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MN - The JOURNEY towards MAGIC. (Page 59)

drmaha IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 June 2011 at 7:57am | IP Logged
oh God...i hate raj...AngryAngry

wht a sad update but thank God nupur is now free from raj...but her father...wht will happen to nupur now...? where will she go?
i really feeling bad after read this...

Shafy_Kaira_MN IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 June 2011 at 8:06am | IP Logged


raj is truely. an animal..
he killed her  dad..
thank to god that.. mayu.. came at right time.. saved our nupsie..
nupsie..would.. be. fine
raji02 Groupbie

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Posted: 03 June 2011 at 8:09am | IP Logged
omog!nupur's dad helped nupur escape and that devil raj killed him.i don't know how nupur will cope up but since mayank is with her i hope she will come out of this trauma soon.
MrsSobtiGrover Senior Member

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Posted: 03 June 2011 at 8:29am | IP Logged
I wanted to lost a long comment...But i'm in shock, this was totally unexpected. It was beautifully written, I'm totally speechless I have nothing to say...
Fantasia. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 June 2011 at 8:31am | IP Logged

sorry wrong post!! .. Embarrassed

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Silent.Dreamer IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 03 June 2011 at 8:31am | IP Logged
so ups and downs in their Life, i am shocked after Reading this update, Raj is disgusting man hate him
Fantasia. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 June 2011 at 8:32am | IP Logged
Writer's Note

Hey sweets!! .. i am sure you will be surprised to see an update , as i just updated in the afternoon, but well here i am!! .. Big smile ..  ..this update is the last part of the story, here i finish the Journey towards MAGIC.

I hope you all enjoyed reading as much as i did writing. The reason for my early update is that i am taking a  short break from IF, don't worry, maybe a week or two. I don't know but things are just getting jumbled up and i need to sort them out calmly. I could have updated this in the morning too, but i am a bit impulsive so just updated and now i am off to my hibernation.Embarrassed

Thank you all for your lovely response .. this a treasure for me .. and i hope you all won't forget me when i return inshAllah ..

Khudaa hafiz till the next time.. love you all!!
Kinza Arshad.

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Fantasia. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 June 2011 at 8:39am | IP Logged

The first thing she re called after waking up in the morning was that her dad is no more alive. She immediately opened her eyes and her head was hurting. In a second she sweeped her eyes through the room and saw that mayank was standing by the window. With a blank mind she just got down from the bed and stood beside mayank, while he was taken off-guard at his sudden and quiet arrival.

"good morning doll", mayank tried to smile but Nupur just hugged him and closed his eyes. Mayank wasn't shocked at her hug, somewhere he was expecting this, so he hugged back.

"Nupur..", mayank spoke after a while, in soft voice, rubbing her back,

"hmmm..", she barely murmured,

"you want to go to your home in Lahore?", he fiddled with her hair , and felt her grip increasing, "or California?"

"I don't want to anywhere without you", her voice was low, but the tone was adamant and mayank hugged her more tight, "okay I'll go with you"

"and your meeting?", she asked raising her head and mayank rubbed his thumb on her tears, "I'll reschedule it some other time, but where so u want to go?, lahore or California?

"where will I be questioned less"?, she asked innocently and the helplessness in her voice pricked his heart.

"you don't need to worry about any questions, it is your father's home, you have full right to go there"

"I don't care about any questions mayank, but I just fear that, inspite of being right,  I may not be able to answer anyone due to my grief "

"Nupur no one will dare to question you , I promise ", he cupped her face but tears were still brimming , "but mayank I wan't to answer, every one of them, I wan't to answer, but not now , I know my vulnerability will take over me and I will fall weak, and I don't want any allegation on my father because of me , I just need time to gain my strength back , I don't want to meet anyone.", She said and hugged him back while mayank parted her off  a bit, "okay  then we should carry on to naran .. what say?", he asked in a joyous tone and nupur smiled.

"yes, I need to see the water places there!", her reply was also with a smile.

"ofcourse!, you just change, I'll go check on the car, "he patted her cheek and left.

As Mayank left her room, a feeling of being in complete engulfed her, she couldn't stay away from Mayank.

Mayank came back in about 15 minutes and found that Nupur was ready, and she was sitting, holding her father's picture. Mayank sat beside her and took the picture from her hands, "you brought his pictures with you?', he asked rubbing his own hands over it.

"hmmm .. although I didn't want to bring his pictures at that time, I was so angry, but still couldn't help", she sighed and mayank held her hands, "lets leave.

The rest of the journey was mostly in silence, Nupur was just hugging her father's picture tight and was looking out of the window blankly, while mayank himself wasn't able to re-surface form the grief.

"mayank ..", Nupur spoke still looking out of the window as they were now moving up on mountains.

'hmm", mayank was carefully driving on blind corner roads.

"how did u come to know that raj was in my room?', she asked turning towards him and mayank was already expecting the question.

"I saw boots prints outside your room, and when I knocked your door, I heard him loading the revolver", he answered plainly, as both of them could feel their blood rise on his name.

"I'll not leave him, he will have to pay for what he did", Nupur felt her pulse rising and mayank held her hand, "he is already paying, his lower body is paralyzed due to the bullet, and he has slipped in comma", mayank answered slowly, stealing glances at her expressions which were stiff.

"good!, his life has become his punishment, he loved jumping from here and there, now he will feel what happens when you are chained", she said and hugged the picture more tight. After a while, the car was filled with her light sobs, and mayank didn't want to intrigue, her grief was very deep. She atleast had the right to cry over it properly.

The journey was coming to it's end as they covering it quietly. They didn't stop at anymore junctions. Mayank wanted to take her to naran as soon as possible, as she may smile after seeing the natural beauty.

Due to her severe headache, Nupur again drifted into her slumber, but her mind was still dodging over what happened in her life recently ,s he was having some muddles dreams when she felt something warm on her hands.

Slowly coming out of her slumber, she saw that the car door was opened and mayank wa sitting on his knees, beside her car door. She tried to smile as the cold air was clearing her mind.

Mayank slowly took the picture from her hand and extended his hand forward to her, while Nupur, in between sleep and sense, grabbed his hand and they both walked a few steps and then mayank signaled her to look in front.

Obeying him she shifted her eyes balls form his face to hthe view in frongt and was speechless. In a nano second she gained all her senses.

It was indeed heaven. 

Deep green valleys were spread out till the farthest limit of sight, it felt as if the clouds were bending down to kiss the tips of the mountains. The day was falling and the dim sunlight was gracing the beauty of nature even more.

They were standing on the top of a mountain and it felt as if they were viewing bliss.

Mayank smiled seeing that expression of admiration on her face and slowly hugged her from back, enveloping her thin waist in his strong arms, he placed his chin on her shoulders and kissed her cheek,

 "welcome to naran doll."

Nupur was completely lost in the surroundings, the cool breeze was clearing out all her negativity, moreover the pair of arms around her was making her drift into ecstasy.

"isn't it heaven?', mayank increased his grip and Nupur placed her hands over his hands on her waist, "it is more than heaven" , ,she sighed and entwined her fingers in his'.

They both kept on standing there for a moment, when suddenly Nupur realized that in which position was she standing. In a moment she turned scarlet red, and her heart beat increased.

She tried to remove her fingers but mayank enclosed her hands more tight, "mayank ..", she said slowly and mayank, who was sensing her blush, pretended not knowing it.


"will we be ..  standing here..  only.. ", her words were breaking due to the immense blood rush in her veins, "why?, you don't like this place"?, he snuggled more into her, re-enforcing his grip and Nupur's heart started pumping insanely against her ribs.

"I do, but..

"what?", he turned her and looked in her eyes, which were  half covered with her eye-lids, and the pink shade over her cheeks was getting dark every moment,

"nothing .. I was just..

"you were shy, right?", he pulled her close and Nupur lost her regular rhythm of breath, the pink shade finally converted into red and her lips were involuntarily curving in a smile.

"yes, I am shy , so..", she kept her eyes lowered and tried to push him away. But her attempts were very feeble compared to his grip.

"so what if you are shy?, I am not", he tilted his neck to take a more clearer view of her blush , while she hid herself in his neck and mayank placed a soft kiss on her ear, "I love you Nupur", and his kiss was followed by his whisper which finally made nupur re-surface from her immense blush and she crawled her hand upto his collar and gripping it tightly she hugged him back.

The breeze was getting fast as mayank pulled her a bit away from him and tried to see in her eyes, and this time she didn't lower them, instead they were inviting him to see her love, which she wasn't able to confess. Mayank pulled her close from her waist, "do you mind if I ..", he bended on her lips and Nupur literally started trembling until he completed his sentence, "if I open your hair?", he asked innocently and Nupur hit him on chest,

'very funny!, I  thought ..",  and she stopped seeing that mayank read his eyes, leading to another increase in her blush, she lowered her eyes and slowly nodded, 'okay, u can .."

"what?", he asked again, as she spontaneously looked in his eyes and he winked,

"mayank", she whined as this was getting too much,..

"okay okay sorry, let's sit here", he left her and she nodded joyfully.

They both sat down on the grass on the edge of the mountain and the huge valley view in front of them was looking like a slice of heaven.  Mayank scrolled down her binder, and slowly her tresses were getting free, flowing over the wind, finding places on her face, but mayank was ever so ready to remove them. "I don't want you to ever tie your hair after marriage", he said as he tucked all the flowing strands behind her ears and Nupur narrowed her eyesbrows, "but I don't like open hair, they disturb so much", she huffed and rested her head on her shoulder, while mayank entwined their hands once again,

"no problem I'll be there to always tuck them behind your ears", he replied proudly and nupru started giggling, "btw what more planning have you done?'

"don't even ask, I have planned the whole life", he said proudly and Nupur sat straight waiting to listen to his plans.

"see first I was thinking that you must complete your masters, everyone should have a masters degree atleast'

"excuse me!!, in college you used to say that at least a  bachelor's degree should be there, and now  a masters?', she was shocked and mayank held her hand, "I know doll, but trust me bachelors is nothing, atleast masters should be there, okay so after masters obviously you will start your career. You can obviously join me, but if you want to do something independent then I am okay with that too!

"I told you I won't do anything without  you. I'll join you"

"okay , cool!, but I would love if my doll has her own business, entirely out of her own hardwork"

"yes mayank, but .. ummm.. u know how weak I am when it comes to decision making .. I

"you will learn Nupur, and I'll be there, but well we will  think this once you get your degree, but my vote will always be to an independent business"..he squeezed her hands, and Nupur could already see the excitement in his eyes ,as if today was her first office day,

"okay baba!!, we'll see all this later, what is more?,", she moved more close to him, "well more is lots and lots of romance", he winked at her and she glared in return.

"well if we both will work, then there will be only fights, no romance", this time she winked and mayank pulled her close, ", u really think I will fight with you?', mayank asked and in a moment all that chirpy bubbly environment turned intense with one question in a husky voice.

Their faces were very close, and the warmth of breaths were mingling, Nupur lowered her eyes under his intense gaze and moved away, "I can't say, everyone changes after marriage", she tried being bubbly but the blush was evident in her voice.

"but I will not", squeezing her hand he made her face him , "hmm, but for that you will have to make a promise!"

"what promise?'

"that there would be no work on Sunday, Sunday will just be the family day, we will spend time with each other only, no office e, no phone calls, promise?", she extended her hand and mayank entwined their fingers and kissed her finger tips, "I promise!", blushing immensely again, she placed her head back on his shoulder, "and we will go on vacations every month",s he lovingly caressed his hand and he gasped, "every month!!?"

"I knew it", frowning, she sat straight in front of him, "I knew you would react like this, why not every month?'

"doll every month is not possible, after six months is okay", he proposed, expecting to see a smile on her face but she frowned further, "six months, which means just two times a year"

"please Nupur, firstly you don't want me to work on Sundays, next a vacation every month!, I'll be doomed doll!'

"doomed?", so spending time with me leads you to doom?", she huffed and was about to get up when mayank pulled her back and she landed in his lap, and taking advantage of the situation,  he put his arms around her waist, and nupur turned her face away, apparently showing her anger, but her real motive was to avoid her blush to deepen further by looking in his eyes.

"Spending time with you is like  a bliss", he slowly started speaking and nupur's heart fluttered insanely., "since the day you came in my life, I have spent the best time with you", he resumed talking in his soft voice and Nupur slowly turned her neck towards him, she wanted to look in his eyes.

"you make me smile and laugh, it wasn't that my life was dark before I met you, but I did lack something and after I found you , it was all fulfilled..i don't know how, but you made my life sparkle", he entwined their fingers and the warmth of his touch made her eyes brim with tears, "but I always hurt you mayank .. always.. and ..

"but you love me too!, that is the reason you are sitting in my lap", he left her hand and pulled her cheeks and Nupur started giggling, moving more close to him, "but I still haven't confessed mayank.."

"well yeah . that is a problem, but not a big one, your eyes have started doing it, soon your lips will join them too!" he pulled her more close and Nupur threw her arms around his neck, "mayank how do you love me so much?, you just shower your love, and don't even demand it in return .."

"come on Nupur!, I did demand.. a forceful confession .. remember your strawberry farm", he chuckled but Nupur was serious.

"that was not a demand mayank, that was just a try to make me happy, you were so sad over my tears and lonliness that you thought I need a partner and you just confessed your feelings, yopu thought that is the only way to make me smile"

"no Nupur, this reasoning is completely illogical.."

"no!", she placed her fingers over his lips, "it is nothing illogical, I know better than you", she strictly said and mayank nodded, "and now I will speak and you will listen!", again a strict command and mayank nodded.

"Mr. Mayank Sharma, you are the most genuine person on this earth. You don't realize what place you have in my heart, the day you entered my life, you have just illuminated it, with your friendship, trust, togetherness, and love. I have always been running away from you , but you never left me alone. Whenever I looked behind after my mistakes, you were always there to correct them and help me. I don't know how you do it mayank but all I know is that you leave me speechless with your affection and ..", she paused for a moment as tears were hindering her conversation and meanwhile mayank pulled her close and she resumed talking,

 "mayank I believe in living life to the fullest, but you taught me what exactly does this phrase mean, you have made me feel complete mayank.. you complete a girl who thought she was complete .. you made me realize how incomplete I was without you .. you made me find where does my perfection lies", she slowly removed her fingers from his lips and moved more close, after a momentary eye lock, she lowered her eyes and placed her palm over his cheek and looked back in his eyes,

"my perfection lies with you mayank .. I love you..",

she whispered and kissed the corner of his lips, while he increased his grip further around her waist, "I love you with no end and no beginning .. just madly and deeply", she said and  a lone tear escaped her eyes and mayank's lips captured it, "I will add one more adjective to it , I love you madly, deeply and truly .. I swear!", he shrugged his shoulders and nupur hugged him tight smiling with teary eyes, and the hug was reciprocated in a moment.

"I love you .."

This time both of them spoke together and the sky showered raindrops to bless them.

The End.

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