Saath Nibhaana Saathiya


Saath Nibhaana Saathiya
Saath Nibhaana Saathiya

SS: Gopi's Ehsaas Last Part updated pg 56 (Page 55)

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Hello everyone!

Thank you so much for liking my story and all your wonderful comments. You are all so wonderful and awesome, you kept inspiring me to write part after part. Thank you all for your support and encouragements.

Unfortunately this is the last part of the FF. I am little sad to see it ending. This is a very special story for me. It not only improved my writing skills, it gave many new friends, and one very special friend.

Thank you so much!

Here it is. The last part.

Part 18

"Arjun what was the name of the owner of the rival company?" Ahem didn't take his eyes off the scene outside. He looked around to be sure that Arjun's people were in place. He had a feeling things were about to get out of hand.

Arjun looked at where Ahem was looking and said to Ahem. "That's Mrs. Khanna, the rival company's owner, Mr Khanna's, second wife. Do you know her?"

It all made sense to Ahem then, why Gopi was kidnapped. He should have known Urmila and Rashi couldn't come up with an elaborate plan like that.

Ahem wanted to get out of the car and run to Gopi and get her out of there, but he also knew, if he revealed himself, then he will never have the proof he needs to put the person in jail. "That's my ex-girlfriend Anita, and I think she is the one who has been behind this whole thing."

If Arjun was shocked by Ahem's revelation he didn't show it. He alerted his people to stay ready.

Ahem tensed when he saw the two goons he had fought that night and a woman approach Anita's car. Gopi and Parag were at a stall buying flowers.

He relaxed a bit when he saw Arjun's people go stand by the flower stall. The goons approached the stall, pretending to buy flowers, but next thing they knew one of the goons moved behind Gopi and was saying something to his dad. Ahem started to get out of the car, but was stopped by Arjun. "Not yet, let them approach Anita, you will have to distract her and the goons."

Ahem waited with his heart in his throat, each second felt like an hour, as he watched the goons take Gopi towards Anita and stop in front of her. Arjun got out of his side of the car and crouched behind the door. "Now Ahem, take it easy." Ahem watched as Arjun closed the door and disappeared from sight.

Ahem opened the car door and walked towards Anita. The goons noticed him and tensed. Anita was too busy taunting Gopi to notice his approach. "Anita! What the hell do you think you are doing? Leave Gopi out of this, she doesn't have anything to do with what happened between us."

Anita turned towards him in shock at first, but relaxed and laughed at him mockingly. "You are wrong Ahem she has everything to do with us. If your mom hadn't chosen her for you, you would have never rejected me for this illiterate gawar."

Ahem greeted his teeth. "Mind your language Anita, Gopi is my wife."

"Well, well, the great Mr. Ahem Modi has fallen for his illiterate wife. Now you will have to watch her die. I only wanted her out of the way to get back at your mother. I had heard that your mother loves this gawar, but this is even more interesting, now I can take my revenge on you too."

Gopi was frozen in place she couldn't believe what she was hearing. She was confused about one thing though. How did her mami and Rashi get involved in this? Gopi tried to move close to Ahem, but was stopped by the gun, that the goon was holding to her back. Ahem glanced at her and gave a slight shake of his head. He had noticed the gun on her back. She nodded her head slightly to let him know she understood, and stood still.

Ahem glanced around discreetly to be sure everyone was still in place and there were no innocent bystanders. He also noticed Arjun in the distance with the police, and released a breath he hadn't realized he was holding. He needed a distraction, and keep Anita's attention on him and not on Gopi.

Ahem looked back at Anita. "You know you will never get away with this."

Anita raised an eyebrow at him. "Don't be stupid Ahem, I have been planning this for a long time now. And by the time the police figures it out I will be on my way out the country and they will have arrested the people responsible for your murders."

Ahem sensed the goon holding the gun to Gopi tense as well as the woman, and they both stared at Anita. Ahem realized the goons were not aware of what Anita has planned for them, and that could work to his advantage.

"So you plan to blame these three idiots for what you are planning to do." Ahem looked at goon who was near Gopi. He swung back to Anita when she laughed mockingly.

"Ahem you don't know me well at all. Like I said I have planned this for a long time, I even married that old fool to get my revenge. I have a much better people to take blame for this." She turned towards Gopi.
"Your family does not care much for you, do they, Mrs. ModI? Your mami and cousin are willing to do anything for money, even kidnap you, so what's stopping them from plotting to kill you?"

Ahem didn't dare look at Gopi, he knew the last statement probably devastated Gopi. She probably hoped that her mami and Rashi were not involved, but this just proved that they had willingly done what they did.

Gopi didn't show any reaction to Anita's words. She had given up on her mami and Rashi long time ago. She had accepted the fact that they never loved her or ever would.

Ahem glanced around for something to use to remove the gun from the Gopi's back. His eyes landed on the puja basket Gopi was holding and the loose sindoor that was in the basket. He flickered his eyes at Gopi then at the basket he then looked at the goon, and hoped Gopi understood what he was trying to convey with the look. When she nodded her head slightly he knew she understood.

Ahem turned back to Anita to keep her distracted. He relaxed his arms to the side. "I still say you won't get away with it, Anita, I won't let you."

Gopi took a step forward and when Ahem gave her a quick look she grabbed the sindoor in a fist and threw it upward towards the goons eyes, who wasn't watching her, when the goon screamed and moved back she knocked the gun out of his hand and kicked it under the car. Then everything happened really fast, Arjun's men grabbed the woman and the man with the sindoor in his eyes, while Ahem fought the third man.

Meanwhile Gopi froze when Anita pulled the gun on her. Ahem handed the man to Arjun and watched as Anita pulled the trigger. He ran towards Gopi and pushed her out the way. The bullet grazed his arm, and he felt a burning sensation in his arm, and felt the warm blood oozing from the wound.

Gopi watched in horror as Ahem moved her out the way, and then staggered back when the bullet hit him in the arm, she ran towards him.

Meanwhile Anita was getting ready to take another shot when the police grabbed her and took the gun away from her.

The police took Anita and the goons away. Arjun ran to Ahem. "Are you ok?"

Ahem glanced at his arm. "Yeah I am fine. Let's go home."

Gopi stopped him. "No, to the hospital first, you are bleeding."

When Ahem started to argue, Parag stepped up. "Gopi beta is right dikra, you should go to the hospital first." Ahem finally agreed.

"Ok, Ahem you go to the hospital, I am going to the police station, I have to hand over what I have. I will call you later." Arjun followed the police van, while the three Modi's headed for the hospital.

Two hours later they returned to Modi Bhavan to find the place in uproar. Rashi was screaming  loud enough for the whole neighborhood to hear her. The police were trying to control her. Kinjal and Dhaval had also arrived and informed everyone of Urmila's arrest.

Rashi was not in her right mind, because Jigar refused to support her and handed her the copy of the divorce papers he had tricked her into signing weeks ago. Rashi's greediness was the death nail in her coffin. Police took Rashi away, screaming and cursing the whole Modi family.


A week later, Modi's had another puja to thank Kanaji for making everything right.

Arjun had informed them that Anita would be sentenced for life for attempted murder and also for killing her husband. When they searched her house after she was arrested they found evidence to prove that she had caused her husbands heart attack. The goons that she had hired also testified against her. Urmi and Rashi were also sent to jail for conspiring to kidnap Gopi and conspiring to kill her.

Day after the puja, Jigar left for US, he decided to study further and get his MBA. He had a long talk with Gopi and Ahem and decided he needed to learn from this experience and stand on his own two feet. He told Gopi not to blame herself for what Rashi tried to do to him. The whole family was very proud of him.

Dhaval's business started profiting soon as Urmila was out of the picture. Their relationship also improved. Kinjle started teaching Dhaval all about business, how to advertise and handle customers.

Modi Bavan returned to its normal routine. Gopi and Ahem are closer than ever. Ahem also started teaching Gopi about the business, and continued getting her help with the project with Mr. Thakkaral.

Gopi walked into their room to see Ahem, once again, standing by the window gazing at the night sky and smiling. She walked up behind him and hugged him from the back, and put her head on his back.

Ahem's heart skipped a beat when he felt her arms go round him. He turned and put his arms around her waist and smiled down at her.

Gopi looked up at him. "Why are you smiling?"

"I am just happy because everything turned out ok. I am very proud of Jigar. He handled the whole thing better than I thought, even Kaka and Kaki didn't take it too hard, and its all because of you. They all love you very much, so obviously they would all hate the people that tried to hurt you."

"I am glad you encouraged deverji to study further, your support means a lot to him. And the whole family also loves you and are very proud of you also." Gopi told Ahem.

Ahem raised an eyebrow at her. "The whole family, what about you?"

Gopi stopped smiling. "I love you the most, always have, always will."

Ahem also stopped smiling, he pulled her closer to him, holding her tightly. "And I love you too, more than my life." He bent and gave her a passionate kiss to show her how much he loved her.


The End.


That's all friends I hope you enjoyed this story. It was supposed to be a short story, but it turned into a FF, I don't know how.

For those who guessed it was Anita, bravo, you guys never missed the clue.

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The ending was fabulous, just loved the way you planned each scene to get to where we were. All the pieces fell into place and fit together like a puzzle...ClapClapClap

Thank you S, for making the time and giving us such a fabulous story. Thank you  for taking us on this wonderful ride called Ehsaas.

Ehsaas is special in more ways than one, most because it gave me a very special friend... Thank You !!! I will miss it but I look forward to some more awesome work from you. 

My rating - Five Star

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sorry for late
comment poor me
busy busy
all parts flawless
love it core & enjoyedHeart
excellent jobClapClapStar
i hope yu come up with
amazing one soon
thnx for super journey yu
shared with us
God bless yu

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Shilpaben, this fic was just excellent
I abos**tely loved it

Every single chapter was better than the last one. Great flow, great continuity.

I never guessed Anita actually. I was thinking Elesh Mehta or Umang.

I loved the ending. Sweet and wonderful. Very perfect

What will you come up twith next?


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Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry sooo sad that the story ended...

but i really loved how it ended...Thumbs Up

Thank u...Thank u sooo much for the inspiring story...

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very nice...   so tired will let you know soon.

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Great and wonder ful story. Pls continue another ff

loved ur expression and story pact

and good thinking i have guessed it as umang.

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awesome update, an action packed one...yay! it was anita...

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