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SS: Gopi's Ehsaas Last Part updated pg 56 (Page 7)

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Originally posted by simi91

congo congo
new SS
ur damn writer
love how the story shaping up

Thank you so much, I just love your posts, they always make me smile.Big smile

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Originally posted by atop

Yay! Another SS from you and am so glad you penned it down for us..
Wow, Gopi's decision is great and I am sure this will knock some sense into Ahem's mind but not that early also..Anyways, am worried about Urmi's plan as of now, don't know what they are upto..
I hope Gopi manages to reach Nani's place safe and sound..
So eager to read how the story proceeds..The first two chapters were indeed just great.

Luv atop

Thank you so much, I hope I live up to everyones expectations.
Gopi needs to be strong in order to survive with Ahem and the whole Modi house hold, I hope they do something for her in SNS. Ahem is one confused fellow, he doesn't know what he wants.
Urmi and Rashi what can I say, but someday they will get their own.

Originally posted by vaishali667

wow this part is  amazing.. lovely plz update next part soon

Thanks Vaishali, I am glad you liked the part.

Originally posted by nilli_r

Hey, juz started reading ur ff
Great going :)
Continue soon!

Thank you so much!

Originally posted by anuamu

it was nice  plz update soon...

Thanks so much!

Thanks so much everyone!

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Originally posted by Eesha2

Argh Aham is such a jerk!!! What an idiot! Lovely update Shilpa dear. Absolutely thrilled and excited to read the next part and what Rashi and Urmi are planning. Update soon. 

Thank you Eesha, Yeah Ahem is a real jerk, will he ever redeem himself? I pray everyday that one day soon he will, otherwise we are wasting our time.
I have to tell you Rashi and Urmi are up to no good.

Originally posted by magi11

wow that was a wonderful update

Thank you so much Magi!

Originally posted by Jake-neil

Great part shilpaben.. Ahem Modi should think like this 'kaash mere shadi Rashi se hote"

Thanks Jakebhai!

Ahem Modi is not capable thinking of anyone else but his BB that he either has in palm of his hand or stuck to his earLOL

Originally posted by shobi12500

wow amazing shilpa very nice

Thank you so much!

Originally posted by Nafisa_blossoms

Yah Awesome, as many have said already this Gopi is really great. Excellent Clap

Thank you Nafisa for enjoying the part.
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Originally posted by angelirebelli

Aham had to be as insensitive as ever... Adore Kokila, she is a fab MIL... 

Great going Shilpa, waiting for more...Smile

Thanks Angeli, I know but don't worry he did feel regret afterwards, you'll see, poor guy is just confused by his feelings.

Originally posted by soni4eva

wow dat was an awsome update

plzzz update soon

Thanks so much Soni!

Originally posted by evad

Magnifique Shilpa, i hope Urshi  kalakari gets foiled

Thanks Eva!, don't worry Urmi and Rashi will come it to their own.

Originally posted by winter30

Poor Gopi,Ahem could have helped her . He just makes me mad.
Keep up the good work,can;t wait for the next update.Smile

Thank you so much, yep agree with you he could have helped her, but he just stood there like an idiot.Confused

Originally posted by ayesha_78

loved it shilpa Thumbs Up

Thank you Ayesha!

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Hello everyone.

Thank you for all your wonderful comments and encouragement, this next part is little boring, I hope you like it.


Part 3


Next morning Gopi woke up at her usual time and started her routine, it was Sunday so men won't be going to the office, which meant she wouldn't be able to avoid Ahem at all. She also needed to do her packing for the trip.

She did the aarti as usual and offered it to everyone, once again saving Ahem for last, but this time she looked straight ahead instead of looking down.

Ahem watched as she came towards him and realized today she was looking straight at him and thought what's up with that? But he didn't hear his inner voice answer him today, and Ahem was even more confused by that.

Ahem kept observing Gopi at breakfast time, he knew there was something different about her that morning, but he couldn't quiet put his finger on what was different.

She still avoided him, but she didn't flinch away from him either, she served him without hesitation, and was talking and smiling with everyone.

After breakfast he decided to go to his room to work on the new project as he only had a year to complete the project.


Ahem had been in the room starring at the blank screen for about fifteen minutes when he heard Gopi come towards the room.

He had every intentions to start work, but thoughts of Gopi going away was confusing him, he didn't know what was happening to him, he couldn't concentrate on his work, all he kept remembering was her words on Holi and the words she embroidered on his handkerchief. Was he getting sentimental? Did he actually like the fact that she loved him? Even though he had never given her any good reason to love him. He just didn't understand her total devotion to him, the more she did for him, the more confused he felt, which resulted in his anger towards her.

He knew he should have said something to her last night, but had he opened his mouth he would have ended up making things worst for both of them, he had actually felt a stab in his heart when she pricked her finger with the sharp glass, and that had left him speechless and unable to move.

He pretended to work, but he was watching her from the corner of his eyes as she took the bag out of the closet and laid it on the bed.

He watched as she took pile of her saris out of the closet and neatly laid them in the bag, she did everything methodically, nothing was out of place. When she was done with the clothes she went back and took out the picture of her parents and her Kananji, she placed both items in the bag. She straightened up and stared at the corner table, at first he couldn't figure out what she was starring at, but then realized she was looking at their wedding picture.

He didn't know how long she stood there twisting her hands together, biting her lips and starring at the picture, she then glanced towards him and sighed. In the end she just shook her head and closed the bag. After putting the bag away she left the room without glancing at him.


As soon as Gopi walked out the room, she slumped against the wall and let out a huge sigh of relief. She did it; she was actually able to stay in the same room with him without wanting to look at him. And she resisted grabbing the wedding picture and putting it in her bag. She had been aware of his glances but she had managed to stay focused and not look back at him.

Good job Gopi, now hang in there little while longer and you will be able to leave without crying your heart out.

Gopi smiled to herself and went back to kitchen, to help prepare lunch.


Dinner was uneventful; Jigar did speak up at one point.

"Bhabhi, I am going to miss your cooking, it's just not going to be same around here without you, right Ahembhai?"

Everyone waited for Ahem to reply but he just glared at Jigar and went back to eating his dinner silently.

Rashi smirked at Jigar, but he ignored her.


Later that night Koki came to Gopi's room to make sure she did all her packing, as they were to leave right after breakfast.

"Gopi vahu, did you get everything you will need over there?"

"Ji, Maji, I packed everything."

Ahem watched them silently, he knew his mom was sending Gopi away with heavy heart, he also knew he had hurt his mom's feelings last week when he blamed her for the handkerchief disaster, but couldn't utter the words to apologize to her.

He watched as Gopi took his mother to the closet and showed her all her jewelry boxes, she then closed and locked the closet and handed the keys to his mom.

He saw his mom take the keys and then caress Gopi's head gently as mother would of her daughter. She then turned towards the door and saw him. His mom stared at him for a moment, then pulled her pallu over her left shoulder and left the room without saying anything to him.

Gopi didn't even look at him; she grabbed her night sari and disappeared in to the bathroom. Ahem rubbed his forehead and thought how had he managed to mess up all of his relationships so bad. No answer, it seems his inner voice was also tired of him.

He went to the bed and lay down and thought, might as well go to sleep, instead of trying to get the answers to all the questions buzzing around in his head.

Ahem could not sleep all night, he twisted and turned, but did not sleep, he frowned at Gopi's sleeping form on the floor and thought, she obviously, is having no difficulty in sleeping.

He was still awake when she woke up at five am and tip toed out of the room, she came back fifteen minutes later and went in to the bathroom to get ready.

He was not going to sleep now so he woke up and booted his laptop to check his e-mails.

Gopi came out the bathroom and was surprised to see Ahem up and working already, she quickly finished getting ready so she could be out of his way. When she was finished she walked out of the room without glancing at him. It was killing her to not give him a last look, but she strengthened her resolve and kept moving placing one foot in front of the other.


When it was time for Gopi and Parag to leave, Ahem offered to drop them at the train station, but Koki refused him, reminding him he had an early meeting and the driver was going to drop them off.

Ahem frowned at his mom, thinking why did she not want me to drop them off.

Koki knew it was hard enough for Gopi to say goodbye to everyone, she didn't want to make it harder on her by sending Ahem to drop her off.

Gopi took everyone's blessing, wished Jigar, Rashi and Mani well, she then, finally, turned to Ahem and looked at him, she folded her hands in front of her and said "Jai Shree Krishan, Ahemji."

Ahem couldn't help but feel a little pang at her small voice, why did he feel as though she was saying goodbye forever? He finally folded his hands in front of him and replied, "Jai Shree Krishna."

Gopi then turned towards the door and stopped at the door to look back at Koki, who rushed to the door and hugged Gopi.

Gopi and Parag walked out the door, leaving Ahem confused and rest of the family sad.

Rashi rushed out of the room to tell her mom the good news.


When Parag and Gopi got to the train station, it was very crowded so Parag asked Gopi to wait by the entrance while he picked up the booked tickets.

When Parag returned after fifteen minutes, Gopi had disappeared.



Does absence make heart grow fonder? Or is the case of out of sight out of mind?

We will see in the next part.

Thanks so much everyone!

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I bet this is Urmi-Raashi Kalakaari. I know how the mother-dauther's mind works

Shilpaben! What a lovely part.

Poor Ahemji doesnt know what to do with himself.
He's like a child who demands attention. If he doesn't get it, then he immediately starts to behave.
SNS Gopi needs to stop giving him attention

I cant wait to read more! Find out about Gopi


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lyk always awsome update
i wonda wer gopi desapeared 2 plzz update soon

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Just love it...I am so liking this suffering Aham... Smile

Pl don't let Gopi fall prey to more Kalakaariz... she deserves peace !!! 

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