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"His Wicked Angel" | Grover&Winget/Armaan&Riddhima

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H i s  W i c k e d  A n g e l

Hey Guys :) Rabsy and I wrote an OS together based on a vm by Noha! Though we both have an OS thread however this doesn't fit into the flow of that storyline hence we are making a separate topic for it. First off don't read before watching the vm and secondly this is a very different kind of OS [yeh feel free to call it psychotic] so excuse any mistakes. We won't blab much and let you all read it and we tried to not rape your all's minds and explain everything to a certain extent but still if you are confused we will elaborate on whatever part is troubling you. Here is the vm - 

The echoes, the shrill sound of screaming, the jingling of the payal, the sweet innocence, the smell of the sweet fragrance, her sensual touch drove him to the edge...Armaan groaned in pain and tried to focus at a blurry image of a woman drapped in a white salwaar suit.  Although she seemed to be a faint shadow Armaan knew that shadow too well.  She resembled an angel in disguise, heck she was his angel the one that controlled his mind and soul, the one who overpowered all his thoughts and emotions. He heard her beautiful voice which spoke volumes:

"Can't you do this for me? Are you afraid? You are everything I want Armaan. Prove me you are worth my love. You know na I love you. Pain is physical but our love is eternal. You are good at this. You can't give up. Can't you do this for me? Are you afraid? You know na I love you. Pain is physical but our love is eternal. I want Armaan. Prove me you are worth my love. You can't give up. You can't give up. You can't give up. You can't give up. You can't...GIVE UP" Soon the sweet but demanding voice that had been echoing all this time started to feel distant. The figure who he was desperately trying to reach, for whom he was doing it all, was getting more blurry by the second and seemed to be disappearing in to thin air. 

As Armaan frantically searched for the angelic figure suddenly a man covered in blood came in front of him and punched him so hard that he came crashing down. The sand beneath him flew all over the place while he had blood gushing out of his mouth. A severe pain surged throughout his body and everything seemed to fade out except that one figure. She was becoming clearer now. He gazed into her smiling face. She gazed back and spoke "You can do it A R M A A N." She gently but sensuously motioned towards him with her finger to follow her.  He coughed and spat out blood. He groaned in pain but still crawled towards the woman in white; he had no energy left in him yet he couldn't get himself to stay away from her.  He helplessly reached out to her and temporarily forgot his physical pain.  Her presence made him feel at peace, her soft and sweet voice was like melodious music to his ears.  It gave him courage and power which provided him with a reason to believe.  "You did it Armaan" Her voice trailed again in his ears. "AHHH" He grabbed his aching head and stopped moving. "Remember Armaan pain is only physical and our love, your love, my love is eternal."

Those words ignited a new passion inside him and he took all the energy he had within him to again leap towards her. His mouth left a trail of blood, his arm pained, and his leg was bruised but he was determined to follow the sound of her voice.  She smiled at him not all affected by the pain he was suffering.  With great effort he managed to put out his hand towards her but she refused to hang on to him. She just smiled at him her beautiful smile and soon that smile turned into screeching laughter. He couldn't take her laughter anymore he tried to tune it out by covering his ears but it just got louder and louder and louder.   He vigorously shook his head trying hard to get rid of the laugher but to no avail.  

Her serene figure appeared once again and she urged Armaan by her encouraging words- "Prove me you are worth my L O V E Armaan! Prove it to me Armaan! PROVE that you are worth me." She continued to chant and slowly moved further away from him like a divine entity that controlled his body.  

He closed his eyes in frustration and soon his surroundings were back. He found himself in the fighting ring again with his opponent cheering towards the crowd for his apparent victory against Armaan. "Prove me you are worth my LOVE Armaan." He wiped the sweat off of his forehead and remembered her words and got back into his fighting mode.  He had this new sense of power and strength; her presence gave him a sense of security. As Armaan prepared to make his move towards victory his opponent didn't know where and when Armaan gained consciousness but as soon as he turned around after basking in his glory Armaan grabbed his neck and turned it all the way to the left. All one heard was a crackling noise and saw his figure drop to the floor as Armaan once had, but the difference was that Armaan put forth all his energy and power into taking the life of his opponent and there he lay on the ground lifeless; his arms and feet stretched out and his face had turned white. 

As the arena broke out into roaring cheers Armaan closed his eyes and smiled out of satisfaction.  There he stood, undefeated once again all because of his angel and as he reopened his eyes everything and everyone was gone except for that lady in white, that lady who had been with him all along, that lady who loved him more than anyone, that lady who he had killed many for, that lady whose love he was now worthy of. 

Flashbacks (They are random just imagine as if you are being taken back into their life prior to this fight btw by their we mean Armaan Riddhima).

The first day he saw her in white salwar kameez. She was waiting for her bus when he  sped by and in the process splashed her with muddy water. She had gotten so mad at him. Her hands were on her hips and she readily looked for a rock and threw it at his car. The crack in his backsheild prompted him to stop his car. Though he was furious at her but that was only until he saw her angelic face. Yes angelic she was his angel who had stepped into his life.

Though their first meeting had not started on a good note and Armaan had thought he would never see her again but she had showed up at the pub he went to that night. Surprisingly she was in the same clothes he had accidently gotten dirty however they seemed clean now. "Tumhare khapade toh." "Khapade wash hosakte hain Armaan" She interrupted him. "Ah I guess the drinks have momentarily taken away my common sense." He chuckled at her. "Come with me Armaan" She took a hold onto his hand and started to lead him out of the pub. "But kahan" he asked. "Kahin bhi" She smiled at him and took him out. 

As the lights shone into his eyes he found himself among a few men who seemed to be drunk and blocking the road. He looked at her slender figure standing next to him and she was staring at him as if asking him to do something. Although he didn't hear her speak, her eyes were soft and gentle as if pleading him for a favor and he could do anything for her.  He looked back at the men and realized she wanted him to fight them and let them know that road belonged to them too not just them. "Can't you do this for me?" She spoke questioningly.  "Um...but main who kaise...I mean... tum kya" He stuttered and didn't know what to say.  Her presence made him forget his words, all he remembered at that moment was her beauty, her soft gentle skin, her ethereal eyes which captivated his attention and caused him to forget his surroundings. "Are you afraid Armaan?" Her sincere question brought him out of his trance and her angelic smile turned into a mocking one. Bingo that's all she needed to say. He swiftly but steadily took off his jacket  wasting no time, with her around he had no time to waste, he ran out cursing at the men to gain their attention. Though there were lots of them almost too many for Armaan to take on by himself but his motive to impress her was enough for him to take on all of them. It didn't take him more than 10 minutes to break every limb and bone in those men's bodies. He crushed all of their bones enjoying the everlasting pleasure that he got from this deed but most of all he cherished her beautiful smile.  "You did it Armaan" she smiled at him and he ran to her feeling proud but accomplished because he had done what she had wanted and that thought alone was enough to make him feel content.


"What are you doing here?" He eagerly asked while wiping water off his eyes. He turned the showerhead away a little to get a clearer view of her and stood there staring at her perfectly shaped figure. Why was she in his bathroom that too when he was showering? He suddenly realized that she too was staring at him and he started to feel aware of the fact that he was naked. He reached out for the towel but..."That won't be necessary Armaan" he stood there confused but as she started to strip herself off  her clothes one by one he understood the meaning behind those words.  She sensuously flung her duppatta away and then seductively undid the buttons on her kameez taking her time doing one at a time so as to tease Armaan. Armaan swallowed hard baffled by her beauty and by now he had stopped trying to reason as to why she was here. In that moment all he wanted was to have her in his arms and to feel her touch, to feel her soft lucent skin, to feel her kisses all over his body. She rid herself of all the clothing and smiled at him a reassuring smile. He returned the smile and then lept towards her fearing that she might disappear and swiftly brought her with him into the shower. She applied soap on his whole body gently and easily taking her sweet time while he just nuzzled into her wet hair afraid to let her go.  He occasionally left a few love bites on her neck. They left a mark of his love for her but surprisingly there was no blood. She moaned in pleasure as he caressed her waist and gently traced her jawline. "You are everything I want Armaan" that statement of hers just drove him crazy driving him to the edge.  Without wasting more time he lifted her and took her to his bedroom.

"AHHH" He screamed in pain when the guy he was fighting kicked him hard in the ribs shattering the illusion that he had experienced.  Everything was blacking out but then he saw her coming from the crowd and that was all he needed. "Remember pain is physical but our love is eternal." He lifted himself off the ground and punched the pulp out of the guy. However, he didn't stop he had to please her and he knew in order to do that his opponent needed to die. He took out a syringe from his pocket and forcefully inserted a little air bubble into his vein and that was it for him. "You are good at this" she complimented him while he fell into her arms after all he had gotten beaten up too. However she didn't try to aid to his wounds instead just tried to boast his ego. "You almost did it Armaan" she smiled at him yet again.

Flashbacks END

"Look how far you came Armaan; you did it. You proved yourself. You are worth our love Armaan. You are worth it" She smiled at him yet again. He again reached out for her hand in hope that she will hold on to it now that he has proven himself worth her yet she just looked at him, shook her head and chuckled. Then she just nodded at him. He stared at her in disbelief "Was she still not satisfied?" He stood there confused, he had given her everything that she wanted and had asked for, what more did she want? But before he could address his question and ask her for what more she desired he started to cough out more blood. Everything started to spin and it all became a blur, her lucent figure started to black out too. He tried to yell out to her and reach for her but he couldn't find his voice nor energy anymore. Suddenly he felt his chest jolt up and his eyes closed. His body shook and his breath got stuck but he could hear muffled voices. "1 2 3 CHARGE" and his chest jolted again. "WAIT I think he is awake; PLEASE bring the stretcher QUICKLY." Armaan looked around him trying to understand where he was but most of all he frantically searched for his angel but she was gone where was she? he could not find a glimpse of her nor hear her beautiful voice. Why did she desert him now when he had finally done what she asked of him? 

"Is this Armaan Malik?" A man dressed in a police uniform asked the paramedics. "Yes we are taking him to the hospital" they informed the officer. "Wait I will go with you" After saying so he handcuffed his hand to the stretcher. "What are you doing? He is a patient" An annoyed and worried paramedic asked. "He happens to be a psychotic killer on the lose too. He first ran over a pedestrian by the name of RIDDHIMA GUPTA and then continued to kill random people after beating them up" The inspector explained.  Armaan who had been listening to the conversation felt a sense of nostalgia and it triggered him to think about the past yet again.


Armaan had been running late for his morning meeting and decided to not wait for the bus that was at few feet distance  and decided to overtake it. He sped up his car and carelessly drove by only to hit a woman in a white shalwar kameez (Riddhima) who was actually getting off the bus. As her body collided with his car her body rolled off the roof of his car and onto his wind sheld, and it was fully covered with blood. When Armaan tried to put on his breaks another car from the back hit his car and managed to cause Riddhima's body to fly through his back shield.  Armaan was in a state of shock and although the body was covered with blood her angelic face became forever etched in his mind.  

***After the accident Armaan had fled the scene and seeked refuge in his townhouse so that no one really knew of his whereabouts.  All the flashbacks that had occurred to him were a figment of his imagination.  His guilt had eaten him on the inside and although he acted like he didn't care deep down that angelic face craved freedom and appeared everywhere taking full control of his mind and soul  and to ease his pain he had created another story altogether but it instead drew him on the verge of insanity hence he started to kill people randomly trying to impress "Riddhima" or more like the girl in the white churidar because he didn't know her name until the officer mentioned it in the ambulance***

Flashback ends

Armaan tried to open his eyes and instead of spotting paramedics and the officer he saw her again R I D D H I M A. He lept towards her again and this time she handed him a scringe. "Can't you do it for me?" she smiled at him. He readily took the scringe that comprised of medicine that the paramedics had already given him. He inserted more into his system as per Riddhima's request and this time she happily obliged. He was now having trouble breathing and keeping his eyes open. Riddhima softly carressed his face, placed a kiss on his forehead and said "NOW, now Armaan is when you really did it."

The End.

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WEEE! WE FINISHED!!!! :) first of all that vm was freaking amazing because thats where we got the concept and Nohaaa definitely put a lot of thought and effort into that VM and Sahar and I just went gaga over it :) but I gotta say that this is the most excited i've ever been to edit an OS LOL probably cause the concept was super different and I could picture Kajen clearly and so I hope u peeps like it and criticism is welcome :) and I gotta say writing with Sary is always a pleasure :)

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So I'm sitting here watching 'Thank You' with Mira, and we're mid-way, and suddenly she gets an ad, and I see that Moon posted this OS in the FF Group, and I'm all :| I NEED TO READ. So my curious and intrigued mine followed the link, and I landed up here.

Oh lord. I don't even know what to say! We raved about this VM all day, and how much we adore it, and the work and effort put into it. And to see that you both were inspired to such an extent where you both wrote such a masterpiece, is seriously hands down, mind blowing! I'm so proud of you two. Not for just writing this piece, but for the intensity of this, and the imagination that one needs to dispatch such a case in such a luring manner! From the beginning, the way you had started the story off with such an interesting, and descriptive statement, I was hooked! I honestly think this is by far both of your BEST piece of writing, ever!

The way you both had managed this, is amazing! It was filled with intensity throughout, and the lack of dialogue wasn't even noticeable considering how well you both managed to work around that! Not only that, but the way you both had Armaan literally begging for freedom, a way out of this life he had somewhat created himself with the accident of Ridhima - was seriously hands down, amazing! I was so intrigued :| I can never in a million years think of writing such a piece. You both seriously have outdone yourselves. And I personally think, this is by far my favourite piece of writing, ever.

I adore the fact that you both got so inspired by a VM, and managed to write such an articulate piece! This was tremendous! The way you had Ridhima demanding Armaan to prove himself worthy of her, and the way you had managed to describe the deaths, and the murders was seriously spell-bounding. You had me in a trance as I read this. My eyes were racing across the page to just read the next word, and know what happens! I know for a writer, and a reader, that's one of the best compliments you can get! I was seriously awe struck with how well this piece had managed to turn out! I've literally read this about four times now, and I'm going to head for a fifth once I'm done commenting. But just know, that you guys are both outstanding writers. Don't underestimate yourselves, PLEASE.

Let me just mention once again - the intensity in this OS is something I could never manage to capture in any of my OS'. I know how envious I am of how well you both had written this piece. The way you both thought of a concept around the VM, and how well you both depicted it, is amazing!I can't even explain how proud I am. This piece is so different, and so unique - and your creative minds were definitely conveyed in a very positive light here as you both portrayed so many emotions all together! I LOVED the way Ridhima was so demanding, and the way Armaan was just DYING to prove himself. All this because of one accident! AH. I AM SO AMAZED DUDES, SERIOUSLY :| You both are crazy talented! Let me please bow down! /mahan

L O V E D each and every word of this masterpiece! Absolutely amazing!


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Okay, so I'm amazed! It's a very dark and psychotic story and you two handled it very well, just based from that amazing VM by Noha!

Really loved how Riddhima was urging him to take over his guilt and surrender himself for the crime he committed. Armaan was basically asking for freedom, and by freedom, I obviously mean death lol,  for the crime he committed through Riddhima' words. That was the only way to get redemption. REALLY loved the way you two tied the story together..It was perfect, no unnecessary things, simple to the point and very imaginative!Clap

Keep it up!

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REJ :| I was going to sleep when I saw this and had to read it will edit when i get up :)
OMFG this has to be the best psycho story that I have read ever :| it was sooo dark and u guys wrote it sooo amazingly I totally got it :) ILY SR<3333 and tell noha that her vm was beyond amazing :D

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will read it tomorrow :)

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OMGGGKKAJJEENEEENN This one was so Intense :| Its So Perfect that I don't have words. You both DEFINE Perfection in Writing. I swear I'm serious,Sacchi. I LOVED Noha's Vm,I saw it before this OS and it had my Jaw Drop.Seriously,No joke. Then this FF..Its described so Flawlessly,Everything from Armaan literally Dying for Freedom,and Riddhima urging him to prove himself worthy of their Love, then The Fights,the Flashbacks,Everything was Perfect..Right in Place as it should be. I swear This Dark OS Was Flawless. I am Proud to be a fella KaJenian of YOU BOTH. Really Proud. Clap Spellbinding work Gals,Love You! <33

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That was so good
Do another one

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