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|| Lost And Found ||AR|Part13(Complete)-Page91|((16May2014) (Page 38)

Aanya. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 August 2011 at 9:58am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Trish-

Originally posted by ..Maitree..


I wanna read myself!

Uff bhai.kya din aagaye..I'm spamming my own FF For Updates LMAFAO :D

SHUT UPPP!! I couldn't help but laughhh..I will write a part plomish Big smile

When? Haha sorry, I'm just incredibly curious LOL

..Maitree.. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 August 2011 at 10:24am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Aanya_taanu4evr

When? Haha sorry, I'm just incredibly curiousLOL

She said By Tomorrow (India Time) :D But I want it like NOOOWWW

DivineDreams. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 14 August 2011 at 11:32pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Aanya_taanu4evr

Originally posted by -Trish-

Originally posted by ..Maitree..


I wanna read myself!

Uff bhai.kya din aagaye..I'm spamming my own FF For Updates LMAFAO :D

SHUT UPPP!! I couldn't help but laughhh..I will write a part plomish Big smile

When? Haha sorry, I'm just incredibly curious LOL

It's done just needs a bit of checking :D

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DivineDreams. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 14 August 2011 at 11:53pm | IP Logged

Part 7(a) : Actions speak louder than words ?

As soon as Armaan left Riddhima burst into tears.How could she be so rude to him ? He was the only person she loved.The only person she could trust with her eyes shut.Armaan had always gone out of the to make her feel loved.He never expected anything in return.He just wanted her loyalty and trust all life long.

Two things.Just two things that he wanted from her and she couldn't give him that.What a pity!Armaan always said something which would impact her mind and her life.When they were in their happier times he would say something sweet and so thoughtful that would make her feel so special and now he always said something which made her guilty but it wasn't his fault.

He had always said that she was the only person who he could call his own.The only person he could depend on , the only person on who's shoulder he could cry his heart out or talk about his deepest secrets knowing it would be kept safely with her.

Her life was a mess, a complete mess and she hated that ,loathed that.She had seen Armaan's eyes he was in pain.Deep pain like her.She couldn't let him live in pain for his entire life.No ,he didn't deserve it.He was a pure soul.This was not what he should get.She was determined to make him listen to her.Just once not for herself but for him.So that he could be free of the pain he was living in.


As Armaan walked out of the cabin a few tears escaped from his eyes which he wiped quickly.Life was so cruel.When he was born his parents were taken away by the almighty.He did not even know their names , forget having their picture.He accepted this fact and lived life as it came

In college he bumped into Riddhima.Riddhima was like a light in the darkness he was living in.A saviour , a confidant , a person whom he could be himself and lastly the person he gave his heart to.No!Armaan reminded himself he doesn't love her any more.He had gotten over her.He had overcomed his feelings for her long time ago.Then why did he still care about her ?

Why did he run away from Big Bazaar that day when he bumped into her.He could have stayed and gave her a hard glare and left but no he had to run away.Why did he go as if it was him who was at fault.Was he not sure if he could control his emotions infront of her."Stop Armaan!No more thinking of Riddhima.She's given you nothing but pain" his mind commanded him

"Then why did your heart scream in pain when you saw a car coming infront of her ? Why did you feel as if your life will go away if something happens to her.You could have let her die , couldn't you ? But no you had to save her cause you still love her" his heart told him..

"No!I don't love Riddhima.She means nothing to me.What ever we shared was broken by her.She broke my heart into millions of pieces..I was their when she was sad.What did she give me in return ? Pain.I won't forgive her.Never.I won't let her break my heart again." thinking that he started walking to the main enterance to leave but was surprised to see Muskaan , Nikki and Abhi chatting away with Rahul in the canteen

Armaan couldn't help but go there.He knew they would constantly tell him about Riddhima but he could ignore those talks and talk with them.They were his friends and he missed them alot in all these years.Gathering up courage he went upto them

"Hey Guys!" Armaan spoke and saw all four of them.Muskaan , Nikki and Abhi were staring at him as if he had come from another planet.This was making Armaan feel awkward."Guys!Kuch toh bolo.Aise stare mat karo" he said

Muskaan slowly walked upto Armaan.Her face was expressionless and she stared him for quite a long time and suddenly she hugged Armaan scaring the hell out him

"Armaaan!Kaha tha tu yaar..Kitna miss kia tuje.Teri khabar sirf Nikki si milti thi.Aisa kaise kar sakta hai tu.3 saal mai ek baar bhi nai milne aya sirf Nikki ko mail bhejta tha.Aisa koi karta hai kya Armaan ? Pata hai hum toh lut gaye the barbaad ho gayye the"

Armaan smiled hearing Muskaan's non stop banter.He had missed this in 3 years but he had no option but to avoid every one.As all of them would force him to talk to Riddhima and he didn't want that.

Coming out of trance he replied "Bas bas bas Muski.Rahul peeche khada hai.Agar usne sun liya ki aj bhi mere peeche padi hai toh oos bechare ka dil tut jayega.Haina Rahul ?"

Rahul faked a cry while Muskaan just rolled her eyes and said "Is kaan khujure ki toh aisi ki taisi.Kameena hai ek number ka!Useless creature.Agar isse shaadi nai ki hoti hai toh aj hi iska khoon karke chote chote tukde karke kutto ko khila deti!"

Rahul gave a she-has-gone-mad look to Armaan..On the other hand Muskaan said "Oye!Tu shocked nahi hai ?" Armaan looked confused and asked " Mai kyu shocked haunga ?" Muskaan smacked his arm and said "Abey buddhu kahike meri aur is Raoool ki shaadi ki baat sunke!"

Armaan smiled and shaked his head "Nikki told me about it..Tum logo ki happenings mai janta hu..Mere khabriwale charo taraf hai" he said..

Muskaan saw this as a bright opportunity and spoke "Acchaw ? Toh tuje ye bhi pata hai ki meri shaadi mai char chand Riddhima ne lagaye.Pata hai tuje?" The smile on Armaan's face faltered when he heard that and said "Muski please"

Muskaan smiled inwardly and said "Isme please ki kya baat..Mai toh keh rahi thi ki Riddhima ne meri shaadi pe ranauk la di" Rahul interuppted and said "Abey oye shaadi sirf teri nahi thi meri bhi thi..Meri shaadi meri shaadi ki rath lagaye bethi hai"

Muskaan made a face and said "Ha baba..Humari shaadi khush ?" she turned to Armaan and said "Ha toh mai kya keh rahi thi ? Meri shaadi..I mean meri aur rahul ki shaadi ki.Usme Riddh-"

"I know what you're trying to do Muskaan.Mai baccha nahi hu" Armaan rudely said but Muskaan was no less."Arey maine kya kiya ? Mai toh bas Riddhima ke baare mai baat kar rahi thi.." after a few seconds she said "Ohh!Tuje ye lagta hai ki mai tuje aur Riddhima ko phir se friends banane ki koshish kar rahi hu ?"

Armaan did say anything but had a stern look on his face."Dekh Armaan.As much as I adore your's and Riddhima's friendship-" before Muskaan could even utter anything Armaan harshly spoke with his tone rising "We aren't friends Muskaan!"

Muskaan sighed and said "Toh kya kahu mai ? Ex-Friendship ?" having no response from Armaan she said "Okay!I used to to adore your's and Riddhima's ex-friendship.Better?" not looking at her Armaan replied "Much better"

"Ye mamla tum dono ke beech hua hai aur ye tum dono hi solve kar sakte ho.Hum sab ka isme mai interfer karna is not right.Isiliye ye mat soch ki mai tuje aur Riddhima ko saath mai laani ki koshish kar rahi hu.Aisa faltu ka time nahi hai mere paas bas ek baat kehna chahti hu.Riddhima does deserve one chance Armaan but then it's upto you again.Mai kaun hoti hu tuje force karne wali.Anyway ab muje jaana hai kaam hai.Bye guys." saying that Muskaan left and seeing her leave even Rahul made an excuse of work and left.Abhi got a call so went out side which left Armaan and Nikki in the canteen.

"Tune bataya nahi ki tu araha" Nikki said.Armaan looked away and said "Bata ke kya karta ? Tu bhi sab ko batake meri life ka mazaak bana deti.." " Armaan.." Nikki said "Don't Armaan me Nikki.I don't understand!Galat mere saath hua.Chot muje pohchi aur tum sab aise behave kar rahe ho jaise maine Riddhima ko vo sab kaha jo usne mujse kaha" Armaan said angrily

"Nai Armaan.Aisa nahi hai.We know what Riddhima did to you was wrong lekin uski bhi koi vajah hogi na.Tu uska sabse accha dost tha Armaan.She trusted you more than she trusted any one else.She can't lash out on you without a reason na? Tu soch koi bada reason hoga.."

"You think I believed it Nikki ? Mai bhi shock mai tha..Mai bhi aisa sochta raha ki meri Riddhima muje aisa nahi keh sakti lekin ye sirf meri soch thi kyuki reality kuch aur hi thi.Oos incident ke baad though I ignored her I did try to find out what the real thing was.I wanted to believe all of that was facade Nikki but it wasn't.It was real.Every freakking thing was real.." Armaan said with voice filled with hurt.

"Armaan.." Nikki put his hand on his shoulder.."Mai janti hu..lekin tu hi kehta hai na Actions speak louder than words ?" Armaa looked back at Nikki he gently removed her hand from his shoulder he said "Not in this case Nikki.Not in this case."


Words. Words change so much. Although words aren't something that you can hold and keep it with you, or crumble it harshly in your hands, nor are they any weapon that harms you physically. Actions Speak more than words, he'd heard and believed. But in his life, it couldn't be any more ironic. Her actions had told him nothing, it only made him and his feelings get inclined towards her, it made him fall helplessly and crazily in love with her. But then, her words said it all. "You were Never worth me, and will not be ever. Maybe it was my Pity that I let you near me. I hadn't expected you to forget your Standard."

The words still hit him like a poisoned nail that had injection venom into his broken heart, that venom, which regretted the presence of HER in his life. And yet his heart keeps fighting back, that she could not do such a thing without any solid reason. But she had, right? What more proof was required that his life, his hopes, his dreams'had all come down crashing in that single moment? Standard. He fisted the paper in his hands and watched it crumble down, as if watching his heart breaking into pieces.

He picked up the paper and and tore it into pieces.This paper was just like his heart.No matter how hard he tried to fix it with a cellotape or glue it couldn't be be fixed...


Tada! Done...The part is finally here..Hope you guys like it and yea the next update will be like in the end of August as Maitru wants to write it and her exams are going on so she can't update..But but but the next part is gonna be a DHAMAKA!Totally worth the wait :) AND lastly Happy Independence Day people =)


Maitree & Trisha

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Rhea.KaJen Goldie

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Posted: 14 August 2011 at 11:58pm | IP Logged
I love you!
Thank you sooo much for updating today! :D
Thank you!
Coming back to the update, it was small...But then it showed Armaan's feelings...
I felt really bad for him...
It also showed Niki and Armaan's friendship!
I'm sorry i cant write more than this..
Next time badaa comment!
Gotta study!
Thanks! :D

Edited by RheaKSG4eva - 15 August 2011 at 12:11am
anjie22 IF-Rockerz

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Super part...Continue soon
Aanya. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 August 2011 at 12:15am | IP Logged
Awesome! And worth the wait ;)

Continue asap <3

Happy Independence Day! <3

roshni_A Goldie

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Posted: 15 August 2011 at 12:17am | IP Logged
that was an awesome part...i don't know what Riddhima's reason is but for now i just hate her...and Armaan is doing what anyone would do ...
pls continue soon...

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