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Posted: 13 June 2011 at 3:25am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ashamol

Originally posted by pvlaks

Originally posted by ashamol

Originally posted by pvlaks

Originally posted by ashamol

Originally posted by pvlaks

asha   onnu   vegam   vaaa...nice   banner   and   promo

nalle varum

nalla kutty...nan kaathirikkum Wink
                               nale oru kidilam smp ayitanu njan varunathu,njan adyamayitanu oru ful smp ezhuthunathu,njan thane njeti

ingane   paranju kothippikkathe   onnu   vegam   post cheyyu.Winkithu   enthina   naaleyakkunnathu?Embarrassed
   intezar k phal meeta hota h,ye aur b meeta hoga,ithu ezhuthi teerthathu engana ananu enikum dyvathinum ariyam,amma njan blush cheyunathu kanathirikan shal kondu mukham marachanu irunathu,

LOLLOLLOL enikku   manassilavunnundu..k   to...shawl  kondu   enthokke   upakarangal  annu  alleWink

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asha mole...vegam vaaa

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we cant wait any more. plzzz update as soon as u can. n give full smp update.nice ff. 
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Originally posted by aish.raheel

we cant wait any more. plzzz update as soon as u can. n give full smp update.nice ff.
                   thnk u dear,wil update tmrw itself..i knw u al r waiting...
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wow...Tongue...naksh smp..EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed..really looking forward for the updateBig smile...cont.soonSmile
i4ishra IF-Dazzler

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 thank u so much 4 ur comments,pls try 2 give longer comments @ ur ideas

part 7
 they checked in the hotel at munnar at evening,they soon dozed off as they were tired.aftersometime akshara opened her eyes @ saw naitik @ karan sleeping next 2 her.he tried 2 wake up naitik but he pretended 2 be she went 2wards balcony,she was shivering as it was very cold outside,suddently she heard some1 calling her name,she looked around but couldnt find anyone.aftersome time she again heard the same voice ,she felt very fear @ she went inside @ tried 2 wake up naitik but he intentionally gets angry at her @ told her not 2 disturb him.she went outside @ followed that voice.she reached a forest like place .it was completely dark outside.she spotted a small tent like house wich was above a tree 4m which the voice was coming.she went inside the tent through the staircase (made of wood pieces),but couldnt find any one.suddently she heard the noice that some one closing the door,she didnt have the guts 2 look back she stood there closing her eyes.she felt some movements around her tummy,soon she realised that it was naitik s touch.she become relieved @ bumped her head in 2 him expressing her fear
nt:ap dar gayi,apko yaham jaldi lane keliye mere pas koi aur rastha nahi tha,
nt:(running his face through her hairs)cochin mein toh bahuth garmi tha na isiliye ap mere khareeb kabi nahi aaya par yaham itna tant hein aur ap mere itni khareeb...
akshi smiled hearing this time he had completely removed her outer gown.he traced his hands through her bare body,akshi was feeling very cold so she wrapped herself with that gown,but naitik didnt like this,he again removed it @ throw it aside
nt:ak,ye mujhe pasand nahi hein
ak:par mujhe bahuth tant lag rahi hein
nt:mein hoo na,iskeliye mein hi kaafi hein
he moved even closer 2 hershe could feel her body warmth around her.
nt:ab teek hein???
akshi naughtily nodded 2 say no
naitik understood this @ he framed his body with her   @ bring his face between her neck @ face @ placed a soft kiss on her cheek
as akshi was enjoying his hotness,she again nodded 2 say no
nt:apki tant door karne keliye mere pas isse b ek acha  tareeka hein...
he started pressing her body tightly,she didnt expect this
ak:bas bas ab mein teek hoon...
nt:par mein nahi...
he began 2 kiss her fine shoulder tenderly,then he take the smell of her body,he turned her @ make her sit on the dry  grass.he brought his face closer 2 her,seeing this she move back ward @ naitik also began 2 move with her,finally she touched the ground.he came beside her,he take her hands @ kissed her fingure tips @ placed gentle kisses on her arms reaching the shoulder.he slowely moved over her @ intertwined their both hands @ began 2  press each other.he lowered his face close 2 her face @ wetted her forehead with his lips.her presence was making him mad @ he ran his nose through out her body wich made a tickling sensation in her @ she started moving her head right @ left with pleasure.naitik noticed this @ he moved upward 2wards her ears @ wispered :abi tak mein kuch kiya hi nahi aur ap itna sharma rahi hein" @ looked in 2 her eyes with so much of passion,love,naughtiness,eager...
she couldnt withstand it @ covered his eyes with her fingures.she thought he would remove her hand but he didnt instead he was enjoying her touch in  his  face.she understood this @ take her hand back.he adjusted her hair 2 a side @ put his face in her hair srands @ felt the feel of her hair,he slowely moved 2 her face @ started making imprint of his lips on her face.within a second her face become completely wet due 2 his lips.then he slowely moved down @ dipped his face in  2 the 1 side of the neck @ started kissing there passionately wich send shivers 2 her body,she moved her head away 4m naitik,he noticed this but didnt stopp doing soon as he completed kissing there he moved 2 other side .akshi couldnt controll herself @ began 2 pinch him strongly,it was  urging him 2 kiss here more @ more.he moved 2 her throat @ sedatively rubbed his face through out the whole neck @ shoulder,soon he possesed her whole body.her eyes were closed @ was feeling his love @ was clutching  the dyy grass beside her 2 controll herself
aftersome time naitik shifted 2  ground,akshi blushingly moved 2 other side  @ was still clutching grass 2 controll her emotions.naitik covered the space between them @ placed his hands above her @ pressed it @ said her 22 relaxxx... .he smiled at her heartely expressing his happiness @ satisfaction.her face was all red ,he could see a bright blow in her face wich was al  due 22 him.
they returned 2 cottage @ slept in each others arms
next morning naitik opened  his eyes @ saw akshi sleeping with a smile in her face,he knew that he was the reason behind that smile.he removed the hair strands 4m her face
nt:(2 himself)shayad duniya isiliye khuubsoorat nahi bachi hongi kyonki saari sundartha toh ap par basi hein...
he kissed her both cheeks,he was about 2 move back but she put her both arms around his neck.he thought she was in deep sleep,so hecontinued his talks
nt: hm...toh ap neend mein bi mere khareeb rahena chahthi hein
he again kissed on her forehead
nt:apko itni icha hein toh mein mana nahi karoonga,ap toh bas ek ishara de digiye phir dekhna mein kaise apke khareeb aata hoon
he was about 2 kiss her lips but before that she put her hands on his lips.naitik surprised 2 see this
nt:acha.. toh ap chupke mere baatein sun raha tha
ak:ap bi na naitik iske siva  apko kuch sujhtha hi nahi
nt:(with a killer smile) ap bi toh chupke enjoy kar rahi thi...
ak:mein...nahi...mein toh dekh rahi thi ki ap kithna bura hein
@ she get up 4m bed,he pulled her @ make her fall on his chest
nt:toh batayiye mein kitna bura hoon???
nt:haan...sara pyaar se batayiga ha
she moved closer 2 his ears""ap itna bura hein itna bura hein ki apki harkathon ko mere alawa kis aur bardhash hi nah kar saktha
nt:(Tracing her face)hm.. toh ye bi batayiye ki mein ne
issa kya kiya  jiski  vagah se apke face itni  lal  lal  ho  rahi  hein???
ak::apko karne mein sharam nahi aate honge lekin...
nt:(placing his fingures on her lips)ap issa harqat kiya hi kab???
ak:(hitting)naitik... ap mujhe bahuth pareshan karthe hein
she got up @ went 2wards bathroom.
karan was not feeling good so they decided 2 return 2 cochin.while returning they were exited 2 see the isolated villages making way 4 steep winding roads.through the side window they could see the villages that they passed as tiny specks.a mystic feeling crept in 2 their mind wen they saw a holy cross atop a huge rock by the side of the road side with a lightening bolt behind.they stopped at a tea shop .thers is nothing more seductive than the sweet aroma of the warm froathing tea on a rainy day.after having a tea they continued heir journey.its such a great climate there.extreme cold outside.suddently the driver put in  a CD of ""ROMANTIC SONGS"  wich were apt 4  the situation,makimg the enviroment more romantic.akshi @ karan was holding naitik tightly as thy were feeling cold @ naitik was still in yesterdays effect.he pressed akshi 2wrds himself,but this time he was more carefull,he waited tillkaran was in deep sleep,as soon as he slept he brought his face closer 2 her,he was inches away 4m her.but suddently akshi asked the driver 2 stopp the car,naitik was double shocked...
hit the like button
pls pls give longer comments as much as u can
sorry if any1 feel akward after reading this part
next part soon
sorry 4 mistakes

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 BlushingBlushing Blushing Blushing Blushing Blushing Blushing Blushing BlushingBlushing Blushing Blushing Blushing BlushingBlushing Blushing Blushing Blushing Blushing Blushing Blushing BlushingBlushing Blushing Blushing Blushing
BlushingBlushing Blushing Blushing Blushing Blushing Blushing Blushing BlushingBlushing Blushing Blushing Blushing BlushingBlushing Blushing Blushing Blushing Blushing Blushing Blushing BlushingBlushing Blushing Blushing Blushing
BlushingBlushing Blushing Blushing Blushing Blushing Blushing Blushing BlushingBlushing Blushing Blushing Blushing BlushingBlushing Blushing Blushing Blushing Blushing Blushing Blushing BlushingBlushing Blushing Blushing Blushing
 me first...Embarrassed k let me start how can u expect long comments after reading tis bas i'm in naksh land now...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed pura ff padne ke waqt mera haalat aesa hi tha Blushing i no yeh serial me kabhi nhi hoga but yahan padke bahut bahut mazaa aaya Big smile ur imagination is too gudClap kaafi had tak milti hai mujhse LOLBig smile just loving naksh romance day by day tumhara ff bahut hi romantic hota jaa raha hai pata nhi next part me aur kya kya milega...ConfusedEmbarrassed just one suggesion while writing ur next part i just need lil more of karan's part involved in it although its vry nice but i want to c naksh spending some time with tere son & karan doin naughty things like his dad...Big smile i want to c beauty of tere relationship kaise naksh apni reponsibilies nibhaate hai as mom-dad & dont want munna to be like his dad totally useless...Ouch ll be eagerly waiting for ur next part Embarrassed
thanks for the pm & cont soon...Tongue

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wowww asha... u made me reach into naksh land again!!!!

Blushing it was sooo romantic! loved the part... didnt feel awkwardROFL

thanx for the pm!!!! cont writing such parts only

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