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MN - The JOURNEY towards MAGIC. (Page 11)

Silent.Dreamer IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 24 May 2011 at 11:58am | IP Logged
Fantastic Update Kinza..Now The Journey has Started..its Amazing Yar..

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Faria. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 24 May 2011 at 12:00pm | IP Logged
Awesome part kinza
loved it so much
it seems really very interesting
keep it up

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Mou. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 May 2011 at 12:04pm | IP Logged
love both the parts magician...yeppii i m so so so happy to c u back with ur yet another magical FF ! waititng for my daily treats again!!!!!

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C_O_O_L Goldie

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Posted: 24 May 2011 at 1:31pm | IP Logged
awesome update!!
bt i wanna knw wht's mayur's relationship... r they frnds or wht???
v eager to read next part

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.SilentPrincess IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 May 2011 at 1:38pm | IP Logged

Nice update, this is maybe the first time I'm clueless about the story... Are they friends or not? But I'm very curous to read on, so please update soon. The sad thing is that we can't really ask you to update sooner than your already doing... oh well sabar ka phal meetha hota hai... Wonderful update Kinza... Looking forward to this ff of ours its looks different than whay you usually write about... Embarrassed


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DhanakZ IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 May 2011 at 2:22pm | IP Logged
Once again a different kind of story from U dear
nupur is really a mystery for me
love to read more
thanks for pm

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Fantasia. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 May 2011 at 1:58am | IP Logged
thank u so much all !! .. and i hope all of you comment because i deserve .. not bcz u all are my friends .. bcz according some people .. i am just too proud bcz my frnds unnecessarily praise me.


"I don't believe you don't have music!", Nupur had searched the dashboard and the side boxes and was now glaring at him.

"and I don't believe you were sitting alone at a road at midnight", he calmly said while she huffed, "listen Mayank!, don't start the topic again and again"

"Nupur why were you'

"stop it or I will jump out of the car!", she warned him placing her hand over the door handle and Mayank quickly child locked the car.

"go ahead try!!", he said smirking.

"oh please stop it Mayank, you have an aux wire?", she asked and Mayank's eyes were still glued to the road, "maybe, u'll have to check!"

She sighed and started searching, although she had minimum hopes but she made sure she searched properly and to her surprise, she found one in the back cover.

"wow!", she breathed a sigh of relief, "atleast you have an aux wire", she joyfully exclaimed and plugged in one side in the sound system of the car and the other end in her cell phone.

"now we'll listen to my choice of songs!", 

And after a pause, the silence of the car was filled with

Itafaqao main lakhon main miltey hain ajnabi..

Along with the song, it was nupur's voice which soothed his heart. He stole a glance at her, and she was swiftly singing the song and enjoying it. Unconsciously his mind drifted to their first meeting, when these two strangers actually met.

Mayank confidently entered in the premises of the Excel College. He had topped his 12th  board exams  and consequently, topping the merit list, here he was to mark this college with his intelligence  but right on his entrance he collided with someone who had similar ambitions.

"ouch!!", she dropped her bag and Mayank realizing his mistake, immediately bent down to pick it up, " I am sorry", he politely apologized, extending her bag to her and she, who was so ready to fight was surprised  at his modesty, "it's okay!", she smiled and took the bag. Returning her an equally sweet smile, he turned towards the main door and so did Nupur.

Yuhni hoti hai na sab ki kahani .. shoro hogi kahan kisi ne na jani ..

This was an unusual meeting where the fighter Nupur Bhushan collided with a calm Mayank Sharma and things neutralized. These sweet meetings went on; they were in similar classes, similar courses, similar ambitions, but totally diverse personalities.

 "oh come one Sharma, I also study, but you study as if there is no other work on this universe", she was holding the film tickets in her hands and hovering over Mayank, while he was not paying attention, "alright I am a Dumbo and u are a super genius, so I need to study more", he said, as according to him this was the only way to hush her off.

"now stop being so L.S, and close your books, we are going to see Harry Potter 5!", she again swayed the tickets in front of him while he changed his position, "you very well know that I hate all these movies, I have read the books and those are enough, these movies are just an insult to the books"

"oh please Sharma, even I don't like the movies, but just because it is Harry Potter, I need to see it and you know how much I HATE being alone, please come naaa!", she sat in front of him on the table and he had no choice but to agree.

Ab jo hum sang hain tu hai koi  jadoo ..

Then came the time where Mayank started addressing her as a doll. It was the fresher's ball.

Mayank wasn't interested at all in attending these functions; moreover he had no idea why would the seniors give them a party. All these things were just so ridiculous and unbelievable for him, but as always Nupur made sure her best friend was there in the party, so here he was , dressed in black formal suit, looking handsome to the extent of making girls go weak in knees. He could sense the whispers, giggles and swooning of girls, but all he was interested in, when will Nupur come?, when will the party get over? When will he go back to his hostel?

The last one was the most important, YES!, umm, but no the first one was important .. or WHATEVER.

Exhausted from this heart vs. mind fight, finally he got what he was REALLY wishing for,

Dressed in a pink evening gown, she descended down the entrance stairs. Her hair lingering on both of her shoulders, and eyes protruding out due to the lavish use of eye- pencil, and white slender arms graced with a silver bracelet, her milky neck was bare and without ornaments and her gait showed the dignity and strength of her character.

The whole hall went still for a moment, as THE Nupur Bhushan had entered the party, but she directly headed towards her best friend,

 "O.M.G!!, Thank you so much for coming Mayank!", she hugged him tight and then left him in an equal hurry, "and MY MY, you look HAWT!!",she gave him a critical up to down look smirking and Mayank got embarrassed, "thanks", this was all he could barely  utter in admist of the huge tornado of emotions.

"By the way how do I look?", she asked uselessly  adjusting her hair, "HAWT I am sure?', she asked winking but Mayank smiled and held her hand through which she was spoiling her simple hair do,

"u look like a doll",

 he answered adjusting some displaced hair of hers'.

"DOLL??!!" What do u mean by a DOLL??',

She was shocked and Mayank smiled, "you look simple, sweet, and beautiful, your eyes have innocence and your face is just a perfection, as if carved, just like a doll!!", he said those words in one breath and nupur's mouth was left open.

"oh please Sharma, dolls are lifeless!"

"my doll is not!'

He said again and Nupur heart this time surely skipped a beat and there Mayank realized it wasn't that difficult to express the feelings of your heart, you just need to be honest.

"WHATEVER!!", she stamped her feet and went huffing, but Mayank knew she would return in a maximum of 10 minutes and so she did -  in 9 minutes and 45 seconds,

"Let's play those musical chairs", she ordered and held his arm, and he went with her without showing any resistance.

That function was a memorable experience for both of them, where mayank actually realized how much he enjoyed nupur's company, he never thought he will be blessed with a friend like her,

 .. kismat ne hi sun li hon khwaish unkahi ..

Nupur was singing every line of the song and Mayank again went back to his memories.

"4.00 GPA!!", Mayank was proudly swaying his transcript in air, while Nupur was quietly reading her own, "nupur I won right?', he tried to take a look at her transcript but Nupur folded it and walked out of the exam cell.

"hey what?, this is not fair!, tell me your marks", he kept on running behind her and she increased her speed,

"Nupur Bhushan stop right there!!", he shouted while she stopped in the middle of the corridor. Seeing her stop, he ran to her and looked in her eyes.

"Tell me your result!!", he commanded with authority and Nupur swolled a lump in her throat . "and Mayank was stunned to see a tear in her eyes, "hey doll what happened?", he immdely held her arm and both of them sat down on the steps, "it's okay!, it's just the first semester, no problem if the grade went down, it's okay", he was rubbing her arm and speaking in a concerned voice, , "it's ok buddy!, okay we cancel out treat and  postpone it to the next semester, no problem doll, it was a new place, no problem if..

"never in my life did I score less then 90 %, this time it is just 75 %, I don't know how..", her voice was weak and mayank side hugged him  , "awww.. nupur .. it's OKAY!!, no problem, it is just the first semester, we will work out!!", he held her tight and she just placed her head on his shoulder,

 'it's alright!!, perfectly alright!!".

He kept on whispering all this to her for the whole after noon and finally succeeded to inject new hope in her .

That day he realized that once she loses hope, she cannot gain it back on her own.

Mayank was able to give her hope and the result was evident in the next semester.

"I owe this to you Sharma", she was standing on the  caf table and shouting, while Mayank was thinking about the fastest possible way to dig a hole and crawl into it.

"LISTEN ALL!!", she twirled on her own on the table and mayank was holding the table tight so she doesn't trips.

"I owe every mark of my result to this hot and handsome hunk here!!",she proudly pointed at Mayank and the whole cafeteria was echoed with a loud cheer.

"so here by I announce that Mayank Sharma is the bestest bestie EVER and i Love HIM!!", she said this and jumped from the table, tightly hugging him and the cheer became even loud, but for Mayank  - time stood still there ..

He was always unaware of the fact that why did he felt so helpless in front of Nupur. She knew how to make him agree, every single time she had her way out and Mayank was just left wondering that what magic spell does she casts over him.

"you know u can't see me sad", she said as one evening both of them were out for a walk, "really?, I love to see your sad face", Mayank replied, kicking off a stone from their path.  "you bet on that", she stopped and stood firm in front of him, while he just got lost in those huge ocean 'like eyes.

"I don't bet!", he looked away and she smiled, "Sharma you don't lose, so definitely you won't bet", she said and slipped her arm in his' and started walking while Mayank was left in wonder of her tactics.

Anjaana khuab tha ban gaya zindagi ..

Mayank never thought he will feel what he was .. he was actually feeling for this girl, who entered his heart quietly. He never ran away from his feelings, but maybe destiny was in for something else.

"hey Mayank, be there at the prom okay!!", she ordered, unaware that Mayank was so ready for the prom himself. He had been preparing for it since so long, because it is the day he was finally going to confess his feelings. 

"I need to share something important", her voice was indicating blush and it was warming mayank's heart.

                                                        "sure, even I have to also".

Finally after a lot of cribbing and nervousness, both of them reached the prom party.

Mayank was dressed in his grey formals.

Every couple was to be color coded and specifically in pastels and grey was what Mayank chose. He had already informed Nupur to wear grey, and he thought, seeing him wear grey would be an enough indication that what he was about to say.

He started waiting impatiently for her, moving here and there, again and again checking the ring in his pocket.

Finally she entered the hall, dressed in a grey sari, Her luxurious tresses were left open and the sari with a small embroidery was perfectly fitting her body. His heart surrendered to her at that very moment, and he decided that he would propose her at the main entrance, but what made his feet froze was  .. someone else entered dressed in grey .. and slipping his arm around her waist.. he pulled her in a hug ' and kissed her cheek.

Anjaane sheron main .. shamon dopheron main dhondhon miley zindagi'

Nupur's loud voice brought him back from the deadly day of his past and in order to channel out the upheaval of emotions, he pressed the accelerator, increasing the speed of the car from 120km/h.


Nupur jolted him and suddenly he realized that he was driving at a speed of 220km/h on a motoray. Immediately repenting his mistake, he pressed the breaks and as the car slowed down, Nupur sighed,

"DAMN!!, what were you doing Sharma?, what happened to you?, she asked in a surprised yet concerned voice while he passed her a strict glance.

"what?, ?", she asked plainly and mayank looked away.

 "I think you should let me drive, I don't think you are in your best moods, kuch bura yaad a gaya?", she said after a while and Mayank who was trying hard to drift away from that day, again went there.

He broke from the hug and again kissed her cheek, while she shyed away tilting her neck. Mayank was seeing all this from a distance of almost 3 feet, felt like tearing apart the man in a million pieces, but he couldn't , because in turn to his OFFENSIVE actions, Nupur was smiling.

His eyes were glued to nupur's reactions, how could she allow someone to hug her and kiss her . A wave of jealousy passed his body and he closed his fists tight, as the very next moment, they both were walking towards him, holding hands.

"Hey Sharma", Nupur threw her arms around his neck and he felt like enclosing her and hiding her from the whole world.

She was just his!!.

"Hey doll", he hugged her back, very tight, and in return earned a frown from the man, but did he care a hoot about him.

"okay as I told you that I need to tell you something", she said moving away, to which Mayank resisted a bit, but then gave up.

"Let me do the honors sweetheart", the man interrupted and slipped his and across her waist again.

Mayank  could see his thumb lightly rubbing over her bare waist and he felt like cutting it off from his body.

"Hi, I am Raj Mehta, nupur's fiance'"

Mayank was about to grab his extended hand but the last two words, especially the second last with an apostrophe s, showing belonging to the last word, made his mind numb.  

He looked blankly at Nupur, whose smile vanished seeing that wild expression in his eyes, and Raj pulled back his extended hand.

"seems your friend is in for a shock", Raj said with a mocking tone and Nupur fumbled, "no raj , it's ..", she was confused over what to say, "Mayank . you.."

"what is this Nupur?", Finally mayank said, in a voice filled with anger.

"what?", she got scared.

"this..", he was about to utter something way to un ethical but controlled.

"hmmm.. I told you ur friend doesn't seems happy!", raj again smirked and mayank  wanted to smash his face.

"no raj, it's not like that, I think I need to talk to him alone", nupur's breath had suddenly lost it's rhythm seeing that rage in mayank's eyes .

"Yeah , sure .. you guys are excused", he stepped aside smirking again while Nupur stepped forward to grab mayank's hand, "lets go out Mayank, I didn't mean to hide things", she slowly said, as they were walking out of the hall.


Raj's loud voice again interrupted their walk , "come back soon Nupur!",


More than raj's voice, it was nupur's affectionate "sure" that made his blood burn, and he  jerked her hand and moved outside, in a rushing speed.

                    "hey Mayank stop!!', she came running behind and Mayank stopped.

"what the hell are you doing Mayank?", she was shocked and dumbfounded at his reactions.

"what am I doing?, what the hell are YOU doing?, he spat back all his anger.

"what am I doing?',

"oh great!!, now this again I should inform you about!!"

"calm down, listen Mayank..

"who the hell is this raj??', he held her from her shoulders and looked in her eyes.

"mayank .. what", she could barely utter these words under his strong hold.

"just answer!!, when did you get engaged to him?', he was chewing every word and Nupur literally shivered seeing this new side of Mayank.

"last .. last month, when I went to California", she was scared, but she managed to answer.

"great!", he left her shoulders, "congratulations!", he smiled and turned towards the exit.

"Mayank please stop!!

Although Mayank was at his highest level of rage, but still nupur's pleading voice made him stop automatically.

"listen Mayank, I know you are angry that I didn't tell you, but trust me I had no intention of hiding things, please Mayank, I can never hide anything from you, you are my bestest buddy", she held his hands, hoping he would re-call their relation but he wanted explanations.

"Last month when I went to see dad, so he asked me about marriage, I was apprehensive, but then he asked me to meet his colleague's son, and said if I was okay the we could have an engagement, and there came raj.", she was speaking in a soft voice and  Mayank was listening her blankly.

"we both met, he is a nice person, just like me, fun loving, adventures, we both got along really well, we became great friends, and then finally one evening he proposed me.

"Mayank closed his eyes for a moment.

"I was really nervous Mayank, I wanted to ask your opinion, but then I thought this is something I should decide myself, I wanted to be independent mayank, I just wanted to show you that your doll is capable of making her own decisions, I am way too dependent on you Mayank, for everything , I just thought..

"you are not dependent..", he cut her in between and held her shoulders again, "you are my partner doll!.. my partner, my buddy .. my ..

"I know Mayank .. I know that u care a lot for me, but I need to learn making things for my own self, and with raj, he .. he leaves me alone with  my decisions, he allows me too..

"so you mean I don't let you make your decisions?', his voice was blunt.

"no Mayank, please, there is no comparison between you and raj, you both exist in different spaces for me ..."

"I thought I was the only person who existed in all your spaces", he wanted to be stiff but couldn't hold back the vulnerability, and sensing the deep meaning under his statement, nupur's heart pumped vigoursily, she took a step forward and looked in his eyes.

                                                         'mayank .. is it that you ..

Nupur left her words in between and her eyes started brimming with tears.

 "Mayank .. i..can't back off .. I ..

"I am leaving Nupur, to york , my scholarship is confirmed"

He cut her in between and said, while Nupur swolled a lump in her throat

" .. so sudden?

"you shouldn't be saying that", he smiled lightly and Nupur bit her lower lip, "Mayank.."

"bye Nupur' "

He said and left and nupur's mouth was left open.

"hey Sharma , you won't even hug me before leaving?

"no!", he said plainly

Yeah , you said and I agreed",s he ran and hugged him , for a few moments, both of them were silent, "I will miss you Mayank", she said in a weak voice and Mayank smiled, " bye doll", he left her and turned towards the exit

"by the way you look beautiful in grey", he said before leaving and Nupur smiled with teary eyes.

"I am talking to youuu!!" .. , nupur' screamed in his ears and he put on the breaks, and turned only to find she was leaning on him  ..  very close to him .. so close that he could see his own reflection in her eyes.

4 . -Pg 17. 

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cutiepie12 Goldie

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Posted: 25 May 2011 at 2:02am | IP Logged
OMG OMG OMG..m da first one today...yay...Dancing

hayeee i totally loved dis maha chapter...ROFL

hawww...da memories were so adorable...nupur standing on da table n shouting n owing mayank n den hugging...poor mayank...he had feeling for her since da beginning...Embarrassed

aww...i dnt like raj...Angry when did dis all happened n i hope dis all wud hav ended by now...LOL

poor mayur...cnt c da separation...Confused

loved it alotClap
loads of loveHeart

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