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|| Lost And Found ||AR|Part13(Complete)-Page91|((16May2014) (Page 15)

Riddss IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 June 2011 at 7:12am | IP Logged
nice parts
continue soon
thanks for PM.

divi1oct Goldie

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Posted: 05 June 2011 at 3:21am | IP Logged
Gr8 FF..
Amazing part..
Thanx 4 d PM..
Continue soon..

shonadesire IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 June 2011 at 7:37am | IP Logged
Hey dear
awesome partClapStarClapStar
loved ti so much
sorry for late comment but i didn't get pm this time
plzzz update soonnn
MONIKAluvsAR Senior Member

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Posted: 08 June 2011 at 7:07am | IP Logged
hey trish nd maitree
awesme part
but it was a little sad
loved ar's first meeting
they're cute
waiting for their next meeting
update soon
bye nd tc
 hey trish i'm not in ur buddy list i've sen u buddy req. plz accept it

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..Maitree.. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 June 2011 at 11:29am | IP Logged
Hey Guys Hug Here's the next part...Soowwiiieee its small We both are kinds busy! Comments needed and Yes,Those who want PMs,please make sure that You are added to BOTH Trish and Mine Buddy List !! Thanks :) Enjoy!

Part 3 : Searching

The sight of the Pheonix mall brought back the memories of our first meet,the first talk,the first laugh.We'd bonded so easily,instantly became friends.I never knew when it had turned to love,and then that horrible incident that shook us and kept us apart like forever.It hurt,damn it.Armaan and I came here so often,to spend free time together.I remember how we'd always fight on who would pay...then we both ended up paying 50-50,our little failed courtesies to each other and then at the end,"Nah,this isn't working.You gimme that.I'll have the Krushers!",he would say and flash his adorable dimples.

"Riddhima,Yeh kaisa hai?",my mom's voice brought me out of reverie,and she was showing me a kurti,obviously for me.We were in Big Bazaar.With great difficulty I smiled.
"Accha hai."
"You want to take this?",she asked excitedly.
",Mera Mood nai hai,mai jaake kuch aur dekhti hu.",I said and went to the chocolates section.

It was like I was searching,not only for him..But for a part of myself.I myself feel so Lost without him,as if I'm waiting,anticipating his return as he comes back to me and says,'I found you'.He's taken my heart with him,my feelings,my dreams..everything belongs to him.I am His.Only if,only if I knew where he was?Only if I'd get one simple expalin myself? I knew that whatever had happened between us,the reason why he'd gone..away,far away,was me.I was at fault.But I wanted just a second chance.

"Here?You brought me here,you duffer?"
"Kya,mall hi toh hai !! BBG,What had you expected,romantic date?"
"Sheeesshh,Date,And that also with you! Dream on,DG!But what the heck are we doing here after exams?",I frowned.
"Chalo toh sahi,we're going to McDonalds!",he said excitedly,smiling.I looked at him,perplexed.
"McDonals,at 8p.m.?Pagal ho kya?It closes down!"
"Really?I don't think so!"
"It does!I KNOW so!"
"It does not!
"It does!"

I looked away,understanding that he was teasing me,because his stupid grin wasn't going off his face and because he was trying very hard to control his muffled laughter.As soon as I looked away,he started coughing to suppress his laughter.I glared at him.

"You know...Gusse mein you look very cute."
"Armaan..",I said,trying my tone to be deadly.
"Okay,Sorry..But I bet McDonalds wil be open NOW."
"It won't!"
"Lets see who wins!",he said,smirking.
"You're on baby!",I replied.

So we walked to McDonalds.It was darkened.I smirked at Armaan,a triumphant smirk it was.He shrugged and went ahead,"See..?",he held out the door.The door was open.How the hell?My jaw dropped and he grinned.
"Par,how?How can they darken the place and keep it open?"
"Powercut?",Armaan suggested very innocently.
"Yeah,RIGHT.Pure Mall mein light hai sirf yahan nahi..What a AWESOME logic!",I said,sarcastically.
"Lets see,na!",he said,going in and pulling me with him.

At once,the lights went up,and there was a loud scream,"SURPRISEEE!",I watched,my eyes widened,as my friends came and stood infront of me,holding presents and cake.I blinked at the sight and looked at Armaan in awe. He smiled and whispered,"Happy Birthday Riddhima.."

My friends hugged me and we had my best birthday ever,getting inumerous gifts and a evening full of fun,but all the while,I silently watched him.He smiled at intervals.I walked over when we were having our dinner.

"Thank You..",I whispered to him.
He turned,"Hey..What for?This is your Birthday!You deserve this.."
"Armaan,I know how hard it would've been.."
"Naah,nothing is hard for Armaan Mallik.I just booked the whole of McDonalds for 4hours,no big deal,BBG.."
"I..Don't know what to say.."
"You don't have to say anything..Come on,BBG..We're friends,right?Thats what friends are for..and..My gift is left!",he winked.
"What gift,Armaan..This is enough!I don't want anything else..",I frowned.
"But..I want to give you, u go.."

He extracted a small packet out of his pocket.I opened it slowly.It revealed a shimmering white pearl bracelet,with a 'R' engraved in the middle.It was beautiful..Maybe one of the most beautiful gifts I ever got.
"Armaan..",I said,at a loss of words,"This is beautiful.."
He smiled,"This was my Mom's.Her name was Raji,you know..Thats the 'R'..I don't know who gave it to her,why..nothing.My maasi at the orphanage gave me this.Its her last indication for me."
"Armaan..",my eyes welled up now,my voice choked with emtion,"Why would you give..Such a precious thing away..?"
He smiled easily and gazed into my eyes,"Maybe because..the person I'm giving it to,is equally precious to me.."

I blinked back my tears as I switched to present with voices around me.I was shocked as I found that round the corner,it was Nikki and Rahul and Muskaan talking.
"Guys..I got a mail from Armaan today..",Nikki said.
Rahul and Muskaan both gasped,"Really?What did he say?",Rahul said.
"That wherever he is..He's fine..And that..he doesn't want to see Riddhima..",her voice saddened.

I felt a pang of guilt and pain surround me,wishing it could kill me the moment I was born.My sole reason for living hated me,I wanted to cry.But it wasn't the right place,so I fought back my tears,listening.

"I think..we should tell him..Talk to him,you know..try to make him understand that she really loves him.."
"You think I didn't try,Muski?",Nikki answered,"But it doesn't work.He..Just Cringes Away when he hears her name.Its like poison to him,and his expression harden,asif he himself is trying to defend his feelings!I feel so sorry yaar.."

I ran away from there,to Mom's side,my head spinning with the words.'Its like poison to him' 'Just Cringes away when he hears her name' He hates me so much..I Wiped out the warm tear down my cheek hurriedly.I couldn't let anyone see me like this.
"Beta kahan gayi thi?",Maasi asked.
"Woh..Woh..",I fumbled,"Chocolates.."
"See?",my Mom and Maasi laughed,"She's still our little Riddhima.."

I smiled.I felt suffocated suddenly,I wanted to run away,hide,cry,or mostly,find myself.I was searching for him..and the lost part of my heart that he carried with him.
"Ma..I'll,go get a coke..",I said as a excuse.
My mother nodded and I went out to the cafe.I ordered a diet coke and put a hand on my head,rubbing it,trying my best to ease off my pain.I needed a Aspirin,I was getting stressed down.Only if..Armaan..

"Mam,your coke.",the guy at the counter said,and I collected the coke and paid..walking back to my Mom,my head still heavy.I bumped into a guy and the coke spilled on me,I got irritated at once.I looked up and was about to blast off at the guy,but what I saw left me speechless and sent a shiver down my spine.

It was a pair of blue eyes.


Thats done!Commentsss! We Love them ;) Thank You For the Awesome ResponseHug Keeps us going! Love you!


Maitree and Trisha<33

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chainreaction. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 08 June 2011 at 11:30am | IP Logged
shollyy i took so long to edit! i just have lots of exams going on right now Ouch anywayy...
this part was really good! i'm so curious to find out what that horrible incident was! you keep mentioning it, and i can't wait till we find out what happened between them! they used to be such good friends and now he doesn't even wanna talk to her! Riddhima's flashbacks were so cute, and i loved reading about how AR used to be best friends, and all the happy times between them! i felt really sad when riddhima was saying that she feels lost without him...thats because your meant to be together!! but why doesn't armaan understand that? Confused
I found it so cute how they called each other BBG and DG, they seemed so close back then, like inseparable! And they seem so comfortable with each kajen <3 these happy moments in the FF really remind me of kajen friendship! And when ammy said he was taking her to mcdonalds so late, i was confused, and i was wondering if he was gonna go in their and steal all the food or something! lol, i have a weird imagination, and when he opened the door and it was all dark i was wondering why he was going in there if no one else was there! i never thought that it could be a surprise party until the lights went on LOL
And ammy is shooo cute, i love how you guys have made his character in this FF. it was so sweet of him to hire mcdonalds and i can't believe that he gave her such an amazing present, that was so valuble to him. Ammy is definately in love with ridz, otherwise why would he do this? i was enjoying being in riddhima's flashback, and then when it got back to the present, i felt sad...i had almost forgotten that she was just remembering those felt so real! and i felt so bad for riddhima when muski and nikki were talking about did he go from so loving to disappearing and leaving her?
AND OMKAJEN...IS THAT ARMAAN?? I AM SOO EXCITED!! PLEASE UPDATE SOOON, i can't wait long, i'm so desperate to see what happens next! lol, sorryy i'm just kind of rambling again, but i loved this part, maitree and CG, you both are amazing!

Edited by kajen_hamesha - 09 June 2011 at 8:35am
Aanya. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 June 2011 at 11:39am | IP Logged
Res! Will edit in the morning!



Okay so I was compelled to read and edit. :P

The part was AMAZING! And sad :(  I loved the flashback! It was so CUTE <3 I wonder what happened between them that he hates her SO much! I feel so bad for Riddhima :|

OMG blue eyes = Armaan Malik. I'm SO curious!!!!

Update super soon and thanks so much for the PM :)


Edited by Aanya_taanu4evr - 08 June 2011 at 12:10pm
Medha. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 June 2011 at 12:03pm | IP Logged
OMG!  I loved the part!  Totally!  The flashback was very touching.  I wonder what happened between them that Armaan doesn't even want to see Riddhima's face anymore?  OMG!  That's Armaan isn't it?  Please tell me it is!  Please update soon and thanks for the PM.

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