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My New FF on SuShaan:You Belong with me..Intro:pg6 (Page 5)

1tarun IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 May 2011 at 1:46am | IP Logged


SomerholicGirl IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 May 2011 at 1:47am | IP Logged
arre tejas, tum achanak kaha se aagaya?
GurpreetD IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 May 2011 at 1:58am | IP Logged
Originally posted by 1tarun


Ohhh GGGShocked ...U bak Tejas BhaiDancing...Where were u?????Missed U alot nd ur Love u Sushaan as i always say Embarrassed

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tejeshec IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 May 2011 at 3:45am | IP Logged
Loved your mixed concept. Par mixture ka maza tab aata hai jab every ingredient in that is perfectly made and i have high expectations from you. So beware.
I will say so far so good.Clap

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ice.maiden Goldie

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Posted: 25 May 2011 at 4:41am | IP Logged
I liked the intro and your set of characters and the new flavour Smile  Will be looking forward for the beginning..

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SomerholicGirl IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 May 2011 at 8:00am | IP Logged
2tej bhaiyya: dont have that much expectations, cuz i am a very baaad writer...ha ha
tejeshec IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 May 2011 at 2:44am | IP Logged
Originally posted by haaki_ragz

2tej bhaiyya: dont have that much expectations, cuz i am a very baaad writer...ha ha

Such excuses go to my trash.ROFL
SomerholicGirl IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 May 2011 at 7:41am | IP Logged


A room in lavish Villa in Delhi...A 25 year young man is getting ready.He is packing luggage bags.He suddenly got a call and he was attending the call. Just then his mom Shailaja came in.
Shailaja: are not ready still..
*Ishaan hung up the phone and turned towards his mom*
Ishaan: Maa..Woh...I am almost done with the packing.I was about to come down..
Shailaja: Alright beta, just come down soon,the food is ready and your friends might come at any time.
*they hear the doorbell ringing*
Shailaja: guess they are here...I am going downstairs...
Ishaan: Okay maa...I will be there in 5
*Shailaja leaves. Meanwhile,in the downstairs, the maid Meena opens the door and welcomes Ishaan's friends Shyam,Rishi and Aditi*
Aditi: Namastey aunty...
Shailaja: Namastey beti..
*Aditi nudges Shyam and Rishi to greet Shailaja.They greet her. Shailaja gives a warm smile and ask them to sit*
Rishi: Aunty...Yeh Ishaan kaha hain?
Shailaja: He is packing.He will be here soon..Lo...he is here...
Rishi: So are ready...Shall we leave?
Ishaan: ya...lets go..
Shailaja: Wait...naashta toh karlo...
Ishaan: ya..I forgot...c'mon guys, join us...
Aditi: We already had the food on our way...
Shailaja: no problem beta, have some...
Shyam: ya...Its been ages since I tasted the food made by aunty...*grabs a plate of aloo paratha and starts eating*
Shailaja: c'mon, have some...*she gave plates of aloo paratha to Aditi and Rishi who just sat on the dining table*
Rishi: Aunty...agar aap bhi hamare saath chalenge to Anshul bohut khush ho jaayega...
Shailaja: No beta...I have few meetings to attend...U guys go together and enjoy...And tell him that my wishes are always with him...
Aditi: Okay aunty...
*They finished eating*
Ishaan: Maa...ab hum chalte hain...*hugs his mom*
Shailaja(kisses him on his forehead): Take care beta...have a nice time...enjoy to Aditi, Rishi and Shyam..
Ishaan: Bye mom.
Aditi,Rishi and Shyam: Bye aunty...

*They leave to the airport to catch a flight to Mumbai where their friend Anshul's wedding is taking place.They all are excited that its the first wedding in their friends Gang..They wele lil sad that their friend Zoya is not able to attend the wedding.They reach Mumbai and also reach the marriage venue and are super surprised by the wedding preparations. They went to their respective rooms. refreshed them selves and were chilling themselves. It was Late evening when Anshul came and greeted them*

Anshul: Hii guys...
Rishi: guys...Dont dare talking to this Idiot...
Anshul: What happened?
Rishi: Aur nahi toh kya? We came long back and u r coming now to greet us?
Anshul: sorry baba...I was too busy...And ya, u guys are blaming me and whats with u?
Ishaan: What?
Anshul: Told that you will come three days before marriage and now, whats this, just arrived as formal guests only a day before..U were not even there for sangeet...I am angry on u guys..
Ishaan: Woh...Boss didnt give leave.
Anshul: enough of these reasons...
Shyam: Anyways, whats there with u?Having ur Wedding at Mumbai..Feeling as if its just beside Delhi,So easy to go and come...
Anshul: Flights hain na?
Shyam: Whoz gonna pay the fare...
Anshul: I cant argue with u shyam..Jo hogaya so hogaya...Any ways, wherez this Zoya?Havent seen her?
Aditi: No..She is at Delhi only...Her Granny isnt well and she had to stay back,,
Anshul: Aww...Okay..So, u guys gonna stay here for how many days?
Aditi: Leaving tomorrow night...
Anshul: What? I thought you guys will stay...
Aditi: you are even having the reception tomorrow itself...So, whats the use of staying here,,,
Anshul: But...
Ishaan interrupted: No buts yaar, we have lots of work...Anyways, you will be back to delhi soon along with Priya na?
Aditi: Acha Anshul..Priya se yaad aaya...Where is ur to be wife? We wanna meet her
Anshul: Not now...You can see her tomorrow in the wedding..
SHyam: What? Like others, we have to see her in the crowd???No ways...You went Mumbai on an occasion,. Got engaged in a hurry and didnt even show her pic to us and now..U say this? U r such a bad friend...What say guys
The others: yes...we wanna meet her now itself...
Anshul: Acha theekh hain...come with me...
Aditi: Rishi,where is the gift we bought for her?
Rishi: Its with Ishaan...
Aditi: Okay guys...chalo...
*they head forward to meet Priya but Ishaan gets a call from his colleague*
Shyam: Kya hua Ishaan?
Ishaan: Call from Hitesh...U guys go, I will come...
Shyam: U dunno where she will be na?
Anshul: I will tell him the way...
*Anshul tells the way and Aditi tells him not to forget the gift and they leave..Ishaan was on call for 15minutes. And after he hung up, he headed towards the place which Anshul said.There he didnt find anyone but there was a girl in the room. She was in a light blue ghagra which was so grand. She was standing in the room, was probably searching for something.Ishaan thought that his friends might left and this was Priya.He turned to go but thought to introduced himself.He called her.*

Ishaan: Excuse me!
*The girl turned back*
Ishaan: Hi...I am Anshul's best friend Ishaan...U must be Priya.That Idiot told me that hez gonna introduce u to all our friends and came here.But, I think they left already. I thought to leave too but thought to greet u once.
*The girl was shocked..She didnt understand a bit..She was about to say something but Ishaan is not even giving her a chance to open her mouth. He placed a small wrapped gift box in her hand and started to speak*
Ishaan: Congrats on your wedding.Here is a gift from all his friend, Me, Aditi,Rishi,Shyam and Zoya...He is very lucky. He is going top have a pretty wife like u...
*The girl was expressionless.She was again about to say something when Anshul came there..*
Anshul: Ishaan??? What are you doing here? When u came here? We are all standing at the staircase waiting for u...
Ishaan: I came to meet Priya and thought...
Anshul Interrupted: Priya? She is with us...
Ishaan *horrified*: What?
*He looked at the girl who was still staring at Ishaan.*
Ishaan: I am so sorry...I mistook u for Priya...
*Ishaan ran away from there...The girl was still staring in the air after he left. Ishaan again came back and took the gift box from her hand after apologising once again and went away.*

Ishaan: U told u will be in that room...
Anshul: Oh...actually, we thought its better to meet u here...
Ishaan: Oh...And who is that girl there?
Anshul: Must be some cousin of Priya.
Ishaan: oh...okay..
*They reached the staicase where Rishi,Shyam,Priya and Aditi were.Anshul introduced priya to Ishaan and vice versa.They had a chat for some time and every one dispersed.The next day,Ishaan bumped into the same girl whom he mistook for priya the previous day. But he didnt speak out of embarrassment.After the Marriage and reception was over, Every one are about to  leave for Delhi. Ishaan saw the ame girl sitting on a bench in the lawn.He went to her and started a convo*

Ishaan: I am very very sorry for yesterday...I really didnt...
The girl interrupted..
Girl: No problem...I understand...
Ishaan: You forgave me na?
Girl: whats there in this to forgive?
Ishaan: Alright, As I said, I am Ishaan,Ishaan Kashyap, Friend of Anshul...
Girl: I am Suhana Bajpai, a distant cousin of Priya..But also her best friend...
Ishaan: Glad to meet u...
Suhana: Me too..Waise..u from Delhi?
Ishaan: Ya..How do u?
SUhana: Simple..U said u r Anshul's friend...
Ishaan: And what about u?
Suhana: I am from Mumbai only...
Ishaan: What you do?
Suhana: I work as a Fashion Photographer and u?
Ishaan: Half is same..I mean..I work as fashion journalist...
Suhana: Thats great Ishaan Kashyap..
Ishaan: call me Ishaan...
Suhana: Alright...can I tell u onething?
Ishaan: Sure...
Suhana: I think I am the biggest chatter box in this world and always go on talk, but yesterday, after seeing u, I changed my opinion...
Ishaan smirked: Ah...Its not always..I just talked..thats all..
Suhana: hmm...
Ishaan: Waise...I owe you a gift..
Suhana: Uh?
Ishaan: I took back the gift from you and its not the manners..One day, I will definitely repay my debt...
Suhana: Lets see young man...
*Aditi called Ishaan as they are getting late,Ishaan said he is coming.He turned to suhana*
Ishaan: So, Suhana,gotta go... Its very nice spending time with you...hope to meet u some other time...
Suhana: Same here...
*Ishaan and Suhana shook hands and Ishaan left*



There will 6 months gap,say leap, from Intro to the 1st part...Its actually continuation only...

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