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SS: Gopi's Ehsaas Last Part updated pg 56 (Page 30)

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Posted: 06 June 2011 at 11:56pm | IP Logged
Wonderful updates, as usual, Shilpa! It is nice to see the growing  trust between Aham and Gopi.

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ll-Shilpa-ll IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 June 2011 at 2:13pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by queenyuks

Very sweet and wonderful update Shilpaben

Bechare Ahemji has no petience, lol. I want to see him chase after his wife like a lost puppy

I loved reading this.
And you posted it just as I got back

As always, waiting for more


Thanks Yuks, I can't imagine Ahem with a lost puppy look, but I will do my best.

Originally posted by angelirebelli

Loved the update Shilpa !!!

Like Aham trying to open up and helping Gopi along... 

Looks like Rashi will be Rashi...grrr

Cant wait for all the action to begin...

Thanks Angeli, I think Ahem is the best person to help Gopi, wish that would happen in SNS.

Originally posted by art80

Another great update. I am loving this new Gopi. Can't wait to see Ahem chasing after her badly!!

Thank you so much, I am glad you like this Gopi.

Originally posted by ANJ4

very nice... but I need more...I am so bad.  but thank you.  I guess we have have to wait to good thing to happen patiently... bad things just come with out warning...    so I will wait patiently.Thank you

Thanks Anju. That's right, patience is a virtue, in the end all will end well.

Originally posted by khansk

Shilpa! Bohot acha laga!
I could really imagine Aham cursing out loud.
This Rashi can call her Mummy for all i care, Ahamji is there for Gopi hai na?
Loved the update!

Thanks Sara, I am glad you like it. I can also imagine Ahem cursing when he is interrupted like that. And yep Ahem is there for our Gopi.

Originally posted by Bidaaifan09

wonderfully sweet update I am waiting with baited breath for the next installment please dont make me wait to long.

Thank you so much. I am sorry you had to wait long, update coming up soon.

ll-Shilpa-ll IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 June 2011 at 2:16pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by simi91

for yu sweety
waiting next part
now the game begin

Thanks Simi, Once again loved the post. I am glad you enjoyed the part so much.
ll-Shilpa-ll IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 June 2011 at 2:25pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by aamirkhanfan

great part...gopi is bac now we have to see how she faces rashi and urmila

Thanks so much. I am sure Gopi will be very calm about the whole process. 

Originally posted by rshree1182

Beautiful Shilpa...Clap

Thank you so much!

Originally posted by Jake-neil

Very sweet and wonderful update Shilpaben

Bechare Ahemji has no petience, lol. I want to see him chase after his wife like a lost puppy

I loved reading this.
And you posted it just as I got back

As always, waiting for more


Thanks Jakebhai, I can't imagine Ahem with a lost puppy look, but I will do my best.

Originally posted by Nafisa_blossoms

Wonderful Shilpa.

Thank you so much Nafisa. And also Thanks for your help.

Originally posted by shobi12500

very nice updates shilpa 

Thanks Shoaib!
Originally posted by winter30

Another fantastic update. i just love it. Aww Ahem wanted some alone time with his wife , but his phone had to ruin the moment.
I hope Ahem and Gopi do get some alone time in the next chapter Wink

Thanks so much. Its too soon for Gopi and Ahem alone time, but will do my best.

tina_1234 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 June 2011 at 2:26pm | IP Logged
waitin for ya updt :))
ll-Shilpa-ll IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 June 2011 at 2:36pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by swasthi

What an update ...
Ahem wanting to spend a quiet moment with Gopi ... to kiss her,
Koki / Gopi reunion ... a mother / daughter hug ... so tender,
Mad Rashi ... ever ready to hot wire her mother,
Now waiting for the crack down of the suspects and much more Gohem moments.

Thanks Swasthi. I am trying to make Ahem total opposite of SNS Ahem, I am glad its working. I love Gopi and Koki moments.

Originally posted by soni4eva

luvd da update it wa amazin luv da new gopi plzz update soon 

Thank you so much! I am glad you enjoyed it.

Originally posted by sunshine33

fantastic update...looking forward to Ahem running after his lovely wife...

Thank you! Yep he will be running after her soon.

Originally posted by Traxy101

Loved the update. Can't wait to see what will happen next, I especially can't wait to see more romantic scenes before Gopi and Ahem

Thank you so much. I will try to have some romantic scenes in the future.

Originally posted by magi11

fantastic update.Clap... waiting for the next instalment

Thank you so much, I am glad you liked the update.

Originally posted by br2499

Wonderful updates, as usual, Shilpa! It is nice to see the growing  trust between Aham and Gopi.

Thank you so much Bee. I am glad you enjoyed the part. Trust is a big issue between them, especially for Ahem.
ll-Shilpa-ll IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 June 2011 at 2:44pm | IP Logged
Hello everyone.

First thanks for all your wonderful comments, I loved them all.

I am sorry, I wasn't able to update all week, I was kind of discouraged by some things this week and then was busy with some social obligations.

Thank you for all your patience.

Here it is.

Part 10


Rashi couldn't believe it; she never thought that Gopi would return. The first thought that ran through her mind was, I have to call mummy and tell her.

"Gopi Vahu?" Gopi turned back to the family when Koki called her.

Gopi went to Koki who once again caressed Gopi's head. She then turned and took Gopi and Ahem towards the mandir. "Gopi vahu, take blessings from your Kanaji, and then go upstairs and freshen up, we will talk later."

Gopi and Ahem both went and took blessing. Gopi once again turned towards everyone, but her eyes were roaming Modi Bhavan. All of a sudden the past memories assailed her senses. She turned and glanced at her beloved Kanaji in the mandir and remembered the numerous time she performed Aarti with reluctant and mad Ahem.

She turned and glanced at the couch and remembered the day she was forced to take her wedding vows back. She eyed the main entrance and remembered the day she left Modi Bhavan the first time, then the second time.

As she walked up the stairs, bit reluctantly, more of her time in Modi Bhavan flashed thru her mind. When she walked in the room, her eyes automatically went to the rug on the floor where she had spent her nights.

Nothing in the room has changed, everything was still the same, it's as if she never left.

While Gopi was lost in her painful memories, Modi parivar had turned towards Ahem asking him how and where he found Gopi, and what had happened to her.

Ahem recited the whole story exactly as they had planned, leaving out Thakkral Family, and adding the part about Gopi's partial memory loss.

Ahem had wanted to follow Gopi to their room, but he knew he needed to restrain himself and show a bit of reluctance in front of Rashi. He could not give away his feelings this early in the game. But he had noticed the pain in Gopi's eyes and the sadness on her face and realized she must be remembering her time in Modi Bhavan. He wished he could go back in time and change what was done to her, but he knew he can't and he needed to deal with the consequences of his actions.

Rashi, meanwhile, didn't know what to do. On one hand she wanted to follow Gopi and demand answers, but at the same time she also wanted to know how much Ahem knew. She also wanted to run and call her mother to inform her of the latest development, but she needed more information, because her phone calls were limited.

She took a step towards the stairs to go up, but was stopped by Koki. "Rashi, where are you going?"

"Woh kakiji, I was going to see how Gopi is and if she needs anything." Rashi's heart started pounding. She thought, this kagdi is now going to get better since her pyaari Gopi is back and now she will be worse than ever.

Koki eyed Rashi, and thought you think I don't know what you are up to, but I know you too well and you want to go see Gopi vahu for your own selfish reasons, and I won't let you.

"There is no need, leave her for now, she needs time to get adjusted to everything, besides Ahem is also going up to freshen up, and if you go up there now he will have to wait."

Rashi didn't have any choice but to wait. "Ji, kakiji."

Ahem thanked his mom silently for stopping Rashi. He didn't think Gopi was ready to deal with Rashi yet. He turned towards the stairs and quickly left before anyone could stop him to ask more questions.

When he got to his room he saw Gopi standing by the window, shoulder slumped, head down.

He turned, closed and locked the door, he didn't want anyone to hear their conversation or walk in on them. He walked towards Gopi, but before he could touch her she straightened up and wiped her tears quickly.

"Gopi, are you ok?"

Gopi had sensed Ahem before he even spoke, but she was not ready to face him with all the memories of the past fresh in her mind.

"Ji, I am ok" she turned towards him, but didn't look at him.

Ahem could tell Gopi had been crying; it was evident by her red-rimmed eyes. He could tell she had also put up invisible barriers between them, and he sighed and realized it was not going to be easy task winning her trust.

He took a step towards her. "Gopi………"

She backed away, and he frowned. "I should go freshen up, maji will be waiting for us."

She went to her closet and noticed all her things were just as she left them. She grabbed a sari and went into the bathroom.

Ahem watched as she rushed out of the room. He took a deep breath and sat on the bed. Once again Gopi had backed away from him. And this time it didn't have anything to do with the physical attraction between them.

It made him realize how much Gopi has been hurt by him in the past year.



Meanwhile Rashi rushed to her room and closed the door and immediately pulled out her phone and called her mummy.

As soon as Urmi answered the phone Rashi started talking. "Mummy, you will never guess who Ahem jiju brought home with him, it's that Gopi gawar. Mummy she is home, what are we going to do?"

Urmi was shocked to hear Gopi was back and thought, after all of their planning that gawar was back home.  "Rashi calm down and tell me exactly what's going on over there."

Rashi made sure no one was coming and proceeded to tell her mother the whole story, how Ahem came home with Gopi and told the family he found Gopi at some women's shelter in New Delhi, and how she don't remember anything about the kidnapping.

"Rashi, did she say anything about why she didn't contact the family all this time?"

"No mummy, I didn't even think about that."

"Ok no matter, as soon as you can you need to get that gawar alone and find out everything. Do what ever you have to do to find out everything."

Rashi frowned, now what is mummy going to do? "Ok mummy, I am going to hang up now, you know I can't talk to you for long."

"Theek chai, Jai Shree Krishna."

On the other side Urmi hung up the phone and thought, what had those three idiots told me, that Gopi was dead, then how come she is back? She will have to contact them to get to the truth, and do something to make sure Gopi doesn't know anything about their involvement, otherwise everything will be ruined.


Later that evening, Gopi was unpacking her and Ahem's clothes, still getting familiar with the house and the room again.

Ahem was on the couch with his laptop open, not working, but brooding, and starring at Gopi.

She had been quiet thru dinner, which was no different from her old self. In the past few days he had gotten used to being just the two of them, and he had to share her with the family tonight and he hadn't liked that.

He was still thinking about her earlier reaction when his mom came in the room.

"Gopi vahu?" Koki came in the room and went where Gopi was sorting thru their clothes. "Why are you sorting thru the clothes now? That could have waited till morning."

Gopi stood up as Koki came towards her. "Maji, woh, its only little bit, I thought I would just get it done now."

"Theek chai, I just came in to give you your closet key. Check all your jewelry and make sure everything is all right. Also, take out the pieces you want polished, I want to take them to the shop to get them polished. In few days we it will be teej and you're going to need them for it."

"Ji. Maji, are you ok? Have you been feeling ok?"

Koki smiled at Gopi and caressed her head gently. "I am fine, now that you are back. Now finish your work and rest." Koki glanced over at Ahem. "You too Ahem, you have to go to office tomorrow."

Ahem had been watching them talk, and felt relief that his mom was going to be her old self again. "Ji, mom."

Koki gave them both a last look and walked out. When she got out of the room she ran into Rashi.

Rashi was shocked to see Koki coming out of Ahem's room. "Rashi what are you doing here?"

Rashi started stuttering. "Ji, mein woh, kakaji…..mein woh. Rashi started glancing here and there as if she was looking for an answer.

Koki glared at her. "What's the matter with you? It's a simple question."

Rashi swallowed hard, and thought I cam here spy on Gopi and Ahem jiju, and first person I run into is kakiji. "Kakiji, I just came here to check on Gopi to make sure she is ok, and if she needed anything."

"Why all the concern now Rashi? You didn't care when she was missing, so why do you care now?" Rashi's eyes widened further and her mouth gaped open.

"Why are you surprised Rashi, I wasn't dead, I know exactly what you have been up to. Now go to your room, Gopi vahu is fine."

Rashi glanced towards the room, but didn't have any choice but to leave, Koki was watching her closely.

Koki stood there and waited to make sure Rashi didn't come back before heading towards her own room.


Gopi had finished unpacking and was now going thru her jewelry. She checked all the boxes and put aside the ones that she wanted to get polished. She opened the last box and froze in place.

Ahem had just finished putting his work away and was walking towards her when he noticed she was frozen in place and was starring at the content of the box.

He went to her and took the box from her hand. She looked at him with apprehension.

Ahem looked down to see the 5-lakh necklace that she had ordered in the beginning of their marriage. His hand tightened on the box.

Then he pulled out the card tucked in the corner of the box. It read: To: Gopi, From: Ahem. What shocked him was the familiar handwriting on the card.

"Gopi where did this card come from?

Gopi looked at him in surprise. "It came with the necklace, when it was delivered."

Ahem kept watching her. "Who delivered the necklace?"

Gopi stood up and was watching him intently. "I don't know who delivered it from the shop, but Kinjleben brought the box to me. Why are you asking me this? I already told you I thought the necklace was a gift from you."

Ahem put the box down slowly. Then clenched his fist and closed his eyes. All he saw in his mind was Gopi standing in front of him begging him to believe her, and he hadn't listened to her, instead he had accused her of lying and told her he would never love her because he loved Anita. All he saw in his mind was the total devastation on her face, hearing those words.

Gopi was confused by the look on his face. She couldn't figure out why he looked mad and hurt at the same time. She hesitantly touched him on his shoulder. "Ahemji, are you ok?"

Ahem was brought back by the soft touch on his shoulder and Gopi's soft voice asking him if he was ok. He opened his eyes and stared at her. He took her hand in his and looked down at her hand, he was too ashamed to look at her straight in the eye. "No Gopi, I am not alright. I just realized how wrong I was in the past. But not anymore, I am going to fix everything. No one will be able to create any misunderstanding between us from now on."

"What do you mean?"

Ahem caressed her hand gently. "Not now, I have to take care of some things tomorrow, then we will talk about it."


I hope I didn't bore you guys, will continue soon.


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Yay! You updated!

I love when Koki catches that chudail Raashi. Koki in MIL mode is awesome.

And I like how you're making Ahem realize the impact of his behaviour.

I loved this part Shilpaben. I can't wait to read more.


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