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|| Lost And Found ||AR|Part13(Complete)-Page91|((16May2014) (Page 52)

sweetdesire IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 10 October 2011 at 12:52am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ..Maitree..

Guys updating in half-an-hour...Almost finished writing!

We're REALLY REALLY sorry for the delay..but things haven't worked out well for us! :(

Yeepieee...waiting dear...plzz do that soon...Embarrassed

..Maitree.. IF-Rockerz

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10 mins pleaseee...Last paragraph!

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sweetdesire IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 10 October 2011 at 1:00am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ..Maitree..

10 mins pleaseee...Last paragraph!
OK OK...waiting...Big smile
..Maitree.. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 October 2011 at 1:15am | IP Logged
Next post will have the update :D
..Maitree.. IF-Rockerz

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Part 8: Distances, and more Distances..

It was like the world had stopped moving altogether. He didn't want to look back, he didn't want to face her. His heart was thumping hard in his chest, so much that he had to get a grip on himself. His head was spinning, and his eyes threatened him to let out his tears. How was he supposed to react? Could he believe her? 'No',a small part of him, which was insignificant yet strong told him. But finally, his heart had won his mind, and it told him to look at her. Shake her, and ask her what was wrong, what went wrong. Why had that fateful day come in their lives? Had he done something that she hated him so much then? Did she really love him? The game was killing him.

His words seemed to have been stuck in his throat and so were his feet. He didn't know if he could be composed anymore and hide behind his mask. He didn't know whether he was strong enough to let his heart break again. He didn't know..he just didn't know. He fought, struggled and quarreled with himself..letting his heart win sometimes, and sometimes, just letting himself sink into defeat. He couldn't just stand there. But he didn't even have the courage to look into her eyes and letting himself sway with his emotions. So the easiest way he found out, was walking out of the room without a single word or without a single glance.

He shut the door behind him loudly enough for her to hear it and let himself sink down to the ground. His emotions overpowered him and he let himself go, letting his tears flow down his cheek.Questions buzzed in his head, and his heart pained. Her words rang in his ears,'I love you Armaan Mallik..' How? Did she really- No,Never! How could she claim to love him, when she was the one who'd broken his heart and left him shattered,yelled at him. He felt restless and anxious,more and more edgy by the second. His eyes shut close on their own accord as he remembered the event once again.

Riddhima sat in her chair with her fingers knotted.She looked tensed and worried,and hardly aware of her surroundings which were full of noise. The annual fest in the college were keeping everyone busy, and since it was their batch's last year in the college...the third years wanted to make it the best. The auditorium was buzzing with different types of sounds. No one noticed her sitting all quietly by herself,except him. Armaan was curious. She had been behaving quite strangely from a few days. They hadn't got the time to talk,since the last minute fest preparations,and all the exam stress, but that was never a excuse. He felt as if..she didn't want to talk to her. Something was the matter, and he had to find out.

He saw her rubbing her knotted fingers against one other. That meant she was upset and really nervous about something. Something was coiled inside her..but what? Why wouldn't she tell him? They were best friends afterall, and she never hid anything from him. Then what was the matter now? He walked towards her and pulling a chair, sat beside her. She hadn't noticed. She was thinking something else. Thats when he noticed, there were tears in her eyes. Her cheeks were stained with tears and had dried, while her eyes had welled up. Armaan became real worried. Extending his hand, he got his finger to wipe her eyes. At once, realising what was happening,Riddhima jerked off his hand and moved aside.

Armaan was way more than shocked. At times like this, Riddhima usually hugged him and sobbed in his arms and would say afterwards how much better she felt. What was the problem now? He was hurt in a distant part of his mind. What was it that was bothering her- was she missing her father? Or was something the matter with her family? Or did someone hurt her- like..Vivek? His hand fisted at the thought. He hated that guy. He was always after Riddhima and always in completition with him. He was one person who literally USED girls, and didn't care a bit what happened to them.

"Riddhima..",he started softly,"Is everything alright?"
"Leave me alone,Armaan.", she said it in a whisper, which was almost like fierce knives.
"But BBG-"
"Please,Armaan. I don't need you now.", her tone was colder.

The words hit him straight in the heart. 'I don't need you know', it was like his world was ending. What was happening? Why did she say that? No,Armaan..Maybe she didn't mean it,he tried to suffice himself. But he couldn't help from asking..

"Why are you saying that?"
She turned towards him now,"Don't you get it? I said,I don't need you now.I've had enough."
His heartbeat quickened,"Did..Did I do something wrong?"
"Oh For GOD'S SAKE ARMAAN!",she stood up now,her voice shaking as it rose up,"PLEASE! LEAVE ME ALONE!"

Armaan felt all eyes turning towards them and the auditorium falling silent, in contrast to his heart, which pumped it was scared. His feet wobbled,and he felt so broken. Why was the deadning sound of the shattering heart only audible to him??

"Riddhima..",he whispered in disbelief.
"Listen,Armaan Mallik. Once and for all. Don't you get it? YOU WERE NEVER MY FRIEND. Never. How could you ever think I would be close to you?You were Never worth me, and will not be ever. Maybe it was my Pity that I let you near me. I hadn't expected you to forget your Standard."

His whole body shivered and tears ran down helpessly as he watched her with bloodshot eyes. Her pretty face,her smile...everything was gone,suddenly.All he could see was a emotionless figure in front of him. Standard? That was it...He had forgotten his standard? She too,was like others..who couldn't see the real Armaan and only could see that..that he was a Orphan?

"Why..",his voice cracked up.
"Why did I accept your friendship,you mean? I will tell you..You were the most popular guy in this college, and damn,I needed that Popularity. So being with you,I got it. Even when,when..",her voice faltered,"when I thought that you were nobody to stay with me, I did it. I just pitied you..I was the only friend,you see..", she shrugged.
"Was it nothing else to you? NOTHING?"
"Ofcourse not. What had I to do with a Orphan?", she turned away.

She hit the nail at that point. Armaan's soul was no longer present, his heart no longer was beating, and neither could he feel blood running through his veins. For him, the world ended. His already broken heart fixed and shattered again in a matter of seconds, and all he could feel was the numbness. It was almost asif he was dying.

"Didn't you feel anything...",he found his lips uttering the words.
"Yes,I felt HATE. I HATE YOU Armaan Mallik. And I will no longer put up with you,because I'm losing the people I care about."
Armaan's eyes flickered to Vivek who stood with a triumphant expression. He didn't know what to do,whether or not to move,or whether or not to say. But he did anyway..
"Is Vivek your boyfriend?",he asked.
Vivek at that point of time,came forward and boldly wrapped a hand around Riddhima's waist. Armaan's blood boiled and his eyes grew redder,but seeing that Riddhima didn't jerk off the hand or protest,he found himself numb again.

"Ofcourse,Poor guy. She wouldn't want YOU as her boyfriend,would she,who has no history,nothing to offer her? And anyways,we are really happy together..and wouldn't want you between us. Right,sweetheart?"
Riddhima looked at Armaan and nodded slightly. Her expression had changed,something Armaan couldn't decipher. But all he knew,that the chapter of Riddhima was closed for life.
Armaan opened his eyes and suddenly,he knew what to do. He would do anything,but would not let Riddhima near him.


"Are you freaking serious?",he asked in disbelief.
"Yes.As I said,This deal will remain..MAC is going to do this project with you...but the only fact,I won't be handling this project here anymore. I'm going back to London."
"But Armaan-"
"Please Rahul. If you're my friend,tu mujhe yeh karne dega."

Rahul sighed. Armaan and Riddhima had returned from Dehradun just the day before and he had noticed the distance between the two. Riddhima looked like before...somewhat defeated and sad. Was she getting back to that again? Rahul couldn't bear his best friend cum sister in that way. Was Armaan hurting her again? But this time he couldn't question Armaan. He himself looked hurt and shaken,like he had 3 years back. Had Riddhima told him she loved him,then? And the next day in office,Armaan turned up and informed Rahul that he was going back and someone would be replacing him.

Rahul had tried his level best in trying to explain that Armaan shouldn't let his feelings come in his way. But Armaan had been as firm as ever saying that he carried his heart with him..and it was with that he worked. And if Riddhima was near, he couldn't work..she was hurting him. Rahul was at a loss of words..and at a obligation as a client,he had to do what Armaan wanted.

"When are you going back?",he said.
"Tomorrow evening."
"So soon?",Rahul was stunned.
"Yes. Rahul I wanted to make this clear, Arnav will be replacing me. Arnav knows everything about this project and he is great at his work,so you'll'll have no problem. Infact, he's better than me at handling office no arrogancy in the office too,right?",he said with a fake smile.
Rahul got up from his chair to hug Armaan,"We'll miss you dude."
"I will too.Thanks man.", he hugged him back.

He would. No matter how much he denied, he would miss her.


I sat perplexed in the conference room. Why was there a meeting suddenly? I knew Rahul. He only arranged meetings abruptly when there's an emergency. What was the emergency now?? Was it related to Armaan?

My thoughts drifted to our journey back to Mumbai. I'd never seen him so distant and so angrier before. Sure,I was quite used to Armaan getting indifferent, but this time it was like he was defending himself. This Armaan was a complete stranger to me. A ruthless,cold stranger who particularly hated me...Loathed me. I remembered his words as I tried to talk to him,
"Listen,Its better you stayed away. I will not tolerate any of your games, or your tricks of so-called Love.."

His words had hit me and hurt me more than he can imagine. Doesn't he feel anything? The banging of the door after I'd told him that i loved him,behaving asif I didn't exist, making me feel as if I was dead, all were evidences how much he hated me..I know,I know whatever I did 3 years ago hurt him,killed him...But does he even know how I felt? How I died thousand deaths saying each word to him? How disgusted I felt, when Vivek put his arm around my waist? How many times my heart broke seeing his tears? Did he know? Did he even Want to know the reason behind my outburst...and whether it was the truth or not?

I couldn't think further as Rahul hastily entered the room,smiling up at us.

"Hey Everyone,Good morning."
"Good morning.", we echoed.
"So you guys wondering why this sudden meeting has been called? You see guys..MAC is really very happy with our performance and our deal for the Dehradun project is sealed.."

There was a cheer from the room and I smiled,clapping with the others.

"Okay..",Rahul said,stopping,"So you guys have been working well,and thats great! And well..There's another news. As you all know,Armaan Mallik,the owner of MAC, is here with us. But due to certain circumstances..Arnav Raichand,his co-worker and our new client,is replacing him. MAC will handle the project alright,but Armaan won't be here.."

I could no longer feel the hush of the room. My heartbeat quickened as I blinked with tears in my eyes at Rahul. He shook his head lightly at me,more like a 'I-couldn't-help' look, and fixing his eyes on me,his voice led out the words,which shattered me,my life and my heart once again..

"Armaan is leaving tomorrow for London..Maybe he won't ever come back guys..."


Okie Here is the Part !! Its Super Crap,Because its written in a hurry and Its Kinda Small :( I'm Sorry Guys! We're both sorry for the delay because its totally our fault !! But we didn't mean it...Its just,we both are just so busy with school and hardly have time to catch up! 

Hope you'll enjoy the part and Don't Kill me! :( I'm not at all happy with the way it turned out,SORRY! Cry And the preview comes in the next part :)

The story is building up :) Hope you all are liking it :) Thanks for staying by,Love you All <3 <3 You guys seriously rock!


Maitree and Trisha <3

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sweetdesire IF-Stunnerz

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res... Tongue
yeepiee I am first...wo bhi pheli baar..yaaahhhTongueEmbarrassed

Heyyy MaitreeeHug...wowww Girl...Whatt an update yaar...I just love the way you Show Pain of Armaan and RiddhimaClap...But ab bahut hua yaar...I can't see Armaan in so much Pain..We are used to see a happy Armaan yaar..His dimpled smile just brighten our dayDay Dreaming..Feeling really really bad for himCry...Flashback moment is also treat to read...But I wonder what Riddhima make to do all this...why she behave this way at that dreadful nightConfused...And that Vivek...Argghh I so want to punch himAngry ..But at the same time feeling bd for ridzy also...Poor lover...Going through so much Pain...And what is this...Armaan is going back to London that too hamesha ke liyeShocked...Hope Ridzy usse rok le...waiting for more so try to update soon.. .Thanks for the PM...Take careSmile


Lots of Love


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PMs have been sent from this account =))

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M n T .this story is killing me . i can;t bear his tears ,his loneliness its killing me ,his jovial nature has been buried coz of her harshness. I hate this i really doCry . I think his trust which was shaken badly only can bring back to him by her nd for that Ridzi have to take some strong steps . Confused
Best is to tell him the truth buy hook or crook ...guys please update a bit faster ...Embarrassed

thanks for pm.
love n luck.

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