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SS: Gopi's Ehsaas Last Part updated pg 56 (Page 34)

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Posted: 14 June 2011 at 10:27am | IP Logged
Originally posted by shobi12500

its becoming more intresting shilpa very good
Thanks Shoaib, I am glad you are enjoying the story.
Originally posted by sunshine33

Great update...looking forward to some GoHem moments..and I wonder if Ahem will deal with Ms. Kinjal good and's will be a bit nice to see Ahem treating the ones who really did Gopi wrong the way he used to treat Gopi...
Thanks so much dear, I guess Ahem will have to deal with Kinjle in his own way, but first he has to face what he has done to Gopi.
Originally posted by angelirebelli

Its such well written story that I had to revisit Shilpa, loved the update esp the way Gopi reminisces the past, the very restless Rashi and the cautious Kokila. 

Just love the way you developed the whole entry scene very matured and real... Keep up the good work !!!
Anjali this is for you. HugHugThank you so, so, so much, you have made my day. I had acutally felt down for a moment, but your comments just  raised my spirits to high heaven.
Originally posted by neetusidhu

wow...what a was mega awesome...i was out of the loop for the past couple of updates and just got caught up again...all the updates were awesom shilpa...cant wait to see what happens next
Thanks so much Neetu. I am so glad you are back.
Thank you all so much, I love you all and your comments. Your guys are the best. I hope to update tonight, till then See ya.Big smile

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Bidaaifan09 Senior Member

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Posted: 14 June 2011 at 4:47pm | IP Logged
It is about time he realized how wrong he was in the past now Gopi deserves all the happiness in the world. I loved it (no you did not bore me at all) I am waiting for the next installment. Let it be soon.

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ll-Shilpa-ll IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by Bidaaifan09

It is about time he realized how wrong he was in the past now Gopi deserves all the happiness in the world. I loved it (no you did not bore me at all) I am waiting for the next installment. Let it be soon.

Thank you so much. I am hoping Ahem has learned from his mistakes, but he shouldn't try to hide things from Gopi.

Thanks for telling me I did not bore you, hope you enjoy the next part.
ll-Shilpa-ll IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 June 2011 at 7:41pm | IP Logged
Hello everyone, I am backLOL

I am very happy today, we got a best Gohem scene today, and I am in high spirit, I might cry tomorrow, but that's ok, because I was happy today.

Thank you so much for all the wonderful comments.

Here it is. Hope you enjoy it.

Part 11

It is late at night, everyone in the Modi Bavan is asleep, except for Ahem. He felt restless and his brain was unable to comprehend the fact that his own sister had hand in destruction of his marriage.

He glanced over at Gopi who was sleeping peacefully. He silently apologized to her for all the things he had done and said to her in the past.

After she had put her jewelry away, she hadn't questioned him. He had kept the card with him. Soon after she put everything away she had gone in the bathroom to change. When she came out of the bathroom, she had hesitated for a moment and looked at him. He had waited to see if she would try to make her bed on the rug, but she must have seen the look on his face, because she had  come to bed without saying anything.

He had waited for her to fall asleep before he slipped out of bed silently to go to Kinjles's room. He knew the handwriting on the card was Kinjles, but he wanted to confirm it before he talked to Kinjle.

He should have realized Kinjle would do all that she could to keep him away from Gopi, but he hadn't thought about her going to this extreme. She had tried to get him to meet Anita before marriage, but he thought Kinjle had finally accepted the fact that he was married to Gopi and he would never do anything to hurt his mom.

By the time her and Umang's relationship was revealed he had forgotten all about the necklace, and even if he would have remembered, he would have never connected the necklace with Kinjle. He had still been stuck on thinking worst of Gopi, even after she had done so many things for him and his family to prove his thinking wrong. He hadn't been ready to believe that someone could be so good, he had still thought that she was doing everything to look good in front of his family.

He realized why Kinjle did what she did, but now he needed to know how Kinjle feels about Gopi. He wanted to make things clear with her,  tell her to stay away from Gopi if she plans to discredit her anymore in front of him. He didn't want to have to worry about Kinjle doing something on top of Urmi and Rashi.


Next morning Gopi woke up early, got ready and went downstairs before Ahem could wake up. She didn't know why she felt awkward with him, but she needed more time to deal with the new Ahem. It had been ok when they were not with the family and near all the memories of the past, but being back in Modi Bhavan and all the memories of her inadequacy were brought back to surface, and that was making it more difficult for her to deal with the new Ahem. She had no idea why he asked all the questions about the necklace. She hadn't asked him either, avoiding the memories of that awful day.

When she went down, she saw Koki going to get the milk and hurried down to help her. "Maji, I will take the milk." She took the vessel from Koki and waited for her to open the door.

After the milkman left they both went into the kitchen, where Hetal met them. "Gopi dikra, you didn't have to wake up so early. I would have handled everything; you should have rested."

Gopi smiled at Heatal. "No, its ok kakiji, I am back now, I will help you; I couldn't rest anyways."

Koki was listening silently, but spoke up just then. "It's ok motabhabhi, let her do what she is doing, the sooner she gets back in the routine of things, the sooner she will feel better."

After they finished preparing breakfast, they went to the mandir to get ready for the morning arti.

After a while the whole family joined them for the arti. Rashi rushed down, out of breath, as she was last one to arrive. Everyone ignored her except for Koki who just glared at her, and turned back towards the mandir again.

Rashi was shocked to see Gopi taking over the morning duty already, as if she had never left and thought, just wait; I am not going to let you ruin my work. Jigarji had finally started coming around again. He had even sent her flowers the other day and bought her a little gift. The biggest thing was the papers he had her sign for the bank account he wanted to open in her name, so she could have her own credit card. She couldn't wait to get her own credit card; the first thing she is going to do was take her mom shopping.

Rashi was so lost in her dream of credit card and shopping that she didn't even realize when the aarti was over. Gopi was standing in front of her, giving her strange looks. She took the aarti real quick and turned away, only to, encounter Koki's glare once again. She mumbled something under her breath and moved towards the kitchen real quick, before Koki could question her.

Ahem had been quiet the whole morning, once again missing his alone time with Gopi. He couldn't look at her too many times without the family getting curious, he need to find a way to get her alone before he left for office.

He ate breakfast quickly and made an excuse to go to his room, hoping Gopi comes up to check on him. Gopi didn't even glance at him for him to signal her to come up to their room. He went up anyways hoping for the best.

Gopi watched from the corner of her eye as Ahem left to go up to the room, he seemed distracted during breakfast, and he didn't eat much. Should she follow him up to see if he is ok? Then in the next moment she decided against not going up, he may not like it.

Koki had been watching her son and vahu for a while now. She noticed Ahem stealing glances at Gopi, and Gopi avoiding looking at him completely. She had been curious since Ahem returned with Gopi, whether their relationship had changed for better or not.  She needed to know if Ahem had changed his mind about his wife or not. Her son was harder to read than even before.

Then she noticed Ahem glancing at Gopi as he went upstairs and realized something has definitely changed, and she needed to know if its good or bad. "Gopi vahu, get my diary from my room, I want to make few phone calls this morning."

Gopi gave Koki a curious look. "Ji maji."

Ahem was just about to give up and go back down when he heard his mom tell Gopi to go to her room. He waited for her behind the door in his room and listened for the sound of her payals.

He tensed just as she neared their door, when she was right in front of the door, he took her hand and pulled her into the room quickly closing the door and pressing her back against the door, he put his hand on her mouth and shushed her. They both stared at each other for a long moment. He finally removed his hand from her mouth.

"Ahemji, what is this, why did you pull me in here like this?

Ahem glared at her. "Because I wanted to see you before I left for office and you are avoiding me."

Gopi looked away from him. "I am not avoiding you."

Ahem cupped face in his hand and turned her head so she was looking straight at him. "Yes, You are avoiding me. Why?"

Gopi lowered her lashes so he wouldn't be able to see the pain in her eyes. How can she tell him how much it was scaring her to be this close to him, she couldn't take it if he turned away from her again, and she wants to avoid any form of rejection from him.

Ahem watched as she leaned her head against the door and closed her eyes. He couldn't stop starring at her trembling lips. He wanted to lean down and kiss her and forget the rest of the world.

Gopi could feel his eyes on her, and closed her eyes tightly and waited him out, but she should have known he wouldn't wait long. She felt his breath on her lips before she felt his lips press gently on to hers. She tensed even more, and held herself from responding, but couldn't resist for long and relaxed against the door. He deepened the kiss, and she put her arms around him and pulled him closer, forgetting everything but his lips on hers.

Ahem wanted to jump for joy when he felt her lips soften under his, he put his arms around her and pulled her closer to his body. He didn't know how long they stood their kissing, but they both jumped apart when they heard Jigar calling him.

They were both breathing hard, Ahem took a deep breath to calm his heart down, then opened the door slightly to tell Jigar he would be right down. He closed the door again and looked back at Gopi. "Are you ok?"

Gopi was too embarrassed to look at him, so she just nodded her head once.

Ahem sighed, stepped forward and gave her a tight hug. He looked down at her and said. "Be careful with Rashi today, I will call you later." When she nodded her head again, he kissed her on the forehead and left the room, before he changed his mind and started kissing her again.

Gopi stood in the same place starring after him, then went to the mirror and fixed her hair and make up, before going to Koki's room to get the diary.

Koki waited for Gopi to come down, she was sure Ahem had delayed her, he went out too quick for her to see his expressions, but she had a strong feeling that things have changed between her son and vahu.

Koki watched as Gopi came down the steps, she thought Gopi did look flushed. "Gopi vahu, what took you so long?"

Gopi was jolted out of her thoughts about the kiss. "Woh maji, Ahemji couldn't find his file, so I was helping him look."

Koki smiled, she was sure now that their relationship has changed, and was very happy about it. "Theek chai, you can start the preparation for lunch, while motabhabhi and I go make some phone calls."

Rashi who had been listening thought this was the perfect time to talk to Gopi. She looked back to make sure Koki was busy before she made her way to the kitchen.

Gopi was just cutting up the vegetables when she saw Rashi come into the kitchen, and thought here we go. She said a quick prayer to her kanaji and blanked her expressions.

Rashi went to Gopi and started helping her in cutting the vegetables. Gopi looked over and gave her the old smile.

"Gopi, are you ok? I wanted to come and check on you last night but kakji stopped me, saying you were ok." Rashi smirked at Gopi.

"Ji, Rashiben I am fine, how are you? Are you and Jigarji getting along Ok?"

"Gopi forget about us, we are fine, but tell me, you really don't remember what happened to you after you were kidnapped?"

Gopi made sure to keep her expressions innocent, and spoke in her old, soft, innocent voice. She also made sure she looked bit scared. "Nahi, Rashiben I really don't remember anything."

Rashi looked thoughtful at that. "Accha Gopi, I am really surprised Ahem jiju brought you home."

Gopi frowned because she didn't know where Rashi was going with her statement.

"What do you mean Rashiben?"

"Nahi, I was just wondering, but then again come to think of it he would have wanted to bring you back here, that's the only way Kakiji would have gotten better."

Gopi looked confused. "What do you mean that's how maji would have gotten better, what was wrong with maji?"

Rashi smirked again and thought bingo. This is the perfect time to put doubts in her head. "Well you know, Kaki  was in major depression after you disappeared, she hardly even came out of her room, she is just getting back to normal now."

Gopi was shocked to hear this. Why didn't Ahemji tell me this? Is what Rashiben saying true? Did Ahemji only brought me home so maji would get better? Gopi was having lot of contradicting thoughts about Ahem.

Rashi, after seeing that she has confused Gopi, made excuse and left the kitchen. She needed to tell her mom about the latest development.



Don't get discouraged by Gopi's thoughts, its natural for her to doubt Ahem. He is going to have to earn her trust.


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Raashi... grrrAngry

But forget about her. Holy $#!% Ahemji smooched GopiShocked
Im beyond shocked right now

Not that Im not overjoyed or anything. Because I am. But just getting over my shock/surprise of the kiss.
That was hot *fans self*

Awesome part Shilpaben. You have magic hands. I need to find you another superwomen trophy. One doesn't seem to be enough it seems


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Posted: 14 June 2011 at 8:36pm | IP Logged
Shilpa! Just woke up and i found this!
My day is going to go great!
That GoHam scene was hot! Rashi shall pay for this, the witch al ways causing problems!
I love your story so much!
Btw, all your updates are worth the wait!
angelirebelli IF-Dazzler

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wow... what an update !!!

U missed the mark when you mentioned I would like the update, its far from that I simply loved it... it was magical, so easy to get transported to SNS land...  U r a smooth operator Shilpa, love your play of emotions ..

Loved Aham and the way he is working towards their relationship. Gopi is still vulnerable, which she has to be given her circumstance. Loved the way she uses the word "inadequate" to describe herself... that was genius!!!

As for Rashi, she is just being herself... 

It was so real Shilpa, ...ClapClapClap

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You are right ... it was magical between gohem ...  the kiss and everything else... such a nice and uplifting update...   I am in Lala land  with you ff  and todays epi...    Thank you so much.

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