u guys for doing this so well.But pls no more crying we are already sad pls make us happy now. Give us some romantic scenes & give us our aman-preet.At the speed u are going this is possible.pls just go to Arjun's moms house don't come back to the ullu mansion then everything is possible.
Can't wait for tmrw's episode hope to see some romantic moments. pls don't forgive the ullu's even if they seek forgiveness which i don't think they have the manners to do that but even if they do they are not worthy of your forgiveness. just get on with your married life & enjoy without any interference. 
 Congrats to the team for completing 150 episodes. It had many more to bring if was given the chance by imagine. 

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for arjuhi scene

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Sorry guys for reserving twice...but i have alot in mind to write about rajveer today and dint wanna mix that up with the arjuhi part...So raju chachu here i come though i know the show is ending and this isnt the time for all this cause it will yield us no results...but i have had enough of ullupanti abhi aur yaha nahi bolungi toh kaha bolungiLOL

P.s ML is home ground on a public forum humaree jo marzi aye hum wo likhengeEvil Smile
*Arifa smacks herself back into consiousness*

This is the last week of kmh right?CryIt is endingCry Why the hell is the main focus the ulluwalia clan rather than arjuhi??Gosh ullupanti se itna pyaar hai toh rename the show kitani ullupanti hai...khotte dv's 2 precious weeks which could have been filled with arjuhi moments wasted on this i m assuming for you arjuhi arent the lead??ulluwalias are??so writing about side charecters like arjuhi is wrong when ur main charecters are so STRONG example rajveer ulluwalia,sudheer ulluwalia etc for the sake of all the mehnat you have put on them rather than giving us arjuhi moments in the their happy begining with aman preet its our duty to PRAISE Angry ur effort and talk about the people you are giving so much importance to...

So here is my take for todays kitani ullupanti hai...

*scratches head* so if according to our oh so talented DVs arjuhi arent lead and dont deserve to be present even for 10 minutes in the godamn show that runs only for 20 minutes and has only a week left who in their genious opinion is the lead??

Dj,dadi,rashi,raj,rudra,micky,makrand,tatoo man,jiggy and the likes have vanished without a trace so yeh lead ho nahi sakte...daddu in coma till yest...arjuhi arent the who is the lead??hmmm...the one who is getting most footage in this story which is being dragged unneccessarily around the raaz and ulluwalias when in the last week all we want is obviously it has to be him...coz i dont see any other reason why DVs are giving so much importance to the ulluwalias and raju chachu at this point of time when all we want is some cherishable arjuhi moments and their happily ever after

Okay so without going off topic coming back to what i reserved this to write...Raju chachu who apparently according to dv's is the lead of this kitani ullupanti hai serial...[gosh atleast last week mein i wish to have our kitani mohabbat hai back...enough of ullupantiEvil Smile]

Hahaha KMH has been unique in so many ways...this is i guess the first time i might have chosen evil over good...if u ask me to choose i would choose singus hands down...that goes to prove that har chamakne wali cheez sona nahi hoti and har positive charecter like worthy nahi hota...KMH teaches us new things everyday wow evil can win over good...anyways moving on...

Hes been so goddamn inconsistent that i feel to yell "For gods sakes make up ur mind already are u pkd or arjuhi side" but then again that would be futile coz once a girgitwalia always a girgitwalia...Seriously man these people are a disgrace on our hard working police force and army people...gosh DVs kya kar ditta tum logo ne Angry

What kinda police officer doesnt investigate properly when there is a attempted murder in his house?what kinda person goes around hitting watever comes into sight when hes pissed?what kinda chachu goes around begging for god to do his work and prove arjun innocent just so that arohi can come out i m like hello dude u r the police officer yeh tera kaam hai...yeh toh mujhe bhi maat de gaya lazyness mein Evil Smile And so finally bhaggu decides enough of testing arjuhi and daddu ko aata hai hosh...he bangs his three monkeys strike that correction two monkeys and a vampy in disguise of a monkeyROFL for their atyachar on arohi in full josh and raju chachu decides that bhaggu hai ROFL Appki iss confirmation se bhaggu ati prasann hue rajveer and he has decided to start existing again just cause of this confirmationROFL

Ok so for all the above reasons and inifinite more reasons that i can give i request the DVs to spare us of kitani ullupanti hai with raju chachu as lead in the last week and show us only our kmh and for raju chachu is concerned u have butchered him to no end since the gauri phase with him not being able to catch her,not reacting properly at her deciet,suddenly liking arjun just after one revelation,instantly hating arjun after another...and also he is one of the worst cops i have ever seen in akshs words nalayak vardi utar ke phenk de ROFLSo please spare us of this torture as of now atleast...his charecter isnt going no where atleast humare arjuhi ko hi arjun ki mom ke ghar bhej do...eagerly waiting for aman preet...and oh btw a love interest with xyz girl whoever might have fit with raju chachu wouldnt have gotten any other results either...the truth is what it is


P.s 2 MLSA I lub u...Proud MLian p'fauji forever...yeh dosti humaree rocks and is forever Hug Muahhh

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3 or 4 episodes left for the rest.. don't know what am feeling.. happy? sad? neutral? angry? disappointed? blank? or just ROFL

Mohabbat Mahal seems very inviting just now!! ab sirf pagal khana bacha hai, kyunki CVs ne hume issi layak choda!! ErmmD'oh

@vaisu.. aaj mein upar aasman neeche suits perfectly, coz thats how i feel.. jaise kisi zameen se ulta latka diya ho.. aur neeche sirf khuli aasmaan hai!!gir ne ka darr bhi aur na udne ki disappointment bhi!! D'ohROFL

Normally it is Kitani Expressive Hai, hehe this episode was Kitani Express Hai, LOL

  • starts off wid perfect continuity for once.. not 2 min before, not 2 min after.. good going CVs... *taaliyan*
  • amar akbar anthony chale bauji se milne.. coma se nikle patient, seedhe bolne lage *taaliyan*
  • DJ bhi pahunch gayi hongi, par woh kya hai na ji, itne dinon baad woh apne pati se mil rahi thi, toh sharam ke maare invisible ho gayi!! DJ-KSA ke pyar ke liye beshumaar *taaliyan*
  • Arohi kahan hai? Vampire ne jhoot bolna thik samjha to coma patient who has already shown symptoms of miraculous powers *taaliyan*
  • Amrit ne U-turn nahi maara *taaliyan* but ye kya? coma se abhi abhi bahar nikle aur discharge ki baatien!! *zor daar taaliyan*
  • vampire ko laga nazuk haalath mein hai bauji, iss liye unse ek aur jhoot bolo, bada wala woh bhi ke jab woh sach sune, toh seedhe heart attack ka raasta le le.. no escape!! *dhamakedar taaliyan*
  • bua ne aake iss ullupanti mein thoda logic infuse karne ki nakamyab aur namumkin koshish ki.. *patakedaar taaliyan 10000-wala*Star
  • 3 din bache hain court ke trial ko.. arjun describe kar raha hain court procedures.. lawyer ka naam-o-nishaan nahi.. zinda wala toh bilkul bhi nahi *taaliyan*
  • friday ko arjun positivity ke beacon bana baithe tha, aaj arohi!! role reversal ka suna tha, par perspective reversal pehli baar dekha hai!! CVs ko lagta hai yaad aa hi gaya ke sirf arjun hi nahi, arohi bhi mohabbat karti hai!! *CVs ke U-turn ke liye zor daar taaliyan*
  • long distance relationship ke naye examples.. alag alag men n women's jail mein raho aur ek dusre ko saal ke khaas dinon mein milo aur baaki ke din chand se aur chand ke dwara baatein karo!! *deewar tod phod ke taaliyan*LOL (trying to see the positive side here like arohi, but the scene was very emotional n i cried buckets.. gud job kritz!!ClapStar)
  • arjun toh bohot zyada tired or depleted lagta hai.. tired of life, tired of the struggle, tired of holding on to the one beautiful piece of life he found in his tanha zindagi.. awesome piece by Karan.. 2nd convo wid god.. direct dil se.. dil ke liye.. dil ke saamne.. challenge to god to prove their love wrong!! *taaliyan* no pun intended!!Star Karan n Kritz carried this scene off their signature style. this is their forte. they raise the bar everytime and they delivered to the standards they have themselves set. Clap
  • Daddu ko coma state me sunayi diya. Accepted kyunki aisa hota hai.Thumbs Up But unko har word yaad haiConfused, woh sab recite karte hainErmm, phir uth ke baith bhi jaate hainGeekShocked! *taaliyan* DVs, aap ne hume kya samajh rakkha hai?Sleepy Don't we know that comatose people need time to recover because their brain needs to revive connection to every part of the body. Sometimes, certain body parts remain paralyzed. Body needs time to build the strength to even move a finger and this dude is sitting up and giving bhashan!!Stern Smile DVs ke science knowledge ke liye *thaliyon ki taaliyanEvil Smile*
  • "Kanoon se ladna mushkil nahi hai, apnon se ladna mushkil hai!!" (Dialogue writers, standing ovation!!)StarStarStar
  • Arohi akele ladti rahiCry, par kya Rajvir chachu ne bhi akele hi Arohi ko desert kiya thaConfused? Kya baaki Ullus, Sudhir, Arvind, preeti, Amrit - in sab ka koi responsibility nahi?Shocked Sudhir ne usko option diya tha - ghar mein raho ya bahar niklo, Arvind ne usko hospital se bhagaya tha, Amrit failed as a mother and Preeti has been quite random. In sabko chod kar CVs sirf chachu pe realization ki barsaat kar rahe hai, taaki jab maafi maangne ki baari aaye, toh saare ullus ko represent karke khali akele chachu maafi maang lenge aur ek scene me kaam nipat jaayegaLOL BT Recession ke liye, jum ke *taaliyan* pichli baar bhi daddu se maafi mangva kar chod diya... phir baad mein sudhir aur arvind ne bhi ehsaan kiya arjun se maafi maang kar. aur chachu toh happy happy phase me the tab. aur ab chachu seedhe gurudware ki angle mein jaa rahe hain.. shaayad vapas aate waqt apni DJ ko bhi saath le aaye.. iss hope ke liye, zabardast *taaliyan* (ML ke hopeless hopes ke liye!!ROFL)
  • Arvind ne bauji ko shut up nahi bola!! *taaliyan*Thumbs Up par preeti ko bhi nahi bola? no *taaliyan*Thumbs Down Mr. Arvind Singh Ahluwalia, you have set a certain expectation among your audience and you better deliver. At every possible instance, you have to say 'Shut UP!'ROFL 
  • Micky ki muh dikhayi shaayad last minute tak post pone kar di gayi hai, ya CVs ne ML mein aake dekh liya ki hume khabar hai ki tattoo-man micky hai.. iss liye muh dikhayi cancel!!Wink *taaliyan*
  • Daddu apne zakhm par na ho kar, pet ko pakad ke gire theLOL, par unhone micky ke kandhe par tattoo zarur dekh liya..Stern Smile and am sure jab court me bolne ki baari aayegi, inhe exact tattoo bhi yaad aa jayega!!Sleepy BT Camera angles ki jai ho *taaliyan*
  • Daddu gire, aur saara parivaar aaya.. par daddu ka pyaar bhi kitna selective hai!!Ouch Unhe apnon ke bheed mein sirf Arjun dikhayi diya aur itne dinon baad jab coma se nikle, tab bhi unhe sirf ye yaad aaya ki Arjun piche se aaya, unhe sambhalne *taaliyan* na sirf Arjun bhaag ke aaya, woh toh 'ruko' chilla kar micky ke piche piche bhi gaya..Confused ab kya kahani me ek aur twist hai? ab shaayad ye batayenge ke arjun micky ko bachane ke liye jaan bujh kar uss gun pe fingerprint chod gaya..Evil Smile DVs ke akal pe lage alphanumeric combo lock jiska code shaayad bhagwan likhna bhul gayeCry .. uss ke liye *taaliyan*
  • Sudhir, Arvind, Rajvir ko Arohi ke saath kiye gaye na-insafi yaad aa gayi.. der aaye durust aaye.. *tamatar wali taaliyan*
  • Chachu ko bhagwan ke hone ka confirmation mil gaya.. haan bhai, chachu ne bhagwan ko ultimatum diya ki tumhare wajood ko saabit karne ke liye tum Arjun ki begunahi saabit karo aur ab bauji superman ki tarah jaag jo gaye!!Nuke toh logically bhagwan hai!! thanks chachu, aap ne sadiyon purane iss sawal ka chapter close kar hi diya aakhir..D'oh aap ke logic ke liye *taaliyon ki barsaat* (Btw.. chachu ka scene was supposed to be senti n emotional.. par iss atyachar se peedith, meri hasi ruk nahi rahi thi!! it was hilarious!! thnx for the comic relief)
  • jail ke bahar mandir hai.. hota hoga.. toh accepted.Smile mandir me aarti hui.. hoti hogi, ye bhi accepted.Wink mandir ki aarti, jail tak sunayi deti hai.. shaayad mandir ki deewar arjuhi ke cell se satki hui hai.. ye bhi maan lete hain!Confused (aakhir humare court thread me bhi toh saare important buildings adjacent banaye he humne for convenience sake!! film city mein bhi aisa hi hota hogaLOL) par mandir ke aarti ke time arjun arohi par spot light?Geek jail cell ke andar?Shocked shaayad mandir ke aarti ke time, jail ke lights par timer lagaya gaya hai ki saare qaidi uthen aur apne paapon ka prayaschit kare, roz!! ROFL*taaliyan*
  • arohi ne ki prarthna, arjun pata nahi thode doubt me lag rahe hai!!Ermm rajvir chachu ko bulao aur Arjun ko proof dilao ke bhagwan hai!!Wink on a serious note.. it was realistic that arohi -who was brought up in ullu household has a innate trust in god and willingly prayed. arjun -who hadn't got those lessons in life, (maybe daddi was busy or was not around a lot) was doubtful about god still and also lot more skeptic.. he wants to pray but wonders that when he doesnt see any way out of this mess, how should he trust an unknown unseen god to help him out!?! well atleast i can relate to that!! so *taaliyan*Tongue
  • nutty judge is back, this time wid some logic.. jo jurm kiya nahi, uss jurm ki sazaa se bachne ke liye jo arohi arjun bhaage the, uski sazaa unko zarur mili..Thumbs Down basically adaalat se jo galti hui thi, usko coverup karne ka accha tareeka dhunda.. this one is right up the street for the DVs.. galatiyan karna aur bahana banana, unki sadiyon purani aadat jo hai.. toh court ki bhi chupa rahe hain!! *taaliyan*Sleepy
  • how much time has passed? seems like none..Confused toh bauji ghar pe kya kar rahe hain?? but amrit rab se ye kya bol rahi hai.. bauji ke ghar aane se arjun begunah saabit hua!! very direct logic *taaliyan*D'oh
  • Arjun Arohi ko ghar se bahar, family se bahar kiya, society mein notorious diya jail ke andar kiya.. aur jab finally acquit ho kar jail se bahar aane ki baari aayi toh, aap log bhagwan ki sharan mein chale gaye? kyun Arohi and Arjun Singhania se darr lag raha hai? Besharmon, Nalayakon.. Arjuhi pe 'itna zyada' pyar barsaane se toh accha chullu bhar paani mein dub marte!!Angry NO *taaliyan* for this!!
  • DVs.. one pointer:
    • Arvind gets fone call, Daddu is out of coma --> Arjun Arohi Positivity talk --> Arohi Arjun praying --> ullus ka jhoot --> daddu revelation --> Consequences (Ye hona chahiye tha sequence, aap shaayad neend me the, par koyi baat nahi.. as usual humne saare scenes dekhe, phir khud unko mind mein rearrange kiya aur apne kaam se khush ho kar apne favorite show ke liye support continue kar rahe hain!! ML ke liye *cricket stadium full of taaliyan*Star
Toh ye the aaj ke samachar. 
Baaki details ka daalo achaar. 
BT ki motto rahe barkaraar, 
Logic pe kabhi na karo vichaar!! *taaliyan*

Over N Out, LIVE RXN TV. Agla karyakram, KMH2 24*7 Repeat telecast!!Day Dreaming

p.s. just noticed, 150th episode!! Congratulations KMH!! Sadly I can't sing, baar baar din ye aaye.. par koi gal nahi, twadde naa di cake, mein khawangi!! Heart Happy Birthday KMH2 Hug

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superluved the epi
*arjuhi scene-i really cried after seeing it.when arohi said" holi diwali independence day par to milenge naa"i was lyk o god plz give them happiness plzzz. i was crying literally on that scene. i luv this couple. daily they do something that made me to luv them more n more n at this phase i dont wan my luv to grow for them as for me it is already going to be very difficult to liv without arjuhi. well arjun challenged that scene the only line came in my mind "aa tujhe khud me main chupa loon is tarah ki khuda bhi hame kar naa paaye juda".its only luv which is bigger than god n god itself is a follower of luv so in this case luv has to win n it will. when arjun said kaise rahoonga main tumhare bina i cried phoot phoot keCry CryCrydobara thnking kaise rahoongi main kmh ke bina. hum to kabhi holi diwali par bhi nahi milenge. y arjuhi make me to cry so much that make my face very dull n one good thing in this my dad thinks its all bcoz of overstudy.he dont know overstudy to dur ki baat main to study bhi nahi kar rahi aaj kal.well back to the epi in short arjuhi sceneCryCry was not good for face n eyes but super luved it.
*bua scene-luved her line kaise bardaasht karenge vo arohi ke upar kiye anayyay ko?ClapClapClap
*daddu is back with bang luved every line which he said abt arohi. atleast daddu did not ditch arohi luv for him.
*rajveer what i say abt that actor n character?when he was delivering line abt god it made me laugh lyk crazy.i really hate rajveer character so much. he is the worst character in kmh2.just made a post abt it pasting here bcoz here too my thoughts r same for him
abt the chachu when we go in deep he was arohi best frd. arohi luved him so much. on the card too he wrote chachu the dearest person of the world. there was not generation gap btw them there was no lack of communication btw them. arohi used to luv him more than enough. seeing the luv btw them i wished to hav a chachu lyk him but what chachu did in the tym of need?we judge ppl in worst start of the school we hear that a friend in need is a frd indeed. when arohi needed her chachu the most chachu not only became against her in milliseconds but also broke her completely saying all that crap(u r dhaaba on our family n many other abusive words).i agree he was not behind the fire thing but his arohi was in the building n he was shouting on his officers n acting lyk a coward.i really hated to see him lyk a coward. i know arohi will forgive him but sumtym somethings r not to be forgiven.we cannot say sorry after murdering a person. we cannot say sorry after breking someone heart.sometym mistakes r too big that sorry doesnot work n in rajveer case its the same.rajveer character is the character which i hated most. 
 *arjuhir finally back frm jail. n karan was looking cool in that casual si tshirt. arohi was also looking seet now waiting to see sr n amanpreet.

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