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|| Lost And Found ||AR|Part13(Complete)-Page91|((16May2014) (Page 64)

MidnightMusings IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 November 2011 at 5:32am | IP Logged
Hey Dear,

Cry Awesome but sad preview...

Update soon Maitree...

Really looking forward to next part now...


-nikki- Senior Member

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Posted: 25 November 2011 at 1:35pm | IP Logged
awesome ffBig smile
i feel really bad for ARUnhappy
but i really wanna know what happenedConfused
update soon and plz pm me also
..Ambika.. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 November 2011 at 8:52pm | IP Logged
plz update sooon na...waiting eagerly..
Sanaa629 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 November 2011 at 6:04am | IP Logged
AND this is my 1400th post dedicated to LAF!! :D

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prachi06 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 December 2011 at 12:10pm | IP Logged
Hey, just caught wid ur FF

its amazing,
hope ki ridz ko kuch na ho aur AR saath jaldi hi ho jaye

plz update very sooon
karanjen071 Groupbie

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Posted: 05 December 2011 at 9:41pm | IP Logged
its a heart wrenching lovestory...especially the preview!!! It brings back some old memory of my own life!!!! Anyways I hope u update soon and please add me on ur PM list...Thanks!!!
..Maitree.. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 December 2011 at 7:27am | IP Logged
Part 10 : How Much She Loved Him

His head spinned as he held her hand,covered in blood,in his own trembling ones and just prayed. Begged,Prayed so diligently,that nothing should happen to her. He had been shaken so badly. He didn't know what to believe and what not..Didn't his struggle,his pain,his anger,his rudeness..his distance with her mean anything? Was all that farce,then? What was he fighting against,his own feelings? He had never stopped loving her. She was,and always would be his life. But she loved him too,and this was a truth,that although his heart had accepted,his mind denied all the time.

He saw with a sinking heart as she was carried to the ICU hurriedly,and her hand slipt from his. He had never expected her to do something as extreme as trying to suicide. Was this a part of her act too?,his practical mind asked him.His heart argued back,that at the moment,nothing mattered. Only thing is,it was too real to be an act. Her eyes..they held so much yearning,and so much pain,and he had always interpreted that as nothing but a way of getting him back again,but as always,he had fought with himself. What if she really did love him?

It wasn't easy,it definetely wasn't. Watching her infront of his eyes,and fighting back his emotions. Her pleas ringing in his ears,and in contrast,her words three years back come gushing by. He felt so lost and defeated. He wished to cry,and hold her once. He had been yearning to ask her what she did these three years without him...and why,why had she said all that? But he had been wrong too. He hadn't waited for an explanation. He had just been concerned abt HIMSELF. He was the one getting hurt,he was the one whose heart was breaking...hadn't he been selfish?

He sat down with trembling hands to call Nikki. He tried not to let his voice break when he explained everything..He felt like a helpless child again,looking up at someone,like his mother,whom he could hold and cry till all his frustration was out.Why was all this happening? Why was destiny so cruel,so damn desperate to let him think that he never deserved happiness? He held his head for a minute before looking inside the room again. She was motionless,looking insignificantly lifeless in between the bustle of doctors and nurses trying to help her bring back to life.

"Please come back,Riddhima",he whispered to himself as unintentionally a lone tear slipped down his eye,"I don't care if you love me or can hurt me again,but come back,please.."
He looked up hearing the rustle of footsteps. He hadn't realised it had been over half-an-hour since he'd brought Riddhima to the hospital. He couldn't forget how she had looked,covered in blood,messed up,her eyes closed,her pulse descreasing,her breath shallow as she consistently tried to whisper something and almost failed to do so. It was something like,"I Love You..I'm Sorry" It had pained him how he was the reason she had cried.

When he looked up he saw Nikki and Rahul rushing towards him. He stood up from his place and almost immediately he felt Nikki hugging him. He hugged her back and couldn't help but let the tears slip from his eyes.
"You Okay?",she asked gently,her eyes worrying.
His gaze flickered to Rahul. He stood there with a hurt and angry expression,one he knew too well. He knew he won't forgive her. Not now,after being the closest to Riddhima and also knowing that he was the reason for her almost-death. He hesitated,but finally said,"Rahul..I.."
"Look Armaan-",he started with rage,but was cut off when the door of the ICU swung open.

All three of them turned to the doctor immediately. The doctor was a kind-looking gentleman,and he smiled gently at them,half-heartedly. Before Anyone could say anything,Armaan said it.

"How is she,Doctor?"
"She isn't really good,Mr.Mallik.",the doctor spoke with a still yet troubled voice,"We've saved her life,but its unsure when she'll regain conciousness. If she doesn't try..maybe,just maybe..All our efforts will go into vain too."
"What do you mean?",Rahul said,his voice shaking. The doctor sighed softly.
"Its hit her in the ribs,and she's slipped into coma. Its difficult,but its not really impossible. If Riddhima keeps trying,she will be fine soon. But if she continues to do like she's doing if she's given up,she..might able to make it.."

"NO!",Rahul almost screamed and his eyes flared,"She Can't DIE. She Won't die. YOU HAVE TO SAVE HER.PLEASE."
Armaan said nothing and his pleas faded in the background. He could see her,lying in the bed,lifeless,her head bandaged,her hands covered with wires. He wanted to cry. His heart pained,and all he wanted was to touch her,one time,and bring her back. As soon as he tried to push the door to get inside,Rahul's voice stopped him.

"Where the hell are you going?",his voice hard,cold and angry.
"Rahul,Please.",he said in his softest voice,trying not to break down,without looking at him,"I want to see her once."
"Don't you DARE,go in there,Mr.Mallik. You don't deserve to be near her!",anger flared through his voice.
"Rahul let him go once na please..",Nikki's voice pleaded.

"No Nikki!",he protested at once. Armaan turned. He was guilty and he knew it,but Rahul was acting illogical,"he won't go in. I won't even let him NEAR her."
"Rahul he doesn't know..",she told him softly.
"How will he know,Nikki? Did he ever CARE to look back? Ever Cared to give her a chance? Did he know how on every birthday she used to go the mall and sit in the Cafe Coffee Day for hours,waiting for him to come back? Did he know how she got high fever just wetting herself in the rain? Does he know she tried to SUICIDE because of him!"

His startled and shocked eyes turned to look at him.That means..She had tried to kill herself before too?Nikki sighed softly to herself before closing her eyes. No matter how much she tried,things kept getting more complicated and bitter. It was enough. She had to tell Armaan the truth now,before it was too late.

"Yes.",Rahul continued,"Not once..But 3 times. Once with a knife,Once with poison,and once with-"
"Enough,guys,Please.",Nikki's steady voice cut him off,"Rahul you cannot blame Armaan for what isn't his mistake. And Armaan,I need to talk to you."
"It isn't his mistake?Are you kidding me,Niks? Really? Who was the one to ask Riddhima what she could do for him?Niks How can you even take his side, after everything happened. I mean okay fine Riddhima yelled at him,insulted him...but everyone does mistakes and its the duty of the other person to atleast listen,if not forgive. He didn't even listen!"

Armaan closed his eyes. He hated this bitterness and fight now,because all that really mattered to him at the moment was Riddhima. Riddhima was fighting for her life, Riddhima was the one suffering..and nothing else was important,except the fact that Riddhima HAD TO be okay.

"Please,Guys..",he said in a weak voice,"I know you hate me, but this doesn't matter. I know whatever I did..",he looked up at Rahul,"Was Wrong. But I had my reasons for it. I didn't know why Riddhima had broken my heart-when she knew,that I had no family but her. But At the moment, we need to be strong and get her strong,so that she lives...and for that,we have to stop fighting."
"You-",Rahul started,soon to be cut off by Nikki.
"Go inside,Rahul..and stay by her for a while.I need to talk to Armaan,Alone."
Rahul briefly nodded once,and giving a hard glare to Armaan,he went in.Armaan's eyes followed till the door swung close.He himself was yearning to go to her.

"Armaan.",Nikki called,keeping her hand on his shoulder.
"Niks,I-",he protested.
"Armaan,I know. I know you're tired and worried to death and not in a mood to let anything in your mind..but you need to know,why everything happened 3 years back..because if its not now,it won't be ever. Don't you wanna know? Once..if Riddhima really meant what she said?"

He stared at her for a few seconds before responding. Then took a deep breath and said,"Go ahead."
Nikki made him sit and said,"You remember Vivek?"
Armaan's face darkened as he replied,"Ofcourse.Riddhima's Boyfriend."
Nikki shook her head,"Vivek was NEVER Riddhima's boyfriend. It was all a plan."
"A Plan?",Armaan asked surprised,"Plan for what?"

"I take it you remember,that Vivek was our college trustee's son.He never attended classes and still was marked present,didn't know what was the syllabus,and still passed the exams..never took his admit card,and still gave his exams. You know how? He stole the question papers from the principal's office,every time."
"I know.",Armaan nodded,"He was caught before we left college."
"Exactly. And because of whom? Riddhima. Remember how Vivek accused you of stealing the papers but Riddhima defended you and the truth came out?"
"Yes.Nikki,I know. But what connection does this have to Riddhima's behaviour towards me?"
"Oh,you have no idea."

Riddhima walked steadily along the corridoor and held her books tighter to her chest. She had overheard all the plans of Vivek to steal the papers,and now she had to do something. Almost the whole college hated that guy. Being the trustee's son,he got away with anything and everything he did. But Riddhima knew she had to report this. After the fight that Vivek and Armaan got into few days back, she hated him bitterly for hitting him. Now, was her time. Vivek hated Armaan,because evidently,everyone loved him. Girls were gaga over him, he was everyone's best friend,the charmer, the star student of class, the responsible guy. And Vivek was the opposite. He'd do anything to put down Armaan. She hated Vivek like poison, because he'd even tried his ways with her,only to get a punch from Armaan. She was not going to leave him now.

Suddenly her books fell down with a thud as her arm was pulled mercilessly to pull her inside the abandoned locker room. His grip was hard and he was strong. His eyes flamed at her. She shuddered at the pain. She tried punching him and kicking him,but the more she tried,the more tighter he held her.

"Ah,Riddhima..You're too,too fragile."
"What? Kutta,kamina,Gadha,Suwar ki aulad,blah blah? I know. You do love giving me names,don't you pretty girl?",he said,bringing his hand to touch her chin.
She finally pushed him away from herself and ran to the door to find it locked. She was trapped. "You're going to regret this,Vivek."

"I'm not,Baby.",he said in a sugar sweet voice,moving towards her. She looked everywhere,but there was no chance for escape,"Your Armaan darling can't do anything...Anything..If he hits me,he's out of the college.."

"URGH!",She pushed him away again,"Don't you dare..Don't you DARE touch me!"
"Why? Is your Armaan gonna come and hit me? Let him come..It'll be a treat to see his face when he comes to know what I was planning to do with you here.."
"Vivek I swear I'm gonna hit you!"
"Your fragile..",he trailed off,holding her hand,"So fragile soft hands are made for caressing me..not for-UFF!"

Riddhima had kicked him hard in his stomach. She ran again,only to find his strong grip on her hands again. His eyes flamed again. He pulled her harshly this time and dashed her against the wall,his face inches from hers.
"Don't. Don't make me do something I don't want to. Don't you challenge me,Riddhima Gupta. The consequences won't be very good."
Her heart beat hard and she was damn scared,too scared to admit to herself. She mustered up courage and said,""

"Ah!",he exclaimed,finally leaving her,"You finally Came to the point! You..Are NOT
going to tell anyone that I steal the papers,will you,baby?"
"I WILL GET YOU ARRESTED.",she spoke in between clenched teeth,"ARMAAN WILL KILL YOU."
"Awh,Really? Then think of the consequences also. I will accuse Armaan of stealing the papers. With evidence. And then,no one can save him from being expelled from college. He's an orphan,he has no financial support. The job and position from the college will only make his future. So if he gets expelled,he'll get out of jail quite soon alright, but he won't get ANY job. On the footpath for eternity.How nice!",he laughed.

Riddhima took long breaths to calm herself. He was right,he could do anything and get Armaan to such matters that would seem that he had stolen the papers. He had done it before with a first year student who had tried to report him. That
student had been expelled. What if Armaan gets expelled? He would never be able to set up his own company or get job anywhere. His dreams would be shattered. She would not be able to do anything. She couldn't see him heartbroken and lonely. But how could she save him?

"And oh,one thing. If Armaan or the principal come to know about this,then you know..nothing will happen,only this poor pretty college will have to close down. You see,my Dad this college's trustee,doesn't like bad reputation for himself and his he will eventually shut this down!",he said laughing again. Riddhima looked at him stunned.
"You wouldn't.",she managed out.

Vivek seemed to laugh sarcastically as he said,"Oh I definetely will,Riddhima Gupta.I can't get you, but maybe I can take my revenge. Or carry out my work in peace. So tell me,what do you want,Armaan's rustication and the college closing down...or Keeping quiet?"

A tear slipped down Riddhima's eyes.

"WHAT?",Armaan almost yelled,shocked,"Vivek threatened her?"
Nikki nodded,"Vivek hated you. And he'd do anything to get his ways through."
"Okay. I get it. He threatened Riddhima that if she doesn't keep quiet,he'd do something so that I get expelled,and also so that the college shuts down. But Niks,then if that was the plan,why Did Riddhima yell at me,and behave so rudely? And that boyfriend thingy?"

"Vivek Khaitan was never a easy man,you know that Right? His demands didn't end there. Riddhima knew that she had to do something so that she could save you as well as the college. So she let him order all his plans to her. He told her that she had to stay away from you and insult you,so much that you start hating her,and you two separate. And she had to tell you that he was her boyfriend,to stress the fact that she no longer wanted to be with you. While he was threatening and telling her all her plans,she recorded that."
"You mean...Riddhima never meant all that she said?",he asked,his throat constricting. Nikki nodded."Then why didn't you guys tell me?"
"Riddhima had told Muski to tell that Vivek would not suspect our whole group knowing. Muski evidently forgot,and you hated Riddhima."

"Riddhima had no fault..",he muttered to himself as he picturised it all,her tears,her words came gushing back. She loved him so much that she'd rised her friendship even,so that he had a good future..
"You have no idea,Armaan,how much it hurt her..your words,your going away,saying those things to you. How disgusted she felt when Vivek touched her. But she put up with it all. She risked her own career,her friendship,HERSELF, so that she could save you and your future..and the college. And although I knew you were hurt,I also knew that you were wrong in hurting her. She loves you,Armaan.Too much."

"You have no idea how much she loves you.",he heard a different voice and looked up. Rahul stood there with a softer expression,his eyes moist. He was listening.
"I'm so sorry,Dude..I'm so sorry,I was so cruel to her...",he said,hugging Rahul. Rahul patted his back and smiled at Nikki,"I had no idea you didn't even have a clue. So I guess I'm sorry too for behaving badly. Couldn't help it. She's like my baby sister.",he explained.

Armaan looked longingly at Riddhima inside the room. Her monitor was beeping weakly,and she still was there,lifeless and motionless,covered in plaster and wires. He looked at his friends a last time before smiling at them.

He walked slowly towards her bed as her face came to view. His eyes brimmed up seeing her state. Her eyes were closed,and although she was covered in hospital necessities,it was like she was peaceful like she was sleeping. But her heartbeat was weak,she wasn't trying. He sniffed back tears as he kneeled down beside her and slowly held her hand.

Caressing it softly and then kissing it,he buried his face in her palm,whispering,"I Love You..BBG.."


I'm back with an update! Sorry for the delay guys! And thank you for waiting! :D I hope the part was worth the wait and long enough! Although...I'm not happy,as usual :( Comment please!

And yes,you might have guessed,since Armaan knows the truth now,their union is real soon. And that means LAF is gonna end soon,like in 5-6 parts. We both will miss the story and you guys! Thanks for encouraging us so much!

Love you all <3


Maitree and Trisha <3

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peachgirlpriyanka2607bhavs_gid03lifesucks123TAMANNA23Stupidcupid1234kajenarshianyaazy123-nikki-blue IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 December 2011 at 7:28am | IP Logged
OMG OMG OMG! That is soo sad! Cry I feel so sorry for AR! Finally the truth is out!
I hated seeing Armaan in that state, he must have felt so vunerable not being able to help her! I understand why Rahul was so angry at him, if i was in Rahuls place i wouldve done the same thing. I love how commited Rahul is to Riddhima, their friendship is so sweet!
I cant believe Riddhima tried to do suicide 3 TIMES!Shocked OMG i never knew she would be in so much pain that she would do that to release it all. The guilt must have been eating her up all that time! Poor her, i wish Armaan would have listened to her once, then she wouldnt be in this state right now, im not blaming Armaan but still he could have prevented it
I bloody hate Vivek! The bloody aashole! How low can he sink?! Angry I cant beleive he put Riddhima in that kind of position so he can not get caught! I wish Vivek is dead! I hate him :@
Now that Armaan finally knows the truth, i  hope he can make it up to Riddhima! Riddhima loves him soo much and she proved it now its Armaans turn :D
Continue soon x
P.S. shocked i edited so quickly na? So am i ROFL

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