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Saath Nibhaana Saathiya
Saath Nibhaana Saathiya

SS: Gopi's Ehsaas Last Part updated pg 56 (Page 48)

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Shilpa that was a fantastic update! I need more. I can't wait to see what Aham does to Rashi and Urmi. About time somebody made them pay for all their misdeeds. Angry

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wow!! shilpa ben!
loved it !!

loved this SS completely.. ( & u know what im crazy bout ur FF's & ss's .. and on the top of that this SS is completely well written muuuha! )
loved GoHem moments...

loved it  although..

waiting for ur next update

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Great story so far... Looking forward to the next part.  Just read all the parts in sitting - couldn't stop.  Hopefully, we will get an update soon...

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Hello everyone!
TGIF!!!!!Big smile Hope everyone's had a great week and have the best weekend.
Let me start out by saying thank you for all your wonderful comments, I wish I had the time to reply to each individual comment, but just know that they are appreciated. Thank you so much, lots of hugs for all the appreciations and encouragements.HugHug
Here is the next part.

Part 16

Next morning Ahem chose not to go to the office. He stayed home and spent all morning talking to Arjun about the incidents of the night before, and the phone call that Gopi received. Arjun assured him that he would get his people to put taps on Urmila, Rashi and even their home phone.

Arjun was concerned with the fact that they were unable to locate the people who had attempted to kidnap Gopi, and that they might have to come up with a different approach.

Ahem had a felling that Arjun might want to use Gopi as bait and he cannot let that happen. He can't put Gopi's life on the line like that. Anything could go wrong. Ahem had asked Arjun to come up with something else, the thought of using Gopi like that made him break out in cold sweat.

Thinking of Gopi made him realize he hadn't seen her in a while. He walked out the door, and looked down in the hall to see if he could see or hear her, but everything was quiet. Just then Mani came out of his mom's room.

"Mani, have you seen Gopi?"

Mani blinked at him and looked baffled, but recovered quickly when he raised an eyebrow at her. "Ji Ahmebhai, she went to the terrace to get the clothes from the line.

Gopi had just finished getting the clothes off the line, when her eyes landed on her ring again. She had spent most of the morning admiring her ring. She smiled to herself, and thought finally one by one all of her dreams were coming true. There was only one dark spot in their lives, and that was her attempted kidnapping. She was still unable to comprehend the fact that her Mami and cousin would go to this extreme to get rid of her.

She was worried for her Ahemji. He had opted to stay home today, but what about tomorrow when he goes to the office? What if next time they hurt him more? There had to be a way to bring those people out in the open and at the same time expose her maami and cousin.

She had assured Ahemji that she would not run away, that she would stay and fight them, but at the same time they can't wait for kidnappers to spring another attack on them. No they needed to do something to expose these people, and best way to do that is for her to step out of the Modi Bhavan.

She needed to discuss this with Ahemji. Thought of Ahem brought another smile to her face. She couldn't believe how much her Ahemji has changed. Her mind flashed back to the kiss they had shared couple of days before, their first kiss, and she shivered at the thought of being that close to him again, touching him, kissing him. Gopi closed her eyes, small smile playing on her lips, to savor the thought of completely belonging to her Ahemji.

Ahem who had immediately come up the terrace to look for Gopi, after Mani told him where to find her, stopped and stared her.

She looked as though she was having some pleasant thoughts, and he couldn't wait to find out what she was thinking about.

He went behind her and put his arms around her waist and pulled her close to his chest. He nuzzled her neck, making her shiver. Gopi put her hands on his arms and leaned her head back to give him excess to her neck.

Ahem tightened his arms around her and started kissing her neck. Gopi was completely lost in his touch and in his kisses, not realizing where they were. She suddenly remembered and stiffened in his arms.

Ahem felt Gopi tense and stopped kissing her. He turned her in his arms. "What's wrong?"

Gopi flushed at the way he was looking at her. "Um'nothing, woh someone might come up here. We should go back down before someone comes up here to look for me."

Ahem smiled and raised an eyebrow at her shyness. When she moved away from him, he caught her hand and pulled her back. He put his one arm around her waist and caressed her face with the other.

He kissed her on the cheek, then, whispered softly into her ear. "We will continue this later." When her eyes widened in surprise he laughed and let her go.


 A week later they were still unable to get any evidence against Urmi and Rashi, or figure out the location of the three kidnappers. Arjun once again broached the subject of using Gopi to bring the kidnappers out in the open.

The phone tap had worked, they were able tap two threatening calls from Urmila to Modi Bhavan, more specifically to Gopi, but those would not be enough to get them arrested, plus they would be no use as evidence by itself, they needed more solid proof of Urmila and Rashi's involvement.

Meanwhile Gopi and Ahem's feelings for each other were getting stronger by the day. They were becoming closer as each day passes. The intimacy between them was palpable. They had talked about anything and everything, no subject, was taboo. Physically it was getting harder not to take that last step to belong to each other, to complete their relationship. They were both ready for that final step, but waiting for the right moment.

Urmila and Rashi decided to wait to spring the next attack on Ahem. They didn't want to rush anything after the first blotched attack. They hadn't expected Ahem to fight their two goons. They still tried to scare Gopi into leaving, but to their consternation it hadn't worked.

Urmila was becoming more upset with the news of Gopi and Ahem becoming even closer. She advised Rashi to come closer to Jigar. She ordered her to do whatever it took to make sure that Rashi was the first to produce the Modi heir.

To Rashi's disgust, Jigar was putting more distance between them instead of coming closer. She had thought that she could seduce Jigar anytime, but now he wants to wait, saying he had a big surprise for her, and didn't want to do anything until then. Rashi was left wondering about the surprise, so she stopped attempting to seduce Jigar, and thought it couldn't hurt to wait and see the big surprise.

It was a Saturday, and Ahem decided to take Gopi out for lunch and then to Arjun's office, to decide what to do next. They didn't have to worry about Rashi, since she had decided to go visit her mom for the day.

As Gopi was sitting across from Ahem at the restaurant she noticed that he had been brooding and tense for the past couple of hours. She reached across and took his restless hand in hers and squeezed his hand. "Ahemji, what is the matter, why are you so tense?"

Ahem was surprised that Gopi had touched him first, he is usually the one to touch her first. He interlaced his fingers with hers. "Nothing Gopi, I am worried about the fact that we have been unable to come up with any evidence, and you only received two calls so far, and they are not enough for evidence. It's been quiet, too quiet in my opinion, and it makes me wonder what they are planning."

Gopi looked down at their entwined hands, and thought now would be good time to tell him about her idea. "Well there is one solution to our problem."

Ahem's eyes shot up to her, and he dreaded to hear her next words. "No, don't even think about it Gopi, you are not going out of the house by yourself, so they could attempt to take you again. I will not let you do this."

"Ahemji just think about it please, it is the only way to catch those guys and thru them mami and Rashi. Do you know I am on pins and needles every time you go out of the house? How do you think I feel when you leave for office each day?" Gopi was trying to make him understand and get him to agree to the idea of using her to catch the people.

"Gopi we are not going to use you, we will go to Arjun's office after lunch and let him come up with something." Neither one of them spoke after that, each knowing that they might not have a choice in the end.

Three hours later it was very subdued Gopi and Ahem who walked into Modi Bhavan. It looked like Rashi had yet to return, but rest of the family was present, drinking their tea.

Everyone watched them carefully thinking what could have brought the forlorn looks on Gopi and Ahem's face.

Koki eyed them carefully and immediately realized something had happened to make her son look so dejected. "Ahem dikra, what's wrong, why the long face?"

Ahem looked at Gopi, who gave him a slight nod. They had been unable to come up with another solution to the problem. Ahem had finally given into Arjun's plan to bring Gopi out of the house, making it seem like she was going to be by herself. Ahem only agreed on condition that Gopi would be protected at all times no matter what. He still wasn't happy with it, but Gopi had refused to back down. Arjun had advised to let the rest of the family know what was going on also. Ahem took a deep breath, and told everyone the whole thing starting from Gopi's kidnapping to the recent event, and now about how they are going to catch the kidnappers. Koki who had been aware of most of the story, was immediately upset that they had hidden the most recent events from her, but she immediately forgot her upset, when she saw that Chirag and Hetal were in deep shock. Jigar was shocked to learn the extent of Rashi's deceit, he had been aware of her greedy nature, but he didn't think she would go to this extent, and was now glad that he had taken steps to protect the family.

Ahem cautioned everyone to keep everything from Rashi, they didn't want Rashi or Urmi to even get a hint of their plan, he only told them because he didn't want to shock them later when Rashi was arrested. The plan was to be put in motion in next two days.

Later that night when Gopi came into their room Ahem was standing by the window, gazing out at the dark night. He glanced at her then turned back to the view outside. He felt like a failure for not coming up with something better than using Gopi to catch couple of bad guys.

Gopi knew Ahem was upset with her for insisting on being the bait to catch the goons, but she knew it was a perfect solution to the problem. But her dilemma is something completely different right at this very moment.

She realized that any number of things could go wrong, she could die, they didn't know how dangerous those guys are, and she didn't want to leave this world, without expressing her feelings for her Ahemji. She wanted to feel loved by him. She wanted to gift him with that one thing that is very precious to all women. She slowly walked up to him, and hesitated, she knew this time she would have to make the first move, if she wanted to show Ahemji how much she loves him.

Ahem felt her come behind him and hesitate. He wanted to turn and take her in his arms, but waited to see what she would do. He knew he wanted to make Gopi completely his, he could not wait anymore, he needed to show her how important she is to him.

Then he felt her arms go around him from the back, hugging him, and he closed his eyes in relief. He lowered his hand to his waist to catch her hand in his. He finally turned around and hugged her hard. He heard her call his name softly, and he held her tightly.

Finally he released her and looked down at her, he moved the wayward strand of hair from her face and stood their gazing down at her, letting her see all that he felt for her in his eyes.

After seeing the loving look in his eyes, Gopi felt confident enough to ask him for what she wanted. "Ahemji, I know you are upset with me, but if I ask you for something, would you give it to me?"

Ahem brought her closer to him. "I am not upset with you, I am worried for you, and you can ask me for anything and I will grant it, as long as it's possible for me to get it for you."

"You don't have to get anything for me, you already have it." Gopi couldn't meet his eyes, she looked away and flushed.

Now Ahem was intrigued by her request and hoped it was what he had been thinking about for last couple of days.

"Gopi, what is it?"

Gopi was losing her courage fast and was feeling shy about asking him for what she wanted. Then she heard him whisper softly. "Tell me.'"

Gopi looked at him and was encouraged by the curious look in his eyes and the smile on his face. "Your love, I want to completely belong to you. I want to know how it feels to be loved by you just once. I want to take one perfect memory with me, just in case something happens to me. In return I want to show you how much I love you, and if something does happen to me, I want to leave you with just one perfect memory of me."

Ahem's heart clenched at her words, now he knew his Gopi had forgiven him completely. He must have done some good deeds to have a life partner like her. He swore to himself that he would never let anything happen to Gopi, even if it meant putting his own life on the line for her.

He gave her a gentle kiss on the lips then looked down at her. "Thank you so much Gopi. I just want to say one thing, and that is I love you more than my life, and I am never ever letting you go. Are you sure about this?"

Gopi smiled up at him with tears in her eyes, and nodded happily. Ahem gave her a long tender kiss. By the time the kiss ended they were both breathing hard.

Ahem took Gopi's hand and walked to the bed, he dimmed all the lights in the room, and looked at Gopi in the soft lights of the candles that were lit on the table. He walked to her and started kissing her again; Gopi put her arms around his neck and rose up on her toes to kiss him back. She closed her eyes when he left her lips and trailed kisses on her cheek down to her neck.

She felt him pull her sari pallu aside to trail kisses on her shoulder and further down. He came back to her mouth and kissed her passionately. He lifted her in his arms and gently placed her on the bed, while continuing to kiss her.

Gopi reached for the buttons on his shirt and started undoing them one by one, she only got to the third button before her trembling fingers refused to cooperate, Ahem took over and pulled the shirt over his shoulders. He took Gopi's hand and placed them on his chest encouraging her to touch him. Gopi slowly ran her hand over his muscled chest and abdomen. Ahem leaned down and started kissing her again, Gopi moved her arms around his naked back and pulled him closer.

Gopi felt Ahem remove her sari and throw it over his shoulder. She gasped when he kissed her on her exposed stomach. She ran her hand thru his hair and held him even closer to her.

Ahem moved back to her lips. The candles on the table flickered off making the room dark. Ahem and Gopi spent rest of the night expressing their love for each other.



I am living rest of it to your imaginations.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed


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nice updates shilpa very good

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Wow !!! Just love it . Your update was smokin hot.Embarrassed
Loved the Gohem romantic scenes. Just loved it.  Im in lalaland Day Dreaming

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My imagination is running wildLOL.. Definately reminds me of someone who i miss currently. Wish that hottie was here to know what i'm exactly imagining for us.. Thats was a nice treat. The forced leave is really a blessing for us. Now can we discuss what happens next? Or should i take the subject to wifey?Wink.. This chapter is definately dedicated to my girl.    Ms. Lodge, the ice queen might freak out(sorry Ronnie couldn help the

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