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|| Lost And Found ||AR|Part13(Complete)-Page91|((16May2014) (Page 26)

chainreaction. IF-Stunnerz

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i was gonna say that, but then i thought that dangerous amal would attack me ROFLROFL
okay, the Guest of Honour is here :)

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Hehe..Now I am not dangerous..Now I am the old meee..:)

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Part 5 : The Stranger

I held the chair handle tight,as a support that'd prevent me from stumbling down in my own self.Rahul's words shook me to the core.It repeated itself like a living medicine a hundred times..My life was coming back to me.His mere name gave my life a meaning.A thousand questions jumbled up in my mind.My blood rushed up to my cheeks,warming them up with a new sensation,a unknown yet familiar rise in my heart gave a more evident proof to the fact that I was Happy.Escatic.Maybe Words would fall short if I start what his coming back meant.

Turning slowly,I looked at Rahul,who smiled a soft smile at me.He knew..He understood.I wanted to sob,I was so happy that I could hardly have anything to say.Instead,I left the files which I'd held in my hand and hugged him,whispering words that only he knew what it meant to me.
"Thank You..",I said softly.
He laughed and circled his arm around me,"Hey,don't get senti,okay?I'm your friend yaar,Ofcourse I'll do this for you!",he said as I left him,"You know when I came to know about Armaan's company coming in India,I just knew that they had to work with us..and after what happened between you and Armaan,you deserve a chance to explain yourself."
I sighed and looked away,"No I don't,Rahul..tu jaanta hai na,maine jo kuch bhi kiya,that hurt him so damn much?"
"Thats because he loved you!",he made me turn and jerked me.
"I know I was special to him,Rahul..I know that maybe I was the closet friend he had..but he didn't have feelings for me,Rahul..he didn't ! He wouldn't hate me this way then!"
"You aren't getting the point,Riddhima.",Rahul said sternly,placing his hands on my shoulders,"He was hurt NOT because you were a good friend to him,but because he loved you immensely.He couldn't believe the girl he loved could do that to him."
"I didn't mean to..",I whispered back,"I did it for him,Rahul..but then.."

"Now,hey..Its okay.Galtiyan sab se hoti hai..And we'll mend them.Surely.You better go and prepare the presentation,because tomorrow you'll be meeting them.After 5,I am going to meet them at the Foodsters' Resturant,then we're fixing the time for tomorrow's meeting."
"Does he know I'm in this company?",I asked curiously.
Rahul looked guiltily at me and said," thought.."
"No,its fine.",I interrupted before smiling up at him,"Thanks for doing this for me."

"Hey,Ridzi?",he called as I was turning to leave,"Smile,Okay?You look good when you smile.."
I smiled a small smile in response and left the room and got into the darkness of my cabin.Armaan always said that.


I wiped my tears as more furiously and unwillingly spilled down my cheek and into his picture.Why did it still hurt? He was gone years ago,when I was 10 years old.I loved him,and I missed him terribly.Holding his picture close to my chest,I burst out crying once more,not knowning what to do.I called him my Star..the night sky holding his name alight now.I gazed above and stared,searching for a answer.
"Dad..",I said in a soft whisper,"Come back please.."

A gush of memories surrounded me as I thought of him.My Dad,My hero..He was gone.He had brain tumour,and he knew it.He'd left me everything,his world..but did I need all of that? No,I needed him by my side.I missed him.No one came to disturb me.I cried softly,silently,letting the night enwrap me like a world of darkness with no light,I felt alone,although knowning that Ma and Maasi would always be there.

"Are you okay?",I heard a soft gentle voice near me and startled,I looked into his soft blue eyes.At once,the pain seemed to dissolve away,my heart beating eratically against my chest.I felt dazed,and when I realised that he was sitting beside me,I finally said,"Tum?Armaan,tum yahaan?"
He smiled again,"I had to be here.You're sad.",he said simply.
"No..I'm..I..",I fumbled as I hurriedly wiped my tears.I couldn't let him know.
He brought forward his hands and gently wiped away my tears,while I closed my eyes,feeling his touch,feeling his fingers linger on my skin,"You cannot hide anything from me,BBG..",he whispered and I opened my eyes.

"You know?",I asked,my eyes blinking back the tears,my voice squeaking like a kid's.
He nodded,"I know it hurts,BBG..atleast you have a family..I don't even know where or when I was born,I never had a family..I did feel a void,but I always kept happy.My mother had left me a letter..she said,life is too short to be wasted in tears,you should love,and let love..Because thats what the world will eventually mean to you.."
"Armaan..",I said,dumbfounded and stunned,my tears drying up.
He gave a gentle look to me,"Don't worry,I'm fine BBG..As always.Mujhe aadat ho gayi hai..Lekin tell me,now? Are you Okay?"
"'s Death Anniversary..",My voice cracked up as I reached out and held him.
"Shh..",he wiped my tears and my heart started beating eratically,again,"Your Dad wouldn't like that,you know."

My sudden urge took over,and I hugged him tight,never to let go.I kept sobbing in his shirt,and all he did was to ruffle my hair and whisper that he was there.My inexplicable and unbearable grief took over and I could feel his arms around,My guardian angel protecting me.After a while,when I finally calmed down,he whispered into my ear once again,"I am here.."

I looked at him.The night sky twinkled its star's rays on me,and his face illuminated in the moonlight.He was gorgeous,and I was in Love.He was here for me,and I needed him like that forever.I knew.Our eyes locked with each others,taking me into a world of his own..Of a world I knew was made for me..My heart belonged there.My heart thumped hard and suddenly,he leaned and placed a soft kiss on my forehead,letting his lips linger.

I found my heaven in his arms.

My heart thumped hard as the kiss made me lose my senses.My head was spinning.Had he just pecked me on my forehead?What did that mean?Did he like me...Love me? Was it true?Could it be?My eyes opened to look at him,dazed. He smiled back and left me.
"Lets take you home..",he said,pulling me up.
I didn't speak.My head was still spinning,and I was still in a daze as to what had happened.It was making my heartbeat rise eractically and a sudden nervousness mixed with a tingling feeling of wonderment was evolving inside me.I followed him,holding his hand as we walked on.I Loved him.Thats all I knew.
I walked aimlessly down the road,my vision a little blurred with the intact of tears in my eyes.It was making me regret the fact ever moment,that I'd lost Armaan.I didn't know what to do,and why.Even after hearing that Armaan was coming back,I was in a dilemma.What if he still hated me?What would I do then? How would I ever face him,talk to him?
My heart had captured those blue eyes into them.I wanted to feel his arms around me,his voice telling me he was there,his hand in mine,his smiles lighting up my life..He had been there when I needed him.Whenever I needed him,and what had I done to him?Hurt him.Put him in a position where not only he,but also me myself,would hate the person who'd done that to me.I'd never used that word before.Orphan.To me,Armaan was always family,my friend,my love.I had spent countless nights dreaming about our future together,and in one instant,I myself..brought all that down.Poof,and it all disappeared along with him.Every damn happiness of mine.Every trust,every feeling he had for me.
I wanted to die.My tears streamed down my face as the cloudy sky thundered along,the rain soaking me.I held on to myself,shivering.It was getting cold,and the cold breeze seemed to hit my skin asif it was some pin poking against me.Rubbing my hands,I  still didn't see the road,I was too lost in my thoughts to notice.A yellow light blinded me,and I could hear the loud horn from the distance.I tried to see what was ahead when-
I was down.A pair of strong arms were gripping me,and we both were rolling in the wet ground.He had saved me.I looked at him.He was holding me tight from the waist,and the touch was so familiar and safe,I felt protected.That nothing could happen to me.I recognised him..Ofcourse,he was not only my saviour,but also the reason for my life.His hair was wet and on his face,his blue eyes were locked with mine,and my heartbeat rose immediately,my gaze unwavering.I found my heaven.
There was complete silence.He quickly got me up,and left me,and a immediate nervousness crept into me.I wanted to say something,yet the only thing that came out of my mouth was,"Armaan.."

"Sorry to say Riddhima,but please don't be so horribly careless.You could've died."
"Would it have mattered to you?",my voice came out as a whisper.
His eyes flaming and full of hatred,he said with sheer disgust in his tone,"No.It wouldn't.I would've been happier.But I amn't inhuman..Like you." he said in a cold tone and stalked off,leaving me in the darkness like before.I'd lost him,all over again.He wasn't the Armaan I knew,I loved..I wanted to get back.He was a mere stranger to me.A Stranger,who'd saved my life.
For My Basket,Radhika and Sanaa <33
Just Comment <33
-Maitree and Trisha! <33

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chainreaction. IF-Stunnerz

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shollyy maits, i just wanted to leave long comments, but if i commented before lunch, then i would rush it all. and OMKAJEN, you included my name in who you wrote it for. Big smile eeeks, thank you, that just makes me so happy and exciteddd Dancingand i wrote this in my last comment, but i'm so happy that my ammy is cominggg DancingDancingDancingand i can see that riddhima loves him so much, just because of the way you've described her emotions :) and i love rahul right now, for helping my kajen get back together! but i can tell that ammy's not gonna forgive her easily...what has she done? ConfusedConfused what did she do for him that hurt him. maybe she pretended she liked someone else to make him jealous? but noo, that wouldn't make him so angry that he wouldn't talk to her for so long. i have no clue, when are you gonna tell us?? and its so cute how whenever anyone says anything, riddhima always remembers armaan. it just shows that she loves him so much and that they share a bond and a connection, which can't be broken, even if he thinks he hates her! and what rahul said was true, obviously armaan did love her thats why he's so angry at her. because you get the most hurt when someone who you love hurts you, because its unexpected! if someone is your enemy and they betray you then you're not as badly hurt, because you expected it!
and OMKAJEN, do you just wanna make me depressed all day today? Ermm first in MTB, you make rajiv die, and now we see that poor riddhima's dad died too Cry its so sad that he died, and riddhima misses him so much! but i loved it when my ammy came and comforted her. he's so gentle and caring with her, and its so cute how he calls her BBG. so why has he suddenly started hating her? he seems so affectionate and loving and kind and caring, and if he loved her so much, no sorry, LOVES her so much (because i'm sure he still loves her) then why is he so angry with her? Cry and even ammy doesn't have a family, thats so sad. but atleast they always have each other! armaan is so protecive, i've just fallen in love with him Day Dreaming i'm sorry riddhima, but armaan is mine now Tongue and i knew riddhima loved him, but this part was just so sweet, how he kissed her forehead and she loves him. please update soonnn :) it was such an amazing part and you are one amazing writer. and please don't deny it, because i'm fed up og arguing with FF writers! and you are a PRO PRO PRO. you call amal a pro and now i'm calling you a pro :)
last part:
i just felt so bad when riddhima was crying. i want them to be together! and when she was saying that she wanted his arms around her, i felt sad and that she deserves to be happy! and finally the suspense has ended LOL well...kinda. atleast i know that the reason that armaan is so rude to her is because she called him an orphan. you know, i was really shocked ShockedShockedShockedShockedShocked how could riddhima say that to ammy? and that i got really angry at her AngryAngryAngryAngryAngry i actually understand why my armaan is angry at her. riddhima, i can't believe you would say that. that is the rudest, meanest and bitchiest thing everrr, my poor ammy, he must've been so sad. Cry but then after that, i thought that maybe she just said it in anger, and people always say stuff they don't mean when they're angry, so i kinda understood her. but i need to know why she called him an orphan before hating her LOLLOL and OMKAJEN, HE SAVED HER ShockedClapClapClapClap i love himmm. i just felt so content and happy when she was in his arms - it was like she belonged there and was the happiest when she was with him. But then i got sad again because he said he didn't care if she died Cry
i just can't believe that this is the same ammy who comforted her when she was sad about her dad. i mean, its been so long and he should forgive her now. she regrets it, and they should just get together! But then i was happy again. Because i know that he loves her. even though he won't admit it. or why would he save her, if it didn't make any difference to him if she lived or died? its because he loves her. OMKAJEN. Maitree, you are making me have so many mood swings, i feel like i'm a pregnant woman Ermm i'm happy Big smile and then shocked Shocked and then angry Angry and then understanding Smile and then happy again Big smile and then sad Ouch i think i'm going crazyyy. ROFL anyway UPDATE SOOON. I CAN'T WAIT TILL THEY WORK TOGETHER!! YOU ARE AN AMAZING WRITERRR AND A PROOO. I LOVE YOU <3

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..Maitree.. IF-Rockerz

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Will you guys just QUIT resing already and COMMENT?
I'm Getting Impatient and Angry Outta here :x

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shonadesire IF-Dazzler

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hey green...awesome instalmnt ClapStar...loved it so AR will work together...armaan consoled ridz...plz open ths suspence why did armaan hate ridz???...waiting next instalment...plz cntinue soon
MONIKAluvsAR Senior Member

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Posted: 25 June 2011 at 7:33am | IP Logged
hey maitree n trish
awesome inst
wow armaan is coming now lots of ar
whats the reason that armaan hates riddhima
aww armaan consoling riddhima i realy loved ar's bond
n complete it soon
take care
Sanaa629 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 June 2011 at 2:22am | IP Logged
THANK YOUUU!!!Big smile
I can't wait to continue reading!!!!! This Installment was AMAZING!!! I adore it..Awhhh..Ridzy's dad passed Armaan's in MTB!! =( =( I feel so bad for them..!! i mean i'm tonnes close to my dad and even imagining something like that kills me.!! So i'll cut that image out..!!
So..Armaan is coming back.!! yeayy..!! And I lovee how he was there for the question coming abck is..WHAT did Riddhima doo??? Or did Armaan have some sort of a misunderstanding that he "hates"..note the inverted commas..RIddhima so much..?? SO much that he doesn't want to hear her out even??
I loovvee how you show their understanding!! i mena between AR...the line.. "I am Here.." Just had me going awhhh..and it's the best line so far in the it has sooo many emotions linked to it..!! It won the "best line so far in the part" title hands downn..!!
Rahul no doubt is a sweetheart..!! one of the sweetest friends you could have..!! I adoreee him..!! and now I'd love to see what Armaan does once he gets to know that Ridzy's in the same company..
CONT!!! NOWWW!!! =D =P (hehehe..I know..getting too demanding aint I??)

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