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SS: Gopi's Ehsaas Last Part updated pg 56 (Page 46)

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Originally posted by simi91

sorry for late comment
me on vacation dont come the
way i use to
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No worries sweety. I hope you enjoyed your vacation.
Thank you so much, I am glad you liked the part.
Originally posted by vaishali667

 nice one yaar sorry for late comment
No worries. I am glad you enjoyed the update. Thank you so much.

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Hi everyone.
So I know everyone is in la la land after some awesome Gohem moments in the show today, so I figured this is a good time to post the update.
Thank you all so much for the wonderful comments.
Here is the next part. Enjoy.

Part 15

An hour later Ahem walked in they all gasped when they saw his disheveled look. His suit was torn, his lip was bleeding and his face had lacerations. His hand was also bleeding; it looked like he had been in a car accident. But when Gopi met Ahem's eyes across the room she knew this was no accident, but had something to do with the phone call earlier.

Ahem didn't want to reveal to his family what really happened to him. When he met Gopi's eye across the room, something flickered in her eyes, she looked scared, and he wondered about it. He decided to down play the whole incident and not say anything for the moment.

He looked around at everyone's worried expressions. He stopped at Rashi to see her attempting to hide a smirk and thought your days in this house are numbered.

Koki rushed to Ahem followed by Gopi. "Ahem dikra, what happened to you? Were you in an accident?"

Ahem walked to the sofa and sat down. "No mom it wasn't an accident. I had a stop to make on the way home and as I was coming out of the shop two guys decided to try to rob me."

Everyone was shocked to hear someone had tried to rob Ahem. Everyone started talking at once. Wanting to know where it happened and how it happened, or if the people were caught or not.

Gopi knew Ahem had just made that up to hide the truth. She needed to talk to him alone as soon as possible, before something else happened.

Rashi was standing back observing, trying to figure out if Ahem was telling the truth or not. She should have known her mom would come up with a perfect plan to put doubts in Gopi's head. They needed to continue with the threats so Gopi would leave Modi Bhavan forever.

Two hours earlier……….

Ahem hurried out of his office. He wanted to go home before Gopi finished getting ready. He wanted to present her the gift before the puja.

He drove to the jewelry shop, and asked them to show him the diamond wedding bands. He wanted to gift Gopi a matching wedding band to go with her engagement ring. He had noticed she never takes the ring off. He wanted this ring to be symbol of their new life together.

Once he finished selecting the ring, he waited for them to size the ring to her finger. He made calls to Arjun while he was waiting. He was still talking to Arjun when he was walking out of the jeweler's with the ring in his pocket. He was not paying attention to his surroundings, and the first blow to his back surprised him. When he turned, someone else caught him from the side. When the next blow came, he ducked the man and grabbed his arm and punched him in the stomach. While the first guy was down, he grabbed the second one and threw him into the street. The fight lasted only few minutes with Ahem taking both guys down by the time it ended. He got a good look at the both men, and recognized them as the ones in Gopi's sketches, but before he could grab them both again they got up and ran away into the streets, and Ahem was unable to follow them.

He looked at his bleeding hand and realized the second guy must have had a knife or something sharp in his hand when he attacked, hence the cut on his palm.

Ahem picked up his phone and redialed Arjun's number again to let him know what happened. He then drove home, thinking about what just happened.

Ahem looked around at his family, and didn't know how to reassure them that he was fine, and this was just a case of attempted robbery.

He stood up and turned towards his mom. "Mom I am fine, I am going to go up and freshen up, let's just concentrate on the puja for now, I took care of the thieves; they didn't take anything from me." Not telling them that they had no intentions of stealing from him, but just wanted to injure him slightly.

"Ok Ahem dikra," Koki turned towards Gopi. "Gopi vahu, take the first aid box up to your room and help Ahem."

Gopi nodded her head and rushed to the kitchen to get the first aid box.

When Gopi went to their room, Ahem was attempting to take his jacket off, and it was obvious it was causing him pain. Gopi set the first aid box on the table and went to him to help him out of the jacket.

Ahem was surprised to feel Gopi's hands on his back. Once the jacket was off, he turned towards her and attempted to ease her worry by smiling at her, but failed. Gopi looked like she was about to cry on his behalf.

She put the jacket on the bed and before he could say anything, she turned to him and hugged him hard. He staggered back to balance himself and put his uninjured arm around her to hug her back. He rested his chin on her head and just held her close for few moments. After a moment he felt the wetness of her tears on his shirt and moved back to look down at her.

"Gopi, don't cry, it looks worse than it is." She looked up at him with tears in her eyes. He gently wiped the tears from her face.

"I am going to wash up and change clothes then we will go down for puja. We will talk about everything else, after you break your fast."

Gopi watched him go into the bathroom then moved towards the window to gaze at the full moon.

When Ahem came out of the bathroom twenty minutes later in his green sherwani, Gopi was still standing by the window, lost in her own thoughts.

Ahem frowned at her. "Gopi?" when she turned towards him, he saw that she still looked worried. "We should go down? Everyone must be waiting for us."

Gopi walked to him and took his hand and silently walked him to the chair and made him sit in the chair. She took out the ointment from the first aid box and applied it to the lacerations on his face. When flinched at the slight burning sensation, she gently blew on the scratch to sooth him. Ahem got lost watching Gopi take care of him. When she blew on his face, he immediately flashed back to the Holi scene when she had taken the color out of his eye she had looked just as cute as she did now. She then took his hand and applied the ointment to the cut in his palm and wrapped a bandage around it.

Ahem stood up as Gopi put the first aid box back together, when she was finished he turned her towards him. "Gopi, I really am ok, please don't worry."

She finally looked at him, gave him a slight smile. "We should go down everyone must be, waiting for us."

Ahem took her hand, and his eyes landed on her ring finger. He had forgotten all about his gift for her. "Wait I forgot something." He looked around for his jacket, and saw that it was still on the bed. He took the box out of his jacket then went to the closet to take his own ring out of the drawer.

He then went to Gopi and presented her the gift.

Gopi's eyes widened at the box in his hand, she then looked up at him questioningly. "Open it. I wanted to give you this before the puja as a symbol of our new life together."

Gopi took the box from him with shaking hands. She slowly opened the box and gasped at the most beautiful diamond wedding band she had ever seen.

Ahem took the box and took the ring out. He then took his ring and held them both out in the palm of his hand.

Gopi was once again surprised, by the other ring, Ahem took his ring and handed it to her; he took her ring and slid it on to her ring finger then held out his right hand for her to do the same.

After they exchanged the rings, Ahem took Gopi in his arms and hugged her to him tightly. Gopi closed her eyes and thanked Kanaji for this precious moment.

Gopi did not need words to understand this gesture from her Ahemji. It was understood that this was his way of making up to her for the previous year. And not only that, this was also his way of telling her that he was making up to her for the day she took her wedding vows back. From this point on there will be nothing but happiness in their lives. Nothing and no one will be able to separate them.

Gopi finally pulled back from Ahem, looked up at him and smiled. "We should go down, they are waiting for us."

He smiled back at her and they both walked out the door.

Koki and Hetal watched as Ahem and Gopi descended the stairs together. Hetal nudged Koki. "Koki look how beautiful Ahem and Gopi looks."

Koki smiled and thought you are right motabhabhi they make a beautiful couple.  Ahem in his green sherwani and Gopi in her green and gold sari. When they both joined everyone, Koki took kajal from the corner of her eye and placed a small dot behind each of their ears. "May Kanaji keep you away from any evil eyes," giving Rashi a pointed look.

Koki turned towards everyone. "Now let's everyone go on the terrace and perform the puja, so we can break our fast."

Everyone went to the terrace to do the puja. Ahem pulled Gopi away from everyone, he didn't want to share the moment with anyone else.

Ahem watched, fascinated, as Gopi did all the rituals, and thought his wife looked most beautiful tonight in the green sari. Before he knew it she finished all the ritual and was bending down to take his blessing. He caught her mid way and shook his head, and just squeezed her arms. He then took the water glass from her thali, and held it to her lips to break her fast.


Later that same night, Ahem was pacing his room. He had spoken to Arjun earlier, who agreed with him, they needed to catch the people that attempted to kidnap Gopi, and have them turn against Urmi and Rashi.

Arjun had already informed the police. They also needed to put a tap on Rashi and Urmila's phone, for more evidence.

Gopi walked in the room and saw that Ahem was very tense. She knew she had to tell him about the phone call. She closed and locked the door then went towards him.

Ahem turned to see Gopi standing few steps away, watching him with curious expression on her face.

They both stood there starring at each other for what seemed like endless moments, but it was only for a moment.

Gopi slowly walked to the dresser and started removing her jewelry. Ahem went behind her and hugged her from the back. Ahem was delighted at her flushed face and gave her, reflection in the mirror, a smile.

"Did I tell you that my wife was the most beautiful woman present today? Gopi flushed even more at his compliment and put her hands on his arms. It would be so easy to get lost in her feelings for Ahemji, but she needed to tell him about the phone call.

She turned in his arms and looked up at him. "Ahemji, there is something I have to tell you."

Ahem tensed at her tone, and knew something must have happened while he was at the office. He knew his not going to be able to distract Gopi from his injuries. He stepped back from her. "Ok, you go change then we will talk."

Gopi nodded and went to her closet to get her night sari, then went into the bathroom to change.

Fifteen minutes later she came out with her hair loose and no makeup on her face, wearing her yellow simple sari.

Ahem was sitting on the bed, trying to finish some work, but when she came out of the bathroom, he put his laptop away and waited for her to join him on the bed.

When she sat next to him he pulled her close and put his one arm around her and took her hand with his other hand. "Tell me what happened? You've been worried about something all evening."

Gopi looked up at him. "Woh, earlier today, before you came home, I receive a phone call."

Ahem frowned down at her. "What kind of phone call? And who was it from?"

"At first all I heard was static on the phone, and then a distorted voice told me if I know what's good for me I will leave the Modi Bhavan forever, or see what happens to you."

Ahem was shocked to hear what Gopi said and in the next moment he was very angry. He was not going to spare anyone for causing Gopi more pain. He looked back at her and thought that's why she had been so quiet earlier in the evening. Even when he was feeding her after the puja, she kept glancing at Rashi nervously. So she was aware that this might have something to do with her Mami and Rashi.

Ahem cupped her face and made her look at him. "Is that why you were so worried earlier in the evening when you thought I was injured?" When she nodded her head and tried to look away from him, he wouldn't let her.

"Gopi, promise me one thing. No matter how much they threaten my life, you will not even think about leaving me or the Modi Bhavan, because if you leave, I won't be able to live without you."

Gopi quickly put her hand on his mouth. "Nahi, Ahemji, it never even occurred to me to leave you or the Modi Bhavan. It made me angry that they would try to hurt you to get rid of me. In the past I didn't care, because they only harmed me. But this time they threatened your life, and I won't stand back and let them hurt you to get to me. No, I will stay here and fight them."

Ahem was touched by Gopi's words and was also proud of her for facing all the problems head on instead of trying to make excuses for her family.

Ahem hugged her to him and placed his chin on her head and promised her silently that he would protect her no matter what happens.

He loosened his arms and looked down at her. "I will call Arjun tomorrow and let him know of this latest development and see what he says."

Gopi smiled up at him bit sadly, before nodding her head.

"Now, you've had a long day today, you must be tired, so let's go to sleep, we will take care of everything tomorrow."

Ahem put his arm around Gopi, while she rested her head on his chest and her hand on his heart. He put his hand on top of hers and rubbed her back with his other hand until she fell asleep.


And the teej is over. What will we see in Gohem's life next?Smile


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Now I demand a *superlike* button .. its high time we had it...

OMG Shilpa, I am absolutely crazy about Ehsaas Aham... thoughtful, sensitive, caring, romantic, whats more he can take on two ruffians easily..a hero.. its a complete package.. me wants me wants Embarrassed Actually me wants him more after seeing his pic with the tilak... *drools again* Wink

I love the attention you pay to detail, it makes my trip to SNS land so much easier...Love the way you pen poignant moments .. U r my JM Star

Absolutely fantastic GoHam moments, I am prepared for whatever the next day brings...The change from a being a romantic couple to a couple who are determined to face everything that comes their way is beautiful. 

Love a strong, thinking Gopi, one who can think on her own and make her own decisions. She aint chickening out, so you better watch out UrShi Ouch...

My fav scenes from the update  - the exchanging of rings to signify new  beginnings and the scene on the bed, both of them comforting each other and providing much needed silent strength.. Heart

Fantastic update hun..ClapClapClap.. as usual the inquisitive me  can't wait the next installment... Yeh dil mange more...Smile


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It took two hugs and plenty of tender loving moments in Gohem's bedroom to see us through the end of teej -- how we wish for moments like these to happen in the the serial!

The most memorable moments were without a doubt the hugs, the exchanging of the rings and falling of to sleep in each others arms.
Let us hope that the next day will bring the beginning to the end of the evil that is oozing out of Rashi and Urmi.

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Love it! Love it. I know I have said this 1000 times before but I just love your story. Really liked the part where koki gives rashi the look , knowing that she and her mum has something to do with the injury. Just loved this part action packed with gohem moments like today's maha episode. Looking forward to the next part . I hope urshi duo are serverly punished.Also liked the part where ahem said gopi was the nicest present. I was on cloud nine. I wish Ahem would say such sweet things in the show .    Embarrassed

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simi91 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 June 2011 at 2:04pm | IP Logged
omg omg what excellent job
the ring exchange was unique & stunning
both hug beautifully & to sooth thier pain
& worry away
love how gopi talk with confident & attitude
to stand to them
mindblowing update
love it
ur style of writting made me
addicted to ur FF
pls pls pretty pls one more
cant wait cruella deville & daughter to
be caught AngryAngryAngry

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I love your story, you've developed GoHem's relationships beautifully, the're so in sync with each other and know exactly what the others thinking. I loved the sign of them starting their new life together and also when they're comforting each other. It's beautiful.

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Wonderful Shilpaben. I loved it, as usual. Thanks you for this weekend treat

Phone tapping - something someone in Modi bhavan needs to do to Raashi's phone in SNS. Then all her dirty laundry will come out.

Ahem and Gopi are so cute. I love them together

As always, I will wait for more


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