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MN - The JOURNEY towards MAGIC. (Page 56)

--Sanchu-- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 02 June 2011 at 10:24pm | IP Logged
 and continuing...
chapter 10- hahaha...mayank was soo damn funnny...and so romantic...the mayur conversation was brilliant...loved it...
chapter 11--soo nupur has already started to miss mayank...thats progression...but raj??? omg!!!!...thats a twist...continue soon...eagerly waiting...
sorry for the late reply..
thanks for the PM...

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Zehnaseeb IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 02 June 2011 at 10:31pm | IP Logged
Loved part 11. Brilliant as usual. Mayank's anger at eating strawberries is so cute. I personally love them but there are a lot of things people have to force me to eatLOL Love the whole bit in the car as i said before their bond is really adorable.. Him saying that they'll only stay if there is more than 1 room available is so sweet. I wish guys like mayank existed in reality as wellLOL Jealousy was super sweet and the you look like 16 part was the best. Raj is backBig smile good now mayank can beat him up.Thumbs Up You promised to make it filmy na nothing says filmy like hero beating villain up for the girlApprove
thanks for the pm loved itHug

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-Mansi- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 June 2011 at 2:52am | IP Logged
Hey bhagwan!! Ab yeh kahan se aa gaya? god!! nice updates :):)

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Fantasia. IF-Sizzlerz

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Nupur's breath lost it's rhythm on seeing him and she was quickly about to close the door, but raj's reflexes were sharp and he stopped her from doing this, instead entered in and locked the door.

"what the hell are you doing here", she asked taking a step back.    

"just checking that is my fiance safe after running away from her marriage venue?", he smiled and took a step towards her., "stop right there", Nupur pointed her index finger at him and he stopped. "okay sweet!", he raised his hands and looked at her from top to bottom, and Nupur felt as if she was naked,

"you are so beautiful", he said and his lustful voice made Nupur disgust him even more, 'you are animal raj.. a wild animal", she cried in anger with tears rolling down her cheeks and raj smirked, "hmmm, and I hope you know that wild animals don't let their prey flee",

He said and taking a few quick steps towards her , he pinned her against the wall, holding her wrists tight.

'ouch", she cried as his grip was hurting him, "awww, I am sorry", he loosened his grip and as she opened her eyes, he twisted them again, "ahhh.."

she screamed again and raj smirked, "I hope it hurt more this time", he said in his wild voice and, in spite of pain, nupur didn't close her eyes this time, "don't u dare think I am afraid of you", she said with a fire in her voice and he sighed.

"MY MY!, this is what turns me on in a woman ' COURAGE,  and you have loads of it", he roughly outlined her jawbone and she closed her eyes firm. He took a deep breath and inhaled her fragrance while Nupur tried to push him away,

"u stink!", she scowled with constant efforts of pushing him away and raj giggled loudly, "really?", I am wearing the same perfume I used to when we used to hug dear", he moved more close inspite of nupur's constant tries

"my senses were blocked at that time, that I couldn't see you, hear you neither could I smell you!!"

"relax sweetheart, I am,,

"what do u want?", she cut him in between and raj loosened his grip, "obviously you, I am here to take you with me , our wedding is still pending!", he said this and Nupur broke in a mean laugh,

"wedding1, with you?, I'll prefer dying!"

"great!, but jaan no one asked your opinion, I am just telling!"

"you are inviting trouble raj!, I'll scream once and mayank will rip your head off your neck!", she said confidently and the expression in her eyes made raj scowl!

"oh !, so this is the case, I knew you will run away for that Sharma friend of yours' , that bloody..

"don't u dare!", she shouted like a lioness and pushed him away, "now I'll tell you what mistake you have made by entering my room",

She was about to rush to the door when raj pulled her back, "sorry sweety!, all this is not going to work!"

"just leave me!"

"NO!!, you are going with me, I have already faced a lot of problems because of you"

"to hell with your problems!.. MAYA,..

"shut up!!"

She was about to scream for mayank when raj placed his hand over her mouth, "don't make noise, and don't call mayank, because the moment mayank will open the door, all the six bullets will rest in his chest!", he pulled out a revolver from his pocket, "everyone who will make the mistake of helping you will have to suffer", he loaded the revolver and nupur's heart sinked. She was numb to speak and react. She was just staring .

"just as your dad was punished", he winked at her and Nupur felt earth shrinking her feet.

"what .. what punishment ?, her voice was stuck in her throat.

"death ofcourse!", he said plainly revolving the he gun and Nupur took a step back and sat on the sofa. Her breath started panting and tears started flowing.

"but I was helpless", he resumed talking , "you ran away, so I had to say something to the 2000 people in the barat, so the most convenient excuse was", he stood on the table, "ladies and gentlemen. Sorry to inform you that this wedding is postponed because of the sad demise of Mr Shashi Bhushan due to a sudden heart attack", he said and jumped down the table, "heart attack come suffocation!", he winked again and nupur's eyes were flooded with tears.

"then I hadto  tell everyone that Nupur is too much in shock so she won't meet anyone, and so I had to take over the last rituals of Mr Bhushan, but you don't worry, his last rituals were carried out with utmost respect ", he tried to make an innocent face but Nupur slapped him hard,

"you killed my dad, you monster!', she was about to slap him again raj caught his hand this time, "don't sweetheart'

"why did you kill my dad?, what harm had he done to you", she cried like a child and raj pushed her away, "he did the mistake of helping you!"

"he didn't!", she held his collar and cried, "he didn't!, he wanted me to marry you, he didn't help, I ran away on my own", she helplessly said and raj started laughing.

"you will always remain a dumb!, what do you think is it so easy for a bride to run away from the wedding home?, your dad let the guards to allow you to leave, what do you think your driver cares about you so much that you asked him to drop you to the motorway and he did, knowing it was your wedding today??, your dad allowed them all!, HE HELPED YOU TO RUN AWAY FROM THE WEDDING BECAUSE I REFUSED!!", he was speaking with a wild voice and Nupur felt the whole room spinning, "he came to me saying that this wedding isn't possible but I refused, I threatened him to kill you so he let you run away!"  he completed his sentence and she closed her eyes and every fiber of her body was contracting with pain and guilt.

Her dad died because of helping her, he . OH GOD!!, tears came out in a gushing speed, but the very next moment he realized raj slipping his hand across her waist, and she opened her eyes alarmingly, "so now if you don't want all this happen to mayank, so quietly leave with me ", he dragged her towards the door and before she could think anything else, there was a knock on the door,


MAYANK's VOICE!! ' Nupur felt as if it was music from heaven, her heart filled with pain and  the desire of the comfort near him evolved in his heart, but before she could voice out her feelings, raj's hand was already on her mouth, "tell him to leave , tell him that you want to sleep", raj whispered to her in a very low voice and Nupur shook her head.

"Nupur, are u awake"?, he knocked again and raj twisted her wrist, "tell him to leave or I'll shoot him the moment he  opens the door."

Raj loaded the revolver and aimed at the door and slowly left nupur's mouth, "say as I told you", he strictly said and Nupur closed her eyes to gain strength to speak.

"mayank ..",

she called his name in the weakest possible voice , and it made mayank's heart beat vigousily,

"Nupur .. are u alright?", he asked , coming close to the door, "open the door!"

Nupur was involuntarily about to go the door but her feet stopped seeing the gun aimed at door, "no mayank .. I .. need to sleep .. we'll talk later..", she broke saying those words as she knew there would be no later, raj will take her today and there will be nothing left. She promised mayank that it would just be him but ..

"good night mayank..", she said in a broken voice and raj passed her a mean smile.

"good night doll, and if u need to talk, remember I am right here", he said in a soft voice and nupur's tears become more in volume.

"I know you are there mayank , I know u will always be there", she couldn't help saying and raj glared at her to stop talking,

"good night mayank", she finally said and heard mayank moving away from the door and she was adamant that her life has moved away from her , forever.

She wished  that they hadn't stopped here, wished she would have again shared the room with mayank, but there was no point of wishing anything. Everything is finished .

She closed her eyes as raj held her hands and they were walking to the door, and they stopped right on the door because as they opened the door ' mayank was standing on the door      .

"hello raj, long time hun.."' mayank smiled and Nupur opened her eyes at his voice, "mayank!!", she felt as if her breath came back,

"leave her hand!", mayank said strictly looking at raj and he smirked, "you leave our way, come on move"

"I am ready to leave your way, but you leave Nupur 's hand,", this time he took a step forward and Nupur screamed, "no mayank .. please, he has a gun", she helplessly said and mayank immediately looked at raj who was smirking.

"happy now!, leave our way!", raj took a step forward when  two army personals came from the lobby , "we need to inspect the room, there is an illegal weapon here, please no one can leave the room", The personals entered the room and Nupur looked at mayank who winked at her smiling and Nupur couldn't believe mayank actually carved a way to save her, while raj was so scared with the talk of inspection that he left nupur's hand on his own and as he did, Nupur ran to mayank arms,

"mayank ..", she tightly hugged him, trying to feel the comfort of his arms around her. "mayank please mujhe raj k sath nahi jana", she was saying slowly in between her hiccups and mayank was softly rubbing her back, "you are not going anywhere Nupur, relax",

Nupur closed her eyes in his embrace while mayank looked at raj who had a dumbfounded expression on his face. Mayank could sense from his face that he was thinking about a escape.

"the room is clear, now we will have to check you both, starting form ypur Mr. Raj", the personal said and raj furthur got scared, "ummm, officer, o think there is some misunderstanding, there is nothing illegal here, I am a respectable citizen, you can't check me like this"

He tried to be stiff but mayank could see the sweat droplets, while Nupur moved a bit away form mayank, still holding his hand, she wanted to smash his face but was being patient.

"there is no insult in this sir, this is our duty, please co-operate, brining an illegal weapon in an army rest house is a serious offence , we need to complete the checking", the army personal took a step towards raj and he immediately pulled out a gun from his pocket and pointed at them

"don't move or I will shoot!", his voice was desperate and mayank held nupur's hand and made her stand behind him.

"sir please relax!, put the gun down", one of the personal tried to say calmly but raj was furious, "no!, u all let me leave with Nupur, other wise I will..

He loaded the gun, but the very next moment, he was shot by a third army personal that entered the room.

Nupur closed her eyes at the gunshot, while mayank saw the bullet settling in his abdomen, and his blood sprouting form his skin and he fell down.

"take him to the hospital", the third person commanded and the other two obeyed quickly obeyed and in a minute he was taken away.

Maynak pulled Nupur close, placing his arms around his shoulder and nupur closed her eyes,

"I am really sorry for this mishap, hope he didn't hurt u much ma'am", the army general said and Nupur tried to smile but couldn't.

"umm, she'll be fine, just in a shock", mayank answered on her behalf, and Nupur again closed her eyes, placing her head on mayank's shoulder.

"sure!, do you need another room, as this one has blood marks?, the general questioned and before mayank could answer, Nupur whispered to him, "I'll not go anywhere alone, I'll just stay with you', her voice was weak and adamant which filled mayank's heart with affection, but again before he could answer, the general smiled at them, "alright ma'am, we won't send u anywhere alone, u both can go to your room and ur luggage will be shifted.

"thank  you so much officer", mayank extended his hand and the officer took it smiling, "thank you so much for informing us about an intruder, your help is appreciated Mr Sharma"

"my pleasure", they exchanged smiles and walking slowly, mayank and Nupur walked to mayank's room.

Nupur was quietly walking, tightly holding his hand and as they reached the room, mayank made her sit on the sofa and sat beside her and mayank placed her head in his lap and mayank started stroking her hair.

She was holding his hand tight and crying endlessly, "doll, please stop crying", mayank slightly bended over her and caressed her cheek, whil she sat and placed her head on his chest, and in response to that mayank enclosed his arms around her.

"you were right mayank , my dad loved me ..",

she spoke after a long while an dmayank breathed a sigh of relief that finally she had started speaking, and he didn't interrupt.

"u know mayank , dad let me run away from the wedding day, he told the guards to let me out, he couldn't fight with raj so he quietly let me flee, without even telling me", she was speaking in a weak broken voice and mayank hugged her more tight "raj told me that dad helped me", her voice was breaking down .

"I told you doll, uncle loved so much, he could never let you marry a person like raj", he lifted her chin to still find tears, "and now stop crying, we'll go back to your home tomorrow and meet uncle, he'll be delighted to see you", he pulled her cheeks and expected a smile but saw her tears increasing.

"what nupur?, we will go back tomorrow, my meeting can be re-scheduled, why are you crying?"

"we can't meet dad..'


"because he is dead, raj killed him" she said those words and placed her head back on his chest and started crying bitterly while mayank was feeling totally numb. He wasn't able to maintain his grip strong around her , as grief and shock attacked his heart. "why Nupur .. ?why did he do this?', he lifted her chin and asked helplessly.

"he had to make an excuse to the people as why wasn't the wedding being held, so he killed my dad..and .", she wasn't able to complete her sentence and mayank felt his blood rising. He was about to get up and go to raj to question when his trail of thoughts was interrupted by nupurs's voice.

"I lost my dad mayank, my only parent .. it was all my fault .. just my fault .. ", she was speaking in between her hiccups and mayank didn't have the courage to leave her alone  .

He wanted to console her but words just weren't making their way , his own eyes were getting wet as each and every meeting he had with nupur's dad played as a film in front of his eyes.

His affection and joyous nature always made mayank admire him, and he couldn't believe he was dead.

Controlling his tears, he hugged nupur tight, as she fell in asleep crying. 


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.SA. IF-Stunnerz

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Thank God that jerk is out of way.
thank God for Mayank's alertness.
poor Nupur she lost her father & is feeling guilty.Ouch
lovely update Kinza.Hug

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cutiepie12 Goldie

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oh my GOD...raj killed cn he even do dis..he is suc a beast...Angry
poor nupur...GOD...her dad let her flee n she cudnt understand dat n nw hes gone...Cry
feeling soo bad for nupur...Cry
dat ws suc a melancholic update kinzi...Cry

loved it alot
loads of love

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Payal-15 IF-Stunnerz

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OMG Kinza that Raj is a pshyco or whatAngry he killed her DadShockedOuch
i hated tat part of himDead

n OMG such a filmy update wid revolver, n Army men n Mayu handling n hugWink

Loved itDay Dreaming

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mayurg2010 Goldie

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I never expected raj to turn out into such a rotten animal...
My god!! He killed a person just to keep his prestige safe?? So sad...
But yes I didn't even expect mayank to be at her doorstep without being informed and the army officials did their job... How can he mess with army people? He is such a brainless guy...

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