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|| Lost And Found ||AR|Part13(Complete)-Page91|((16May2014) (Page 70)

qt4ever Goldie

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Posted: 18 December 2011 at 10:46am | IP Logged
Lovely part
poor ridz!
Hpe she gets f9 soon

youth_showsfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 December 2011 at 9:47am | IP Logged
hey maitree nd trish
sorry fr being very late
coming to d update
it was awesome nd mindblowing
finally armaan knows d truth
nd hope riddhima also recovers soon
update super soon
nd thnx fr d pm
HydroxyGroup IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 December 2011 at 2:12am | IP Logged
Jus caught up wid ur ff
n i loved it
continune soo...!!!
HydroxyGroup IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 December 2011 at 9:21am | IP Logged
Oops sorry 4 d double post...

Edited by funnyanki - 27 December 2011 at 9:27am
cuteshilpa Goldie

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Posted: 28 December 2011 at 2:43am | IP Logged
ur ff made me simile n cry tooo   plx update sooon i really want to read more in it plxxx  pm me tooo   so i can read more
-RabiaKSGKaJen- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 January 2012 at 11:56am | IP Logged
yeeesss!  armaan finally knowws everythinn. OMG! ii caann't beleivee riddhima triedd to commit suicide 3 TIMES. :O soo shockinn thahh is how much ih hurt her soo mucchh. annd thahh vicek; suchh aa b******, he wennt thahh loww; arghh he disgussts mee. 
ii jusst lovee the bonnd betweem each othaa. the way rahul reactedd was understandablee. jusst happy noww thaahh armaan knowss. anndd riddhima and armaan can finally unitee. wohooo. 
cann't waiit for the next part, becausee imm sure by armaan's love riddhima will regain conciousness :) <3 xx
HydroxyGroup IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 January 2012 at 9:17pm | IP Logged
Plz updt soon...if ur nt caught wid any other work..
..Maitree.. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 January 2012 at 3:39pm | IP Logged
Part 11:Come back to me

"Please come back to me.. You're the reason of my existence. There's no one in my life except you .. " he stared at her motion less figure

"Common BBG this is not you.. Hit me , throw things at me , make that adorable angry face of yours. Do anything with me but.. " he softly said "don't go away.."

Tired and exhausted he was, he didn't realize when he slept with his face in her palm murmuring just one thing "come back to me.. don't go away"

The bright vibrant rays of the sun gave beginning to a day, a new day for which a person awaits after a cruel, dark night. Rahul, Muskaan, Abhi, Nikki came to Riddhima's room to see the most heartwarming sight. A sight, which all of them wanted to see from a long time. Armaan was lovingly staring at Riddhima, caressing either her face or hair or cheek.

They thought sad had finally come to end. Happy days were showing they're signs of coming. But were the happy days really coming ? Who knew..

Muskaan broke in tears, which brought Armaan out of his land where only Riddhima and he existed. He looked at Muskaan, confused, he near her and asked "Muski ? What happened ? Why are you crying ?" since he got no response from her , he assumed that she was crying because Riddhima was in the hospital. He took her in a hug and caressed her back "Muskiii.. Riddhima will be fine. Usse kuch nai hoga. Tu kyu tention le rahi hai ? She's going to get up and beat the hell out of me." He joked

Muskaan cried even more and said "Why should she beat you? She should beat me. All of this is happening because of me. I am the one who should be blamed. All of this wouldn't have happened if I had told you beforehand. Then nothing of this would have happened"

"Muskaan.. why are you-" Rahul paused when Armaan signaled him to stop. Muskaan kept crying. He broke the hug and held her by her shoulders. "Muskaan. Listen to me carefully. All of this is NOT your fault. I not giving a chance to Riddhima was not your fault. I giving pain to Riddhima was not your fault. I not trusting Riddhima was certainly not your fault. I get that you didn't tell me that Vivek was behind all of this but it was up to me to ask Riddhima why she did that."

Muskaan stared at him and said "You asked her Armaan. You asked her tons of times. I am the proof of it. You cried, you begged her. I saw that, then how did I forget to tell you the most important fact of both of your lives? How careless could I be to ruin the lives of my friends.." "You didn't do it intentionally. You wish the best for both of us. You know that yourself Muski"  

"And honestly, if I wouldn't have gone I wouldn't have in me to make it this big, or to make the company as huge as it is now. It was because of those words I wanted to make my dream come true." Armaan truthfully said.

 " I wanted to prove to the world that being an orphan doesn't mean you have to be pitied. You didn't need someone to comfort you, someone who you can go back to, and someone who could be with you. Boy I was so wrong. " he sighed. 

"Mr Mallik she's sinking" he heard the doctor speak. He didn't realize when the doctor came in. But that wasn't the important thing right now "She what?" he asked in a disbelieving tone.
"She's sinking. If she doesn't respond now she might-" "Don't go there! I want her alive. You get that? If she dies I'll.. I'll sue you guys for not treating a patient properly" Armaan threatened the Doctor. Everyone was shocked at Armaan's behavior. No one expected him to react to drastically. How was it the doctor's fault that Riddhima gave up hope?

"Armaan..-" Rahul said but was cut off by the fire burning in Armaan's eyes. Armaan looked back at the doctor. "Do ANYTHING you have to. You can have all money in the world you want but get her alive. I'll pay you whatever amount you name."

"Mr Mallik. Miss Gupta isn't responding to any of our treatments. We've done everything we have to but she, Mr Mallik, SHE has given up. She doesn't want to live. It is not the hospital's problem or my problem." The doctor sternly said. "Anything else Mr Mallik?" He asked sarcastically. Not receiving an answer from Armaan he left murmuring how rich people blamed everyone but themselves for anything wrong that happened.

Armaan slowly walked towards Riddhima and sat by her bed. "Riddhima. Please don't go. Don't waste your life for me. What would Aunty and Masi do without you? You're the only one they have. Don't let them down cause of me. Don't let everyone suffer cause of what happened between you and me. Punish me not them. I'm sorry Riddhima. I've been the biggest jerk. I'm worse than Vivek. Please come back. If not for me come back for the people who need you. You didn't have to prove anything to me. It was my fault entirely. Why are you suffering?. Come back BBG please And I.. I love you Riddhima"

He got up and left the room. What a life they had. If one was sorry the other one didn't seem to forgive or it was a little too late to ask forgiveness. Rahul was going to Riddhima's bed when they heard the beep from the machine. Riddhima was reacting. "Guys! Look Riddhima.. Riddhima is responding.." Nikki said happily.

Muskaan went out of the room to find the doctor. She noticed him talking to another doctor. She rushed to him "Doctor! Doctor " The doctor looked at Muskaan and rolled his eyes. "Riddhima is responding. Please come with me" "Yess Miss. Give a minute" he turned to the person he was talking to. Muskaan the impatient girl she was "HAVE YOU LOST IT ? Armaan was right. We'll sue you. You're delaying a life of a patient and talking calmly. Come with me right now or it won't be good for you or your bloody hospital."

The doctor cursed this whole group mentally while rushing to room Riddhima was in and saw Riddhima's condition. She was indeed improving. He told everyone to go out and saw that a nurse and ward boy had already arrived. He looked around and saw Mr Mallik wasn't around and felt a sigh of relief.

It had been an hour since the doctor went inside. All of them were standing outside. Suddenly Abhi said "Guys! Where's Armaan? I mean he's not here from an hour. He needs to know Riddhima is responding!" That's when something really important struck Rahul "Oh my god!" he looked around and said "GUYS! We haven't informed Padma Aunty and Masi about Riddhima's accident! Oh crap.. How could we do this!"

"Exactly! How dare you hide such a thing from me" they heard Padma's voice boom through the hospital. They looked and saw Padma with Masi and Armaan? How could Armaan be with them?

"All of you are so irresponsible. Not one of you called me to tell me that my own daughter was hit by a car or should I say forced to stand in front of car" she said the last bit glaring at Armaan while Armaan hung his head down shamefully.
"Oh Padma! At least Armaan came told us. These people didn't have the courtesy to inform us. Armaan is a very responsible person and he didn't force Riddhima to do that. He just asked her what she could do for him. She could have said something or done something not so drastic" Masi sided with Armaan and caressed his hair.

"No Masi. It's me who is to be blamed. I should be killed." Armaan said in a tearful voice.

Muskaan marched towards Armaan and made him look towards her. "DON'T YOU DARE SAY THAT! Riddhima is finally responding to the treatment and you're saying you want to die? I will not let you die. I cannot live with guilt of separating you two all my life!" Muskaan spat.

On mention of Riddhima responding Armaan's face brightened and he smiled. "Riddhima? She's responding? Really?" he asked. Muskaan smiled seeing Armaan so unsure about his listening skills "Yes you buffoon, she is responding and now if you say you want to die it won't be fair on Riddhima's part na after all you've been such a jerk" Nikki pointed out.

"Yeah. I am going to make it up to her. She deserves all the love in world. I'll shower her with all the love I have only if" he paused and looked at Padma and continued "you want me to Aunty"

Padma looked at Armaan and then looked away. He went to her and said "I'm sorry Aunty. I know all of this is my fault and I should have let Riddhima talk to me instead I did the most stupidest thing in the world. I took your daughter away from you. Aunty I swear to God, I never thought she would stand in front of a car. I thought she might retaliate back or say something bad or walk away or do something but not this. I had no clue she tried to kill herself aunty. I had no clue at all. If I had I swear I would have come back and would scold her for ruining her life for a jerk like me."

Padma looked at Masi and said "How am I supposed to deal with such kids? One doesn't want to talk and one doesn't want to listen and both of them come and tell me how childish they behave. Why am I listening to all this? What have I done to listen 'I am so bad' every day?"

Armaan looked at Padma confused. Padma hit his forehead and said "I am mad at both of you. Both of you love each other so much and are behaving like kids. Since you've come I've told Riddhima to tell you the truth but she goes 'no I can't tell him, he hates me'. How can you hate her? I know both of you inside out. And now you were behaving stupidly by not listening to her when she finally got the brains to talk. Now I hope both of you behave maturely and I can have both my adorable's back."

Armaan smiled at Padma and hugged. "Thank you so-o-o-o-o much Aunty. You're the best. I've missed you so much" "Haw? This is what I get for siding you Armaan?" Masi said, faking offense. Armaan side hugged Masi and said "Awwies. No, gorgeous you get all of my attention for siding me" "Then how will my daughter get her share of attention?" Padma teased Armaan "She'll demand for her share of attention" and all of them laughed.

The doctor came out of the room. Armaan saw him and asked "How is she doctor?" The doctor smiled. She is out of danger and also conscious. You can meet her but please remember she is recovering so do not let her go through any stress. We checked her reports and it said she's been taking a lot of stress recently which resulted in her lack of response. So please give her rest and not stress." Saying that he was about to leave when Armaan grabbed the doctor.

The doctor looked scared when Armaan grabbed him but his scared look was soon replaced by shock when Armaan hugged him and was thanking in profusely. He broke the hug and kissed the doctor's cheek and said "Thank you so much Doc. I owe you so much. You saved Riddhima's life. You're a genius. You're the best doctor ever!"

The doctor was shocked just an hour ago he was blasting on him and now he's thanking him? Crazy guy he thought. He gave a confused smile and left while the gang chuckled seeing the doctor's expression from scared to shock to confusion.

"Let's go aunty. Riddhima's conscious now" Rahul said happily. All of them rushed inside leaving one person out and that was Armaan. Armaan took his steps backward and sat on the bench. He didn't know how to go inside. What would he say to her? All of his "I'll-shower-her-with-love" seemed so hard right now. He almost killed her. And that was fact. He had no right on Riddhima. What should he do?"

All of them stood inside the room. They saw Riddhima's eyes flutter lightly. Slowly she opened her eyes and saw a bunch of people around her. Her eyes searched for that one person and she didn't seem to find him. So he left. He actually didn't care about her anymore thinking that she was about to close her eyes when she saw her mom and masi who had tears in her eyes. "Mumma" she whispered slowly..

Padma rushed to Riddhima and held her hand "How could you do this Riddhima ? Didn't you think what would happen to me or masi? How would we survive without you?" A tear left Riddhima's "Mumma.." but Padma cut her "No don't speak a word. You need complete rest. You can't take any kind of stress or exertion"

Riddhima smiled lightly and looked around again. Padma looked around too and didn't find Armaan. "Arey. Where's Armaan?" Padma asked.

That's when they heard the door open. Riddhima struggled to look at the door, trying to find one glance of Armaan. And she wasn't disappointed she saw him walking slowly with his head down.

Rahul went near him and asked him "Where were you?  Look Riddhima is awake" Armaan looked at her. They're eyes met for second and Armaan looked away and then said "I.. I had to make a call."

Every one thought it would be best to leave Armaan Riddhima alone seeing how they looked stole glances at each other and then looked away. Padma was the first to make an excuse to leave and every one followed her lead.

The eerie silence was killing both of them. Armaan walked ahead and sat by Riddhima's bed but he didn't face her. Riddhima looked at him. She didn't expect anything from him. She was tired. She wasn't angry at him. No, but that didn't mean she would try to convince him or ask him for a chance. It was all upto him now. It was his life. She couldn't beg him to take her in his life. Could she?"


Hey Guys, We're extremely sorry for updating this late or let's say Trisha is extremely sorry for being so lazy in updating this FF since Maitree has her boards coming up. (Note from Trisha: Pray for her she really needs it. Boards is like a battlefield) So sorry for delaying this update and hope you guys like this one =)

Maitree and Trisha

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