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Saath Nibhaana Saathiya
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SS: Gopi's Ehsaas Last Part updated pg 56 (Page 23)

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Hello everyone, I hope everyone is having a great day.

Thank you all for your wonderful comments and encouragements.

Here is the next part. Hope you enjoy it.

Part 8

Ahem sat back and rubbed the back of his neck. He had been on his laptop and his phone all morning. He had some pending work he needed to finish related to the project.

He had also been communicating with his private investigators, regarding the information they had so far on Urmila and Rashi. They have been unable to come up with anything on the owner of the rival company. No one even knew who it was.

They had come up with a plan to bring Gopi back to Rajkot, but to protect her they decided to tell everyone that Ahem found Gopi, accidently, in New Delhi shelter for women. They didn't want Urshi to get suspicious and plan something else. They were also going to tell everyone that Gopi had partial memory loss from the trauma of kidnapping, and she was just now feeling better. They needed to reveal that Gopi doesn't remember the people that took her, that will give them time to gather more evidence against the people that are after the Modi's including Rashi and Urmila.

Ahem wished he could leave Gopi here to protect her, but he also didn't want to leave her now that he has found her. They also needed her help in identifying the people that kidnapped her, if they could catch the two men and the woman, they might be able to turn the three against their bosses. It's a long shot, but Ahem's private investigator thought it was a good idea.

Ahem glanced at Gopi who was sitting on the couch knitting a blanket for one the ladies that worked at the main house.

He thought back to the night before and how she had stepped back when he tried to go towards her. Did Gopi fear him? When she had stepped back from him, it had felt like his heart was breaking into thousand pieces. It had taken him back to the incident that happened when the thief broke into the house. He had offered to put the ointment on her wound, but she had flat out refused, he had heard the tears in her voice and felt the worst kind of pain.

He finally understood how she must have felt each time he rebuffed her attempts to make him happy. He wished he had known of her childhood before. If only he had  taken his time in getting to know her personally none of this would have ever happened. There was so much he had to make up for, and this lifetime wouldn't be enough to make up for each cruelty he had dealt her in the year of their marriage.

Any other person would have broke under that kind of treatment, but not Gopi, and he still didn't understand, how she kept going after all the things that had happened to her in the past.

His phone beeped to let him know of incoming text, he checked the text message.

All set, you can bring Gopi bhabhi back to Rajkot when you are ready. We will be waiting.

Ahem sighed and got up from the table. It was time to talk to Gopi.

Gopi looked up from her knitting when she felt Ahem come and stand in front of her.

She knew he had been planning how to go back to Rajkot with her. He had told her little bit about what his private investigators had suggested the day before.

She also knew if he could catch the people without her help he would never take her back until everyone was caught, but he needed her help, and she needed to do this for herself also. She needed to face her, so called, family who had attempted to use her to take revenge on Modi family. She wished she had enough courage to face their cruelty earlier in her life and stand up to them for her rights.

But now she was better prepared to stand up to them. Now she won't be brainwashed in to believing that they are the only ones who would ever care for her or love her. She knew different now.

As for her marriage, she didn't know what to do about it. She loved Ahemji more than her life, but what good is that love when it makes the person you love unhappy. May be by the time everything is taken care of, she will have a better understanding of what to do.

Ahem sat down beside Gopi. "We need to talk."

Gopi put the knitting aside, thinking he wanted to talk about their trip back to Rajkot, but he surprised her when he said, "Gopi, are you scared of me?"

Gopi gave him a startled look, "Why do you say that?"

Ahem watched her closely. "Last night, when I came towards you, you stepped back, as if I was going to hurt you somehow."

Gopi flushed, he had misunderstood her gesture, she hadn't stepped back because she feared him. She had stepped back because she was afraid of how he made her feel.

Ahem watched as she flushed and was confused by it. "Ahemji, I am not scared of you, it just that….." She stopped she didn't know how to explain to him how he had made her feel earlier when he had been flirting with her. How do you explain to a person that you were attracted to them? That every time they were near you, you wanted them to take you in their arms and protect you and love you, like there is nothing else they would rather do than be with you.

Ahem waited, but she didn't continue, she just lowered her eyes and twisted her hands in her lap nervously. Then it hit him, what she had been trying to say. She wasn't scared that he would hurt her physically, but she was scared of the way the attraction between them made her feel.

Ahem moved close to her and took her small hands in his big ones. "Gopi, look at me."

Gopi looked up to see him watching her intently, she couldn't hold his gaze for long, and looked down again. Ahem cupped her face with his big and slowly raised her face to make her look at him.

"Gopi, don't be afraid of your feelings, I am just as attracted to you as you are to me, and nothing will happen until you are ready for something to happen between us."

Gopi couldn't look away from him. He sounded so sincere. But she couldn't trust that. Why now? What made him change his mind about her? She didn't realize she had voiced the last question out loud.

Ahem smiled when she flushed. "Gopi, I didn't change my mind about you. I have always been attracted to you, but I always hid it, not only from you but from myself too."

Gopi put her hand on top of his, which was still on her cheek. "Ahemji, how can you say this? You might be just feeling guilty because of what happened to me three months ago. Don't sacrifice your needs and dreams for your misguided feelings of guilt, what happened to me is not your fault."

Ahem closed his eyes and counted to five, he didn't want to shout at her. He couldn't believe she thought he was doing all this just because he felt guilty.

Do you blame her Ahem? Have you ever given her any indication that you liked her, let alone felt any attraction towards her. Of course she is going to question your motives now. She is wiser now, she has learned few things in the last three months.

Ahem cupped her face with both of his hands and brought her even closer to him. "Gopi, tell me something, is it guilt that makes me want to carry you off to that room and ravish you?" Guilt would not make my heart race every time you are close to me, or every time you give me one of your rare sweet smiles."

Gopi removed his hands from her face and stood up. "Ahemji, that's physical attraction, and there is a world of difference between wanting someone physically and loving someone. And now I have decided that I deserve better than to settle for anything less than love."

Ahem stood up and went towards her. He clenched his teeth to prevent from shaking some sense into her, but he knew it was his fault for not explaining himself.

"Who says I only want you physically? Didn't I tell you the night I arrived that I wanted us to work on our marriage?" Ahem was glaring at her by now.

Gopi snapped back at him. "That's just it, I don't understand your sudden change and I don't trust it."

That calmed Ahem down instantly. He took Gopi back to the couch and sat down. "Gopi, I am sorry, I know you don't trust me right now because of the way I treated you in the past, but I want you to know I do care for you, I always have. When we got married I had every intentions to get to know you, to give my hundred percent to make the marriage work, but due to some circumstances and misunderstanding created between us things didn't work the way it should have."

"Ahemji, what misunderstandings you are talking about?

Ahem didn't think about the fact that she didn't know that he knew all about what Rashi and her mom did to separate them. Jigar hadn't found out about that until Gopi disappeared.

"Gopi, I am talking about the things Rashi did to set you up, things that she did and blamed you for it, so that I would hate you and throw you out the house, so she could rule the household."

Gopi couldn't believe it. "What?"

Ahem once again cupped Gopi's face. "Yes, it was Rashi who did all those things. Jigar overheard her talking to your mami about it after you disappeared, and he told the whole family. She doesn't know that we know everything."

Gopi closed her eyes as silent tears fell down her cheeks. Ahem put his arm around her to comfort her.

"Why do they hate me so much? What have I ever done to them?"

Ahem pulled her closer, it hurt to see her like this. "They don't hate you, they hate the fact that you are the elder daughter in law of the Modi's, they hate the fact that you were chosen over Rashi, they hate the fact that you have made a place for yourself in mom's heart and in Modi Bhavan. They don't want to see you happy."

When she looked up, he wiped her tears and kissed her forehead. "We need to talk about what to do when you return home, you need to act like you don't know anything about their involvement in your disappearance, and also that you are unaware of the fact that they set you up to take the blame for all the things that happened after our marriage. The whole family is doing the same thing. Can you do that?"

Gopi nodded her head. "Yes I can do that, this time I will be ready for them."

Ahem realized Gopi was lot stronger now, and she has learned to read and write, so she has that advantage now.

"And what about us? Will you give me a chance to make up for my mistreatment of you? Will you give our marriage a second chance." Ahem knew it was not going to be easy to convince her.

Gopi didn't know what to say. On one hand she wanted to jump at this chance, but she also didn't want to be hurt again. "I don't know Ahemji, I do know that I care for you, but I am afraid of getting hurt again, so lets just take it one day at a time and see."

"Thank you Gopi, that's all I can ask for after the way you have been treated by me in the past. Now lets talk about what we need to do when we return home tomorrow."

For rest of the afternoon they talked about what is going to happen once they returned to Rajkot.



So friends I end this part here.

If Ahem were to prove that he has fallen for Gopi, how would he do it? What does he have to do to convince her. I personally would like for him to sing this song for her.



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oh wow, very very nice chapter. Well written and nice pace.  Already wanting the next chapter ..thank you for the update.

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Thanks for the great Update~!Big smile

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Just have to say what another fantastic update Big smile Love your vm  its so sweet, love the song too.
Aww, love how Ahem is so caring towards Gopi. Poor Gopi, I hope Ahem can bring back light into her life.
Can't wait till the next update.

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Excellent Shilpaben, just excellent

You are not only a great author, but also a champion VM maker. How do you do it?

You should send that superwoman trophy to be be shined.

That RaashiAngry I hope she's dragged down the stairs by her hair and kicked out of Modi Bhavan. Seriously

I'm surprised Gopi didn't react in any way to Ahem's comment about carrying her to a room and ravishing herEmbarrassedLOL
The author of this post would've jump into his arms that instantWink

Waiting for more Shilpaben


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Wow!!  A sterling update.
We will have to wait many years for the real Ahem to get to this state - loving, caring, adorable, supportive and 150% all for Gopi.
What a fab VM too - good choices of some key moments - showing Ahem feeling 'I am there for you no matter what'.
Looking forward to the demise of Urmilla and Rashi next.

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dat was a reliii reliii nyc update cont soon

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hmm very nice update Shilpa, heart to heart between Aham and Gopi, what has he got to do to prove his love, to be attentive to her for a start, not be too picky when she has made an effort to please him he must in turn show his appreciation for that effort, also some flowers and other gifts would be nice too.

Apart from the mushy stuff of the GoHam romancing each other. What I'm looking forward to is the reaction of the monsters to seeing her alive and questioning her and to see how smart will Gopi be in faking innocence. Also Gopi proving she isn't as naive any more when they try a kalakari on her.

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