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|| Lost And Found ||AR|Part13(Complete)-Page91|((16May2014) (Page 74)

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hello hello... One two three
trish tu hi kch kripa kr yar

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Hey Guys, This is me..I mean Maitree here. So Finally, FINALLY we're back after a long time...We know we've been reckless but - a)Trisha's really a lazy bum and 2)Maitree had her exams. Also guys, I know many loyal readers were literally dying for an update, still we get only 3 to 4 pages of comments. It makes us sad..So please guys, if you really like this story, Comment and encourage others to comment. That makes us write :D  Okay so's the part...More by Maitree, a little by Trish :D


Part 12 : As Friends or as Anything else!

I raised my eyebrows. His hands were behind his back, and he wet his lip. His hair was not at all combed, clearly showed that it had been hand brushed in a hurry. I had to suppress a smile. Armaan was trying to look presentable..for me? He was nervous, hesitant, to talk to me? I let my gaze on my bedsheet again. He cleared his throat.

"So..", he started and trailed off again,and I played with the bedsheet corners, wondering whether we were just going to talk in monosyllables. I sighed. Although the whole Armaan-being-nervous thing was amusing, I was tired of the cat and mouse game. It was enough. Sometimes I was after Armaan, begging for a chance, even ready to die for him..and sometimes, he was acting all nervous as if he'd done a sin. I couldn't deny whatsoever, there was a expression of guilt in his eyes.
"This is for you.", he finally said a full sentence after a long pause. I looked up to see him holding my favourite flowers, pink and yellow tulips. Smiling slightly, I took them and muttered an incoherent 'thank you'.

"How..are you feeling now?", he said again.
"Fine.", I answered in brief, studying the flowers. I could almost feel it coming, something like 'Thank God. That means I don't have to fake concern for you anymore.' But nothing came. He slowly pulled out a seat beside my bed, and that had such a screeching noise that even he flinched. Our silence was unbearable now.
"Riddhima..", a change. There was a change in his voice. So many emotions mixed up in one- Guilt, Sadness, Nervousness, and no sign of being Rude. Hell, there was something like Regret in his tone.

Don't read too much into it. Don't. You'll regret it
, I reminded myself. I sighed at my own thoughts, and shifted uncomfortably. I was feeling so drained out, and yet so restless and impatient. I didn't know myself how, what and why I was feeling. I was never so cautious about thinking so much about what Armaan was saying. I always believed him. You know him best,thats why.,my mind said again. Did I know him? I was feeling so strangely confused. Who was this guy...Who was rude with me, not wanting to believe my love and insulting me, calling my tears fake, and then suddenly...coming and giving me flowers,talking gently as if he was sorry?

"I'm sorry.", he said softly,breaking into my thoughts,"I know, that what I have done is Unforgivable. It was neither Muski's fault, nor yours. It was my fault. I hurt you. I didn't listen to you. I believed that effin' b*****d. I broke your heart, your trust, our friendship. I broke me. You didn't have a fault. Riddhima I know..I know that I'm the worst person alive on earth. All the things I said, the way I said it..took out faults in you when there were none, I..I am one, responsible..for this..c-condition..", his voice shook a little as he ended a little hastily. I could tell that he'd come to know the truth. I watched, with my heart pounding, his eyes downcast. His shoulders were shaking, moving slightly up and down. Was he crying?
I held his shoulder,and asked worriedly,"Are you okay?"
He lifted his head and hurriedly wiped his eyes,"Yeah.", he sniffed and sat up. I removed my hand from his shoulder and looked away.

"'t..", he began, knotting his fingers.
I know what he was trying to say, that I hadn't replied to what he'd said. I took a deep breath, but didn't look at him,"Armaan..I am happy that you got to know the truth. Even if it was in this way..I mean, you deserved to know it all. Lets just see beyond that. Misunderstandings can happen with anyone..Anyone. But whatever I said to you, I meant it. When I was after you for a chance, you didn't care..but now..? Armaan I don't know, what to trust, and what not to trust. I'm just tired of his cat and mouse game,okay? I..need a break. If you get what I mean.",I looked at him.
There was a pause when he looked into my eyes sincerly and then nodded,"I get it. I know I was harsh,,does this mean, you don't want me around anymore? You hate me now?"

I panicked. It was definetely not that !! Yes it was right I wanted to put a FULL STOP sign to the rude Armaan,and begging Riddhima...but I did want Armaan around! I would be nothing without him. I looked at him.

"No Armaan..I did not mean that. I'll be very frank. Can I say you will not turn the rude, ballastic and changed Armaan again? Can I really forgive you, and trust you that you've forgotten me,and given me a chance?"
He smiled,"I won't, Its a DG promise. And I..want to forget everything, even if its not easy. I want to give us a chance."

My heart did flipflops as I took in his words. Us. Us. It sounded so good to me that I wanted to throw my arms around his neck and jump in joy. Could it be true? I gauged his expression, and then reasoned out with myself. No, not so soon. We had to go slow, because I didn't know yet, if that was all he wanted. If he couldn't tell me his feelings, I won't take a risk. Not again,not in a hurry.

So I stuck out my hand and said,"So..Friends DG?"
His dimples deepened, and with a slight smile he said,"Friends,BBG. After all, its just us, as friends, or as anything else!", he shrugged.
I went still at his words. Why was this change feeling so strange...I always wanted Armaan to think that I was more than a friend to him, and now when at each and every step he was hinting at something, it made me heart jump but felt so alien-like? But whatever, hints wouldn't work now. Friends was good, after all this mess...we both need to get out of this mess.

He had barely removed his hand from mine and was about to say something when-
"Armaan are you done?",asked my mother's irritated voice from the doorway. I looked at her and I could tell how restless she was to talk to me. Her frown and annoyed glare at Armaan said it all. I couldn't help but giggle at my mom, and Armaan nodded quickly.
"Yes of course..She's all yours.", he managed to say.
My mom followed by Masi entered the room, and with an air of authority Masi looked at him and went,"Out now. We need to talk to our daughter now. You've wasted half an hour already."
Armaan didn't say anything. Very obidiently he got up and moved towards the door. Before he went out, I raised my head to look at him.
He winked at me grinning, as if we had locked up a huge secret between us. I couldn't help but smile at the sprakle in his eye.

It was a sparkle of my Armaan, my Dimple Guy, my best friend..the guy I had fallen head over heels in love with. The change was sudden,unexpected and a little strange..but it did give a fuzzy warm feeling down me. He was right, After all, its just us, as friends, or as anything else!


No sooner did the door of Riddhima's room open to reveal Armaan, did all his friends jump on him. He was startled at the sudden way his friends engulfed him and made him sit down on the bench outside the ICU. He felt like a movie star who had been kept in a non-AC room and then as he came out, his fans were all worried whether he had survived or not. Armaan had to stifle a laugh at his ridiculous thoughts and looked up at his friends in confusion. They were all standing around him in a circle looking expectantly at him.

Finally he had to break the silence,"What?"
"What?", his friends repeated in unison.
"Tch, guys..What happened?"
"What happened?",they said again,all together.

"Uffo..Why have you all gathered me like this?",he said annoyed.
At last Rahul understood what he was trying to say and said," They want to know what you and Riddhima talked about."
"Did you tell her?", Muski held his hand tight.
"Was she angry with you? Naah she couldn't have. Did she tell you she loves you?", Nikki went on.
"Have you both made up?", Anjali said.
Armaan sighed,"Can I say something?"
"Yes, yes...say na! You are the one wasting time here when we all are so impatient!",Muski said, taking a seat beside him.

"Fine.",he stood up,"Riddhima and I...Well, I've apologised to her, and she said she's forgiven me, only if I don't be the rude and changed Armaan I was, and that we both need a break..and we..have decided to remain friends."
"What?", came the response altogether. Armaan turned to see all of their mouths hanging open.
"Friends? F.R.I.E.N.D.S? F-F-Friends! Pagal hai tu?", said Nikki restlessly.
"Exactly!", Muskaan agreed,"Firstly you guys love each other and then all these things happen, you both have suffered so much..and then finally when we think everythings going to be alright, you jump into the 'just-friends' business again! Hell Armaan!"
"Guys..Listen to me!",Armaan said, trying to pacify the agony aunts,"Nikki...Muskaan, Everyone. See, She is right. If Riddhima wants a break from all this, let her have it. Anyways I don't deserve to get all good things so fast. Being friends with her is so easy, you know? But suddenly, getting into a relationship with her..after all that happened, naah. By the way, I didn't tell her I love her."

"W*F!",Muski went angrily,"Why Why Why?"
"Because I didn't know what she'd say,thats why! Because I was scared of rejection!"
"Scared of rejection. Wonderful.", Nikki threw up her hands in exasperation,"Seriously Armaan! She LOVES you. You know that. So why would she say no?"
"Come on Niks, anyone would say no after the way I behaved with her..I insulted her, I was rude to her, I almost made her kill herself!"
"But there was a reason for that!",Nikki argued back,"Riddhima knows you didn't know the truth!"
"Okay, people.", Rahul interfered,"Muskaan...",he shot a look at her,"And Nikki, guys...I think whatever decision Armaan and Riddhima have taken is best for them. I mean they're right...Hurrying into a relationship isn't the solution to everything! Let them get better with each other again, and then Armaan will tell her he loves her! Afterall, he isn't going somewhere..Are you,Armaan?", he passed a grin to his friend.

Armaan grinned back,"Nops. I'm right here!"
"Fine,Whatever. I don't get you guys.", Muski said with a huff and sat down.

Armaan bit his lip in thought. Friends. Again. Would it be the same? Well, if it wouldn't, he would make it!


I love,Love, absolutely LOVE being pampered. I am getting all the Good things...Yesterday Muski brought me my to-die-for favourite Ferroro Rocher chocolates, Nikki brought me my personal diary and a few of Cecilia Aherns (yippeee), Rahul got me a new T-shirt which says,'Yo!I'm the girl' with a cute Animax-type cartoon drawn underneath. I am sure he must've been flustered to buy that T-shirt, Rahul is always shy to go into ladies sections of malls. Idiot. But that Animax cartoon girl on the pink T-shirt is so damn cute. I love her big big shiny eyes! Anyways, Anjali and Atul got me a beautiful vase, to keep the flowers I get everyday, Mummy brought me Kheer, and Masi got me Ice-Cream! Ah,Heaven!

Armaan? Oh don't ask me about him..He's back to form. My Dimple Guy is back..My best friend is back. He brings on tons of cheesy jokes everyday, flirts with me, clicks photos even when I tell him not to, in his words -"to remember how pretty you look when you're in the hospital!" Recently he gave me a Huge Brown teddy, I love it already! Its so soft, and cute! I love to cuddle it when I sleep. Somehow I feel I'm holding Armaan-How cheesy! Today is my 4th day in the hospital after I came back to my senses. And although I so want to go home and back to work, the feeling of being loved is beautiful!

"Morning Riddhima.", the doctor's voice cut into my thoughts and I smiled at him.
"Morning Doc.",I said.

The doctor checked me as usual and sighed,"You're getting to be better. Thank God your injuries  weren't that deep, so you are healing quite fast. Faster that I presumed you to."
"Um..When can I go home,Doctor?", I asked,not wanting to wait any longer.
Sensing my impatience, the doctor smiled warmly, "I'll get your papers ready. You can go home today itself, but you need to take care of your wound, and take your medicines regularly. And Also don't get too angry or tensed about anything. Okay?"
I grinned like a child who'd got a lollipop,"Thanks Doc!"

As soon as the doctor left, the most special person in my life entered the room. With his camera.
He lifted his eyebrow,pausing in his place,"As if I'm gonna listen. Now SMILEEE ! Your 4th day in Hospital!"
"And My last!",I grinned at him. He took out the camera from the front of his face and hurriedly took a seat beside me,"Are you serious?You're coming home today?"

The way he said 'home' made me think for a while as if we were a couple/or married or something. Then I grinned,"Yup!"
"Oh my God you're coming home!WOHOO!",he said and hugged me instantly. I went limp as he held him like that, his breath dangerously close to my neck. He had held me in such a awkward position that I couldn't even take out my hands to hug him back.
"Uh,Armaan..",I started to say, but then I guess, he got it himself. Leaving me, he smiled sheepishly.
"Sorry.",he mouthed,"Did it hurt?"
I shook my head. He smiled and got up and fumbled in his pockets.
"What happened?"
"I want to show you something..but I guess I've...GOT IT!", he exclaimed in excitement as he took out a brown envelope. I knotted my eyebrows together.

"Whats this?",Armaan gestured with his eyes to the envelope, meaning I had to see it myself.
Impatiently, I took out some paper like substance and immediately was like,"Really?" Armaan nodded.
"Thank you, how did you know?", I smiled.
He shrugged,"I just know. Now prepare yourself BBG, you're coming homeee!"

"And watching Don2 !",I grinned, holding up the tickets.
"We'll see about tomorrow,BBG. I'll just be back. Gotta tell the others the good news!", he winked and left the room.

Holding the tickets close to me,I could only think...Boy,I love my life! Presently,atleast !!


"Okay here we go one...Two..Three!", all his friends went in unison and then switched on the light. Riddhima looked around to see her whole house decorated as if it was her birthday party, with white and red baloons on the floor, and a huge 'WELCOME BACK RIDDHIMA!" on the main wall. She quickly hugged my friends and then when she hugged him,Armaan planted a quick kiss on her forehead in the flow of the moment. There was a awkward look between them  when he realised what he'd done, and he gave a nervous dimpled smile, which made her heart flutter.

They made Riddhima cut the cake, which was very adorably but very badly iced, to which Riddhima's mother explained Armaan had done it. Then after an hour Armaan declared that they had to go for the movie. On hearing what movie, Nikki and Muskaan almost jumped on him.

"Kameene how could you!?!",Muskaan exclaimed,"Don2..Don2, we were waiting so long to see this movie! How could you not take us!"
"Yeah man,its not that you guys are gonna make out shamelessly in the theatre and we were going to interfere!",Nikki butt in.
"Ewww GROSS Nik!",Riddhima wrinkled her nose and hit Nikki on her arm.
"What I'm serious!",Nikki retorted back.
Armaan rolled his eyes,"They had only two tickets left. Seriously. So I had no choice.", he explined in brief.

It took quite a long time to pacify Nikki and Muskaan. Sitting in the driver's seat, the first thing that Armaan said was,"Phew."
"Its okay Armaan, we can still reach on time!"
"I hope so ! Gosh they were acting like kids!" Armaan said. Riddhima giggled and said "It's SRK Armaan. What do you expect ?" Armaan made a face "I don't understand why people are so crazy after him I mean he's a bu.."
"DONT YOU DAREE!!" Riddhima hissed with a murderous look in her eyes

Armaan faked a scared expression. After mentally cursing all the girls who were crazy after SRK he started driving. A few minutes passed and Armaan realized Riddhima wasn't talking. He looked at her and saw her staring out of the window.

"Come on Riddhima.. You can't stop talking to me cause of SRK yaar!" Armaan said faking irritation. Riddhima looked at him with a proud expression on her face she said "Yes I can, but that's not the reason I wasn't talking."
Curiosity filled Armaan which made him ask "Then why?" Riddhima looked out of the window "It's been really long since we went to a movie together as friends. The last time we went was in college.." she ended it with a sigh
"I'm really sorry Riddhima. It's all my fault" Riddhima sighed again. He sensed the sigh and asked "What was that for.."

"Armaan if we keep talking about that we'll never move ahead like really. And it wasn't your fault. If I was hurt a few days back you were hurt for 3 entire years.." Armaan opened his mouth to argue but was cut by Riddhima "No! We aren't talking about this! Come one we're going to Don 2 happily. We can't ruin moods okay?"

He smiled at her. She was too good for him. That was the main reason he was backing off from the 'love' angle. What if he hurt her again ? He didn't want to and he wouldn't expect anything from her. She needed time to get used to feeling of them being friends again.

"What popcorn do you want?", he asked while turning off the engine. Riddhima passed a look to him.
"Oh wait.", Armaan said, before she could say anything,"Cheese. I know."
"And you want Tomato as usual.", Riddhima rolled her eyes. Armaan looked at her disapprovingly.
"Its really good yaar...You never try that one!"
"I don't need to.", she replied,getting out of the car,"Cheese is heaven."
"And it makes you FAT.", he laughed.
"Shut up Armaan, am I fat?"
He walked ahead of her as she said it, and replied over his head,"It wouldn't matter to me if you were!" which made Riddhima smile. Whatever had happened, one thing hadn't changed..Armaan's random talk change to please her. And she loved it.

She checked her watch. They had reached early. Still 7 to 8 minutes to go for the movie to start. She followed Armaan to the queue of the snacks counter and when Armaan turned abruptly, she almost bumped into him. Armaan held her shoulders and steadied her.
"Woah Look out woman!", he said, grinning.
She gave a sheepish smile,"Sorry."
"Listen you do one thing, sit inside the hall, I'll be back with popcorn."
She backed off, noticing how close they were standing,"Yeah, okay."

Armaan went back to the queue and Riddhima forwarded herself towards the door of the hall. Her feet skided to a stop when she heard her name being called out. Turning, Riddhima saw a guy in black faded jeans and a blue shirt, immensely handsome, and ofcourse with a heart stopping smile. A flash of remembrance flickered across Riddhima's face.  She knew him...but how..?

"Riddhima Gupta!", said the guy,"What a surprise!", he grinned at her.
"Uh...",Riddhima looked at him, biting her lip. He seemed so damn familiar!
"Come on..Come on!", he urged on,"Park Cafe? Glam India Offer? Rings a bell?"
"OH ME GOSH! Sameer!", she said enthusiastically, jumping to hug him,"Its been so darn long!"
Sameer laughed lightly as he hugged her back.

Armaan turned after taking the popcorn. As he looked up, his eyes almost popped out to see Riddhima, his best friend, hugging a guy. Not just a guy, a guy...Who was so damn, FINE...Handsome. But she seemed so happy, as if she knew him or something! A pang of jealousy shot through him, 'Who the hell is the guy, hugging my girl?'


Please Comment and Like <3 Waiting :) Love ya all,
Maitree and Trisha <3

P.S. @Rhea : You can't complain its not long...coz it so IS!

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My baby is updated by my other baby and my baby dii. Party 
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This is the 3rd time i'm writing this!! Uff..!

Firstly, I LOVE YOU 2!! <3
Thank you for updating! LOL

J-U-S-T    F-R-I-E-N-D-S??
Are you serious??

Oh no wait!
I agree with Riddhima though..

Awww... They're sooo CUTE <3
I love them! 
Hayye.. Finally we have Armaan-Riddhima together here! <3
I don't know why but I love this FF more than all the others on IF.. Really!
I wait for an update everyday..
But knowing u two, i know update jaldi nahi milne wala! LOL

I really really really found the whole hospital wala part ADORABLE! <3


Yahan bhi peecha nahi choda.. *sigh!*
No okay.. I'm not gonna say a word against him coz I know there are MANY SRK fans here...
Actually even I am but not THAT big! :P

DON 2!!!
My favourite movie!! 
I had to literally BEG my parents to let me watch that movie coz pre-boards were starting in Jan and the movie releasing on 23rd Dec. was NOT a good thing! Seriously!

Imma KILL you 2 now! 
No.. i can't even do that! Unhappy
All I can do is wait for the next update which better be SOON!

Maitree I'm older to u! :P :P So I'M ORDERING you to update by tomorrow! LOL (I'm serious BTW!)
Trish: naa.. I'm not but its fine.. you're just a few months older to me! But still... I want my update! Wink

P.s Maitree: happy? ek comment mil gaya! :P


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I beat you Rhea. Evil Smile

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Originally posted by SmokingDreams

I beat you Rhea. Evil Smile

Ofcourse you did, Basket...Its your FF afterall LOL

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Lovely part, beautifully written.
I really love the story so much.
Update next part super soon.
Thanks for the pm, take care.
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Originally posted by SmokingDreams

I beat you Rhea. Evil Smile

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