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|| Lost And Found ||AR|Part13(Complete)-Page91|((16May2014) (Page 19)

Stupidcupid1234 Senior Member

Joined: 25 October 2010
Posts: 819

Posted: 09 June 2011 at 12:58pm | IP Logged
Nice update
Update soon

iceprincess101 Goldie

Joined: 08 October 2009
Posts: 1359

Posted: 09 June 2011 at 6:20pm | IP Logged
Awesome part... Love the flash back... So they called each other BBG and DG... The part is amazing but a little sad... Bumping in to a guy with blue eye... That is no one other then Armaan Malik... Waiting to read more... Update soon...
-Euphoria- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 14 October 2010
Posts: 23631

Posted: 09 June 2011 at 11:28pm | IP Logged
OMG i feel so sad 4r ridz
what happened koi mereko bataye:(
n the end was fabulous
leaves u craving 4r moreEmbarrassed
update soon pyaari si maitree n trish:P

Edited by sara-ksgfan14 - 09 June 2011 at 11:28pm
MONIKAluvsAR Senior Member

Joined: 17 March 2011
Posts: 202

Posted: 10 June 2011 at 2:33am | IP Logged
hey maitree n trish
part was amazin but sad
flashback was so sweet
thay wud call eachother dg n bbg thats sweet
but whts d mystry behing dese names
omg i'm feeling realy bad for riddhima
n what's that incident dat seprate them
omg he doesn't wants to see her
and a pair of blue eyes its our armaan malik
omg i can't wait for next part
plz update soon
take care
munni_sheela Goldie

Joined: 18 December 2009
Posts: 1439

Posted: 10 June 2011 at 2:50am | IP Logged
really wanted to know what has happened between armaan_ridz
cant wait to read next part
add me to ur pm list

roshni_A Goldie

Joined: 24 September 2009
Posts: 1711

Posted: 10 June 2011 at 5:48am | IP Logged
really interesting.loving it. mysterious but beautiful. is that Armaan? update soon. and thanks for the pm.
kash4ARrocks Groupbie

Joined: 22 June 2010
Posts: 194

Posted: 12 June 2011 at 5:24pm | IP Logged
hey just read ur ff and loved it
wow so sad for ridhima
so curious about what happened
update soon!!
DivineDreams. IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 08 July 2008
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Posted: 13 June 2011 at 1:10pm | IP Logged

Hey Guys.Thanks alot for the comments.It really means alot to both of us and encourages to write and we love reading your precious comments :).So here we are with Part 4.Make sure you guys are in both of our buddy lists.

Part 4:Unforgettable

I couldn't stop myself to stop staring at those pair of blue eyes which took my heart away , which took my soul and reason for living away.I felt as if I could breath again.I felt heart beat increasing every second.I closed my eyes to make sure it wasn't a dream but when I opened them.They were gone.

I heard him mutter a 'sorry' and before I could turn and look at him he was gone.It was as if he flew away.I looked in every direction but he had vanished.I knew it was him.I could never be mistaken with those eyes.I could never be mistaken with his voice even it was a mere whisper.

My heart fluttered with the thought of him being in this same city.I wanted to smile but then realization dawned on me.He didn't want to see me.He muttered a sorry behind me so that he couldn't see me and my face.He didn't even want to see me a mere stranger."Does he hate me so much ? So much that he can't stand my face infront of his eyes ? " I thought sadly with tears threatening to come out my eyes

I walked aimlessly in the mall.I didn't care about the coke fallen on my dress.The person I wanted to dress for didn't want to see me.What was the point in looking beautiful ? I didn't care of anything happening around her.I felt a hand on her shoulder.I turned to see mom and masi standing with their hands full of bags."He hates me ma.He hates me so much that he can't even look at my face" I said.

Ma and Masi understood about the 'he' I was talking about.Of course they knew every thing.After that night I cried my heart out to them.They consoled me by saying if he loves me he would came back to me but I knew he wouldn't come back.I hurt him alot.
Before they could say anything I ran to get a cab and go home.I knew they wouldn't follow me cause they knew I wanted to be alone and I was glad that they knew that.The minute I entered the house tears came out of eyes.I went straight to my room and threw myself on the bed crying my heart out.
My eyes fell on a photo of us on the side table.Wiping my tears I went and picked up the photo.I lovingly caressed it.It was a photo of us in college.Armaan was smiling like crazy for a reason I couldn't remember but I knew that much that I was smiling because of his smile.I hugged at that photo.I wish I could go back in time and relive those moments.My eyes fell on another photo I knew it was my 1st day in college and it was a special day indeed.
"Hey Bhagwaan!Itna bada college ? " I muttered to my self."Kaise dundho mai apni class? Ye colleges school ke jaise chote kyu nahi ho sakte." 
I kept on muttering things to myself when I bumped into some one.My files fell on the ground I bent down to pick it up when I heard "RIDDHIMA!TUM!YAHA!"
I looked up only to find Armaan with his eyes popping out and mouth open in shock.I giggled and picked up the files.Getting up I closed his mouth and said "Ha..mai yaha"
"Par kaise ? I thought tum koi school jati bacchi ho?"
"HAHA!So funny NOT" I said , a bit irritated "I'm a 1st year student aur tum yaha kaise ?"
Armaan raised his imaginary collars and said " Well mai 2nd year student hu.Tumhara SENIOR.So shall we ?" He asked with his hand foward
"Kaha ?? "
"Dance karne ..Karogi ?"
"Buddhu tumhari ragging karne"
My eyes went wide when I heard that "R..aaagggin..g??" I asked
He nodded his head and held my hand and started walking..
"BUT BUT..Ragging allowed nahi hai!" I said with my voice dripping with fear
"Psht!Yaha allowed hai..Aur ab chup raho warna..." he looked back and glared at me making my mouth shut.
Through out the walk I was praying to god not to make me wierd stuff and give me some easy thing to do..I was so busy praying to god that I didn't realise when we stopped walking.Armaan nudged me and I opened my eyes.I saw he brought me to a class full of students.I was confused.What was I going to do with a class full of students.
"Hmm toh tum yeh soch rahi hogi ki mai tumhe yaha kyu laya..Tumhe vo 1st bench pe ek black bag dikh rahi hai usse jaake last vo khali wala last bench pe rakh ke ao aur vaha beth jana.Agar kisi se baat ki.Toh you're dead.So what are you waiting for jao Riddhima apne senior ke orders follow karo"
I nodded and slowly went to the 1st bench.I saw a girl sitting but the bag looked like a guy's bag so I picked it up and was about to go when I heard some calling me.I looked at that person.It was a guy but he had a bag so I sighed in relief.
"Hey!I'm Atul.Ye tumhari bag hai.Thank god tumne leli kyuki mai yaha bethna chahta tha so thank you"
My eyes went to Armaan who was glaring at me.Without even saying anything I rushed to the last bench and kept the bag and sat down.I saw Armaan walking to the bench where I was sitting.He came and sat there and smiled widely.I was so confused.Why was he sitting here and why was I supposed to keep some one's bag to the last bench.
I saw the professor enter and I just couldn't think of a reason why Armaan was sitting so calmly.My mind started running in all different directions "Was I in a 2nd year class ? Was I in a detention room ? Was the proffesor involved in the ragging too? "
I heard the professor say "Welcome 1st year students"
I looked at Armaan who was looking at the professor."Why is he here?He said he was a 2nd year student.Should I tell him that he is the wrong class ?? "
I was about to tell him something when I saw the whole class staring at me including the professor.I wondered why the were looking at me and I saw Armaan mouth "Introduction"
I realised and got up at once.."Riddhima Gupta.1st year"
The professor gave me a hard glare and said "Thank You Miss Gupta for giving your introduction so quickly.I must say you're very attentive"
Armaan stood up and said "Armaan Mallik.1st Year student" and sat down with a grin on his his face.I looked at him with my mouth wide open and was about to tell him when I heard the professor say "Miss Gupta" very sternly.I realised I wasn't supposed to talk during a lecture.
I said a "sorry" and looked down thinking "Kya yaar!Pheli impression kharab kar di!Is Armaan ko mai chodungi nahi..I won't talk to him only!"
I felt Armaan poking my elbow but I didn't respond.I promised my self I wouldn't.I felt him poke again but I was staring ahead.
I felt Armaan's thigh brushing againt mine.I closed my eyes.I felt as if a current ran through me.I couldn't explain how I felt.Would it be a crime to say I felt good , and I just had to look at him.He held his ears and mouthed a "sorry"
He looked so cute when he was doing that.He looked like a kid.An adorable one I must add.I don't know when I started smiling.
I saw the relief on his face when he saw me smiling.I replied back with a "It's okay" and he smiled flashing his dimples.
Soon the lecture got over and we had a 5 minute break where we had to go to the other class.
As soon as we got out of the class Armaan said "I'm sorry Riddhima.I didn't mean to get you in trouble.I don't even know why I did that.I mean it's so not me."
"As I said.It's okay Armaan.Thode pranks toh hote rehte haina I still have 3 years na.I'll make up for this 1st day."
"Thanks Riddhima.You're so sweet.Tum bahut acchi ho"
"Wo toh mai hu but tumne muje ye kyu bola ki bag upar rakh kar ao"
"Actually mai pehle 1st bench par bethne wala tha phir mai tumse takraya and when you said you're a 1st year student toh maine socha kyu na mai tumhare saath hi beth jau"
" that means you like my company right ?"
"Yeah!I love talking to you infact I love the fact I'll get to see you every day!You've got an adorable face Riddhima.No one can resist seeing you"
I smiled to myself.Of course I made up for the 1st day blunder with my good academic results but I couldn't help but recollect his words 'You've got an adorable face Riddhima.No one can resist seeing you'
Was this the same Armaan who just left today without looking at me ?? He told me a million times in college that he loved my face.Then why not today ? Why couldn't he look at me just once.
Just once so that he could see the pain , the loneliness , the suffering in my eyes.I wish he could the see the yearning for him in my eyes.I would just wish.
It was quite late in the night.I realised mom and masi had already come and must be eating eating dinner.I was in no mood to eat dinner or to be specific answer their questions.I laid on my bed holding the picture close to my heart and went off to sleep 
The bright rays of the sunlight woke me up.I covered myself with a blanket but I then realised I had to go work.I got out of bed and brushed my teeth.I was going to go for a bath when I heard my cell phone ring.I went to pick it up and said "Hi Rahul".Rahul greeted me and continued "Riddhima come to the office as soon as possible.Thoda urgent hai"
Picking up the dress I was going to wear I replied "Yea.I'll be there in like half an hour" I cut the call and left for a bath.Tieing my hair in a high pony I looked at myself just to check if I looked presentable.
I looked so different.I didn't smile at myself in the mirror.I didn't give myself a flying kiss.These memories of my eyes moist so I just left.I went down to see my mom drinking coffee."Riddhima..Chal aja coffee pee le" My mom said giving her best smile
"Nai ma.Vo Rahul ka phone aya tha kuch urgent kaam hai office mai toh I need to leave early" I was about to leave when I heard "Par teri coffee ?" Without turning I replied "Office mai mangva lungi." Both of us knew I was lieing but none of us said anything.
I reached to the receptionist and asked for Rahul.She said he has in his cabin.I sighed and went to his cabin."Bolo Rahul kyu bulaya itni jaldi ?" Rahul looked up from his laptop screen and said "Hey Ridzi!Wassup" He saw the disinterested look on my face and just continued with "Ha vo actually ek bahut important company hume ek project dene arahi hai so I thought of giving it to you kyuki mai is Mehra wale project mai busy hu so you do it"
I nodded and asked "Kab arahe hai ?" in an instant he replied " 4 or 5ish"..I nodded again.
I turned to leave when I heard Rahul ask "Don't you wanna know vo kaunsi company hai" I didn't reply so he said "MAC aka Mallik and Corparations and it's one of the biggest companies in India currently"
It didn't make a difference to me.I was at the door of the cabin.I was going to open the door when Rahul said "And it's owner is none other our very own Armaan Mallik"
So this is it.Comments please..We love them :)
Maitree and Trisha

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