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MN - The JOURNEY towards MAGIC. (Page 27)

drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 16 March 2010
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Posted: 27 May 2011 at 11:33am | IP Logged
OMG...tht was really nice update many emotions.inside thm finidng peace near each other...lovly

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SujaLuvsMayur IF-Rockerz

Joined: 27 May 2010
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Posted: 27 May 2011 at 1:21pm | IP Logged
nice update.
continue soon.
thanks for the pm.

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gopi06 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 May 2011 at 1:22pm | IP Logged
nice updt kinza
feeling bad for nupur...waiting for the next updt
thanks for the pm

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raji02 Groupbie

Joined: 08 February 2011
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Posted: 27 May 2011 at 2:10pm | IP Logged
wow!awesome post.i am really happy that nupur got to know about that bas***d raj before she got married.and how could any father do that to his own child?and i don't think nupur had ever loved raj bcoz she is just hurt that her dad did this to that she is with mayank i am sure she'll be safe.i hope they'll be together soon.Smile

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DhanakZ IF-Dazzler

Joined: 18 June 2010
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Posted: 27 May 2011 at 2:16pm | IP Logged
Oh God that Raj was too Cheee Dead
Love Mayur relation How much she trust him that in his most Worst condition She want him to save her
Lovely Update and end was so sweet
thanks for Pm

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tehzeeb25 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 May 2011 at 6:06pm | IP Logged
thanxx 4 d pm

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Zehnaseeb IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 17 July 2008
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Posted: 27 May 2011 at 7:45pm | IP Logged
sorry for  being so inconsistent with repliesHug. Its my grad week so i've been really busyOuch 
coming to the update its fabulous as usual. I'm really glad that she told him everything, I seriously felt like she would keep hiding it from him for a really long time. Raj turned out to be a sick and disgusting creep. Not surprised at allLOL guessed it from his introductionBig smile i'm shocked at what her dad did and said i cant believe her was forcing her to marry him despite knowing the type of guy that he is. Any normal father would immediately call of the marriageThumbs Down glad she ran away. and even happier that mayank found her.. Is this their first meeting after his return??
thanks for the pmHug

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Fantasia. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 26 June 2010
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Posted: 28 May 2011 at 1:29am | IP Logged

"so how much journey is left?', she asked yawning.

"we have just covered a quarter of it", Mayank replied and earned a frown from her, ":hmm, anyways what is this trip about?'.

"just a business trip, I need to inspect some old rest houses in naran, actually I need to buy them and so just a formality"

"why aren't you going by air, you could go till Islamabad in plane.

"yes I could, I couldn't arrange for a car which could pick me up from the airport, my staff was being very lazy so I had to drive.

"hmmm, "

"but I am glad I did drive", he said glancing at Nupur and Nupur couldn't help smiling, "yeah, destiny, you found me, otherwise I think someone would have really kidnapped me", she giggled and it pricked Mayank.

"doll no matter what happened, how could you sit alone on the road, you could have called me atleast"

"and where could I have called you?, she said angrily and Mayank looked at her amazed., "you didn't even sent a single message after that day!, did you really forget me mayank?", she asked with innocence and Mayank wanted to speak his heart as how much he had missed her, but just because he didn't had the courage of seeing her with someone else, he backed off.

"you think I would have ever forgotten you?', he asked plainly and Nupur sighed, "I don't know, all I know is that I missed you very much, very very much!" ,she lovingly looked at him and he smiled again.

"by the way tell me how are you doing?, I mean business and all!"

"everything is fine, I started a construction company last year, mom, dad and di are in york!, I am just travelling all the time,", he giggled, "this is the first time I came here back in 2 years", he said and again the luck factor strike nupur's mind.

"hmm, and what perfect timings!!", she giggled and Mayank was just amazed at her strength.

"yeah, we are connected!", he said glancing sideways and Nupur nodded, "yes we are!, by the way you didn't answer me , girl friends??'


"whyyy?', she whined in shock and Mayank giggled, "well girls complain that I am a bit to boring!", he sighed and Nupur giggled, "hmmm, but your good looks compensate for your boring nature", she intellectually replied and Mayank frowned, "what do you mean by that?, you also think I am boring!! "

"ofcourse",she proudly exclaimed and Mayank frowned , "then I can't help if you girls are in a loss by considering the hottest guy as boring!!",

"OM MY MY!!, you have actually started using words like hot!, wow!', she started laughing and mayank got embarrassed, "stop it Nupur!"  , he pulled her pony and Nupur hit him on his arm, "don't spoil my hair !", and was about to hit him again when Mayank interrupted , "ok relax doll, I am driving, later on!

"hmm .. okay!, lets switch back to music", she set the phone again and something struck maaynk, 'nupur , uncle didn't call you, I mean they didn't try to search you?'

"I threw away the sim card, and about searching, I don't know" ,she replied in a complete disinterested tone and played the song,

dil ne bohat roka .. main ne bohat toka ,, pyar na mana mera pyaar na mana .. teri zindagi main chali ayi ' teri zindagi main..

Nupur was again singing the song and Mayank again couldn't help the lyrics synchronize with their current situation..

"meri zindagi main chali ayi ..' , he mumbled these lines under his breath and stole a glance at Nupur who caught her staring  he turned towards the road again.

"teri khushi hai meri khsuhi .. teri hasi hai meri .."

It was definitely the case with him without doubt . Seeing that pain in her eyes  pricked his heart and her smile was definitely the most soothing sight for him ' and why wouldn't it be .. he loved her.

"Mayank!', she spoke lowering the volume, "hmmm?'

"I am just going to sleep for some time, don't over speed okay!!', she told him calmly and Mayank giggled, "alright, you sleep"

"yeah, good night", she closed her eyes and the dim sound of the song echoed in the car ..

"sapna jo tera .. sapna hai mera .. main sach karne a phonacha"

He stole a glance at Nupur, who maybe had drifted in sleep already, she was so mentally exhausted. He never thought he would see her in this state, but whatever happened was for good, he will not let her dreams shatter like that, he will not her leave her alone.

Last time he left her without trying, and now God has given him another chance to get her  back, God is being generous, he thought, he knows how to avail chances, he lost on her one time, but not this time, and this thought again over whelmed him and well.. leading him to press the accelerator again .. OOPS!


"Mayank Sharma!", the officer said reading his license

"Do you know Mr Sharma that you were driving on a speed of 220 km/h, almost double the allowed speed", The officer strictly asked him and Mayank took a deep breath, he looked at Nupur who was standing with her arms crossed on her stomach and strictly looking at him ,

"yes officer, I am sorry", he said slowly, looking away from Nupur.

"sorries won't work young man!, you will have to pay the fine", officer replied taking out his fine book and Mayank immeditely took out his wallet, "yes sure, how much!"

"700 rupees", he tore of the page and Mayank handed him the money.

"alright, now u both may carry on, but remember , next time you are caught over speeding, I'll put a red mark on your license, this is motorway dear, rules are much more strict here", he said handing back the license.

"I 'll take care of that,

"good!, have a safe journey both of you", the officer turned to his car but stopped, "umm .. ma'am", he said and Nupur who was about to shout on Mayank turned towards the officer, "yes officer"

"please don't sleep next time, I guess your husband loses focus when you are not around him", he smiled and went to his car while his words made Mayank and nupur look at each other with a strange feeling , something which they had never felt before ' a feeling of a relation.

Husband!!  - this word made her heart pump vigoursily and filled his heart with a desire.

"such an idiot cannot be my husband!!", she said huffing and Mayank looked away, "What the hell is wrong with you Sharma?, you were never like this!!, second time! .. over speeding?!!",she asked him a strict yet concerned tone and mayank ran his fingers through his hair.

"I was just thinking something else", he replied, slowly looking back at her, "what were you thinking?', she asked, looking straight on his eyes and Mayank took a step towards her, "something important", he said slowly and nupur took a step back, avoiding what she sensed in his voice.

"stop talking in codes!, what important?"

"you are sure you want to know?', he asked talking another step and Nupur took a sharp intake of breath. His eyes were intently staring at her and penetrating through her.

"no!", ,she looked away, completely scared of what she read, "just give me the keys, I'll drive!!",she said and looked back at him.

"no it's okay, I can drive"

"no you can't , give me the keys!"

"doll you don't have your licensee",

"and how do you know that?', ofcourse I have it with me, give me the keys!, she extended her hand and Mayank had no choice but to surrender, "alright!", he took out the keys from her pocket and placed in her palm.

"good!', she said, taking the driver's seat and Mayank took the opposite seat.

They started the journey again and Mayank realized how much good it was to sit at the front seat and not drive.  He was sitting tilted, intently staring at Nupur ' who was , as always , looking like a doll!

Some flitters of her hair were falling on her face, but obviously not disturbing her , so she kept them there. Mayank' hands were itching to remove them because they were somewhat blocking his view, but he didn't . Sometimes it was good to let things as they are.

She was concentrating on the road very much, her hands were expertly handling the car mechanics and she was just enjoying the driving. He could sense this on her face.

Mayank 's heart eased seeing that relaxed expression on her face, he could so anything for that expression. He couldn't believe that he was seeing her again.

After leaving her that day he thought maybe that was his last meeting, he could not go and meet her again, because seeing her as someone else's would cut him ' so it was better to stay away from her, but destiny brought her back. How could he ever thank God for this generosity. Now he just had to weave those dreams again in her, she was not shattered, she was hurt, she lost hope and he had to give it back to her.

"Stop staring!!", Nupur shouted, still looking at the road and Mayank immediately sat straight, "sorry!".

"I don't understand what has happened to you!, you are behaving so weird!", she said huffing, and stole a glance at him and there both of their eyes met, but both took them off.

"I am not behaving weird", he said and Nupur huffed again, "yeah right!, anyways put on the music!"

Mayank shook his head in disbelief and took her cell phone and connected it with the sound system, "which song?", he asked going through the playlist.

"put any one, all the songs in my collection are amazing!", she said and Mayank giggled at her boastful reply.

He clicked one random song   and the music  filled the silence in the car ..

Kaise main kahoon tujhse .. rehna hai terey dil main..

7. -Pg 34  

Edited by Fantasia. - 29 May 2011 at 1:01am

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