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MY1RST FF Dil toh bacha hein [email protected]omo145 (Page 42)

i4ishra IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by _naksh_

Asha please continu soon...i love this ff
thank u wil update 2day

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part 8
akshi asked the driver 2 stop the car near a tea plantation
ak:nt,ye dekhiye kitne sunder jagah h na,chaliye hum dekhar aate h
before he could say anything,akshi placed karan in the car seat @ get out of the car @ straightly went 2wards the plantations.she was amazed by the vast  tea plantations,she was admiring land scape beauity @ natik in akshi.suddentky a rabbit jumped in 2 his way @ he moved infront @ bumped over akshi @ they fall down.since it was a steep place they began 2 roll down.he was enjoying this but her eyes were closed @ she was tightly hugging natik,after 15 minutes they reached down,akshi didnt realise this as she was in the shock
nt:itni jaldi pahunch gayi,mein ne toh socha tha ki kam se kam adha ghanta lagega,jitni unchai dikthi h uthni h nahi
he kissed her both cheeks 2 bring her back 2 ber sense.
ak:nt,pata nahi hum bachenge ya nahi aur apko ye sab such raha h
nt:ak hum neeche pahunch gayi aur hum bilkul teek h
ak:(slowly opened her eyes)kya mein zinda hoon??
nt:ye kaisa sawal h (slightly slapping her cheeks)ap bilkul teek h
ak:(pushing him )ap dekhe nahi chal sakthe h kya?
nt:kya karein in ankhen hamesha apko h dektha rahatha hoon
ak:bas bas ab jaldi chaliye karan udthe honge
she suddently got up ! was about 2 go,she saw nt still lying there @ was continuously looking at akshi,she asked him 2  get up fast,he 4ward his hand 4 help,she went 2wards him @ gave a strong slap at his back @ helped him 2 stand up
ak:nt,jaldi chaliye na karan ro raha hoga,jitni jaldi hum neeche pahunche h na utna azan nahi h upar pahunchana
they started walking ,ak reached almost half the way,she looked back @ saw nt,he was still far behind 4m her
ak:nt hame kal nahi aj hi uppar pahunchana h jaldi chaliye na
mt:ak mein itni jaldi nahi chal sakth h,dekhiye mein abi se tak gaya hoon
she went 2wards him @stood at his back side @ started 2 push him upwards so that natik could move easier.
ak:isiliye mein kehethi thi k roz sehar par jaana chahiye,bilkul motu ho gaya h ap 
nt :(litle angry)kya zamana aa gaya?pehle toh patniyam apne pati ka naam tak nahi leti thi aur ab vahi patniyam une sabke samne beizat kathe hein
ak:(smiling)sach hamesha kadvi lagthi hein
nt:(angrily)ap mujhe chodiye,mein akela chaloonga,vaise b ab apko meri zaroorat nahi hein na??
he angrily began 2 walk fast without caring her,after somtim they reached near the car,karan was criying madly,their driver was hardly triying 2 handle him but he was searching 4 akshi,akshi ran 2wards him,soon he jumped in 2 her hands @began 2 cry even louder,he was in a  such a bad condition so  akshi also become tensed
ak:dekha nt,ye sab apki vajah se huwa hein
nt:ismein meri kya galthi hein,karan ko chodkar ap gayi thi
ak:par der tho apki vagah se huwa h na
he angrily went 2wards the car @ got in,akshi also entered @ they drived back,nt didnt talk 2 akshi throughout the way
they came back,akshi placed karan in their bad he was not ready 2 leave her so she laid near him,natik also came beside him.she fely guilty @ asked sorry but natik didnt mind,after sometime karan becom relieved @ started 2 play with them.natik went 2 balcony @ karan 2 play.akshi also followed natik
she came behind him @ hugged him 4m behind @ placed a soft kiss on his back,he was half melted  with this action
ak:plss..mujhe maaf kardo,itna gussa sehath keliye achi nahi h
nt:ab kyon aayi mere pass
akshi didnt reply,she was really in a mischevious mood,she tried 2 place her head on his shoulder but she couldnt do it as he was taller than her,she locked her arms around his neck @ raised her toes,she slowly  hanged over him with the support of his body @placed her head on his shoulder @ placed a soft kis on his cheeks(4m bak),natik smiled seeing her act @ he suddently turned @ grabbed  her in his arms @ began 2 rotate her(she was still hanging)after 4/5 turns
ak::nt,bas bas mujhe niche uthriye mujhe chakar aa rahi h
nt:(leaving her)mujhe manana  apko achi  tarah se aati h
ak:agar ap jaise pati ho toh ye sab aana hi chahiye
akshi  heard karan calling her,so she tried 2 go but natik hold her 4m back
nt:ak,apko mere pass ane keliye kisi ki permission nahi chahiye par janne keliye mere permission zarroor   lena padega,mein apko jaane nahi doongi
ak:nt,karan bula  raha hein
nt:(bringing her closer)ak,usko pata hein ki ap mere sath h isiliye bula rahe h aur koi bat nahi,ap thodi der baat chale jaana
ak:apko kaisa pata??
nt::vo...mein b ye formula use kartha hoon na
he turned her,his love shined in his eyes @ he wanted her to see it.both were lost in each others eyes.natik kissed on her fore head @ lead her 2 the swing @ made her laid on the swing @ he himself sat near her.he bent down 2 kiss her,seeing this she closed her eyes,her heart started beating  fast.he kisses her forehead ,eyelids,nose.cheeks @ come 2 her lips,she stops him @ sat up on the swing.her back was facing him,he covered the space between them @ slowly placed his hands above her,akshi shyingly bent her head 2 hiis chest,he hugged her tightly by wraapping his arms around her stomach,he bent down 2 kiss her back,then shoulder,he again turned her @ saw her eyes were still closed,he opened her eyes .she coldnt able 2 look in to his eyes
in the room,karan was waiting 4 akshi,he knew that nt wouldnt leave her,so he started crying  without any reason,still she didnt come so he slowly increased the volume
  natik brought his face closer 2 her neck but suddently akshi jerked by hearing karans crying.natik understood tat it was his trick so he didnt leave her,akshi tried 2 free herself but he hold even more tightly she strongly pinched his hands @ somhow escaped
he again pulled   her in 2 his lap
ak:nt,chodiye mujhe
nt:nahi,ab sirf ap aur mein
ak:nt:apna bacha vaham ro raha h aur apko yue sab ke piche pade h,kaise baap ho app??
nt:kyonki mein jaanta hoon ki vo natak kar kaha hoon
ak:natak vo nahi ap kar rahe hein
nt:(angrily)toh mere pass kyon aayi??jabse karan aaya hein tabse apko mere figure hi nahi h!!1
in the room karan stopped his crying becoz he understood that akshi wouldnt come,he started playing with his toys
akshi came 2wards him @ surprised 2 see karan smiling @ she realiused tat natik was right @ she looked back with a stern smile in her face,but he didnt mind,he came 2wards karan @ kissed on his forehead @ went 2 their bed .akshi came with karan,seeing her he turned 2 other side @ swithed off the lights
next morning karan wake up 2rst @ then he wake them by kissing on their forehead natik was still not talking 2 akshi,she felt so sad @ was about 2 cry,karan understtood this.he pulled natik 2wards akshi @take their both hands @ bring it closer 4 a shake hand but natik withdrawed his hands.he got an idea,he make them sat on the bed ,he came between [email protected] asked them 2 kiss on his cheeks,they came closer to ,suddently karan maved back they both kissed on each others lips,a  big  smile came 2 their face @ they broke apart.karan smiled @ clapped seeing this
akshi went 4  a shower @natik @ karan start playing ,they were smiling @ talking 2 each other,karan did all possible mischevious becoz he knew tat natik wiil not scold him.akshi could hear their sound in bathroom.she came after a shower @ she stood there admiring them,natik noticed this
nt:kya soche rahi hein ap??
ak:(came near them @ sat on bed)bas yehi soch raha tha ki ismein baap kon h aur beta  kon h?/
nt:zara pass aayiye mein batata hoon
ak:nahi nahi mein samajh gayi,acha nt,aj mein kahi nahi jaana chahthi hoon.aj hum sirf aaram karenge
nt::jaise apki marzi
they rested whole day
natik take bat @ ball @ went 4 playing cricket in the garden with karan.karan take the bat 2 asked him 2 ball,karan was hitting very slow becoz he was 22 small,natik didnt hv so much patience so he intentionally throw theball at the stomp @ make him out,karan unwillingly agreed @ take the ball.he thropw the ball.unfortunately it hit at the stump ,karan becom happy @ started 2 scream "pappa out""pappa out".natik didnt agree @ he began 2 bargain that he was not out @ they  began 2 fight
akshi heard their sound @ went outside @ tied 2 stopp them 4m fighting but they didnt stop.
nt:ak,dekhiye ye cheating hein mein out nahi h
ka:pappa out pappa out
ak::bas bas ,nt chodna ,karan ko batting karne do
nt:ap toh hamesha karan ko hi support karthe hein
ak:nt,mein kisiko support nahi kar rahi hoon
she take the bat 4m his hand @ gave it 2 karan @ asked natik 2 ball.he agreed @ they again started playing
nt:ak ap bi ayiye
ak:mahi nt mujhe cricket khelna nahi aati hein
nt:koi baat nahi,mein sikhathi hoon
akshi came near him,he take his cap 4m his head @ placed it in her head,take the end of her pallu @ tied it in her waist.natik held her around her  [email protected] placed his hands
above hers.karan throw ball @ natik taught how 2 hit the ball.karan went 2 take the ball.he taught her how 2 hit different shots,he becom mischevious,in between he planted kisses on her back,then neck ,then shoulder
ak:nt,ap mujhe sikha rahe h ya phir romance kar rahe hein 
he was on the verge of another kis so he diint hear it @ just answered
nt:ofcorse romance kar...  nahi nahi akshara mein apko kiss..nahi...matlab...
ak:acha ab mein samajh gayi,ab mein akhele hi kheloongi ap vaham jaakar fielding kigiye
he helplessly left
karan throw ball @ akshi hit,natik was trying 2 cacth it but he couldnt.akshi noticed this,she hit the next ball strongly 2wards him @ it accidently hit on his cahest @ he fell down akshi  @ karan got scared @ they ran 2wards him.
ak:nt,ap teek toh h na ,i m so sorry
nt:apne ye kya kiya akshara,apne mere phol jaise dil ko tukada tukada kar diya
ak:i m so sorry natik pata nahi ye kaise ho gaya
nt:(crying tone)woh ak,jisne apko cricket khelna sikhaya usse hi ap nishana bana diya
ak:Pnt,sach mein ye jan puchkar nahi kiya chaliye hum docter ke pass chalthe h
nt:nahi nahi uski zaroorat nahi h
karan also started crying,he slightly rubbed his chest with his small hands nt:dekha ak,apse zyada mere bete ko mere figure h
ak:ap ayiye mein bam laga dethi hoon
she helped him 2 stand up,ske took karan @ went inside.natik laid on the bed ,karan sat beside him @ kissed on his forehead @ ruffled his hair.natik was really touched by this.akshi take karan @ made him sleep
she came with bam @ sat near natik ,she unbuttoned his shirt @ applied bam on hos chest @ start  massaginh
he sat up
nt:ak,thoda pyaar se karo na
nnt pulled her closer
ak:nt,ab dard kam huwa
nt:dard mujhe ho raha h aur ap ro rahi h
he wiped her tears @ kissed on her  fore head
nt:ak,apko bura lagne ki koi zaroorat nahi h.ap jan puchkar thodi na kiya h aur khel mein ye sab hota rahatha h aur vaise b mein itna kamzoor b nahi h
ak:acha,phir bahar itna kyon chilla raha tha
nt:vo tho mein thoda over acting kiya tha
ak:kya??nt abi bi dard ho raha h
nt:thoda thoda(holding her hand which was on his chest)ak,agar ap mujhe ek kiss doongi toh dard bilkul kam hogayengi
she placed a soft kiss on his chest
nt:ab ap aram kigiye
sshe settled near him @ ruffled his  hair,soon they dozzed off
pls pls giv ur longer comments.its a request
hit the like button
thanks lakshmi di 4 ur ideas

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wow... awesome part.. cute, romantic, nice... loved it...

thanx for the pm!
waiting for the next part

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what to say yaaarSmileSmile
ninne samathikanam ,...for imagining such romantic scenes...EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
loved so much...Wink
good work...ClapClapClapClapClapClap
continue sooonSmileSmileSmileSmilewith another romantic track...Smile

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hey aasha...

sorry for commenting late... finally now my lead went out... n read the complete part...
Its really  awesome... loved it so much...
naksh romance was so cute n chota karan was too sweet... imagining them playing cricket is very good... karan is too cute...

good one yaar... thanks for the pm n the lovely part... Big smile

will be waiting for ur next part... continue soon...

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sorry for late commting

wow asha so romatic partEmbarrassed yaar in part they have romance emotion angry and karan nauty wow just fab Clapasha
i liked last part so much wow usemay akshara aur karana kitanay tension may ayagaya yaar
wow keep contiune asha

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asha so so so nice part naksh romance n karan is too sweet loved the whole part nicely written thanks for the pm n waiting for the surprise 

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