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|| Lost And Found ||AR|Part13(Complete)-Page91|((16May2014) (Page 83)

..Maitree.. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 May 2014 at 2:20am | IP Logged
After Two Years!Shocked I Can't believe I didn't write this for that long a time. Anyhoo, This is for Mahua who never left hope that I will update this :P AND THE PART IS LONG. WOOHOO :D
Read,like and comment :D


Part 13  : J for Jealousy! ;)


She was smiling as if she'd met a huge celebrity, and he definitely didn't like that. The fact that the guy was handsome and any girl could fall for him, really painful for Armaan Mallik to admit, pissed him off more. He almost wanted to strangle him for even hugging Riddhima. And what the hell could she be thinking, hugging any guy- wait, not any guy. They were talking like they knew each other, quite well. He had to know who the guy was.


He calmed himself down and walked towards them. And to his greatest surprise, they didn't even notice him; they were so engrossed in talking with each other. The only way to distract them- the only thing Armaan could think of, he coughed. Finally, Riddhima turned.

"Armaan! You got the popcorn? Cool.", she said, and turned back to the guy. "Sameer, meet Armaan, my friend. And Armaan, meet Sameer."


Friend. Armaan flinched at the word even though he was the one who had introduced the "Just friends" business to her.  And in front of the guy, it banged even more in his chest. He literally wanted to put an arm around Riddhima's waist, pull her to him, and just go, 'Oh. I'm her boyfriend. And I love her. You know, Love her.' But instead, he turned to the guy, and passed a managing smile.


"Hi Armaan. It's great to meet you. I've heard a lot about you. Armaan Mallik, right?", he asked with a grin as he put forward his hand. Armaan nodded and shook his hand.


Who cares if you've heard about me? Why were you hugging my girl?


"Your work at MAC is outstanding. And Riddhima, you didn't tell guys actually tied up with MAC, permanently?"

"Yeah!", replied her excited voice, "Actually Armaan, Rahul...all of us actually, we're friends from college. So Just a turnover of friendship, you can call it. Its real good, all in the same building. And since Armaan's staying in our office as the representative from MAC, it's awesome. It makes me all the more glad."


Riddhima is...glad that I'm here? Woah.


"That's great!", said Sameer, in the same enthusiastic tone that Riddhima had used, "Then ArmaanI'm definitely seeing you around. Afterall, I'm coming to GE soon."

"What really?", asked Riddhima before Armaan could speak up.

"Yes.Boss was really very glad with your work, Riddhima. So he wants you to be a part of our next project too."


Am I even here? Hello? Riddhima? You guy?


"Um..Which company are you working for?", Armaan decided to speak up.

 "Oh, I forgot to tell you.", said Riddhima, "Sameer is the CEO of Glam India, you know right? I've worked with them on the Gurgagaon Dream Home project. That was my first project before I joined GE. And I can never, ever forget to thank Rahul for giving that opportunity my way.", she smiled at Sameer.

"Of course, neither can I. How else would I have met such an amazing, and beautiful lady like you?"


You're crossing your limits guy. Don't, don't. Only I can flirt with her!


"Thanks for the compliment Sameer. You're not too bad yourself. And I'm quite aware of your charms. But-", she happened to look at her watch suddenly and panicked.

"Armaan!", she held his arm, "Chalo! The movie will start!"

"Right!", Armaan was excited again, relieved to get an escape, "See you Sameer!"


He hurried her into the hall and they got their seats. Grabbing the popcorn from him, she started tasting it as her eyes widened at SRK's entry in the boat. She sighed.

Armaan instantly looked at her and went, "What?"

"Gauri is so SO lucky!"
"Who Gauri?",he asked confused.

"Arrey Gauri Khan! She's got such a wonderful, cute, loving, handsome, hot, irrestible husband!"


Armaan rolled his eyes. Sometimes Riddhima could be impossible.



I feel so lucky! Okay I kinda know that Armaan and I- erm, we aren't...together, or something, but I love how I'm here with him in the movie hall. He's sitting right beside me, and he looks so oddly disappointed in something.  I can tell. He's having this look since I introduced him to Sam. But I don't get can anyone, I repeat, anyone be disappointed after meeting Sameer? He's such a sweetheart, and so cute. So intelligent. And very hardworking.  Armaan's gone crazy.


Anyways, the best part about coming for a movie with Armaan and sitting beside him, is the way our elbows brush together sometimes. I think he sometimes takes his eyes off the movie secretly and takes a look at me. it. Quite a lot. Well, who wouldn't like it when the love of her life is secretly gazing at her? You get the point.


So it's the interval now, and I must say that although Don 2 is an awesome, fabulous movie (obviously) this time, Armaan has been truly successful in distracting me. I mean in the darkness of the hall, and the light from the screen on his face- kind of makes him look even more handsome. As much as I like this friendship thingy between us, I wish I had the liberty of reaching out and kissing his cheek. Plus, he's shaved. So yeah, he's hotter.


Oh, there. My phone's beeping. And it's a sms from an unknown number. Wonder who..


'Hey Riddhima. It's me Sameer. Thought of giving you a surprise since you gave me one ;) '


I smiled at the sms before saving the number and replying back.


'This is your second surprise of the day. By the way, thanks. I'm really happy that I'm working with you again.'


'Oh come on, it's nothing. You deserve it, and it's anyway for my own selfish motives.'


'What selfish motives?'


'As if you didn't know. Ask the guy.I mean, Armaan if he thinks you're beautiful. He's so lucky man.I guess you get the point.'


I pinked at the thought of asking Armaan. He again looked pissed, since he was sitting with his mobile and just flickering through his messages randomly and was frowning. What's wrong with him now? He was so excited, so happy when we came here. And now look at him!


As soon as he caught me staring at him, his eyes trailed to my phone.

"Who are you texting?", was his prompt question.

"Sameer.", I said, passing a smile to him.

Armaan mumbled something in his breath and said, "You want more popcorn?"

"Um..Okay.", I shrugged.


He left, and my mobile beeped again.

'Did you ask him? :D :P'


'No, I already know I'm one of the most beautiful people on earth. Anyways, am I coming to your office tomorrow then? Can't wait to meet Sania.'


'Why the hell are you so interested in my sister? Gay ho kya tum dono? Ya, you can come tomorrow. Will Rahul come too? Or maybe Muskaan? I've missed her blabber.'


'Dunno...I'll ask 'em. And Oye, shut up. Sania is just a little bit better than you.'


'*sighs* and look at the irony. My sister gets more popularity although I'm running the company. By the way, are you free for dinner tomorrow?'


At that very point, the hall darkened and Armaan was beside me with the popcorn. He saw my mobile light was still on and went, frowning, "For God's sake, stop texting now. The movie's started."


I didn't know why, but my hands were cold. I gulped and said, "Armaan?"

He gazed at me, "Hmm?"

"Sameer asked me for dinner tomorrow.", I managed out a slight smile.

And the way Armaan's face hardened, I have to say I didn't like it. 

I waited patiently as the emotions on his face changed from anger(I think so) to slight confusion...finally settling on impassive.



Oh? What the hell in the world of reaction is that? He isn't bothered that a guy has actually asked me for dinner? Disheartened by his reaction, I turn to face the screen. Oh SRK! This guy is another person who can cheer me up anytime...Oh Yay, it's a Don-Roma scene...and his EYEEESSS.


" will be going, won't you?", came his voice from beside me.

I was so wrong! Armaan is bothered...I know that tone of voice so well! He speaks like this only when he is very angry and tries to hide it!! Wait. Armaan is angry, but is he jealous? Of Sameer?

" don't want me to go?"

Oh Pleasee Armaan, say it once...You don't want me to go, YOU will take me to dinner sometime!


"Do you want to go?",he asked, his beautiful blue eyes searching mine in the dim lighting of the theatre.

Suddenly the dim lights disappeared, there was typical cheering as in the end of films, and lights flooded the hall. I blinked back from his eyes,  and looked around. The film was indeed over.


"We should go.", I looked at Armaan and said. He nodded.

I got up hurriedly and did not turn to see if he was following me. Somehow when he asked, 'Do you want to go?' made me think that he was asking me something totally different. Something deeper. The way his blue eyes bore into mine...Damn. This friendship thingy is getting harder by the second.

I scuttled out of the door of the hall and was about to view the hallway outside when I felt his hand suddenly grab my free hand just when somebody tried to push me out through the door. Then his arm went protectively round my waist, and I had to avoid that feeling inside me that was literally pushing me to look up to him.


We came out in silence. How things had gone from chirpy to silent to awkward, I hadn't realised. Maybe even he hadn't. Questions still circled in my mind, We are friends... good friends...Really? Isn't there anything else? Of course there is.

Shut up,mind. Just Shut up. You introduced him to the friends idea. He didn't probably (OBVIOUSLY NOT) mean he wanted to be friends when he said He wanted to start over!


Shut up, dear mind!


"Riddhima?", he said, while we walked towards the parking lot.

He called by my name. Not BBG. So this is awkward for him as well. Wow.



"Uh, I wanted to say- ", his sentence was broken off by another voice. Sameer's voice.



I had to turn. Right now, I don't want anything but to listen to Armaan speak. And by the look on Armaan's face, I'm sure that he wants the same.


"Oh hi again,Sameer."

"You didn't reply?", he said, gasping. So he was running to catch up with me.


"That if you are free for dinner tomorrow night? Before you jump into any conclusions, let me assure you...It's not a date. I mean, when I texted Sania that I met you here, she was adamant on calling you home for dinner tomorrow. So...Are you free?", he let out a breath.


I glanced at Armaan who glanced back at me to give this deep, piercing blue eyed gaze that I knew so well. He didn't like the whole situation. Obviously. And to be REALLY honest, the fact that the whole scenario was happening when Armaan and I were supposed to be spending time and catching up PROPERLY, was not going down well with me too.


But come on, this is Sameer. And if he would really be hitting on me /asking me out, he wouldn't mention that it's not a date' bit, would he?

It's just One Dinner...


Literally tearing my gaze from the blue eyes I love so much, I look back at Sam.

"Okay, I'll come.", I said. God, my voice sounds so unconvincing even to me.

His face lights up like Diwali lights, "Okay...I'll pick you up then, tomorrow about..8pm?"


This time it was Armaan who answered, "I don't think that will be necessary. I mean, I will be with Riddhima from the morning, and I generally drop her back home, so I could drop her at your place."


Does he notice how icy Armaan's voice sounds? Almost...threatening?


"It wouldn't be a problem for me really..", Sameer begins.

"Wouldn't be a problem for me either.", finishes Armaan with his tight lipped smile.


Does Armaan hate Sameer, by any chance?


"Um,Okay...then.", he says, seemingly uncomfortable under the stoic gaze Armaan was giving him. "See you later, Riddhima...Armaan.", he added while he waved and went away.


"Let's go?", said Armaan.With a voice that I recognise very well. His normal tone of talking.

"Yeah.",I nod and give him a small smile, which he readily returns.

What the hell was wrong with him when he was with Sameer? Armaan is not possibly...Jealous,right?


We start talking again. About the film. Oh,the film. Give me SRK and I'll forget everything else in the whole wide world. Except Armaan that is.

And he gives me his Dimpled smile now, and my life is Bliss.



He paced front and back, much to the amusement and irritation of his friend, who yawned for the fourth time on his sofa.


"Armaan yaar...Kuch bolega bhi, yaa phir?",said Rahul.

Armaan halted in his tracks and took a seat beside him, looking frustrated.


"He was flirting with her.TOTALLY."

Rahul yawned again,"So? Armaan Its 1:30 am, yaa!"

"That's not the point!"

"Yes, Of course that's not. The point is, If it's too hard for you, this Just-Friends' business, just don't follow it! You didn't have to come to my house to break into my sleep at this hour!"

"Don't follow matlab?", he scrunched his brows together.

"For God sake Armaan, TELL HER YOU LOVE HER. Finished. And Hello, what are you complaining about guys flirting with Riddhima? They will, evidently, because she's pretty and SINGLE!"


He let out a dissatisfied grunt. "I know she's pretty...Not just pretty, She's -"

"-VERY PRETTY.", finished Rahul irritably. "Yes,okay. But can you please not describe it now? I need to sleep, Armaan."

"You didn't tell me what I should do! I mean I can't possibly propose her since she's wanting to take this slow, or whatever...Then What do I do to tell the guy to back off?"


Rahul yawned for the sixth time, "Hit him. Threaten him. I don't know. AND I DON'T CARE. Armaan, Leave.", he said, standing up and pointing towards his door.

"But Rahul sun na-"

"GOOO!",he said, pushing him out and closing the door.




After the almost sleepless night, this was another night Armaan did not want to face. The whole morning had been perfect, almost...the work, Riddhima's coffee, laughing and her smile. He could do anything for that smile.


And now presently when he was leaning against his car, waiting for Riddhima to "get ready" to go to that Sameer's place. He scowled.


He knew he could do with the fact that they would not be meeting that evening, but he was certainly NOT pleased at the fact that it was because she was going to meet another GUY. What if he said it wasn't a date? Of course it was a Date, he knew it by the way he was asking her to come.


God Please. Please don't let her be impressed by this guy. I know he is kinda good looking, but please. She's mine...You know that, right? I Love her.Please.


He shut his eyes and tilted his head up in silent prayer. And because of that, maybe...he hadn't realised that she had come out from her house and was staring at him.


"Armaan?",she called out unsurely.

He opened his eyes instantly, and fixed himself. Then he looked back at her.


She was wearing her skinny jeans that hugged her waist, and a baby pink three-quarter sleeved light top. She had left her hair open swept it to one side, the other side of her shoulder being tickled by her shorter strands. He couldn't move his eyes from her. She was so darn beautiful, and it hurt him to admit that she was dressing up for someone else.


"Armaan?", she called again.

He jerked his head sideways, and looked back at her, "You..look...Beautiful.",he managed out.


She smiled, and half-blushed, and maybe remembering that he was there to take her to Sameer's place, said, "Come on,Armaan...I don't want to be late!"

He scowled when she hit his arm with her purse playfully, as she always did, and sat down in the passenger seat. Running a hand through his hair, he sighed and took the driver's seat.


"So, the way?", he asked.

"See, he could have dropped me. Sameer knows his home address also.",she giggled, finding something funny that he couldn't comprehend.

"You think I can't drive you to his home if you tell me the directions?",asked Armaan sharply. Immediately Riddhima stopped giggling.

"No." ,she frowned, "Why would I think that? Idiot. Take a left.",she began in her authorative tone.





Sameer's house was nearer than Armaan had expected, or liked. It was quite a nice looking, and large sized house, and it was maybe by the sound of the large gates opening, that Sameer was already standing in the doorway, his eyebrows knitted together as if searching for something.


Then he did see what he was looking for, and passed a Huge smile at Riddhima. Armaan tried to concentrate on switching off the engine, lest he'd go beyond his limits in his restlessness and unbidden burning jealousy.


"Riddhima! Hey...Hey Armaan!",he added quickly.

"Hi Sameer.", he said in his best possible polite tone and shook hands.

"Why don't you come in with us?", he offered.

"Yes come na...",she said suddenly and held his arm.


Armaan's eyes trailed from her hand on his arm, then back to her eyes which were shining with expectation. He knew he wanted to. He somehow needed to...but he had promised himself to trust Riddhima with her decisions.


Well, its her decision that she's asking you to come,duffer.


But he didn't invite you here, HE was supposed to pick her, but you offered to instead. Don't you think you're being an intruder?


HE IS FLIRTING WITH HERRR! And she isn't even Complaining!


You're just a Friend. JUST. A. FRIEND.



"Um..No,I actually need to go,Riddhima. I...have to meet Rahul to prepare our presentation for  tomorrow.", he spoke fast, almost alarmed at the way his mind was screaming and fighting against his heart.

Her face fell, and then she composed it again. Sighing, she looked up at him, "I guess that is Unavoidable. Alright, See you later,then."

"You should join us later sometime,Armaan.", Sameer put in hurriedly," Um...Lets go, Riddhima? Sania is waiting."


A distant part of Armaan's mind wondered why Sania hadn't come outside to receive Riddhima like Sameer had, but he ignored it. He just knew, that before she goes inside, that guy has to get a clear cut message that she's taken.


Sameer smiled at Riddhima again, who was about to waitdraw her hand from Armaan's arm, when Armaan suddenly kept his own free hand on hers and pulled her back.


"One second,Sameer?",he said.

Confused, both Riddhima and Sameer looked on and waited...and then Armaan did what she had not expected in a thousand years from him.


Leaning in, Armaan placed his lips tight on her cheek before she could react. He felt his heartbeat react instantly, speeding up by thrice a time. His lips lingered on her cheek for about five more seconds than required, and then pulling back, he saw her still eye-socket popped stare, her cheeks flushed.


Grazing his thumb lightly on her cheek, he whispered, "Take care BBG.", before giving her the ever-so-irresistible dimpled smile, and turned to leave.


When he looked back from his driver's seat, he saw Sameer's shocked face as well, his eyes blinking in surprise. Unable to hide his smirk at a job well done, Armaan slowly began to turn his car in reverse.


Well', he thought to himself, Now that is something you won't forget for long.'




What do you guys think?

And...Missed me? ;)

Love,Maitree :)

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Rhea.KaJen Goldie

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Posted: 16 May 2014 at 2:44am | IP Logged

First after AGES! xD

OMG. Oh My God. You guys updated? Yayy! 2 years! This was one of my favourite ones! <3
I'm so so so glad you two updated this one! :D

Its always fun to read about jealousy :P
This one was no less xD
Armaan and jealous! Haha! That kiss was like a cherry on the cake :D
I love seeing jealous Riddhima more though :P

Since you arent studying Maitree, please update again this week? :P

Please update soon ok? :)
Can't wait to read more!

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RRJenKhush Senior Member

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Posted: 16 May 2014 at 3:10am | IP Logged
HELLO,YOU JUST UPDATE THIS FREAKING FF? thank you soo much For updating it :D And Too the post, I just Love Every Bit of It with Sameer entry to Armaan's Jealousy..i loved the text chat in between movies and Armaan's Cross question whether she wants to go in sameer's place. :') .that little light hearted yet Romantic moment before sameer's interuption after the end of movie gave me JNDJBJYMG ^_^ ! Haha Rahul is such a pig like me when it comes to sleep :p and My Most Fav part in this chapter is Armaan' kiss to Riddhima more than needed ^_^ ! Hope Sameer got the Warning Ghanti before he could do anything :p ! ALL OVER Really Nice Update ! I had lost hope on this FF thanks to Mahua :) <333 and Please don't be Gayab! Keep updating!
Prizi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 May 2014 at 3:29am | IP Logged
Wohhh awesummm part maitreee
luvd jealousyyy ammy
sjain IF-Addictz

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Posted: 16 May 2014 at 3:47am | IP Logged
I m glad that you thought about writing this & today you updated :') Thank you dear <3
teenorchid IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 May 2014 at 4:57am | IP Logged
am i dreaming??
Monstuholic4evr IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 May 2014 at 5:23am | IP Logged
Maitree..this has to be your best work till date!
-CromulentHaze- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 16 May 2014 at 8:16am | IP Logged
:O U updated! Omg! Someone pinch me! I have been waiting for so long. I can't tell you how happies I am. This was such a sweet update. Omg Armaan is jealous! It's so cute. And the kiss on the cheek! Aww. And also they need to stop this FRIEND crap and just confess! It's annoying! And my poor Rahul! I felt for him. Now update sooner! Please no more waiting for  years!  

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