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SS: Gopi's Ehsaas Last Part updated pg 56 (Page 37)

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Originally posted by Traxy101

Wow, loved this chapter. It's so romantic how they're love is almost forbidden in a way and he has to make up excuses just to smooch his wife. Really can't wait for the next chapter.

Thank you so much. Forbidden love, I like that idea. But do you think they will be able to hide their feelings for each other for long?

Originally posted by Eesha2

Argh that Rashi. I could just smack her silly. Angry Poor Gopi. Hopefully she talks to Aham quickly and clears up all the doubt. Wonderful update Shilpa. Can't wait to read more. Update soon.

Thank you so much Eesha. That's about how Rashi makes me feel.

Originally posted by magi11

superb update...

Thank you so much!

Originally posted by swasthi

What a fabulous kissing scene - with so much of depth and emotions.
Your Ahem is certainly hotting up to Gopi. Looking forward to the evening scene.
In the meantime, Ahem is still to not only approach Kinjal on showing respect to Gopi but also for him to verbalise his apology to Gopi and bring them both on a level field.
Looking forward to the next update.

Thank you so much Swasthi. Ahem has finally had his talk with Kinjle, and has attempted to apologize to Gopi, lets see what happens.

Thanks everyone for all your wonderful comments. Update coming up.

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Hello everyone.
Hope everyone is well, and here we are again, another week over, with nothing much happening in the SNS land. I hope you all have a good weekend.

Here is the next part. Enjoy!

Part 12

Meanwhile Ahem is having hard time concentrating on his work this morning. Currently he was starring out the big window of his office, twirling his pen back and forth. Every time he tried to work, the scene from that morning would flash in his mind. He hadn't intended to kiss Gopi, but once his eyes dropped to her trembling lips, the urge to kiss her had been irresistible. He could still remember the sweet taste of her lips. He had never felt anything like it before. Who knew what would have happened if Jigar hadn't interrupted them.

Whoa Ahem! Calm down, she is nowhere ready to take that step.

Ahem sighed and turned back towards his desk and tried to concentrate on his work. It was almost lunchtime and he had called Kinjle to meet him for lunch at the near by coffee shop.

He sighed he didn't know how to approach Kinjle about the necklace. Initially his reaction had been anger, but as he thought about it he wondered what would be the use of getting angry at her at this point, it is not going heal all the hurt that Gopi has been dealt with in the past year. No, it will have to be lot more than anger on her behalf that will heal those hurts. And he alone has to heal those hurts, because he is the one person who has hurt her the most.

He is still unsure of how Gopi feels about him now. In the past he didn't have any doubts that Gopi had loved him, but he wonders now, was that love on her part or just an infatuation. What does she really know about love? He had never given her any reason to love him. At this point he doesn't know whether he loves her or not, but he feels this unknown pull towards her. He feels pain when she hurts, when she smiles at him certain way, he feels as though his life is complete. From here on, he can't imagine life without Gopi.

If this was love, then what had he felt for Anita? Infatuation? That must have been it. If he had truly loved her, then he would have never let her go so easily, he would have fought for her. He would have found a way to convince his mom to accept his marriage to Anita.

He glanced at his watch and realized it was almost twelve-thirty, and if he didn't leave now he would be late in meeting Kinjle. He called his PA to let her know he would be out of the office for lunch. Then he remembered he had told Gopi he would call her later. But how can he call her without the family getting curious and Rashi getting suspicious.

He could call his mom's phone, but then he would have to explain to his mom why he wanted to talk to Gopi. No it's best to wait and explain to Gopi why he didn't call as promised.

He reached the coffee shop and took a table in the back and waited for Kinjle to arrive. He didn't have to wait long. No sooner had he ordered his tea, he saw Kinjle walking towards him.

He observed his sister as she walked towards him. It's been almost six months since her wedding and she still looked defiant. He realized his sister's present situation is reflection of his own situation a year ago. Will she ever learn to accept Dhaval as he had Gopi?

Then he realized, Kinjle may not love her husband, she may not even like him, but she does support him. She had started helping Dhaval with his business and they both seem to be happy at the moment, but then he really doesn't know what goes on in his sister's marriage.

Kinjle saw her brother watching her and smiled at him. She took a seat directly across from him. She had been so happy when he called her that morning and told her he wanted to meet her for lunch. "Jai Shree Krishna Bhai."

"Jai Shree Krishana Kinjle, How are you?" Ahem signaled the waiter.

He waited until she ordered, then said, "Kinjle I invited you to lunch because there is something important I wanted to discuss with you."

Kinjle tensed a little, her brother sounded really serious. "What is it Bhai? Does this have something to do with Gopi Bhabhi?"

Ahem eyed her sharply. "You do know that I brought Gopi back from New Delhi right?"

"Yes I heard Urmi phoi talking to Rashi bhabhi on the phone about it, then she told us all. Why did you bring her back?"

Ahem inhaled sharply, and thought, so Kinjle really hasn't changed her mind about Gopi. Even after all that Gopi has done for her Kinjle continued to dislike Gopi.

Ahem took a deep breath. "Kinjle I know you don't like Gopi, but please understand that Gopi is the innocent party in this whole situation."

Kinjle was shocked to hear her brother defending Gopi. "How can you say this? If it wasn't for her you would have been married to Anita, and I would have been married to Umang. And I thought you never liked her."

"No, that's not true, in the beginning I did like her. Then there were too many misunderstanding created between us. I didn't know mom was aware of Gopi's illiteracy. I should have been upset with mom, not Gopi."

Kinjle shook her head, but Ahem continued. "And now I have found out that you also created a major misunderstanding between us."

Now Kinjle was scared. "Bhai, what are you talking about? I never did anything to hurt you."

Ahem couldn't believe that Kinjle didn't think it would hurt him when her truth came out. "No you didn't hurt me directly, but what you did lead me to hurt Gopi. Kinjle, I know about the necklace. I know you ordered it in Gopi's name then presented to her as a gift from me."

Kinjle looked away from Ahem she didn't want to see the anger on his face. She had no excuse for him, what she had done, was wrong.

Ahem felt a little relieved, at least Kinjle didn't deny what she had done. "Kinjle I am not angry with you, yes I wished you hadn't done what you did, and I am angry on Gopi's behalf. But I am angry at myself more for what I did to her on that day."

Kinjle's snapped her eyes back to Ahem. "Are you starting to care for her?"

Ahem gave her a faint smile. "Yes, I am starting to care for her, more than care for her. I have realized Mom's choice for me is perfect. But Kinjle you don't know what Gopi has been thru at her Mami's hand since she was a child. And I know that if you really got to know her, you also would begin to care for her."

Ahem told Kinjle all about how she was treated in her mami's house since she came to live with them.

Kinjle was shocked by what she heard, just as Ahem had been, when he read the file. He also told her all about Gopi's kidnapping attempt and what she had been doing for the past three months.

Kinjle reached across and squeezed Ahem's hand. "I had little bit of an idea about how she was treated before she married you, but I didn't know she was abused to this extent."

Ahem looked at her questioningly. "Remember when she went back to her mami's house the day after my marriage. The next day before you came to pick her up, Urmi phoi had dismissed the servant saying she didn't need a servant anymore, since Gopi bhabhi was back. So you see I knew, but didn't think any of it mattered."

Ahem didn't want to remember the day he had dropped Gopi off at her mami's house. Thank god Naniji had come and Gopi was able to escape Urmi's abuse.

Kinjle sat up straight. "Bhai, just before I left Urmi phoi was saying something about visiting Gopi bhabhi, you don't think she would try anything at our house? Does mom know about all this?"

Ahem also sat up at this and knew he had to reach home fast, he didn't want to take the chance of leaving Gopi alone with those two witches, they couldn't be trusted.

"Kinjle I am going home. I am sorry about this, but I hope you understand and start to like Gopi after this."

"Ji, bhai, don't worry I will come home and apologize to bhabhi, and let me know if I can help in anyway."

They both hugged and Ahem ran out of the coffee shop fast.


Meanwhile Urmila has arrived at the Modi Bhavan.

Koki was not surprised to see Urmila at her doorstep. She had a feeling the mother/daughter duo was up to no good. She had no intention of leaving them alone with her Gopi vahu.

Gopi came out of the kitchen with tea for everyone, as soon as she set the tray on the table Urmila rushed to her side and hugged her.

"Aray Gopi dikra, where have you been, what happened to you?"

All were shocked to see Urmi behave in such way, as far as they knew, Urmi had never shown that kind of affections towards Gopi, especially since they all knew what she and Rashi did to get Gopi thrown out of the house.

Koki was first to speak. "Urmilaben as you can see my Gopi vahu is fine, you don't need to worry now, she is safe now."

Urmi made a sad face. "Vavenji, how can I not worry, after all she is also like my daughter."

"Like your daughter Urmilaben, but not your daughter right?" Koki raised her head and pulled her pallu over her left shoulder.

Urmi had no answer for her, she giggled nervously and moved away from Gopi.

Gopi had been too shocked by Urmis hug, finally replied to her. "I fine mamiji, how is mamaji."

Urmi gave her a fake smile. "He is fine."

Ahem walked in the house and was relieved to see everyone in the hall, and Gopi not alone with Urmi and Rashi.

Both Gopi and Koki looked at him in surprise.

Koki spoke first. "Ahem, how come you are home so early?"

Ahem thought quickly for an excuse. "Woh mom, I was visiting a site near here and thought I should finish rest of my work at home, so that's why I am home early."

Koki glanced at him thoughtfully. "Ok, do you want some tea?"

Ahem loosened his tie. "Yes, but could you send it to my room please." Hoping his mom would get the hint and send Gopi up with the tea.

"Ok you go freshen up and I will send the tea up for you."

"Thanks mom." He made his way up the stairs; he could feel Gopi's eyes on him as he was leaving.

Koki turned to Gopi. "Gopi vahu, leave all this here, Rashi will serve us tea, you go make Ahem his green tea, then take it up to him." She smiled at Gopi and thought I know exactly why Ahem has come home early. To spend time with you, so that's what you will do.


Back in GoHem room, Ahem was pacing back and forth and thinking about all the things he had to talk to Gopi about.

He saw Gopi come in just as he turned towards the door again, and was relieved to see it was Gopi and not Mani.

She closed the door behind her and walked towards him. He took the teacup from her and set it on the table. He then took her to the bed and sat her down and then took a seat beside her.

Ahem put his hand on Gopi's shoulder. "Are you ok? I came home as soon as Kinjle told me your mami was planning to come here."

Gopi frowned at him. "Where did you see Kinjleben? I thought you were at a site near here."

Ahem looked away from her for a moment, then decided now is good time as any to tell her about the necklace. "I met Kinjle for lunch, I needed to talk to her about something."

Gopi didn't like the sound of that. "What did you have to talk to Kinjleben about?"

Ahem pulled the card out of his pocket, and showed it to her. Gopi frowned at the card, and looked up at him. "The necklace was ordered by Kinjle in your name."

Gopi's eyes widened, in surprise. "Why?"

"She wanted you to look bad in my eyes, so that I would throw you out of my life making it easier for me to marry Anita, and for her to marry Umang." Ahem looked away in shame.

The silence between them was awkward, neither one of them knew what to say to something like that, but something had to be said in order for them to move forward.

Ahem looked back at Gopi to see the sadness on her face, and felt more ashamed for the way he treated her on that day.

"Gopi you have every right to not forgive me or Kinjle, but I would still like to apologize to you for the way I treated you on that day, and for every day that I was harsh to you and for hurting you the way I did."

Gopi looked at him in surprise. As far as she knew her Ahemji was too arrogant and set in his way to ever humble himself in this way. For him to apologize to her in this manner was a big thing for him.

Gopi didn't know how to respond to his apology. Yes he hurt her in a way that no one has ever hurt her, but could she put the blame entirely on his shoulders? Isn't she responsible for some of that hurt? Did she have the right to blame him, when she, herself, didn't speak up at the times when she should have? Was she not to blame for not using her instincts and blindly following the advice of the people whom she thought loved her? Was she not to be blamed for acting stupidly when it counted?

Gopi took a deep breath and looked at Ahem. "I can understand why Kinjle ben did what she did, she loved Umang, and she loves you, of course she wanted to see you happy too. I don't blame her for trying to separate us, who knows, if I were in her place I would have done the same."

"Gopi that doesn't excuse the fact that what she did was wrong. That also doesn't excuse my anger towards you. I should have tried to find out the truth before unleashing my anger on you. It doesn't excuse the fact that I raised my hand to you on that day. I was at my lowest point on that day. Instead of apologizing to you when I found out that mom knew about your illiteracy, I continued to blame you, when it wasn't your fault at all."

Gopi stood up and twisted her hands in front of her. "Ahemji, that's all over now. I have to take my share of the blame too; you weren't completely at fault either. I was the one who acted stupidly most of the time. Listening to Rahshiben, instead of following my own instincts, or seeking help when I needed it."

Ahem went and stood next to her and took her shoulders in his hands. "Gopi you are not stupid, and I am sorry I ever called you gawar. You are neither, so what you didn't know how to read or write, but you have a great memory, you can organize anything just from your memory. You know how to follow instruction when it counts. Most important of all you do everything from heart, and with good intentions. You don't hurt people."

Ahem knew it was going to be hard to convince Gopi not to blame herself for the things that happened in the past. And he didn't know how to convince her. "Ok, I can see that you don't believe me right now, but just think about all the things you've done in the past by just following your instincts alone, and you will see that I am right. It's not you who is stupid. I am the stupid one for not seeing what was right in front of my eyes."

Ahem hope she thinks about what he said to her and is able to forgive him for his past acts. "Leave that for now, all I ask is please think about what I said, and I hope that you will be able to forgive me and give me a chance to make it up to you. Did Rashi say something to you today?"

Gopi was glad he changed the topic; she was too confused right now to give him the right answers. "Yes, she asked me if I really don't remember about my kidnapping, and she also told me about maji."

Ahem gave her a mocking smile. "Let me guess she tried to fill your head with doubts again by saying I only brought you back home for mom, that I don't really care for you. I hope you didn't believe her."

Gopi looked away in shame and Ahem moved away from her. He took a deep breath and ran his hand thru his hair. "I can see that you did have doubts about it. I am not going to defend myself this time, if you still let her fill your head with doubts after all that has happened, then no matter what I say, you won't believe me, because you have already chose to believe her."

Ahem went to his closet and took out a change of clothes. After giving her one last look, he went in the bathroom to change.

He was gone before Gopi could tell him that she had doubted him but only for a little while, when she really thought about it she knew that he has changed and he really did care for her like he said he did.

Gopi decided to talk to him later. She needed to go back down before everyone started wondering about her whereabouts.


Ok friends I end this here. I didn't intend this part to be this long, but things just kept progressing to this point. Hope you like it.


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Oh so Aham is 'naraz' now? Is Gopi going to pacify him? I hope so!
Loved the update!!!
Waiting for the next part!

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Shilpa, I have nothing to say except ClapClapClap 

Can't help myself.. Loved it Shilpa.. loved the way Aham dealt with Kinjle, loved the way he rushed back, loved the way he explained things to her, never once trying to shift blame... 

Jus love "your" Aham, much better than the *khadoos* we see.. love a thinking Gopi, most important of all Aham values and sees Gopi for who she is and not for who she was portrayed to be...

Yeh dil mange more... Wink

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Loved the update! Their talk was very sweet and genuine! Update soon.

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In one word : Awesome!!
It's real good!

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awesome update...loved it

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